Joeboy Source of Income
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Joeboy has been an amazing talent since his debut in the Nigerian music industry. 


His fame has gradually spread to every nook and cranny of Africa with several national anthem songs. 


Some of his hit songs include Joeboy beginning and baby respectively. 




With all these hit songs, does it mean he is one of the hottest upcoming artists right now? 

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The simple answer is YES and chances are you have been listening and enjoying all his songs. 


Now before you and I get into the details of Joeboy net worth 2022, here is everything that this post will cover. 


  • How much is Joeboy net worth 


  • What are Joeboy sources of income? 


  • Joeboy biography 


  • Frequently asked questions 


  • Conclusion 


How Much is Joeboy Net Worth 


How much is Joeboy net worth 2022? Joeboy net worth 2020 Forbes is estimated to be between $60,000 to $100,000. His wealth comes from music and endorsement deals. 

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Joeboy net Worth 2021

The net worth of Joeboy in 2020 after verification from several sources online is $85,000.


Joeboy Networth: $85,000 


Although this may not seem like much when seriously compared to big names like Wizkid who may have 10 times that. 

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Heck, it’s not a news flash that the likes of Wizkid and Davido are the richest musicians in Nigeria right now. 


So yes you and I definitely can’t compare the net worth of Joeboy to that of Wizkid because Wizzy is way up. 


If there is going to be any comparison then that will be Joeboy and Fireboy DML. 


Both artists came into the industry almost the same time and both gave been crushing since. 


Speaking of comparing Joeboy and Fireboy DML net worth, I did just that when I wrote this article here


You can read and see what you can find for yourself, plus I am positive it’s revealing. 


With that out of the way, come let’s dig a little deeper into where and how Joeboy makes his money. 


What Are Joeboy Sources Of Income 


One day, I was browsing the Internet to see how is it these celebs become super-rich. 


My curiosity drove me into looking for answers and for a week I researched and researched. 


On the 7th day, I had gathered all my answers, and today I will add a part of my findings here. 

Forbes Joeboy net worth 2021

When I type into Google what is Joeboy’s net worth 2020


The answer that usually comes up in the SERP is usually not very correct so I thought I would try to correct this. 

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Hence it is the reason why I decided to first show you Joeboy’s net worth in 2020 with the first subheading. 


This way, my second subheading can answer what is Joeboy income source


but wait! 


Artists usually have more than one source of making money right? 


Well, yeah if you said that then you are absolutely right which is why under this subheading, you and I will look at all Joeboy sources of income. 


So hang in there as we cover everything you should know about Joeboy net worth Forbes


Below I have listed some of the major sources of Joeboy income. 


I will expand on each bullet point to give it context but for now, here is the complete bullet point of his income sources. 


  • Music 


  • Endosrsemnt deals 


  • Shows 


  • YouTube Ads 




Joeboy first stream of income is his music, since signing to Mr Eazi record label, Joeboy has released several songs. 


Many of his songs have even become the national anthem chanted by most Nigerians today. 

Joeboy net worth 2021 Forbes

For example, here on, one of the most downloaded Joeboy songs is don’t call me back


A wonderful song by the way and you can follow the link above to stream the song. 


There are others on this list but for now, let’s ignore those and continue with what is important. 


Whenever he releases a song he uses his social media following to drive traffic to his Apple, Audio Mack, Spotify, and SoundCloud accounts. 


If you are like me, I stream Joeboy songs here and each stream makes his money. 


Did you get that? 


I repeat whenever he releases a song and it gets streamed by you and me on those platforms, he gets paid good money for those streams. 


Now come let’s look at his second source of income. 


Endorsement Deals 


Forbes Joeboy net worth is what it is because of things like endorsements. 


Essentially what this means he becomes the face of an advert for other products produced by other companies. 

In this regard, such a company enters an agreement with Joeboy who gets paid good money for this. 


For example, Davido and Wizkid have endorsements with Infinix mobile and UBA respectively. 


Hopefully, you get that simple explanation… 


Quickly come let’s see Joeboy’s 3rd source of money, shall we? 




Almost every artist under the sun makes money through this process. 


The same can not be said for endorsement deals because not all singers have endorsement deals. 


Joeboy gets invited to perform on shows almost twice in 2 months. 


This is just a rough estimate but one that can clearly put things into perspective for you. 


According to sources close to the singer, he makes between $1000 to $2000 on every show. 


Now if you he has more than 20 shows a year at $10000 dollars, that’s a total of $20,000. 


As you can see, $20,000 dollars is good money for an upcoming artist to make yearly. 

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When I converted Joeboy net worth in dollars to Naira, I got the sum of 75 million Naira. 


Joeboy net worth in Naira is 38,250,000 million Naira and that’s good money to live on. 


Quickly let’s see his last source of making money on this list, shall we? 


YouTube Ads 


Joeboy makes money from ads on YouTube by displaying AdSense ads on his YouTube channel. 


