What is Juma Jux net worth
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What is Juma Jux net worth in 2022? 


In today’s post, you will be able to find out how much is Juma Jux net worth, his cars, houses, personal life, his sources of income, and more. 


As a matter of fact, this post will uncover certain facts and also show you Juma Jux’s net worth in 2021. 


but before you and I get right into the sweet details, here is a highlight of everything the net worth of Jux will cover. 


  • How much is Jux net worth 


  • Juma Jux houses and cars 


  • What are Jux sources of income? 


  • Jux biography 


  • How did Juma Jux career start 


  • Personal life 


  • Frequently asked questions 


  • Conclusion 


The money you know they say makes the world go round, right? 


Well, this is very true but does that mean if you don’t have money, your world wouldn’t go round? 


I wish I could tell you the answer to that question but in my experience, I can tell you it sucks to not have financial stability. 

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Here is what I want you to do for me… 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts about money and what you understand by it. 


Let’s dive into Jux’s Jux’sorth in 2022 Forbes because he is one of the best musicians in Tanzania


How Much Is Jux Net Worth 2022


How much is Juma Jux net worth? Jux net worth Forbes is currently estimated to be the sum of 700,000  US dollars. He is the founder of the African Boy collection and his major sources of income have been music since his debut in the Tanzania music industry. 


Net Worth: $700,000


Wait there is more! 

What Are Jux Sources Of Income

but how much is Jux net worth in KSH (shilling)? When I did the conversion from dollar to KSH, I found out that Juma Jux’s net worth Forbes is the sum of 74,571,000 KSH. 

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You see, I only spoke about one or two of his sources of income above, right? 


Well, that’s because the 3rd subheading of this post will cover Jux’s sources of income in detail, so stay with me. 


You see, when one have money, one tends to spend much money on things that can bring them comfort or maybe just invest it, right? 


In the next subheading, you and will look at how this guy has spent a good amount of money living his dream life. 


Juma Jux Houses and Cars 


A couple of weeks back, I was talking to my brother about how the real world affects what happens on the internet. 


Only a fool thinks that the real world does not affect what goes on, on the internet. 


Because celebrities understand this simple principle, you often see them dress nice, post pictures of their cars, houses on social media platforms like FB, Instagram. 

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The more engaged you are the more people talk about you online, the more you are talked about, the more famous you become. 

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So how many cars does Jux have right now? Juma Jux currently owns six (6) cars, Nissan Fuga Sedan, Toyota Prado, BMX X6, red Range Rover, Mercedes Benz 600 Limo, Porsche Cayenne, and Mercedes Benz SL 500 convertible. 

the net worth of Jux

Now, that may be a little straining for your eyes, so here is a list of Jux car collections in bullet points. 


  • Nissan Fuga Sedan 


  • Toyota Prado 



  • Range Rover 



  • Porsche Cayenne 


  • Mercedes Benz SL 500 convertible 


Finally, I linked out to where you can find the specification of these cars above. 


All you have to do is click on each of the above links to read more about Juma Jux car collections. 


Jux Toyota Prado cost 6.5 million KSH which is an equivalent of $61,015.68. 


Juma Jux Porsche Cayenne cost an estimated 8 million KSH which is the equivalent of $75,096.22. 


What about his Jux red Range Rover? Juma Jux red Range Rover cost an estimated 7.8 million shilling which is also the equivalent of $73,218.81. 


His Mercedes Benz SL 500 convertible cost an estimated 5 million KSH which is the equivalent of $46,935.14. 


Now, what about Juma Jux houses? Jux recently bought a beautiful home which he posted on his Instagram. 


Fans quickly took the social media platform to congratulate the singer and entrepreneur for such achievement. 


In the video, African Boy was seen walking down the step to the living room of his recently acquired home to take a seat with his legs crossed. 


He was relaxing so comfortably to show you and me what it feels like to achieve success while working hard to reach your goals. 


The house has 3 bedrooms, a living room, a nice-looking lobby, a car park, and a swimming pool. 


So how much does Juma Jux house in Tanzania cost? Jux’s new home which he bought in 2020 is estimated to have a cost between the estimated figures of 10 million KSH to 17 million KSH. 


Quickly, come let’s look at how Jux have been able to afford all these luxuries as an RnB musician. 


What Are Jux Sources Of Income 


Musicians have this huge opportunity to diversify their sources of income, you know. 


Once you have that fame, all you need is to get into other businesses to help you create more income streams. 

How Much Is Jux Net Worth 2021

So for the rest part this subheading you and I will take a look at the sources of income that has helped the net worth of Jux to climb to this height. 


So how many income sources does Juma Jux have? Jux has more than one source of income and below I will list the ones that I am mostly aware of. 


  • Music 


  • Sponsored post 


  • Shows 


  • Business 


  • YouTube 


Since you are now well aware of some of his sources of making money, come let’s take a look at each of these income sources as a wealth creation strategy. 


First on this list is music… 




Jux’s first source of income before any other one is music and this income source has a significant effect on how Forbes Jux net worth have grown over the years. 


Jux has been active in the music industry from 2008 to the present. During this time he has only released a debut album which he titled The Love Album


The album was released in 2019 and hit songs from the album like Sugua featuring Diamond Platnumz has garnered more than 6 million views on YouTube. 


The album also housed the single Bado Yapo with an acoustic version released in 2021.


Sponsored Post 


African Boy also makes money from sponsored posts on Instagram. 

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What this means is if you want to promote your product or services to his followers, you get to pay Juma money for this purpose. 

Juma Jux Houses and Cars

And one can easily charge between 100 to millions of dollars depending on the engagement on his or her social media posts. 


