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How much is Harry Styles net worth?


In the last decade, the UK has given some of the biggest stars to the music industry. These musicians, including Harry Styles, Adele, and Ed Sheeran, are now categorized as the best in the world. 


Among them, Harry Styles stands out as the most stylish and influential artist in the world, praised equally by fans and critics. That’s right, folks, as Harry Styles has also made it to my list of the most influential musicians in the world. Isn’t it remarkable?


And today, Harry Styles is a household name. People love him; this superstar has impressed everyone with his outstanding vocals and humble personality. He is one of the most popular musicians in the UK right now, and I have talked about him in one of my blogs, classifying him as one of the most popular musicians in the UK.


Besides that, Harry has earned a name in the music world and risen as the richest celebrity, according to Forbes, whose age is under 30 years. 


So, in today’s post, I will ensure that you enjoy knowing more about Harry Styles’s net worth and how he achieved this fortune at such a young age.

Harry Styles's net worth 002

It’s not news that Harry Styles endorsement deals play a significant role in the rise of his wealth. But let’s dive in now, shall we?


How Much is Harry Styles’s Net Worth in 2024


You know that some people are born lucky while some work hard on their skills and make themselves fortunate by not surrendering to circumstances. Harry comes into the latter group; he has burnt the midnight oil and worked consistently, paving the way to his success.


For this reason, Harry has earned a considerable fortune in his thirteen years of career through concerts and music sales, which is not so easy.

Harry Styles's net worth 00010

And now you must be wondering how much Harry Styles’s net worth is.


Well, according to Forbes, Harry Styles’s net worth is about 120 million USD ( $120 million) or 100 million pounds (£100 million). And I think this is awesome. 


In fact, Harry has worked day in and day out in the last 13 years to reach this point, where he is graded as a millionaire. 

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In addition, Harry Styles’s net worth makes him one of the richest musicians, and that is what already covered in one of my posts based on The richest musicians in the UK, which also includes yours and my favourite, Harry Styles.


Harry hasn’t built this empire of huge fortune in a day. He didn’t take rest and kept releasing albums even after the split of his band One Direction. He stayed busy with concerts and world tours. In short, He is just 28 but brilliant at what he does. 


Furthermore, he became the brand ambassador for different labels, earning him a lot of money. 

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So readers, are you inquisitive to find out how Harry likes to spend his money? 


In today’s post: Harry Styles’s net worth, I will walk you through how Harry has been spending his wealth and will look into his endorsement deals. 


Harry Styles’s cars and houses 


As we have already learned about Harry Styles’s net worth, let’s delve into more details.


Well, Harry Styles is in love with buying expensive cars and houses. He is more into antique collections regarding both cars and homes. 

Harry Styles's net worth 01

Most of Harry Styles’s co-pop stars love purchasing cars, including Justin Beiber, Drake and many more. This reminds me of what I mentioned in one of my posts; Drake vs Justin Bieber Net Worth, which covers all the details of their net worth and expenditures.


Returning to today’s post on Harry Styles’s net worth, I am excited to share what kind of cars does Harry have?


Here is the list, guys check it out:


  • Ferrari California
  • Audi R 8 Coupe
  • 6 Jaguar E-Type Roadster
  • Ferrari Dino 246 GTS
  • Land Rover Range Rover SVR
  • Tesla Model X


Isn’t this a fantastic collection of cars? Harry Styles is a real car enthusiast. He likes to flaunt his every new purchase on social media.

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Harry Styles's net worth 03

Additionally, fans and journalists always take advantage of every chance to cover his new car purchase and make it a big story. After all, Harry is a superstar.


As far as these cars are concerned, they are all cool and costly. Have you guessed which is the most expensive from the list above?


So dear readers, The most expensive car owned by Harry Styles is the Jaguar E-type Roadster. It has a reported value of about £385,261 ($465,000); Gosh, this is huge.


In context with cars, I recommend you read one of my posts on ASAP vs Travis Scott’s net worth, as these two celebs are also car enthusiasts, just like Harry Styles, and this article might inspire you.


Harry’s other major interest is in investing in real estate. In this context, I remember that the leading ladies of the music industry, Beyoncé and Rihanna, love buying expensive houses. Check my post on Beyonce and Rihanna’s net worth, which will blow you away. 

