Harry Styles’s Houses
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We all love Harry Styles for his music and stage presence. He is super talented and one of the most loved people in the pop music industry.


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Previously I have been talking about Harry Styles’s cars and family members in my blogs. 

Harry Styles’s  Houses

Today’s post is about Harry Styles’s houses, which he also flaunts on social media and are the centre of discussion among his fans.


So, folks, I will walk you through how Harry has accomplished properties in real estate and what makes them unique.


But before that, let’s briefly discuss his music career.


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Brief Overview of Harry Styles’s Career 


Harry Styles is a British singer, actor, and songwriter. He first appeared on the reality TV show The X Factor UK for his audition. It was a success; he shone like a star throughout the next show rounds. 


From this platform, he became a member of the boy band called One Direction. The band became an overnight success, and people just loved Harry. 

Harry Styles’s Houses 12

The band went on to give hit numbers, including singles “What Makes You Beautiful,” “You and I,” “Story of my life”, and so on.


His stage presence, as well as his voice, made him stand out from the rest of the band members. While working with the band, he earned fame and big endorsement deals; One Direction was going head over heels with every album.


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But later, in 2016, Harry decided to part ways with the band. He started his solo career. His self-titled debut album was released in 2017; it was number one in several countries, including the UK and the US.


Then Styles’ second album, “Fine Line,” came out in  2019 and debuted at number three in the UK.


In 2022, Styles released his most successful album, Harry’s House. The lead single, “As It Was,” debuted at number one on the UK and US charts, becoming his second solo number-one single in both countries.


Harry gave us some big hits, which earned him many awards, including “As it was,” “late night talking,” “watermelon sugar”, and “Adore You.”


Do you know Harry is the Most popular musician in the world, which I have shared with you in my previous post? His work has been appreciated by many, including critics and fans. 


Moreover, His achievements include earning 111 out of 287 nominations. These include 3 Grammys, 6 American music awards, and 6 Brit Awards.


Besides that, Harry is the style ambassador for Gucci. And famous for his distinctive fashion sense. According to Forbes, all his hard work has made him among the richest musicians under 30.

Harry Styles’s Houses 14

This was a bit about Harry Styles’s success story in the music world, which has made him one of the richest musicians in the UK. 


Now let’s dive in to see how Harry Styles is spending it on real estate and building his empire.


Harry Styles’s Love For Real Estate And Homes 


Harry Styles has impressed us with his musical talent and gained great fortune through musical concerts and endorsement deals. I have previously walked you through his car purchases, where he loves spending money without hesitation.


Additionally, Do you know that Harry likes buying real estate properties? Don t be surprised; he loves buying houses. And I believe he is good at that too.

Harry Styles’s Houses 15

Harry has great taste in that aspect, and his homes are architectural masterpieces. Harry Styles’s Houses are a treat to watch out for architecture lovers. 


You will be more impressed if you take a closer look at Harry Styles’ houses, which I am sure will leave you in awe.



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So let’s move on to Harry Styles’s houses in detail individually.


Harry Styles’s Hampstead Heath Home 


Hampstead Heath is a popular place for celebrities to buy properties in real estate. It is ancient in its origin and one of London’s highest points. 


Its woodlands and meadows span many acres with fascinating panoramic views of London’s city centre.

Hampstead Heath Home (1)

Many stars from Hollywood have resided in this calm and peaceful place, including Harry Styles. 


Harry Styles brought this home in 2012 after being a successful part of One Direction. And he decided to have his own beautiful house in his home country. 


And at eighteen, he was wise enough to know that Hampstead Heath was where he wanted to live.


 As you read about Harry Styles’s houses, I will share the details of his first purchase, its features and the price.


Description of Harry Styles’s Hampstead Heath Home 


Harry Styles has always been in the news about his music career and personal relationships. In addition, now you know he also loves cars and houses.


His musical career was reaching miles with the band, and as a solo artist, it has blossomed more. 

Harry Styles’s Houses 6

Being one of the best musicians in the world, Harry has never let us down. Look at my compiled list of best musicians in the world, where Harry is chosen for the top 50 musicians.


Undoubtedly, his hard work has made him stand on his feet and buy this beautiful luxury home in Hampstead spread across 2,300 square feet of land.


