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Flavour net worth and Phyno net worth have always caused a bit of a debate, so today I will show you who is the richest between these two. I will show the cost of their houses, cars, ultimately how much each one is worth.



But just before you and I do that, I wanted to make sure you know that this will be a lengthy read. 


 and you don’t have to worry because I guarantee it’s going to be an interesting one. most especially because it centers on Phyno and Flavour net worth 2021. 


I have been wanting to do a post on Flavour vs Phyno net worth or Phyno vs Flavour net worth. 


But for some unknown reasons I have been procrastinating it. and thankfully I think now is the right time for a Flavour and Phyno net worth 2024


Having said that, let’s dive into Flavour net worth and Phyno net worth deeper shall we? 


Flavour and Phyno Biography 


This section of this post will touch briefly on Phyno and Flavour biography. but I will keep it nice short and sweet. 


Although it might lead me to other subheadings but I am positive the expansion would be needed. so that I can cover all the angles and not leave you hanging. 


Flavour has been an amazing singer from day one and the same can be said about Phyno too. 


However while this post majorly focuses on Flavour and Phyno net worth, I will do well to run some. other things by you to stretch this topic a little further. 

How Much is Flavour Worth

Flavour net worth in dollars keeps rising despite only being active in December 2019. when he was featured in Chidinma Ekile album.


Also the same can be said for Phyno net worth in dollars, and since this post will compare two of the top rich musicians in Nigeria, I am positive you will love it.


I was really cracking my head on how to format this whole post because I didn’t want to go off the rail. 


Luckily I now have a way to do just that and still keep it as relevant as possible.


Let’s start with Flavour bio and Phyno bio 




How about that? 


Where is Flavour and Phyno From 


This next subheading will cover a short, sweet bio of Phyno and Flavour… It will cover things like where these guys practically grew up, what their life was like, and more.

There is always that difference in the life of a celebrity when you become very famous. and people tend to forget that you were actually born somewhere before fame.


Flavour Bio


Flavour is a Nigerian musician, multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter. 


The reason I decided to treat this as a topic is simply that this Phyno and Flavour hail from Anambra State. 


I think Nigerians got lots of musicians who hail from the eastern state. because I know Mr P and his twin brother Rudeboy also hails from there


Flavour is the son of the soil but growing up away from home could mean a different experience altogether. 

Flavour Net Worth

Flavour was born in 1983 precisely November 23rd which in a Christian calendar is just 7 days away. from the last month of the year which is the month of Xmas. 


So, if I said Flavour grew away from home, I believe that prompts questions like Where was Flavour born? 


Flavour 36 was born in Enugu state, spend most of his early life in the church learning how to play an instrument. 


I mean sources tell Shoutmeceleb.com that he was so good with the drum before moving to learn to play the Piano.


Phyno Bio


Well, I love Phyno a lot because of what he reps and stand for doing music in Naija. and that includes me loving every single album he has ever produced. 


Phyno is a singer-songwriter rapper, and producer. If you ask me that’s being skilled in 3 different areas. 


Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike started music as a producer back in 2003.


You know how as a kid you want to become something and your parents just say no become this? 


Well Phyno had that same experience where his dream was to become a pilot but his parents didn’t. exactly buy into such an idea and I know you can only relate if that’s the case with you. 

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Eventually, the love for the music of the Eastern rapper grew in high school. 


According to Wikipedia, Phyno rendition any song that came his by making his own version of it. 


Not bad right? 


After high school, the singer who was born in Enugu state decided to go to the university to study Public Administration. 


Phynomenon hails from Anambra state much like Flavour Nabania and both grew up in Enugu state. 


Much like Chinedu Okoli, Nelson is also the son of the soil in the heart of Anambra. and has received lots of love and admiration from his hometown fans. 


How Old is Flavour and Phyno 


Flavour is 36 years old now while Phyno is 33 years old now with both born in a different year. 


Flavour was born precisely in the year 1983 November 23rd while Phyno was born 3 years after the birth of Flavour. 


Precisely Phyno was born in the year 1986 October 6th.


By the time you are faced with questions, such has who is the oldest between Flavour and Phyno


Here is your answer: Flavour is the oldest of the two Nigerian singers holding three years (3) seniority over Phyno. 

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What does this mean? 


It means the in-game of music in the Naija music industry, Flavour started way early than Phyno did. 


Okoli first self titled album Flavour Nnabania dropped in 2005 but that of Phyno No Guts No Glory dropped in 2014.


