The Enemy is Out: You Are in Danger if You Keep Quiet

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Government population control methods

These government population control methods have been going on for ages without you and I knowing.


Their ultimate plan is human population control, and in the history of population control FEAR, food supply has been a key to this process.


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What they did not realize is that you and I were going to wake up to the LIES that we have constantly been spoon-fed. It’s our lives but all they want is population control, their biggest achievement would be to dominance. but guess what, I won’t give them power over my life just as you shouldn’t too.


If we do, humanity will be gone forever and the government will continue experimenting on us with their population control methods. Say no to the reign of bad leadership because if you keep silent you are acquiescing to the tyrannical control of these globalists’ evil agenda to depopulate humanity.

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One government population control method has been used for centuries and that’s FEAR, The easiest way to control people is to keep them afraid.

Government population control methods

but are no longer afraid because we now know that their power lies in our being afraid. Give them nothing but take from them EVERYTHING…


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