This accommodation has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, which sounds a perfect fit for a rising pop star. 


Furthermore, the house has superb finishing with French doors, hardwood floors, and skylights, giving it a rustic charm and contemporary feel.


Since we are talking about Harry Styles’s Houses, the next thing that comes to mind is his home’s actual cost.


Let’s find out further details regarding its location and price.


Location and price of Harry Styles’s Hampstead Heath Home 


The best thing about this home is its location. It is located in the rural, suburban North London area of Hampstead Heath, where real estate properties are expensive but worth buying. And celebrities in the UK are dying to buy a house in this beautiful area. It is away from the hustle and bustle of the city, with all facilities accessible nearby.


So how much does Harry Styles’s first Hampstead Heath home cost?

Harry Styles’s Houses 5

I have researched that and discovered it cost him about £3 million. That’s a pretty high amount but easy for Harry to afford as he worked hard and endorsed many brands at that time, which helped him fulfil his dream. 


At present, Harry is one of the richest musicians in the world. And is included in my list of the richest musicians in the world, which is a must-read and worth your time.


Let’s move on to this house’s exquisite features.


Harry Styles’s Hampstead Heath Home Features and Amenities 


Harry Styles’s houses have often been part of discussions in many magazines.  And unsurprisingly, Harry is one of the most influential figures.


Well, this reminds me that you will enjoy reading my blog post on the most influential artists in the world, with Harry Styles at the top position: a must-read for his fans.


So what special features can one see in Harry’s Hampstead home? One of the promising features is a gym with a skylight, which I think is a great combo.

Harry Styles’s Houses 8

The next thing I discovered was that the back garden is fully landscaped and best suited for having an early morning breakfast or an evening walk.


Additionally, there is a master suite with a dressing area. All of these features add to the value of the home.


Besides that, Hampstead Heath has fancy restaurants and shopping malls nearby.


Harry Styles’s Hampstead Heath Home Facts and History 


Hampstead Heath is a historic place in London spanning 790 acres. This area is considered of high value by Hollywood celebrities as many own properties in this sector. 

While discussing Harry Styles’s houses, I will walk you through some important points about this location. 


Firstly, it is one of the highest points in London, giving a clear view of London. And For your information, Heath was first mentioned in the history books in 986. 

Harry Styles’s Houses 1

Later its details are also available in the Domesday Book of 1086, known as the “Manor of Hampstead”. It is situated at the height of 98.1 meters: giving an excellent view of the London skyline. 

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For this reason, the tall towers of Canary Wharf and the City of London can be seen, along with St Paul’s Cathedral and other landmarks, leaving the viewer stunned with a great view of London’s skyscrapers.


Hampstead Heath Home Significance to Harry Styles 


You might wonder what is so special about it by reading all about it.


So, friends, it is a beautiful village and the first ever home brought by Harry, which is why Harry loves this home.

harry styles

Moreover, one is attached to the first purchase one ever makes, whether it is big or small. Therefore, Harry must be proud when he bought his first home. 


For an artist like him with humble beginnings, becoming the owner of a big home in Hampstead is an outstanding achievement.


Later on, the house was known as Harry’s bar, where his friends and family gathered to have fun.


Harry Styles’ Beverly Hills Mansion 


With his extraordinary singing abilities, Harry Styles has already impressed millions of fans. He is always in the media for contributing something incredible to the music industry.


Harry, one of the richest celebrities, keeps investing in real estate, and his second purchase came out in 2014, Beverly Hills Mansion.

Harry Styles' Beverly Hills Mansion

Beverly Hills is one of the favorite places for many Hollywood buyers. And Harry is always interested in buying that property which is a bit old-structured in origin but renovated in a modern style. 


Let’s delve into some important aspects of this home.


Description of Harry Styles’ Beverly Hills Mansion 


Beverly Hills is a luxury community, and its houses are designed to give a country vibe and a modern architectural feel.


To start with its description, this home has four bedrooms and six bathrooms. 

Harry Styles’s Houses 11

In addition, the beauty of the master bedroom is in the small attached balcony with built-in closet space and lovely decor.


Also, one is equipped with basins among the five bathrooms. And its style is enhanced by a walk-in shower and a large bathtub with a scenic view of canyons and hillsides.