Flavour and Phyno Early Beginning/Career


While these two certainly didn’t know how popular. their lives were going to get, their success can largely be attributed to hard work. 


So for the next 3 minutes or so let’s see how these guys started their career. 


I would also take you back in time to their humble beginning and how it transitions these two into the music path. 


You love a bit of story right? 

Flavour networth

Flavour early start can be dated back to the 90s where he started playing drums for his local church. 


before I get into that I have noticed some trends in artists always starting out in the church but later goes circular. 


I don’t know about you but certainly, the likes Flavour and some other big Nigerian musicians are examples. 


But what exactly happened? 


Well, Flavour also happened to have started his career as a multi-instrumentalist playing for his local church. 


In the 90s Flavour began playing professionally for a small group. before finally getting recognition from the head of the church who introduced him to the then CEO of SoundCity. 


Chinedu Okoli studied music on a scholarship and while at SoundCity, he also did backup singing for musicians in SoundCity. 


Phyno, on the other hand, started with just a dream of becoming a Pilot. 


Phyno reminds of me my dream of becoming a footballer but you can say things don’t always work out. the way we plan right or want right? 


I didn’t get to become a footballer but I most certainly still enjoy the game because from time to time. I still very much hit the pitch, run a little and then play the game. 


These days I do it more for exercise because I realize it kept me young and going good energetically. 


Well, you could say Phyno’s dream didn’t see the light of day but something good did come out, didn’t it? 


something was born amidst all this? 


A singer, rapper, and songwriter was born but not just that, Phyno might go down in history as one. of the best rappers, the Anambra State ever produced. 


Noticed I said the best rapper and not the best singer because if it’s about the best then I would give it to Rudeboy. 

How Much is Phyno Worth

Phyno’s love for music really developed in high school where he could just take any song and tweak it. 


I mean nothing beats the talent of being able to take anything, fine-tune it into something you want. 


Possibly it could even become better at least Dan Lok said think innovation and not invention. 


What this means is take something that’s already out there and make it better for people. 


Let’s take a look at the career of Phyno and Flavour now shall we? 


Flavour and Phyno Career 


For this part I will treat Phyno’s career first before going into that of Flavour’s career


Both are legends in the state they come from so I want to compare their career album to see why. one is richer than the other and this blog post on Phyno net worth and Flavour net worth would be sufficient enough to answer that.


Phyno currently has 3 studio albums to his name and a heck lot of singles too. 


So let’s cover that in a bit shall we? 


Here is a List of all Phyno albums:


  • No Guts No Glory 


  • Deal with it 


  • Playmaker 


No Guts No Glory Album 


Phyno started recording his debut studio album No Guts No Glory in the year 2012. 


by 2014 the album was set to hit the world on a much grand scale and guess what? 


When it was released, it provided that satisfaction his fans needed to quench their taste. 

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Ghost Mode featuring Olamide did so well that it won a couple of awards at the Headies award and Nigeria Entertainment award ceremony. 


Here is a list of all the track from Phyno first studio album No Guts No Glory… 


  • Phyno – Icholia (feat. Iceprince & MI)


  • Phyno – Multiply (feat. Mr. Raw, Timaya, Flavour & MI)


  • Phyno – Paper Chaser (feat. Illbliss)


  • Phyno – Ghost Mode (feat. Olamide)


  • Phyno – Shey You Know


  • Phyno – Ojigi


  • Phyno – Good Die Young


  • Phyno – Anamachi Versace (feat. Runtown)


  • Phyno – Parcel


  • Phyno – Kush Music


  • Phyno – Aju (She Know It) [feat. Olamide & EFA]


  • Phyno – Parcel (Skit) Chigurl


  • Phyno – Man of the Year (Obago)


  • Phyno – Chukwu Na Enye (feat. Omawunmi)


  • Phyno – O Set (feat. P-Square)


  • Phyno – Nme Nme


  • Phyno – Chibuzor (feat. Stormrex)


  • Phyno – Alobam


  • Phyno – No Guts No Glory


No guts no glory album opened doors for the eastern state singer who left for Lagos to pursue his career. 


O set, Man of the here all did well as promotional singles off his first studio album. 


This had ultimately increased his fan base with many of that coming from the Eastern state in Nigeria. 


The birth of the singer’s second studio album was announced in mid-2015 when Chibuzor Azubuike. took to his social media account to announce the good news. 