Harry Styles's net worth 02

So moving on to Harry Styles’s net worth and his investments in real estate. This guy has excellent taste in buying houses. His investments involve beautiful antique homes in Hampstead Heath: the highest point in North London. 


I researched and compiled a list of Harry’s unique houses concerning location and architecture. So here is the list,


He has three houses in Hampstead Heath, One in Beverly Hills and one Penthouse in New York. His properties are mostly in the USA and the UK, which makes it easy for him to move around the two countries whenever he has concerts or tours.


With three homes in Hampstead Heath, Harry has built it into a Mansion with excellent security features. And mostly, he prefers to stay in the UK, where he belongs.

Harry Styles's net worth 0009

Moreover, from the inside, all three homes have breathtaking features. They are big, well lit and airy with all amenities that one could imagine. 


Furthermore, according to sources, all three houses collectively cost £15 million. That is jaw-dropping.


If Harry Styles loves buying big-budget cars and houses, how is he managing their purchase, and what are his income resources?


harry 2345457567077606638

Sit tight as I will reveal the details of Harry Styles’s sources of income which have made him earn this massive net worth.


What are Harry Styles’s sources of income? 


Harry Styles knows how to captivate his audience; he was appreciated for his vocals when he was part of the band and later when he started his solo career. Both of his journeys are remarkable, which made him win many awards.


And I have mentioned Harry Styles in my post of the most awarded artists in the world; this post is worth your time.

Harry Styles's net worth 0008

Since we are talking about Harry Styles’s net worth, I think now its time that I share his income sources with you now.


His main income resource is his music and album sales. Though it’s variable how much he earns per concert. For example, in the year 2022, his earnings from his tours were reported to be $2.25 million, which is not solely his but also distributed among organisers and promoters. 


Similarly, his recent tour generated $8.2 million this year, which is his highest-ever amount. 


harry 234545756707760

So it depends on the success of his concerts and music sales. But according to an estimate, Harry Styles earns around $1 million per month.


 Endorsement Deals 


Endorsement deals add to the massive income of musicians and actors. Similarly, Harry Styles has added a lot to his yearly income by endorsing famous brands.


Back in those days when he was part of One Direction, Harry Styles was endorsing brands like Pepsi, Colgate, Toyota, and Maceys. This collaboration made him earn a considerable amount.

Harry Styles's net worth 0006

After that, when the band split and Harry became a solo artist, he still earned millions for promoting some exquisite brands. The musical icon became a global face for the luxurious Italian fashion house, Gucci in 2018 and has appeared in numerous campaigns and collections of the label.


Harry Styles earned £8 million in the last year thanks to his role as a Gucci ambassador and all of these job titles.

harry 23454575670776066

Additionally, he is also endorsing Apple. He has appeared in their commercials but usually spends that money on charity. This shows his humble and kind personality.


 Harry Styles YouTube Stream Of Income 


Harry Styles has a YouTube channel where he uploads music videos, behind-the-scenes footage, and other content. He generates income from the ads that play before his videos and sponsored content.

Harry Styles's net worth 008

Furthermore, he also earns royalties from his songs being played on YouTube.


Harry Styles Apple Music Income Stream 


Though Apple Music didn’t disclose how much Harry is making from his songs being streamed on Apple. 


But the platform revealed that Harry Styles’ latest single, “ As it was,” has already broken two global records on Apple Music since its release. 

Harry Styles's net worth 007

And from that Harry Styles’s yearly income is also contributed through this music application.


 Harry Styles Movies Income Stream 


Harry Styles is a house of talent. He is not only a good singer but also a good actor. He is regarded as one of the best musicians in the world.

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And you would be delighted to know that Harry is included in my list of the best musicians in the world in one of my previous blogs. 

harry 23454575670776

With his latest movie, “Don’t worry darling,” Harry earned the attention of his fans. Though it wasn’t a successful movie at the box office, the superstar got paid three times more than his female co-star. It’s been mentioned that Harry was paid $2.5 million for his role in the movie.


Before that, he worked in a mega-hit movie called “Dunkirk”, which collected USD 527 million globally, with Harry Styles receiving a large slice of the pie of about USD 3.4 million( £80 million).


Interestingly, The singer has also signed a USD 100 million deal with the studio for five flicks with Marvel’s Eternals. 

Harry Styles’s

His movies have added to his net worth.


