Harry Styles’s  cars
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Last updated on January 5th, 2024 at 06:41 pm

There would be hardly anyone who doesn’t know about Harry Styles. He is an English actor, singer, songwriter, and ex-One Direction band member.


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With One Direction, Harry Styles became one of the most popular musicians in the world. I covered the top 50 most popular musicians in the UK, and he is also included in the list. And this one is worth reading.

Harry Styles’s

Moreover, Harry has won many awards with the band, including six Billboard Music Awards, seven Brit Awards, seven American Music Awards, and 28 Teen Choice Awards. And he has made it to the list of 50 most awarded artists in the world, which I covered in my previous post.


Later on, in 2017, he started his solo career. Harry released his first solo single called Sign of Times, which critics and fans praised equally. 


He continued producing super hit numbers like “Lights up”, “As it was”, “Watermelon sugar”, and “Late night talking”, becoming a best-selling artist and one of the richest celebrities. I have already posted an article on the 50 richest musicians in the UK, and Harry Styles is one of them. 


The famous superstar is known to spend his wealth on vehicles, and he has a garage full of high-end rides.


So in today’s post, we will dig deeper to discover how many Cars Harry has and 

their cost, fuel consumption, and comfort aspects. 

Harry Styles’s

Let’s find out. 


How many cars does Harry Styles have?


I did some research, and it is estimated that Harry owns about six cars.bHarry has an exquisite taste for cars as he is known for being a car enthusiast. 

Harry Styles’s Houses 2

Take a look at his collection so that you can have a better idea of his car choices.


  • Ferrari California
  • Audi R 8 Coupe
  • 6 Jaguar E-Type Roadster
  • Ferrari Dino 246 GTS
  • Land Rover Range Rover 
  • Tesla X 2019 

This is one of the most stylish collections, isn’t it? But their prices are skyrocketing, which I will mention later.


According to Forbes, Harry has earned a massive fortune of $120 million at this young age. This musician has made money through his music primarily. And to add to his income, he has endorsed many brands, Pepsi, Gucci, and Apple, which have paid him a hefty amount.


If you are a Harry Styles fan, you would be glad to know that he is also one of the Top 50 richest celebrities in the world, which I have mentioned in this post. And you will enjoy this one too.


In addition, Harry keeps updating his fans by posting on Instagram, as this social media platform pays him a lot. I did discuss the 50 Highest paid Instagram influencers in the world, and Harry is one of them. 


Now we know he is earning millions through music, Instagram, and endorsement deals and loves spending his earnings on luxurious cars.

Harry Styles


Celebs like Drake and Justin Bieber love buying cars just like Harry Styles and they have earned a lot through endorsements and sales. I did discuss their net worths on Drake vs Justin’s net worth, which is interesting to read about.


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So it’s time to find out what cars Harry owns. But before that, a quick review of his three best cars, and then we will take a detailed look at each car individually. 


Top 3 Harry’s Cars List (Fast Pick)


Though Harry owns the Best cars on the planet, each is worth mentioning.


But before going into detail, I compiled a list of his three best cars, which are luxurious on the outside and comfortable on the inside. 

harry styles

So here are his three best cars, their models, car price, and where to buy them if you plan to. 


Car models Car manufacturer  Car price
Ferrari California  Ferrari Dealers £272,342 – £ 344,790 ($328,100 to $414,810)
Audi R 8 Coupe Audi R 8 Dealers £35,663 -£ 48,837

($42,906 – $58,801)

Jaguar E- type Roadster Jaguar Cars Ltd £385,261($465,000)


Harry Styles cars detailed list


Harry has earned a lot of fame through his music. He was part of One Direction, with whom he achieved fame and respect.


He is one of the best musicians right now, and don’t miss my list of the 50 Best musicians in the world, as Harry is one of them.

harry styles family


The superstar has earned a considerable fortune, evident by his expenditures on expensive cars. And all this didn’t come so easily. He worked dedicatedly for his music and made his dreams come true.


Many other celebs like Harry Styles like to spend on cars like Beyonce and Rihanna, both are billionaires and car enthusiasts. How they earned great fortune that I have already discussed in my post which Rihanna vs Beyonce post which you can thoroughly enjoy.