Playmaker Album


The recording of Phyno’s Playmaker album started a few months after the success of No Guts No Glory. 

You could say his first studio album did open ways but also most importantly it came with connections. 


I mean that kind of connection you need to go national and get your feet on that stage with the elites. 


Playmaker album has several hit tracks that really boosted Phyno as a solid force in the music industry. 


Here is a list of all the tracks from Phyno playmaker album. 


  • Yes, I Pray (Nwa Oge Nta)
  • Abulo
  • Financial Woman (feat. P Square)
  •  Ino Nma
  •  Best Rapper
  • E Sure for Me
  • Link Up (feat. M.I & Burna Boy)
  • Pino Pino
  • Okpeke (feat. 2Baba & Flavour)
  • Obiagu
  • Joy Comes in the Morning
  • SFSG (So Far so Good)
  • I’m a Fan (feat. Decarlo & Mr Eazi)
  • Mistakes
  • Ochie Dike (Mama) [feat. Onyeka Onwenu
  • Fada Fada (feat. Olamide)
  • Mkpotu (feat. Zoro & Tidinz)
  • Ezege
  • No Be My Style (feat. Burna Boy)
  • Connect
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Deal With It Album 


When Phyno released the bag mp3, I just knew that we are in for one mighty album drop. 


Thankfully my predictions weren’t far off from the big album I had predicted. 


Phyno Deal with it album featured lots of big stars in the Nigeria music industry like Don Jazzy. 


He also featured Davido, Olamide and a few others to really make the album a hit. 


If you would want to have a thirst of what the album feels like then download Phyno ride for you here


He actually featured Davido on that song and you probably already know what it’s going to be like. 

Phyno net worth

Tip: Davido literally sang in the Igbo dialect sealing the social media speculation that Chioma has won him over. 


Here is a list of tracks from the album deal with it. 


  •  Intro (Deal With It)
  •  Oso Ga Ene
  • Ma Chi
  •  Gods Willing (feat. Runtown)
  • Get the Info (feat. Falz & Phenom)
  • Ride For You (feat. Davido)
  • Speak Life (On God)
  • I Got Your Back
  • Recognize (feat. Cheque)
  • Vibe (feat. Flavour)
  • Deri
  •  Ka Anyi Na Ayo (feat. Teni)
  • Ka Ife O
  • Problem
  •  Blessings (feat. Don Jazzy & Olamide)
  •  Agu
  • Body (feat. Harmonize)
  • The Bag
  • Fuwa Sewa Refix (feat. Nuno & Rhatti)
  •  All I See (feat. Duncan Mighty)


All Flavour Albums 


If playing multiple instruments does not convince you that Flavour is an icon in Nigeria then I don’t know what will. 


Having said that let’s look at the numbers of album that Flavour has. 


Just the same way I did with Phyno 3 albums, I will break that of Flavour down following the same pattern. 


List of Flavour Albums:


  • Nabania 


  • Uplifted 


  • Blessed


  • Thankful 


  • Ijele- The traveler 


Flavour Nabania Album


The album Nabania was released by Flavour in 2005 after graduating from school on a scholarship. 


Flavour interest and love for music saw the rise of a new musician and singer in a time when 2face. and the likes of ex Psquare were starting out. 


Here is a list of songs from Flavour Nabania album. 


  • N’abania
  • Nwata (Skit)
  • Nwata
  • Nwa Baby
  • D One
  • I Don Smoke Igbo


Following the mild success of Flavours Nabania album in 2005, talented Naija singer Flavour released uplifted. 


Uplifted was released 5 years after his debut studio album Nabania. precisely, the uplifted album was released in 2010. 

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The album was supported by 2 singles namely Nwa Baby and Oyi remix. 


Here is a list of songs from Flavour Uplifted album. 

  • Oyi (I dey Catch Cold)
  • Adamma
  • Ashawo Remix
  • Pant No N’iro
  • Alcohol
  • My Woman Is Gone
  • Ukwu
  • Kwarikwa
  • Odiro
  • Chinedum
  • Asanwa
  • Turn Me On
  • Kiumanjo
  • My Baby
  • Ashawo Ghana


Flavour Blessed Album


Blessed went down in history to be one of Flavours biggest album. 

Whether these feet will be broken remains a thing of possibility. most especially if you consider the fact that anything is possible. 


Flavour Blessed Album was released nationwide on the 18th of October 2012.


