How much is Harmonize net worth
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Today, you and I will get some of the specific details of Tanzania Harmonize net worth, his age, biography, career, house, and cars.


Did you know that Harmonize left Wasafi Records founded by Diamond Platnumz? 


Well before you and I get into all the details of the net worth of Harmonize, let me quickly run through what this post will cover in bullet points. 


  • How much is Harmonize net worth


  • Harmonize car and houses 


  • What is Harmonize source of income? 


  • Harmonize biography 


  • How did Harmonize career start 


  • Personal life & controversy 


  • Frequently asked questions 


  • Conclusion 


Now that you have a clue what this post will cover, come let’s dive into Harmonize Tanzania net worth in 2021. 


How Much Is Harmonize Net Worth 2022 


How much is Harmonize worth in 2021? Harmonize net worth 2021 Forbes is estimated to be 1,000,000 dollars ($1 million). His wealth grew after meeting Diamond Platnumz who set the singer up for success. 

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Today you and I can say that Harmonize net worth in KSH is the sum of 109,590,000 Kenya Shilling. 


[table id=62 /]

I got the amount above from simply converting Harmonize net worth in dollars to KSH. 


Net Worth: $1 Million 


I love the life of celebrities you know, so many opportunities to create wealth once you get the eyeballs. 


Today everyone wants to become a popular celebrity you know which is why I wrote this article on how to become a popular musician in Nigeria


Although the tips outlined in that article are also applicable even if you are from a different country. 


I suggest you check it because it is filled with tons of value especially if you have the dream of becoming a musician. 


Money is good, right? 


If that’s true then come let me quickly take you through some of Harmonize cars and houses. 


Harmonize Houses And Cars 


There is that beauty of having all you want right and there is that feeling of dealing with everything that comes with it. 


Well, Harmonize certainly knows how to spend his cash on things that are meaningful. 

Harmonize net worth 2021

I remember when he was featured on Nigeria singer Reekado Banks Off the record EP


I was amazed at how he sounded so much like Diamond Platnumz and it clearly struck me why he was signed to the record. 


That one decision has helped to take Harmonize net worth Forbes from a zero dollar bank account to $1 million. 


So how many cars does Harmonize have currently? Tanzania singer Harmonize has more than 3 cars parked in his garage. 


It’s not strange for celebs to flaunt their lavished lifestyle on social media. 


Plus you know that good feeling in the pit of your stomach after you bought a new piece of jewel right? 


Well, Harmonize displayed a photo of all his cars on social media just like the photos you see below. 


On the above photo, you could see Harmonize Audi convertible which costs between $10,000 to $13,000.


He also bought himself a nice-looking Toyota Hilux which starts at an asking price of $15,000.


The final picture on the photo is a Toyota Land rover car which costs anywhere from $16,000.


In total, Harmonize cars cost $43,000 which is quite a lot of money for ordinary Tanzania citizens. 


Having said that, which of the cars above would you love to own once you have that steady source of income. 

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Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


Now, what about Harmonize houses? 


As the story goes Harmonize had to sell 3 of his unhouses due to running into debt. 


As a result of this, the singer is currently left with just one house in which he lives currently. 


Harmonize house is a bungalow with 3 bedrooms, a living room, car park which cost between $20,000 to $30,000.

Harmonize Cars

This is a rough estimate for this house since the pandemic has put lots of the economy in poor shape. 


I mean with more than $1 million in net worth, spending less than $200,000 seems fair on necessities right? 


I bet you agree with me because without a house you certainly don’t have a place to rest your head. 


Okay with that said, now come let’s see the different sources of income he has which has aided all the above luxury. 


What Is Harmonize Source Of Income 


In the summer of 2003 precisely April 14th, my father had this conversation that really stuck with me. 


That sunny afternoon he looked at me and said grab me a glass of water and let’s have a discussion. 

Net Worth of Harmonize

I ran into the fridge, grabbed a can of chilled water, and then into the kitchen to grab a glass. 


I gave it to him pouring him a drink and then he said sit down which I did expect some of his beautiful stories. 


He took a sip cleared his throat and told me if I want to become rich like the Bill Gates of the world then have multiple sources of income. 


That was all the conversation was about… 


So why my little story? 


Well, it turns out that he was right 30 years after our little conversation. 