Speaking of a sponsored post, Jux has 5 million-plus followers on Instagram and with such a following, he could charge more than $1000 for just a sponsored post and that’s putting it on the minimum side. 


Whenever he posts on his social media account like Instagram, he gets an average picture likes of 30,000 and average video views of 50,000.


This is a huge income opportunity for the singer who has been amazing since his debut in the Tanzania music industry. 




Juma Jux is one of the highest-paid musicians in Tanzania for a show just behind Diamond Platnumz and 3 others. 


He charges between $4,000 to as high as $7,000 for shows in and outside Tanzania. 


Based on the estimate, the singer lands more than 15 show performances a year. 


If we multiply the average money he charges per show (in this case $4,000) by 15 shows, the total is $45,000 a year on shows alone. 


Now, I don’t have to tell you that this is a lucrative source of income for anyone especially because it is one of the many sources of your fortune. 




Jux is also an entrepreneur and this is what led to the founding of his clothing line. 


Juma’s sense of fashion has helped him top list as one of the most fashionable singers in East Africa. 


The singer took to Instagram to announce a partnership deal with China Production to help build his African Boy brand. 


The singer also envisions his brand expansion to other parts of East African countries with Kenya being very high on the list. 


African Boy is currently seeing constant growth since its founding. 


However, I do not have an estimated figure for the company’s net worth currently but once I do, I will be sure to let you know. 


All these sources of income has helped Jux net worth 2021 to soar to a new height of $700,000.


So when next anyone asks you how much is the net worth of Jux? You only have to refer them to this article where they can get the details for themselves or tell him or her Jux net worth 2021 Forbes is $700,000.


Okay, now that you know about Jux net worth Forbes, come let’s dive into his biography briefly, shall we? 


Jux Biography 


The likes of Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton, Lionel Richie, Beyonce are known all over the world because of music. 


Jux happens to also be known across Africa for his fine musical talent that he has continuously worked to develop. 


but prior to this, what was his time before fame like, right? 


So who is Juma Jux? Juma Jux is a Tanzania RnB musician, and entrepreneur who is the founder of African Boy, a clothing brand. 


Jux’s real name is Juma Mussa Mkambala born in the year 1989 precisely on the 1st of September. 


According to Wikipedia, Jux’s career started at a very tender age and quickly showed his musical skill in genres such as hip hop. 


Jux got his first record label deal in 2008 with A.M record label which totally changed his style of songs to RnB. 


A switch in the genre that has proven to have worked in the favor of Jux thanks to songs like Shugua featuring Diamond Platnumz. 


To date, Jux has received and added numerous awards to his archive of awards. 


and this includes the Tanzania music award also the Killimanjaro music award in 2015 for Best RnB song. 

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He has also received an award for the Best music video at the Zanzibar music award and was nominated twice in AFRIMMA for the Best Male East Africa category. 


Having said that, come let’s take a look at how his career started shall we? 


How Did Jux Career Start 


Jux career started as a rapper as far back 2005 at the Adolescent age of 16. 


Juma was part of the group Wakacha working with Kamikaze and Nigga Flo before landing a label deal in 2008. 

Jux Biography

After signing with A.M records, songs like Facebook Gal brought him to mainstream music. 


However, the big moment in his career happened after featuring Tanzania musician Vanessa Mdee and Diamond Platnumz in Juu and Shugua respectively. 


Shugua quickly amassed more than 7 million views on YouTube sealing the singer’s place as one of the most popular musicians in Tanzania as well as one of the richest musicians in Tanzania


As his fame rose so did Forbes Jux net worth. 


His album The Love album is currently one of the most-streamed albums from East Africa on the BoomPlay music streaming platform. 


Juma Jux Personal Life 


The life of musicians are filled with one negative story or the other because this is what sells the news. 


Once the media pick such a negative story, it will spin it so hard to make sure it brings in visitors and brand exposure. 


Jux’s life hasn’t been clean from such negative coverage and the most popular is the end of his 6 years relationship with Vanessa Mdee. 


Jux has been dating Vanessa for more than 5 years before the end of the relationship in 2019.


News outlet rolled with news for more than a week.


Finally, it was discovered that the relationship ended due to infidelity from Jux which Vanessa could not stomach and as such had to move on away from the relationship. 


Vanessa Mdee is currently dating Olurotimi Akinosho an African American actor who played Dre in the popular star TV show Power. 


Frequently Asked Question 


In this section of the post, I will answer any questions that you have about Jux. So come let’s dive into the questions, shall we? 

What is Juma Jux worth?

What is Jux worth? Jux's net worth Forbes is currently estimated to be the sum of 700,000 US dollars. He is the founder of the African Boy collection and his major sources of income have been music since his debut in the Tanzania music industry.

Who is the richest artist in Tanzania?

Who is the richest artist in Tanzania in? Jux is one of the top 20 richest singers in Tanzania but the number one spot goes to Diamond Platnumz as the richest Tanzanian musical artist with a net worth of $6 million-plus.

Is Juma Jux richer than Diamond Platnumz?

Is Juma Jux richer than Diamond Platnumz? Juma Jux is currently estimated to be worth $700,000 while Diamond Platnumz is currently estimated to be worth $6 million-plus hence Diamond Platnumz is richer than Juma Jux with $6.3 million.



So there you have it my friend everything you needed to know about Jux net worth 2021. 


Music is a beautiful source of income and many artists are taking this as one source of income, using the money made to fund other income sources. 


This is brilliant if you ask me because, at the end of the day, one needs multiple income sources to be a millionaire or a billionaire in Africa. 


Speaking of billionaires in the African continent, you may want to check out this list of the richest people in Africa


It’s over to you now! 


How would you predict the rise of Juma Jux net worth in 2022?


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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