Harry Styles Spotify Income Stream 


At present, the audience is listening to his songs more on Spotify, and this music platform named Harry Styles the fourth most popular artist in the UK and seventh in the world. 


Moreover, I also ranked him as one of the most popular musicians in the UK in my last article. And that is proved by the recent success of his album. 

harry 23454575670


This shows that this music platform royalties must have contributed to Harry’s net worth, making him a millionaire.


According to sources, “As It Was” was the most streamed song, fetching 1.6 billion streams worldwide, earning him and his co-writers more than £1.5 million in royalties on Spotify.


After reading all this, Harry is one of the richest musicians in the world. 


And I have already compiled a list which includes many artists, along with Harry Styles as one of the richest musicians in the world.

Harry Styles's net worth 001

Keep reading Harry Styles’s net worth, as so much is still in store for you.


Harry Styles biography

Now that you know most about Harry Styles’s net worth, let’s take a look at his biography which is interesting to see how he came to fame.


Harry Styles was born in 1994 in England. He had a profound interest in music since his childhood. Still, in his early teens, he worked part-time in a bakery to improve his family’s economic situation.

Harry Styles's net worth 005

During that struggling period, his mom gave him an idea for an audition at X Factor UK, as Mums know their children best. And guess what? It was a life-changing decision.


As a result of this audition, Harry became part of the band One Direction. And today, the whole world knows him for his music.


While staying with One Direction, he emerged as an important member who worked dedicatedly.


The world already knows this superstar who is young and talented. With his performances and stage presence Harry has already made his mark in the world of music and art. One Direction gave some inspirational performances, including “Story of my life,” “You’re Beautiful,” “You and I”, and many more like these. 

Harry Styles's net worth 004

Later on, in 2016, the band decided to split, and Harry pursued his solo career. His first solo single, “Sign of Times”, broke many records becoming a chartbuster.


After that, Harry continued to produce hit numbers like “WatermelonSugar,”  “As it Was,” and “Late night talking”. He became one of the most popular musicians not only in the UK but also the most popular musicians in America too, which is already mentioned in one of my posts. 


Furthermore, he garnered a Grammy for Album of the Year this year. Besides that, he is the brand ambassador for Gucci and Apple. And one thing is noticeable: Harry Styles’s net worth has grown significantly after splitting from the band. 


At present, he owns expensive cars and real estate properties. Also, Harry has opened his own brand Harry Styles, called “Pleasing”; the label started with just a few products and is now expanding its offerings.

harry 234545756707760663


Though Harry’s start was humble, you can see that with his talent, he has built a fantastic career and a huge empire. Some of you still want to know more about Harry’s humble beginning, so stay tuned as it follows in the article.


How did Harry Styles’s career start 


Confidence and hard work are two vital keys to success. And that fits with today’s celebrity; Harry Styles showed up on X Factor in 2010 when he sang Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t she lovely”. After completing the song, the whole crowd applauded him.


The judges on the show, especially Simon Cowell,  praised him and merged him with other members giving birth to the band called One Direction.

harry 2345457567


The band finished in third position but got public attention for their smashing performances on X Factor UK.


After that, the band became a global sensation after releasing its first album. Harry Styles became part of five studio albums. Each of them featured super-hit numbers. The band sold 70 million records worldwide.


In addition to that, they have won almost 200 awards, including seven Brit Awards, four MTV Video Music Awards, six Billboard Music Awards, and seven American Music Awards.


Later in 2016, it was revealed that One Direction had disbanded, and members decided to pursue their solo careers.  


And it was a wise decision, as it brought the natural talent of Harry Styles to the limelight. I have always seen Harry with leading qualities, and that is what we are witnessing today.

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harry 234545756707


Having said that, Harry Styles loves being noticed, making him one of the most influential Instagram personalities. This reminds me of Harry Styles has also been discussed in my blog as The highest-paid Instagram influencer. Do check it out, and you will be surprised. 


As you are still reading Harry Styles’s net worth, I will share with you some controversies that Harry got himself into and a few bits from his personal life. So folks, hang on for some more fun. 


Harry Styles Controversies 


There is not a single celebrity who is free from controversies. Similar is true about Harry Styles.


One considerable controversy related to Harry emerged when he was featured on the cover of Vogue US. The artist wore various feminine garments, from skirts to dresses, finding comfort in feminine clothes. This event took social media by storm. 