Whenever he uploads a song to YouTube, he gets paid on a per thousand-mile impression basis. 


So if he gets more than 5 million views on his videos, that’s good money being paid by YouTube to the singer. 


So far all of these sources have one thing in common, and that’s that it has helped to boost Joeboy’s net worth 2022


Joeboy Biography 


Since I have covered the most important part of this blog post, let’s look at Joeboy’s bio a little. 


This part of this post will touch on things like his humble beginning, his career, and his album. 

Joeboy Source of Income

The first question is who is he? 


Joeboy is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and performing artist. 


He was born in Lagos State West of Nigeria in the year 1997 May 21st. 


So what is his real name? 


Joeboy was born Joseph Akinwale Akinfenwa and adopted the stage name Joeboy which has become his brand name. 


As an artist who only debuted in the industry in 2018, Joeboy’s fame has spread across Africa. 


He has won several awards one of which is the best artist in African pop at the All Africa Music Award. 


At the Soundcity MVP Award, Joe Boy won best pop artist award and also received quite the nomination for Headies and City People Entertainment Award. 


Quickly how did he start his career? 


How Did Joeboy Career Start 


Joeboy’s career started after he gained traction with Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. 


Joeboy shape of you cover quickly announced him to the world while Mr. Eazi picked interest in the singer. 


Not long after shape of you, Mr Eazi is the joint organizer of Empawa 100.

How much is Joeboy Worth in 2021

A talent hunt show which saw Joeboy as one of the participants. 


Luckily, Joseph made it into the finals and ultimately won the prize money of $50,000.


While still pursuing his music career he decided to use the money he won for his musical project. 


This saw the release of Faaji which is a track that Mr Eazi got featured on. 


The video of Faaji was made possible with the cash price which Joeboy had won and this ultimately marked the turning point for the upcoming artist. 


But hey I don’t want to bore you with too many details that are irrelevant to this post. 


Mr. Eazi spotted the talent in Joeboy and as a result, signed him on a contractual deal to Banku Music record label. 


Now come let’s see look at some of his albums and hit songs, shall we? 


Joeboy Album 


How many albums does Joeboy have currently? Joseph Akinwale Akinfenwa currently has one studio album titled Love and Light. 

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Love and Light were released in November 2019 with baby and beginning as the lead singles. 


Joeboy baby visualizer amassed more than 20 million streams on YouTube while beginning visualizer did more than 20 million views. 


In April of 2020, Joeboy released Call a track with a catchy love theme and was produced by Dera. 


Call happens to be one of the lead singles for his upcoming album. 


But from the looks of it that could be next year considering the majority of the big names in the industry dropped theirs this year. 


It will be a smart marketing decision to move his album release forward because the likes of Burnaboy, Davido, and Wizkid album might swallow it whole. 


Now, this is not to say he will be less good and attractive, I just feel the above names have more influence. 


Quickly here are some of the songs that Joeboy has released so far which got a positive reaction from fans. 


  • Don’t call me back featuring Joeboy 


  • All for you 


  • Baby 


  • Call 


  • Beginning 


All these tracks were hit and changed the game completely for Joeboy in terms of popularity. 


His popularity has grown so much to the point were he has amassed more than 1 million followers on Twitter and Instagram combined. 


Also one of the major take away from this post is that all the songs listed above have helped to increase Joeboy’s net worth 2020. 


So while it may not be one of the largest figures out there, I am positive Joeboy net worth 2021 will look a lot better than what it is in 2020. 


Frequently Asked Question 


In this part of this post, I will cover some of the most popular questions you asked on Google every day. 


The aim is to provide you with concise answers to any and every question that you have. 


So if you are ready for it, then come let’s dive right into it. 

Joeboy and Fireboy DML Who Is Richer

Joeboy and Fireboy DML who is richer? Fireboy is currently richer than Joeboy. The former has a net worth of $100,000 while Joeboy has a net worth of $85,000. I decided to make it easy for to get the accurate conversion in Naira so here we. Joeboy net worth in Naira (Nigeria currency) is 38,250,000 while Fireboy’s DML net worth in Naira is 45,000,000.

Joeboy and Rema Who is Richer

Joeboy and Rema who is richer? Rema is richer than Joeboy currently. While Rema is worth more than $250,000 Joeboy is worth $85,000. Rema is signed to Mavin records while Joeboy is signed to Banku Music.

How Old Is Joeboy

How Tall is Joeboy

How tall is Joeboy? Joeboy is 6ft 5 inches tall, with this height, Akinfenwa comes out as an averagely tall person.



I hope this post covers everything you needed to know about Joeboy net worth yeah? 


If you have more questions on this topic then by all means leave us a comment below. 


Over to you now! 


How would you Joeboy net worth in 2021? Will continue to rise or will it drop? 


Use the comment box below to leave us your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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