So stay tuned to catch up on details of Harry’s cars.


  • Harry Styles’ Ferrari California 2008-2014


The Ferrari California is a grand touring, high-performance sports car created by the Italian automobile manufacturer Ferrari.


It was launched at the October 2008 Paris Motor Show. And represents one of the most luxurious and expensive vehicles.

Harry Styles’ most expensive cars

Moreover, it is the softest car in Ferrari’s range; California is best suited for a daily driver. And I think that’s why Harry selected this car for a city drive during his stay in America.


Overall, it is considered a landmark for Ferrari in that it represents many concepts being used for the first time in their road cars: 


  • The first front-engined Ferrari with a V8. 
  • The first to feature a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. 
  • The first hardtop convertible with a folding metal roof.


What Is The Cost Of Harry Styles’ Ferrari California?


Ferrari California costs between £272,342 – £ 344,790 ($328,100 to $414,810), which is a huge amount. But for Harry, having a luxurious car is not a big deal.


It is expensive because Ferrari ensures that the price tag attached to the car is justified by keeping production low. 

Harry Styles’ most expensive cars 2

They value quality over quantity, and the company invests ample time and labour into each production. Plus, they are rare, which makes them more valuable.


Is Harry Styles Ferrari California Fuel Economical?


When you think of Ferrari, it naturally comes to your mind that it won’t be that economical on the pocket. But surprisingly, Ferrari California has impressive fuel economy. 


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It has a fuel economy of 13 miles per gallon in the city and 19 miles per gallon on the highway. And its fuel tank capacity is 70 to 78 litres.

Harry Styles’ most expensive cars 3

Ferrari says that California will hit 60 mph in less than 4 seconds and sail through the quarter-mile in 12.2 seconds, which is impressive.


What Is The Interior and Comfort of the Ferrari California Like For The End User?


The inside of the car is comfortably built with fine leather to cover the dash and the interior, and the seats with couture, air-conditioned interior and electrically adjustable seats.


Additionally, you can adjust seats in a conceivable way to give you the proper position. The backrest is structured to achieve maximum comfort and ergonomics while reducing weight at the same time.

Harry Styles’ most expensive cars 4

The touchscreen entertainment system offers a variety of things, from hard drive music storage to available iPod connectivity.


Overall its ride is comfortable, and you can easily drive it long distances without any trouble.


What Is The Specification Of Harry Styles’ Ferrari California?


It is powered by a 4.3-litre V8 which produces 483bhp, meaning it can go from 0-62mph in 3.8 seconds and up to a top speed of 194 mph.


Plus, Ferrari’s dual-clutch gearbox works well with the V8 engine.

Harry Styles’s Houses 1

And it’s other notable features include 


  • Ferrari’s first retractable hardtop convertible
  • Front mid-engine layout,
  • Automated manual transmission or conventional manual
  • Seats for up to four.                                                                                       Let’s take a quick look at its features 


Fuel Type Premium unleaded (required) 
Transmission Automatic w/manual shift
Engine 4.3L V-8 
Body type Sports car
Mileage 13/19 MPG 
Seating Capacity 4
Power  453 @ 7750 rpm
Speed 193 mph


Where to buy Ferrari California from?


So the car has great features and is expensive, but those who want stylish cars in their garage can buy it from any nearby Ferrari dealership.


The points which make it a great option as an exotic car are


  • Slick gearbox
  • Supple ride
  • All-weather traction


But some features you should keep in mind that are not that great, like Restrictive range and Outsourced navigation. But that is not a big deal as far as you are driving a Ferrari.


  • Harry Styles’ Audi R 8 Coupe 2012 


Harry Styles has good taste in cars, and this one is an intriguing choice for an exotic sports car.


The Audi R8 is a mid-engine, 2-seater sports car which uses Audi’s trademark quattro permanent all-wheel drive system.

Harry Styles’ most expensive cars 5 (1)

Though it is a sports car, its drive is easy and comfortable. The two-passenger R8 comes in standard form with six airbags for front, side, and knee protection.