Here is a list of tracks from the album 


  • Baby Oku
  • Ikwokrikwo
  •  Chinny Baby
  • Skit By Waga G
  •  Shake
  • To Be a Man
  • Ada Ada
  • Destiny
  •  Black Is Beautiful
  •  Skit By Waga (feat. Oloye)
  • Ifem N’eli
  • Sweet Tomatoes
  • I Don’t Care (feat. Wizboy)
  •  Chewe Kwem
  • Carolina
  • Baby Oku (Dance)
  • Kwarikwa (feat. Fally Ipupa)
  • Beverly


Flavour Thankful Album 


Flavour Thankful album was released on December 2014 containing 22 tracks. 


Here is a list of songs from Flavour Thankful album


  • Ololufe
  • Dance
  • Orinado
  • Wake Up
  •  Golibe
  • Wiser
  • Nwayo Nwayo
  • Skit
  • Sexy Rosey
  • Special One
  • Ife Adigomma
  • Mmege
  • Skit 2
  • Uru Dia (Shake 2)
  • Inasonki
  • Believe
  • Munachi
  • Igbo Amaka
  • Pick up Your Phone .
  • Nwanyi Mbaise


Flavour Ijele The Traveler Album 


This album held some significance for 1983 born after featuring a blind Liberian boy. 


The album has 17 tracks to crown up his album. 


While Flavour may have released a couple of singles in 2019, none has really caught the attention of the audience. 


Here is a list of tracks from Flavour Ijele studio album:


  • Virtuous Woman
  • Sake of Love (feat. Sarkodie)
  • Catch You.
  • Baby Na Yoka Jaiye Skit (feat. Waga, Oloye, Rabbai & Zuada)
  • SimbaNnekata
  • Chimamanda Iheneme (feat. Chidinma)
  • Body Calling (feat. Terry Akpala)
  • Oringo Oppressor
  • Ijele (feat. Zoro)
  • Loose Guard (feat. Phyno)
  • Ukwu Nwata
  • Most High


How Much is Flavour and Phyno Net Worth 2024


For this heading, I will dive straight into how much each of these two singers is worth. 


and then I would take it a step further to look into the cars and houses and assets both have. 

Phyno worth

But firstly let’s look at the net worth of Phyno and the net worth of Flavour as a subtopic under how much is Phyno and Flavour net worth 2024


Phyno Net Worth 2024


The true wealth of any man is measured by how much he is worth after subtracting his worth from his debts. 


Phyno 2024 net worth won’t be complete without you and me talking about things like his cars and houses. 


Phyno Cars Houses 


The life of any celebrity is usually characterized by luxury correct? 


Well, that certainly can’t be far from the truth right? I mean what’s the point of having all this money. if you can’t use it to gift yourself the life you deserve. 


I remember back when I was a kid, I and my childhood friend KD we do this play where we list everything. we want out of life especially when we are grown as we are now. 


I could hear saying when am old I will buy myself a good car, a good house and get married to a pretty wife. 


and he would go on and on about how beautiful life could be when you have money with which you can. have a good life void of stress and aches. 


Well, I believe for someone like Phyno and celebrities as a whole wealth comes with a caveat. 


According to legit.ng Phyno is not known to flaunt his wealth and assets however, people like us. do our best to find out those tiny details that might be missing. 

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So, let’s get our hands a little dirty and find out how much is Phyno cars and houses. 


Phyno has a house in Lekki Lagos and if you are familiar with this part of Nigeria, you probably already know. Lekki is where the big shots in the entertainment industry love to own an apartment. 


Yea you may argue that Eko Atlantic City is under construction which may ultimately change. the location where these celebs live and buy houses. 


But till that happens, Lekki and Banana highland is home to celebrities all over the country. 


Phyno’s house in Lekki cost an estimated 170 million Naira. 


But that’s not all! 


Phyno also has a house in Enugu which is estimated to worth about 70 million Naira. 


Now for a celeb of his status, 70 million worth much but I can tell you that if you give me that, I am already a millionaire. 


As for Phyno cars, here is a list of his cars and their worth in Naira. 


  • Bently Continental GT worth 40 million Naira 


  • Toyota Avalon worth 12 million Naira 


  • Mercedes Benz price unknown 


Flavour Cars and House 


Much like Phyno Flavour does not also flaunt his assets or wealth literally. but what we know is Flavour loves a good looking beautiful woman. 


Like Phyno Flavour has a home in Lekki, one that is rumored to cost a multi-million Naira. 