I would like to mention that  Harry bought this home before the release of the concert film, One Direction in 2014. So it was another milestone for the rising star during the last decade.


With so many exquisite features, its price is the next thing that you must be keen to know about. So let’s find it out. 


Harry Styles’s Beverly Hills Mansion Location and Price 


The location is crucial whenever we talk about real estate property. And Harry made sure that his house looked the best in every aspect.


So regarding the location of Beverly Hills Mansion, this contemporary white home is located at 1271 St. Ives Place in the Hollywood Hills. So how much does Harry Styles’s Beverly Hills Mansion cost?

Harry Styles’s Houses 7

The price of this beautiful mansion is about £3.2 million, which is jaw-dropping. The qualities which add to its value include its architectural style, structural design, and location.


Harry Styles is a winner when discussing his houses and solo music career. The singer has won Grammys this year, becoming one of the most awarded artists in the world.


Since I am talking about Harry Styles’s houses, it’s time to look into some more important stuff related to this mansion.


Harry Styles’s Beverly Hills Mansion Features & Amenities 


As far as the features are concerned, this mansion boasts wooden beamed ceilings with modern material use throughout. 


Furthermore, the light-filled living room includes floor-to-ceiling glass doors, which give the house a spacious, bright, and elegant look.

Harry Styles’s Houses 4

Besides that, around a central courtyard is a swimming pool, manicured lawns, and kitchen space with sliding doors that lead into a small sitting area which is homey and distinctive due to the wooden framework.


Harry has spent a lot of money on renovations of this mansion, making it a masterpiece from inside and outside.


Additionally, this house has a nice pool in the backyard with a fine spa set against a bamboo wall, a lounge area, and even a bar. 


Moreover, there’s also a gym, an office, and a home theatre with wall-to-wall silk carpeting.


To sum it up, this house of Harry has mind-blowing features. And in my view, Harry Styles’s houses must be a treat to watch, as he has put a lot of effort into them to give an expensive and attractive look, and I hope you have a great time reading about them.


Harry Styles’s Beverly Hills Mansion Facts & History 


Harry Styles has captivated the hearts of many, not only in the UK but worldwide. You will be delighted to know that he is one of the most popular musicians in America as well.

And I have already compiled a list where Harry is one of the various artists who have made their mark in the American pop scene.

Harry Styles’s

Regarding Harry Styles’s houses, this one has architectural significance as it was built in 1967 by renowned architect Alejandro Ortis. The mansion’s classic design beautifully portrays Southern California’s essence and has been renovated to suit modern living.


And Harry must be proud as he made something new and eye-catching, attracting many buyers when he decided to sell it.


Beverly Hills Mansion Significance to Harry Styles 


Harry has put his heart and soul into the reinvention of this mansion but sold it to his dear friend Lizzo for $15 million, which is about £12 million.


However, Harry was excited when he bought this mansion and did not regret a bit of it while letting it go to his close friend.


Stay tuned, folks, as my post on Harry Styles’s Houses are getting more interesting as we move on to his subsequent purchases.


Harry Styles’s 2nd Hampstead Heath Home 


I am impressed that Harry is keen not only on buying luxury houses but also profoundly interested in how they look and feel. 


Harry has invested in some astonishing properties as one of the richest musicians in the UK. In this era of competition, Harry Styles managed to accomplish a huge net worth, and this reminds me Harry is also included in my post of the richest musicians in the UK: do check it out.

Harry Styles’s 2nd Hampstead Heath Home

When we talk about Harry Styles’s Houses, it will interest you to know that Harry has invested in one more property in the neighborhood of Hampstead Heath. 


Yes, that’s true, Harry Styles bought a house in London, a five-bedroom Georgian semi next to the first one.


Isn’t it incredible? Stay tuned to learn more about Harry Styles’s Houses.


A. Description of Harry Styles’s 2nd Hampstead Heath Home


Hampstead Heath properties attract authors, actors, and pop stars like a magnet, and Harry Styles can afford to buy another house in the same neighborhood.


I researched and found that Ed Sheeran did the same thing, who combined several neighborhood properties and created one meg-mansion. And Harry is following his example.

Harry Styles’s Houses 13

So what is special about this house of Harry?


Firstly this house is a white stucco, Grade II-classified property with five bedrooms. 