And Harry has been seen driving in an Audi in the streets of London and greeting his fans while flaunting his exotic sports car. This shows it must be easy to handle in the city. Let’s find out what its price is.


What Is The Cost Of Harry Styles’ Audi R8 Coupe?


As you know, it’s a luxurious sports car so the purchase price must be higher. 

It is available with a 4.2-litre V-8 rated at 430 horsepower or a 5.2-litre V-10 good for 525 horsepower.


Its costs range from £35,663 -£ 48,837($42,906 – $58,801).

Harry Styles’ most expensive cars 6

A 2012 Audi R8 4.2 coupe with manual transmission starts at around £98,368 ($118,500). An R8 with the V10 starts at just over £127,007($153,000). 


R8 Spyder convertibles start at just under £109,533 ($132,000) with the V8 and nearly £ 138,576 ($167,000) with the V10.


Harry purchased this car for more than £100,000 for this desirable ride—which translates to roughly $130,751, and that is what he loves to do.


Is Harry Styles’ Audi R 8 Fuel Economical?


You should know that running a sports car will always require a lot of money. So running and maintaining a luxurious, sporty car is not cheap. An expensive car also needs a lot of fuel, which is true for Audi.


The estimated fuel economy rings in at 11 mpg in the city while 20 mpg on highway and highway.

Harry Styles’ most expensive cars 7

Moreover, it can accelerate from zero to 62 mph (100 km) in just 3.6 seconds.


In addition to that, you must know that the Audi R8’s mileage is 6.71 kmpl. It has an 83-litre fuel tank and approximately 556 km of driving range.


What Is The Interior and Comfort like of the Audi R8 Coupe For The End User?


In the case of Audi, the manufacturer has used top-notch material inside the Audi R 8, making it comfortable for long-distance travel and driving position.


Moreover, there is room behind the two car seats to carry a pair of golf bags.

Harry Styles’ most expensive cars 8

R8 has a multi-function steering wheel that controls many functions, including the driving modes and on-screen menus. You can control the whole infotainment system.


Concerning its drive, it is called a Supercar, which you would love to drive daily.


What Is The Specification Of Harry Styles’ Audi R8 Coupe?


Audi has some great features, which I will walk you through and enlist in the table for a better idea.


Audi R8 is powered by a 4.2-litre V8 mounted behind the passenger compartment that sends 430 horsepower and 317 pound-feet of torque through an all-wheel-drive system. It is equipped with a six-speed manual transmission.

Harry Styles’s 

Furthermore, for safety purposes, it is designed to include antilock disc brakes, stability control, side airbags, and knee airbags. Front and rear parking sensors and a rearview camera are available.


It is a perfect ride for you because it has 


  • Potent engine choices,
  • slick manual shifter,
  • comfortable cabin,
  • easy to drive.


Now, look at its features and specifications 


Fuel Type Premium unleaded (required)
Transmission 6-speed manual
Engine 4.2-litre V8 
Body type Coupe
Mileage 11/20 MPG
Seating Capacity
Power  430 hp @ 4,500 rpm
Speed 187 mph


Where to buy Audi R 8 Coupe From?


If you are interested in buying an Audi, which I believe is an excellent option as a sports car, You can purchase it from the Audi R8 dealership near you.


I would highly recommend you buy this luxurious vehicle. Still, you need to remember that its annual maintenance cost is $1,123 and it has limited storage capacity.


But if you are an Audi fan, you should buy it, as it is worth your collection.


  • Harry Styles’ Jaguar E-type Roadster 


Harry Styles Jaguar E type is one of the classic models he has added to his collection.


The Jaguar E-Type is a British sports car manufactured by Jaguar Cars Ltd between 1961 and 1974. Its beauty, high performance, and competitive pricing distinguish it from other brands.

Harry Styles’ most expensive cars 10

Moreover, In 2004, Sports Car International magazine placed the E-Type at number one on their list of Top Sports Cars of the 1960s. And if Harry chose it, then he did it for all the right reasons.


Harry Styles is often seen driving this beauty. And when this car was launched in 1971, it came with power steering, an optional automatic transmission, and air conditioning. Wire wheels, an option, also seem to be fitted on Harry’s car.