Harmonize is an example of multiple sources of income. 


Plus as a celebrity, this must come normally once the popularity kicks in, you know. 


Now, here are all Harmonize sources of making money. 


  • Music


  • Shows 


  • Youtube 


  • Endorsement deals 


come let’s take a look at how Harmonize net worth 2022 grew to what it is today via these steady streams of income. 




As a musician, your first source of income is apparently music, right? 


Rightly so because that’s the craft that brought you popularity in the first place. 


So all other income sources are the aftereffect of your musical career. 

Harmonize Worth

Heck, even Jayz who is one of the richest musicians in the world today has more than one income source thanks to his fascinating career. 


I was reading an article written here on SMCE, and then I realize you really need different sources of income. 


I remember thinking to myself, what other source of income can I possibly have right now? 


The ideas were many but the execution was slow plus it was not the right market fit. 


As for Harmonise, he certainly has his outstanding musical career to thank for the shift in his wealth. 


So how does he make money with his music you may ask right? 


Well, in the digital age, a lot of things have become really easy. 


Today we have platforms like Apple, Google Play, and Spotify that pay you handsomely whenever your music is streamed. 


He makes money whenever his songs are streamed on any of these platforms. 


If you are a musician then check out how to make money through music streaming platforms here




Harmonize net worth also grew thanks to his second source of income on this list. 


The singer is currently one of the hottest Tanzania stars who are making a ton of money. 


His popularity means different shows organizers would want to pay him to entertain. 


He currently charges anywhere from $5,000 to $7,000 to graze occasions with his presence. 


Assuming he gets such shows 6 months in a year that’s a whopping $30,000 in income from just one source. 

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While YouTube is a free streaming platform it certainly has been one of the many ways artists have continued to make side incomes. 


All you have to do is upload your music to YouTube, meet the criteria for AdSense approval, and boom money starts coming in. 

Forbes Harmonize net worth 2022 also increased due to his earnings from YouTube. 


With more than 1 million subscribers, Harmonize videos have been streamed 522 million times. 


Assuming you have a 0.25 CPM that’s like $950,000.


Crazy money to have just as another source of income right? 


I bet you agree so let me take you through the last source of income that has really helped to double Harmonize Tanzania net worth


Endorsement Deals 


First, what is an endorsement deal? Put in the lame man’s term, it’s simply you promoting other brand products. 


It’s not strange that these days, following on social media is a big decision that influences endorsement deals. 


This is because every follower that musicians have is a potential customer of these brands. 

Harmonize Wealth

and for Harmonise this has really helped the growth of fortune. 


He has more than 2 million following on Instagram and more than 70K followers on Twitter. 


I have no idea about his TikTok followers as that’s a relatively new platform on the block. 


He currently has endorsement deals with brands like Sayona Twist soft drinks. 


Now that you know his source of wealth and his net worth, come let’s dive into his biography, shall we? 


Harmonize Biography 


Music may have brought Harmonize fame but what about how it all began. 


Enter Rajabu Abdul Kahali biography! 


As a celebrity, nobody gives a crap about your past but the only time it comes hunting is when you decided to go into politics. 


Especially if you have one hell of a dark past, you know. 


Well, so who is Harmonize? Rajabu Abdul Kahali is a Tanzania, musician, recording artist, songwriter, and singer. 


Abdul Kahali is looking to take the Tanzania Bongo Flava mixing it with Afropop to create a different genre in East Africa. 


So far, things look to be going the singer’s way but then When was he born?


RAJABU Abdul Kahali known popularly by his stage name Harmonize was born on March 15th, 1990 in Tanzania. 


He grew up in Tanzania where he acquired his education both primary and secondary. 


Kahali has achieved notable success bagging several awards in the process. 


You will find each a list of Harmonize awards and songs below so let’s get into it, shall we? 


How Did Harmonize Career Start 


Just like many Tanzania artists before him, Rajabu did not have it easy when he started his music career. 


but talent has a way of distinguishing people and often times if you are consistent, you will find that you will achieve your goals. 


Abdul Kahali’s career started in 2011 which was slow before having the opportunity to have a beautiful experience talking with Diamond Platnumz. 

Who Is Harmonize

The discussion turned into the singer’s first record label deal which saw him sign a 15 years contract with WCB Wasafi Records. 