And secondly, To add to its beauty, this home is decorated in a faux Regency style, with chandeliers, ornate cornicing, and curtain swags at the windows. 


Furthermore, the grand sitting room, which leads into a dining room, boasts floor-to-ceiling windows. And the dining room is also home to a similar design with a lot of natural light.


This brings us to how much Harry paid for the 2nd Hampstead House. Let’s find out. 


Harry Styles’s 2nd Hampstead Heath Home Location and Price 


As mentioned earlier in the post, it is next to the first Hampstead house. It is in North London, a favorite place of stars like  Rowan Atkinson, Jonathan Ross, Sting, Jeremy Irons, Ridley Scott, George Michael – and many more.

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So how much does Harry Styles’s 2nd Hampstead Heath Home cost?

Harry paid £8 million for the 18th-century semi, making his North London empire of great worth. And that’s right, buying a 2nd home in Hampstead Heath is a big deal. 

Harry Styles

Let’s dive in further to see more exciting things about this accommodation.


Harry Styles’s 2nd Hampstead Heath Home Features & Amenities 


One can draw inspiration from Harry Styles’s houses as they are marvelous for location and from a decor and design perspective.


The 2nd house has five bedrooms and bright, well-lit dining and sitting halls. It is fitted with paneled doors and original lamps. 


Rugs of complex design, a plethora of lamps, and a sprinkling of plants all along give the house another warm touch.

Harry Styles’s Houses 2

This home also features amenities like a basement screening room and games room.


And one more special thing about Harry Styles’ house is that it has private outside parking and a garage for his numerous sets of wheels.


As we already know, Harry also has an excellent taste for cars. So you can find some of his vehicles parked here from his collection.


Harry Styles’s 2nd Hampstead Heath Home Facts and History 


One thing that makes the 2nd Hampstead Heath home historical is its origin; it was built somewhere in the 18th century. So its structural design and architecture are famous for being ancient and unique.


In addition, Lebrice-furnished houses are hard to find, and this house is equipped with it, which adds to its historical value.


2nd Hampstead Heath Home Significance to Harry Styles 


Harry Styles is from London, a place where he belongs. His first home in Hampstead Heath is his achievement as it was his first one, but finding the second one close to the previous one makes him lucky. 


He has already joined the second home with the first one, and you will be surprised as he has also bought the third house in the same area. So it’s clear that Harry Styles wanted to combine the houses and make them into a mansion in Hampstead Heath: the most expensive and attractive location for celebrities.


Harry Styles’s 3rd Hampstead Heath Home 


Harry Styles is fond of buying luxurious houses and cars like his co-pop stars like Beyoncé, Jay Z, and Rihanna. 


And it’s obvious because these celebs are the richest ones in the Pop industry. Well, this reminds me that I have discussed Beyoncé vs Rihanna’s net worth in detail, so this post is worth your time as it encompasses details about these artists, including their purchases.

Harry Styles’s 3rd Hampstead Heath Home

Moving on to today’s post: Harry Styles’s houses, you must be surprised because Harry has another home in the Hampstead Heath Neighbourhood. And again, this one is closest to the last two homes.


It gives us the feeling that Harry is combining these three homes on Hampstead Heath and converting them into a mansion.


Let’s find out more details about this home.


Description of Harry Styles’s 3rd Hampstead Heath Home 


It is an 18th-century villa, and what Harry has bought was once a mansion before being separated into two semi-detached homes. The details of this home are kept private and have not been shared on social media.


The reason is that Harry was stalked by a person named Pablo Tarazaga-Orero, near his house in London, so the details of the third purchase, which lies on the same street, were not disclosed.


Harry Styles’s 3rd Hampstead Heath Home Location and Price 


As far as the location is concerned, it is in London in the green valley of Hampstead Heath. It is a posh London village with exceptional views. 


So how much does  Harry Styles’s 3rd Hampstead Heath home cost?

Harry Styles’s Houses 3

Harry spent about £4,175 million on cash on the house next to the second house, bringing his total investment to over £15 million.


Harry Styles’s 3rd Hampstead Heath Home Features & Amenities 


When discussing, Harry Styles’s houses are usually big, spacious, and well-lit with natural sunlight.