What is the cost of a Harry Styles’ Jaguar E type?


As you know, it is one of the most expensive cars that Harry has ever bought. So it’s pretty costly, with a range starting at £385,261 ($465,000). Plus, its maintenance will also require a good amount.


So this one is relatively expensive to keep in top working condition. And according to the user’s estimate, it will cost around £1079 ($1,300) per year in upkeep.

Harry Styles’ most expensive cars 9

Many factors affect the cost of the car, and these are 

  • the bodywork
  • mechanics
  • how it has been cared for
  • particular model you want to purchase


If your pocket can afford this much money, then there is no issue in buying this classic model.


Is Harry Styles’ Jaguar E type Fuel Economical?


It is not fuel-friendly, which is understood. It consumes more fuel and has a mileage of 18 mpg, which is huge. So it can be easily said it is not fuel efficient. 


It has a fuel tank capacity of 82 Liters which can travel 339 miles before the next refuelling.


What Is The Interior and Comfort Of Jaguar E type For The End User?


The interior of this luxurious car is equipped with comfortable seats, an air conditioner, and power steering. The look is unique and classy.


In addition, this car has reclining seats which adds to the comfort.

Harry Styles’ most expensive cars 11

It was redesigned, and multiple changes have been made to make it easier for users. 


These are


  • Removal of glass headlight covers
  • Installation of a wrap-around rear bumper
  • Enlarged front turn signals
  • Repositioned tail lights
  • Larger front grille
  • The ignition switch moved to the steering column
  • New seats with head restraints
  • New factory options: power steering and air-conditioning


Moreover, as far as its drive is concerned, it is a joy to drive this one. 


What Is The Specification Of Harry Styles’ Jaguar E type?


What makes the E-Type a great car is its engine. This 4.2-litre has a serious grunt, so you don’t need to weld your foot to the floor to keep up with anyone. Even by modern standards, this feels like a fast car.


The beast is powered by a 4.2 Liter V12 engine that makes over 265 hp, can go from 0-60 mph in 7.0 seconds, and has a top speed of 150 mph.

Harry Styles’ most expensive cars 12

It is a car that weighs less, has even more power, and is more stable during high-speed racing.


Now look at its features


Fuel Type Petrol
Transmission 4, Manual, 3 Automatic
Engine 4.2 L V12 engine
Body type Coupe
Mileage 18 mpg
Seating Capacity 2
Power  234.1 kW / 314 bhp @ 6200 rpm
Speed 135 mph


Where to buy Jaguar E type  From?


If you want to purchase this beauty, you can contact Jaguar E-type dealers, who can help you.


The one thing you must remember while buying is its running cost which requires a reasonable sum of money. Otherwise, it is the best of the best cars.


  • Ferrari Dino 246 GTS 1972


This car is one of Harry’s most classic collections. The 246 GTS manages to take the original Fioravanti design to unprecedented levels. Take away that roof section; the whole thing comes alive by making it look sportier.


The Dino 246 GTS are V6 mid-engined sports car produced by Ferrari. It was the first automobile manufactured by Ferrari in high numbers. It is lauded by many for its intrinsic driving qualities.

Harry Styles’s  (1)

Moreover, Harry Styles has been seen driving in his yellow Ferrari Dino, an absolute timeless beauty. 


What is the cost of a Harry Styles’ Ferrari Dino 246 GTS?


As it is a classic one, it’s apparent that it will cost a relatively large amount. The price of this one is £378,353 ($455,754). And it’s not easy on the pocket for everyone. But if you have good taste in cars and are a car enthusiast, it should become part of your collection.


Ferrari Dino has an exotic look on the outside and inside. Every feature of this car has been selected to make it look perfect. 

Harry Styles’s  (2)

Dino 246 GTS, compared to other Ferraris of the time, is sufficient to give the lightweight car remarkable acceleration.


Is Harry Styles’  Ferrari Dino 246 GTS Fuel Economical?


It has a fuel economy of 13 to 28 miles per gallon. And this gives us the idea that it will take a lot to maintain its fuel consumption.


It can travel 243 miles before requiring a refill of its 65 litres capacity fuel tank.