Under the label, the singer released Kwa Ngwaru which featured his record label boss Diamond. 


Platnumz no doubt is one of the wealthiest musicians in Africa right now and his influence and popularity help Kwa Ngwaru make the numbers. 


Harmonize’s first single saw Tanzania and other parts of East Africa embrace the singer’s amazing talent. 


To date, Kwa Ngwaru has done more than 10 million views on YouTube making it one of his most streamed songs on the platform. 


He also released Aiyola, show me featuring Mavoko which was also a hit track, happy birthday, and other singles. 


His fame grew with every song he puts out there which saw him listed on MTV Africa stars to look out for in 2017. 


In 2019 Harmonize released his first EP which he titled Afro Bongo. 

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Thanks to Diamond Platnumz, his marketing strategy to reach Nigerian superstars worked for the success of the project. 


Afro Bongo featured Nigerian artists like Burnaboy, Yemi Alade, and Mr Eazi with Kainaman doing serious numbers. 


Kainaman became the singer’s first video to amass 20 million views as of 2021 thanks to the star powers involved. 


Afro Bongo is a 4 track EP and here is a list of all the songs from the EP. 


  • Kainaman


Due to his success in the industry, Harmonize picked several awards in 2016. 


He won WatsUp TV Africa Music Video Awards for Best African Newcomer Video. 


and also the AFRIMMA for a best newcomer and here is a list of all Harmonize awards. 


  • AFRIMMA best newcomer 


  • WatsUp TV Africa Music Video Awards for Best African Newcomer Video

Harmonize also released his debut studio album in 2019 but this time under his own record label Konde Music Worldwide. 


It was a beautiful project he titled Afro East consisting of 18 tracks which saw the singer merge 3 different genre Afropop, Singeli, and Bongo. 


Here is one of the videos from Harmonize’s debut studio album Afro East. 


Finally, let’s talk about his personal life and what led to the exit of WCB Wasafi records. 


Personal Life & Controversy 


Harmonize has been hit with some serious controversy amidst all the fame he has racked up. 


The most notable is when he had to split with his Italian wife Sarah Michelloti who is an entrepreneur. 


Both got married in 2019 and became the talk of mainstream media in East Africa especially his country of origin. 


However, the marriage reportedly ended after he was Harmonize cheated to father a child outside wedlock. 


Sources familiar with the story said Sarah couldn’t take the betrayal hence she called it quits. 

While many have lambasted the reckless cheating behavior his decision to take a bold step to be there for his child received applause. 


Now let me guess! 


You are wondering why he left WCB Wasafi records rights? Well, it was due to issues he and his boss Diamond Platnumz had but it has been resolved now. 


There was there some tension between the two singers which saw Harmonize walked away from his 15 years contract with the record label. 


Contract terms forced Harmonise to sell 3 of his uncompleted houses and car to pay off the debt he owed Wasafi records. 


If he had not paid this debt all his songs would be owned by the label which includes all earnings made from these songs. 

Harmonize went on to do fundraising to be able to pay off his debut before exiting the label to form Konde Music Worldwide. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


This section of this post will answer any questions you have about Rajabu Abdul Kahali. 


So let’s go on, shall we? 

Who Is Harmonize To Diamond

Who is Harmonize to Diamond Platnumz? Harmonize is a Tanzania Bongo Flava Tanzania singer/songwriter signed to WCB Wasafi record own by Diamond Platnumz. He used to be a protegee of Platnumz before a misunderstanding made him leave the record label to form Konde Music Worldwide.

How Much Is Harmonize Worth

What is Harmonize net worth currently? Harmonize is currently estimated to be worth the sum of $1 million which is 109,590,000 Kenya Shilling when converted from dollars to KSH. His sources of wealth come from music, endorsement, and his record label Konde Music Worldwide.

Who Is Richer Between Harmonize And Diamond Platnumz

Who is the richer between Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz now? Diamond Platnumz’s net worth is currently estimated to be $6 million while Harmonize is currently worth $1 million. The above figures show that Diamond Platnumz is richer than Rajabu with more than $4 million.




this year is looking pretty interesting for the singer, especially with his most recent track. 


While the singer’s start may have been rocky, thanks to Platnumz he has witnessed a beautiful career weaved around his talent. 


It’s over to you now! 


How would you predict Harmonize net worth 2021 growth? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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