In the case of the 3rd Hampstead Heath house, the surroundings are fancy and airy, with the historical Kenwood House being near Hampstead Heath.


Above all of the mentioned features, this area has some of London’s oldest pubs, including The Spaniard’s Inn and The Flask, in Grade II listed building in Highgate.


Harry Styles’s 3rd Hampstead Heath Home Facts and History 


The 3rd Hampstead Heath house is also historical, but only a little has been shared about it on the news or social media.

Harry Styles

But it’s near the previous two, in the exact location, so it might be true that it is an old home which has been renovated to make it look new and modern.


3rd Hampstead Heath Home Significance to Harry Styles 


From Harry Styles’s point of view, it is added to the previous two, making it a big mansion. 

Furthermore, for security purposes, all three homes have been surrounded by enormous walls giving it a fortress status. 


Harry Styles’s New York Penthouse 


New York City is famous for its towering skyscrapers, famous districts, and endless energy. And Harry Styles also picked a place in America’s most expensive city.  


It is considered the most expensive neighbourhood in New York City. It is a place where there is a high chance of bumping up into celebs like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Lady Gaga and many more.


Harry has become the most wanted celebrity and one of the best musicians in the world, and Harry Styles’s houses are more often the talk of the town.


Let’s take a closer look at Harry Styles’ New York Penthouse.


Harry Styles’s New York Penthouse Description 


By now, you know that Harry Styles loves to purchase expensive houses and has inspired his fellow pop stars to follow in his footsteps. For example, Cardi B bought a luxurious home in New York, and I have mentioned her worth and lifestyle in my post-Nicki Minaj vs Cardi B net worth.

Harry Styles’s Houses 10

So coming back to Harry Styles’s House, you must be eager to know what his penthouse looks like.


The building where Harry owns the penthouse was built in 1882, and many celebrities from Hollywood reside there.


The penthouse spans 3000-square-foot and includes three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a half bath. The rooms have 11-foot tall ceilings, top-of-the-line stainless steel kitchen appliances, and a palatial, spa-like master bath.


Underground parking and a 71-foot swimming pool are also available to the residents of the building. 


Now you must be thinking how much Harry has spent to own this place. Let’s find out.


Harry Styles’s New York Apartment Location & Price 


New York is the most expensive place to live in, and many consider Tribeca the posh area.


Another important factor which adds to the price is its location. This apartment is in the city’s prime area and equipped with all the facilities that one could imagine.


So how much does Harry Styles’s New York Apartment cost? Harry bought it for £6.9 million, which is enormous but not for Harry Styles as he is one of the wealthiest musicians.


Harry Styles’s New York Penthouse Features & Amenities 


In this New York apartment, there are many features to look for.

The building of the penthouse is equipped with amenities like Turkish Spa and Fitness Center, which depicts the luxurious lifestyle.

Harry Styles's New York Penthouse

In addition, there is a 5,000-square-foot landscaped roof terrace and a lush central courtyard. 


And finally, many staff, including a porter and concierge 24 hours a day, valet parking, porters and a resident manager, are also available for residents, which is very helpful.


Harry Styles’s New York penthouse facts & History 


Harry has a unique taste concerning his houses; whenever he chooses one, it comes out to be traditional in its origin and has architectural significance.


Historically, this apartment block is a 19th-century red brick building that was previously a factory. 


But over time, as it got renovated, it has become a home to many celebrities who own properties in the building, including Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Reynolds, and Blake Lively.


New York Penthouse Significance to Harry Styles 


Harry Styles is a collector, and his houses are unique considering their origins and living. Harry’s New York penthouse is important as he often travels between the US and the UK. And some of his friends from the music industry live in the same neighborhood with whom Harry likes to spend time.


So it is obvious why Harry enjoys living in this penthouse when he is away from home.


Harry Styles’s Hollywood Hills home


In 2021, Harry Styles was spotted with filmmaker and actor Olivia Wilde during the shooting of their movie Don’t Worry Darling. Their relationship touched a serious note, and the actress was seen moving to Harry’s rented house, owned by his manager, Jeff Azoff, in Los Angeles.


Do you know that, like HarryStyles, many pop stars love living in Hollywood Hills, including Justin Beiber and Drake? I have shared their details in one of my posts about Drake vs Justin Beiber’s net worth, which is worth your time.