Harry Styles’s  (3)

Plus, it is powered by a 2.4 Litre V6 engine that delivers 192 hp and 166 lb-ft of torque and can go from 0-60 mph at a surprising 6.1 seconds with a top speed of 146 mph.


What Is The Interior and Comfort Of Ferrari Dino 246 GTS  For The End User?


The interior of the car is equipped with leather and air conditioning. 


Though there is less room for legs which might be an uncomfortable feature for some drivers, it is a uniquely Italian style that makes comfort secondary, isn’t it?


What Is The Specification Of Harry Styles’ Ferrari Dino 246 GTS?


As we have discussed a lot about this timeless beauty’s price and fuel efficiency.


Now it’s time to find out its specifications.

Harry Styles’s  (4)

With four overhead camshafts, the engine is mounted transversely behind the driver and in front of the rear axle. And power to the wheels is transmitted via drop gears to the transverse 5-speed gearbox.


It has two doors and a mid-mounted engine, delivering power to the rear wheels. The 6-cylinder, double overhead camshaft naturally aspirated engine has two valves per cylinder and a displacement of 2.4 litres.


The Ferrari Dino 246 GTS weighs a quoted 1320 kg and is claimed to manage a top speed of 145 mph.


Fuel Type petrol
Transmission 5-speed manual
Engine 2.4-litre DOHC V-6
Body type Coupe
Mileage 13- 28 mpg
Seating Capacity 2
Power  195 hp @ 7600 rpm
Speed 145 mph


Where to buy Ferrari Dino 246 GTS From?


After reading all about this exotic vehicle, you must be planning to buy it. You can get this Ferrari from the nearest Ferrari dealership. It is luxurious from the outside and comfortable from the inside.


Do share your experience if you get a chance to purchase it. 

  • Harry Styles’ Land Rover Range Rover SVR First Generation 2012


The Land Rover Range Rover Sport, generally known simply as the Range Rover Sport, is a mid-size luxury SUV produced under the Land Rover marque from the British manufacturer Land Rover.


The Land Rover comes in two generations. The first generation started production in 2005 and was replaced by the second generation Sport in 2013.

harry styles Land Rover Range Rover SVR

And which one does Harry Styles own?


Harry Styles owns a Land Rover SVR from the previous generation, combining the classic Range Rover shape that has gone on for decades with updated luxury interior design.


Moreover, this car is graded as one of the luxurious cars, and at the same time, its safety features add to its performance. 


What is the cost of a Harry Styles’ Land Rover Range Rover SVR?


Land Rover, without a doubt, is one of the most expensive cars. Its price range is from £65,815 – £116,223 ($80,000 to $140,000). This heavy purchase requires maintenance.


 And according to an estimate, an average of $1,258 is required in annual maintenance, making it slightly higher than average for vehicles in this class.

harry styles Land Rover Range Rover SVR 2

But it’s not impossible for stars like Harry who are rich and car lovers simultaneously. 


Is Harry Styles’ Land Rover Range Rover SVR Fuel Economical?


As you can see, it is pricey and fuel hungry too. Land Rover Range Rover has a fuel tank capacity of 105 litres, also meant to be driven in rash areas.


It has an average fuel consumption in the combined cycle for petrol engines from 12.8 to 13.8 litres per 100km, whereas for diesel engines – from 7.5 to 8.7 litres per 100km.

harry styles Land Rover Range Rover SVR 3

And if you are looking for a reliable vehicle that is a stylish, capable, and durable vehicle, I recommend that readers buy the Land Rover Range Rover.


Let’s dig deeper to know its qualities.


What Is The Interior and Comfort Of Land Rover Range Rover SVR For The End User?


The Range Rover meets this standard with rich leather seats, low-gloss finishes, and plenty of real wood and metal.


Additionally, it is comfortable for passengers and spacious with more legroom.

harry styles Land Rover Range Rover SVR 4

Furthermore, one feature that adds to its quality drive is the Terrain Response system, which allows the driver to customise the powertrain, suspension, and electronic stability and traction control systems to handle environments including grass, gravel, snow, mud, sand, and rocks.