For the fact that this guy loves his life private, I really could not get a fixed amount of his Lekki home. 


But be rest assured Flavour house in Lekki costs an estimated 220 million Naira judging. from the huge space, house type, rooms, and pools in the house. 


Flavour also has quite a taste for luxurious cars and here is a list of some mouth drooling cars he owns. 


  • Mercedes Benz G wagon worth 30 million to 50 million Naira 


  • Toyota Land Rover cost 25 million Naira 


  • BMW X6 2012 model costs 




Quickly let’s find out how much each of these guys are worth now shall we? 


How Much is Phyno Worth 


According to a post on Shoutmeceleb Phyno is among some of the richest celebs in the Africa music industry


Yea Davido is probably the richest as of 2021 with Wizkid sitting a few thousand dollars behind him. 


But Phyno still did well to earn himself a place on the list of the richest musicians Nigeria. 


So what is the net worth of Phyno? 


Phyno currently net worth is $1.6 million although this is nowhere near the net worth of the top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria


But you probably have questioned how we got these exact figures right? 


The exact figure of Phyno net worth 2024 Forbes is taken from the formula net worth minus debt. 


This will look something like this if I am to follow the math procedure of representing the definition of net worth. 


Which is:


A net worth of any celebrity is defined as all of his assets whether gold, silver, diamond, house, landed properties or cars minus how much he or she owes as debt. 


The formula would look like this! 


Net worth – Debts. 


Hence Phyno net worth 2020 is N576,000,000


How Much is Flavour Worth 


Flavour net worth 2024 Forbes is estimated to be running into a million US dollars. especially after uplifted became one of the singer’s most successful album. 


So what is the net worth of Flavour


Flavour has a net worth as high as $8.5 million (N3.060 billion). and this figure ranks him well higher on this chain above the likes of Tiwa Savage


Although if you place Flavour on a head to head comparison with the likes of Rudeboy and Mr P. the story would probably be a lot different considering these two ranks alongside top celebs like Don Jazzy and Davido who currently is worth like twice what Flavour is worth. 


But if you are looking at some of the names Flavour ranks higher than, then names like Tekno, Patoranking, and Mayorkun would be called. 


Flavour and Phyno Net Worth Who is The Richest 


When I am faced with a question such as Flavour and Phyno who is richer? I really take my time to evaluate how much both are worth. 


So here we go! 


Flavour is the richest between himself and Phyno as they both take on each other on a head to head. 


However, Flavour has been in this game of music releasing more than 3 studio albums. which ultimately influences Flavour net worth 2024.


Phyno, on the other hand, has 3 studio albums to his name as a producer and a singer-songwriter. 


The latest of that came in the second half of 2019 while featuring several stars like Olamide. 


Now let’s look at Phyno and Flavour who is richer while having their net worth written in bullet points. 


  • Phyno is worth $1.6 million or N576 Million


  • Flavour $8.5 million or N3.060 Billion


Rapping Things Up 


One of the reasons I compared these two is because of the impact both have had on their unique style. 


Flavour embrace his Igbo dialect as Phyno fuse that dialect into every of his rap songs. 


The ability of cheer genius and mastering your game is one reason these two have to continued to get better at. 


Over to you guys! 


When 2025 comes who do you think would be richer between Flavour and Phyno? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts. because I love hearing from you. 


Do me a favor, please! 


Share this post on Facebook and Twitter. because this way you would be helping me a great deal. 


Thanks for reading and cheers to you! 



Burna Boy Net Worth 2024(The Ultimate African Giant)

How Much is Flavour Net Worth

Flavour is currently worth $8.5 million or N3.060 Billion as of 2020, he makes a huge part of his money from his songs and albums as well as endorsement deals from local and international brands around the world

How Much is Phyno Net Worth

Phyno (also fino) is currently worth $1.6 million or N576 Million, much like Flavour, Phyno makes his money from his songs, albums as well getting endorsements from brands within the continent.

Who is The Richest Between Flavour and Phyno

According to Shoutmeceleb.com Flavour currently has a net worth of $8.5 million while Phyno has a net worth of $1.6 million thus this makes Flavour the richest of the two Nigeria musicians as of 2020.

Who is The Richest Musician in Nigeria

According to Shoutmeceleb Entertainment Davido, Wizkid, and Don Jazzy are the top 3 richest musicians in Nigeria, however Flavour and Phyno made the top rich musicians in Nigeria.

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