Harry Styles’s Hollywood Hills homeHarry Styles’s Hollywood Hills h

Since we are discussing Harry Styles’s houses, let’s delve into more details regarding this rented property by Harry.


Harry Styles’s Hollywood Hills Home Description 


Harry rented this house while shooting for the movie Don’t WorryDarling; though he is a millionaire, he preferred to stay on rent in this unique house.


It comprises three bedrooms and two bathrooms and is vibrant and welcoming. The house is a little compact, but the open kitchen and dining room make it look big. 


Furthermore, this house follows the same aesthetic – white and wood furnishings with clean lines.


Harry Styles’s Hollywood Hills home Location & price 


The house is located in the Laurel Canyon at 8916 Hollywood Hills Rd, Los Angeles, and is a beautiful, charming private setting.


However, the question is, how much did Harry pay for the monthly rent for the house?

harry styles

It is estimated to be about 10,000 USD, which he had to pay while staying in this love nest.


Harry Styles Hollywood Hills Home Features & Amenities


The love nest of Harry and Olivia became the centre of attention for media and press, and everyone got interested to know not only about their relationship but also about Harry Styles’ Hollywood Hills house.


This beautiful home has some fantastic features, which include vaulted ceilings, skylights, hardwood floors, and an updated kitchen decorated in white with marble countertops.

Harry Styles’s Houses

Moreover, the main bedroom features white wood wall cladding. But the washroom has a nice finish of pale pink with an oval-shaped bathtub and a separate shower.


In addition, it has amenities like a large backyard swimming pool and hot tub. It also has a built-in BBQ grill, and a covered patio, which makes this place worth living in.


Harry Styles’s Hollywood Hills home facts & History 


Some of the historical facts which make Harry’s rented Hollywood Hills home stand out is that it was built in mid-century style in 1952 and, according to Los Angeles property records, has only changed hands three times in 30 years — and without ever actually hitting the market.


Hollywood Hills Home Significance to Harry Styles


Harry has a strong connection with the Hollywood home as it belongs to his long-time manager and friend. Who is always there to ease him out whenever Harry has film shooting or recording in America.


In addition, he has some great memories with his partner Olivia while staying in this beautiful place.


Thus, Harry owns and loves living in stylish homes with perfect locations and unique origins.




To conclude today’s post, we all know that Harry Styles has won the hearts of his fans and critics with consistency and hard work. His songs are chart toppers with huge sales and are platinum-certified.


The guy has earned a great fortune, which has allowed him to buy expensive houses, which are always part of the news and social media.


Harry Styles’s houses give us the feel of a blend of historical and modern architecture, making his homes stand out more than the rest.


I hope you enjoyed this roller coaster ride of Harry Styles’s Houses with me. 


Please give me feedback and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Stay tuned to get more information about celebrities in the world.


Frequently asked questions 


Now it’s time to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.


So stay tuned.


Has Harry Styles bought a house in Devon? 


Harry Styles is fond of buying big mansions in unique places and searching for big luxurious homes equipped with traditional designs.


It being came rumoured that Harry Styles had bought a house in Devon, beautiful mansion near the seashore on a mountain, But it has been confirmed by real estate agents that there is no truth in it.


Most people made it a piece of news that he spotted there for few times, but in reality, there is nothing like that. So it’s just a rumour that Harry has a house in Devon.


Where does Harry Style live now? 


Harry Styles is much of a Londoner and spends more time there as it is where he belongs. He mostly stays at Hampstead Heath home when in London.


But his busy schedule makes him move back and forth between the UK And America. So while he is in America, Harry usually prefers to stay in a New York penthouse, which is the home of many celebrities. 


Hence, Harry enjoys his time in this penthouse with many of his colleagues in his neighbourhood.


What kind of house does Harry Styles have? 


Harry Styles loves investing in real estate. His selection of houses shows he loves living in spacious homes with traditional designs.


If you look at his houses, most of them are from the previous century and preserved as it is with few changes.


His homes boast big rooms, washrooms with spas, big dining halls, and open kitchens.


Furthermore, he has also added a gym, swimming pools and cinemas. And one of his homes offers bar service too.


All these houses Harry owns define luxury and style, which is what one is looking for. 

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