And it is rare to find a robust, luxurious, and comfortable car at the same time. So this one has all that a buyer wants.


Are the features worth buying are


  • Rapid acceleration
  • Opulent interior materials,
  • Superb off-road performance


What Is The Specification Of Harry Styles’ Land Rover Range Rover SVR?


The Range Rover is powered by a 5.0-litre V-8, rated at 375 horsepower. Coupled with a six-speed ZF automatic transmission and Land Rover’s four-wheel-drive system, it can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 7.2 seconds.


Moreover, supercharging is another way of getting more air into the engine combustion chambers for a better air/fuel mixture and more power output. The engine, in this case, is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission that can also be operated manually.

Harry Styles’s  (5)

Its additional features, you must know, which are worth mentioning, include


  • rear-seat entertainment system
  • a 360-degree camera system
  • blind spot monitoring
  • four-zone automatic climate control
  • a 19-speaker audio system
  • ventilated front seats, heated and ventilated rear seats 
  • adaptive cruise control.

Here are its specs 


Fuel Type Petrol / Diesel
Transmission 6-speed shiftable automatic
Engine V8 5 L
Body type SUV
Mileage 18MPG
Seating Capacity 5
Power  503bhp@6000rpm 
Speed 140 mph


Where to buy the Land Rover Range Rover SVR?


You can buy it from Land Rover Range Rover SVR from any Land Rover dealership near you.


Additionally, this car has added safety features that make it worth your money, including anti-lock brakes, traction, and stability control, front-seat side airbags,front-seat whiplash protection, and a driver knee airbag. And that is what makes this beautifully elegant and powerful car.


  • Harry Styles’ Tesla X 2019


Tesla Model X is a battery-electric mid-size luxury crossover SUV produced by Tesla, Inc. since 2015. It is a better version of the full-sized sedan Tesla Model S.


It is famous for its falcon-wing doors for passenger access, which is an excellent feature of this car.

harry styles Tesla X 2019

And Harry being a luxurious car buyer, seems to be a fan of Tesla X. Harry was spotted in his Tesla X, an impressive eco-friendly electric SUV with falcon wings and a ‘Ludicrous Mode,’ feature which gives the vehicle high-speed acceleration.


You have to keep reading to know more about its extraordinary features as I will share more details with you.


What is the cost of a Harry Styles’ Tesla X 2019?


Well, this one, like other Harry’s cars, is expensive. The price ranges from £73,205 – £106,772 ($88,200 to $128,643). And it’s understood that this SUV has the longest maximum driving ranges of any electric vehicle on the market.


Additionally, this car has lots of high-tech features, which are: it is electric, it has gullwing doors, a dramatic roofline, limited production, and automated driving features.

harry styles Tesla X 2019 4

It is worth buying for its extra features: 


  • Potent acceleration and power delivery
  • Agile handling dynamics and capability
  • luxurious ride comfort; all of this makes it irresistible but an expensive purchase for the customers.


Is Harry Styles’ Tesla X 2019 Fuel Economical?


To run a Tesla X, you need to charge it. Charging is possible by using a regular wall plug or a charging station. Public charging is always done through a charging station. 


Powering every Tesla Model X is an electric motor and a battery pack. The size of the pack depends on trim level, and you can get an all-electric range between 238 and 325 miles. The charging time depends on the method used:

Supercharging station: 15 minutes for 123 miles; about 90 minutes for a full charge

240-volt charging station: 12 hours for a full charge (4.75 hours with 80-amp)

110-volt household-style power outlet: between 72 and 89 hours for a full charge.


It has a different maintenance mechanism than other cars, which makes it a joy to drive. The advantage is it is easily maintained with less hassle.


What Is The Interior and Comfort Of  Harry Styles Tesla X 2019 For The End User?


The interior of the Tesla X is simple and spacious. The driver must select Drive on the steering column-mounted gear shifter to drive away.


And when it comes to the car’s comfort, the driving position is perfect, and the seats are relatively supportive.

harry styles Tesla X 2019 3

Similarly, there’s generous space for passengers in the second row of seats, and it has more storage space which is a plus point.