Harry Styles Net Worth

Most of the people didn’t take well to what he was wearing. But later on, accepted that as part of his style.


Another controversy arose this year when he won Grammys and made a speech saying, “This doesn’t happen to people like me very often”, which sparked a huge backlash and debate. This comment took Twitter by storm, and people started discussing what class of people he was talking about.


Similarly, Harry Styles was being trolled for his relationship with actress Olivia Wild while working on the movie Don’t Worry Darling. There were negative reactions regarding his relationship with Wilde and their 10-year age gap. The news made headlines in 2022 but faded away with their break up a year later.


Since you are reading today’s post on Harry Styles’s net worth, it’s time to take a look into his personal life.

Harry Styles Net Worth

Let’s dive in.


Harry Styles’s Personal Life 


Harry Styles has been the centre of attention for the media after achieving stardom. Fans and paparazzi are always curious to know more about him. But Harry says he likes being private about his relationships. 


His first relationship came with X Factor presenter Caroline Flack in 2011 when he was just seventeen and she was in her 30s.

harry 234545

Then he was linked with many other women, including Emily Atack, Taylor Swift, Kendal Jenner, Camille Rowe, and Olivia Wilde. 


It is observed that his relationships mostly lasted for a few months or almost a year. 


However, fans got stunned when he was in a relationship with Kendel Jenner and Olivia Wilde. He got involved with Olivia while shooting his movie Don’t Worry Darling, but they eventually broke up in 2022.

harry 2345457

And this year, he is linked to model Emily Ratajkowski, as they enjoyed themselves in Tokyo. Let’s see how these love birds continue their relationship; best wishes to the couple.


One thing about Harry that I would like to mention here is that he loves giving his girlfriend some unique presents, whoever is in a relationship with him. Especially when it comes to jewellery, and why not? After all, Harry has a great fortune which he can flaunt to his girlfriend. 




To conclude my post of today, Harry Styles is a rockstar with the full potential to be distinct and stylish in whatever he does.


As far as Harry Styles’s talent is concerned, you can see how smart he is; whether it’s singing, writing, acting, or fashion sense, he is an all-rounder. 


Besides his talent, Harry Styles’s net worth stays a topic of discussion in the media all the time and Forbes magazine also releases statements about his fortune status every year.


Luckily this superstar has made a good amount of money through different channels. The main source that adds to his wealth is his music. But on the other hand, his endorsement deals like Gucci, which pay him heavily, cannot be ignored.


And his latest source of income comes from his wellness brand, “Pleasing”, which is becoming quite popular now.


So these multiple sources of earnings generate a reasonable amount for the superstar, making him the richest guy under 30. He is an inspiration for young artists, and many are following his footsteps.


Do leave your comments. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Stay tuned to get more information about celebrities in the world.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs) 


Now it’s time to answer your frequently asked questions. So without any delay, let’s jump in.


How much are Harry Styles worth? 


Harry Styles’s net worth is calculated to be about 120 million USD ( $120 million) or 100 million pounds (£100 million). He made this fortune through album sales, concerts, and tours. Additionally, he signed various endorsement deals, including mainly Gucci. And before that, when he was in the band One Direction, he was paid by Pepsi and Colgate to promote them. Furthermore, he has worked in high-budget movies, which have added to his fortune. To add on, he is working on his brand, which is also becoming popular among his fans. All these multiple resources have made him build this massive fortune of 120 million USD.


How much did Harry Styles get paid for Gucci? 


Harry Styles has been into many endorsement deals, which earned him a lot of money. One of the brands he loves to promote is Gucci. Harry Styles has been a global face for the luxury Italian fashion house Gucci since 2018 and has appeared in numerous campaigns and collections. Harry Styles earned £8 million last year. This shows becoming part of an endorsement brand adds to good source of income for the star.


How much does Harry Styles make per concert? 


Harry Styles’s main income resource is his music and album sales. It’s variable how much he earns per concert. In 2022, his earnings were $2.25 million, which is not solely his but distributed by organisers and promoters. Similarly, his recent performance generated $8.2 million. If it’s successful, he can generate a heavy amount. Harry Styles’s net worth is roughly estimated from his concerts earnings, which will be around 2.25 million USD by 2022.


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