Moreover, you will find a 17-inch infotainment touchscreen controls nearly all vehicle functions, from features such as navigation, music playing, and telephone connectivity. 


The Model X is extremely quiet, and its ride quality is good except over broken or potholed surfaces.


The cabin has some great features which are worth noticing 

  • automatic doors, 
  • one-touch power windows
  • LED ambient lighting
  • HEPA filtration system 


What Is The Specification Of Harry Styles’ Tesla X 2019?


All trims of the Tesla Model X 2019 are powered by a 100-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery that provides 237 kilometres of range. The dual motors power the front and rear wheels that, generate a horsepower of 581 hp and torque of 387 lbs-ft.


As far as its transmission is concerned, it has a single-speed automatic transmission with an all-wheel-driving facility. And offers a satisfactory acceleration that can hit sixty miles per hour in just 2.8 seconds.

Harry Styles’s  (6)

Moreover, it has an autopilot feature that enables your car to steer, accelerate and brake automatically within its lane under your active supervision, assisting the driver and making his drive less burdensome in challenging road conditions.


To add to its extraordinary features, Autopark is also there, simplifying public road parking by manoeuvring Model X into parallel and perpendicular parking spaces. But you have to make sure that all cameras and sensors are clean. 


Dirty cameras, sensors, and environmental conditions such as rain and faded lane markings can affect Autopilot’s performance.


Isn’t this amazing? Now a look at its specifications:


Fuel Type Electric
Transmission Automatic
Engine 0 L
Body type SUV
Mileage Electricity 105 combined city/highway MPGe 109 city 

101 highway 32 kWh/100 miles

Seating Capacity 5/6/7
Power  375 KW@6150 rpm rear, 193 KW@6800 rpm front.
Speed 155 mph.


Where to buy the Harry Styles Tesla X 2019?


Contact the nearest Tesla dealership if you are eager to buy this luxurious hi-tech car. And you won’t be disappointed by purchasing a Tesla X equipped to help you out in difficult situations on the road.


Frequently Asked Questions 


It’s time to answer your frequently asked questions. Let’s dive in


  • How much is Harry Styles’ most Expensive car?


The most expensive car owned by Harry Styles is the Jaguar E-type Roadster. It has a reported value of about £385,261 ($465,000).  


The Jaguar E-Type is a British sports car manufactured by Jaguar Cars Ltd between 1961 and 1974. 


Its combination of beauty, high performance, and competitive pricing established the model as an icon of the motoring world.


And Harry, as a car enthusiast, loves buying pricey vehicles. He has quite a collection; Jaguar E-type Roadster stands out as the most costly. It requires a good amount of maintenance and also for fuel.


  • How Many Cars is Harry Styles Having?


Harry Styles owns a fantastic collection of cars. His cars have picked up media attention. In addition, this musician, one of the richest in the world, owns costly vehicles. According to an estimate, he is the owner of about six cars at present.


Let’s see which are these.


  • Ferrari California
  • Audi R 8 Coupe
  • 6 Jaguar E-Type Roadster
  • Ferrari Dino 246 GTS
  • Land Rover Range Rover SVR
  • Tesla Model X


  • What Is The Cost Of Harry Styles’s Latest Car?


The latest car bought by Harry Styles is called Tesla X, which costs around $88,000.

Tesla is equipped with the latest technology, which includes 


  • The base engine is electric, and gullwing doors, a dramatic roofline, one-touch power windows
  • LED ambient lighting
  • HEPA filtration system that removes harmful particles 
  • The Tesla Model X’s Performance is an all-wheel drive and can accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds. The top speed is 155 mph.




There you have it, Harry Styles car list. 


Harry is one of the greatest artists in the music industry who is super talented and has repeatedly won the hearts of his audiences.


Harry Styles has worked hard since the start of his career, which has eventually paid off. He also won many awards this year at the Grammys 2023.


With millions of albums sold worldwide, Harry made it to the list of rich celebrities under 30 Forbes. 


Being one of the richest celebrities, spending on expensive cars is not difficult. And Harry has excellent taste in buying vintage and modern ones, which makes him a great car collector.


Do give your feedback about Harry Styles’ car collection and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to get more information about celebrities in the world.

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