What Is Steelo Brim Net Worth
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You typed the keyword what is Sterling Steelo Brim net worth in 2022 into Google right? Shoutmeceleb Entertainment came up alongside another set of results and you like my heading so you click on it. 


Now you are here so what? Well, I will tell you what, did you know that Steelo Brim currently earns $140,000 dollars per episode on MTV Ridiculousness? 


Surprised he earns that much? 


He deserved it you will agree considering he has been making you laugh really hard whenever he is on set. 


Since you want to get to know more about how is Steelo Brim worth, the best part of this post will do just that. 


But wait


I will also talk about Steelo Brim’s career, his house, TV shows, movies, age, and a brief bio. 


Finally here is a complete bullet point listing out what this post will cover. 


  • How much is Steelo Brim net worth 2022


  • Sterling Steelo Brim house and cars 


  • Steelo Brim sources of income 


  • Sterling Steelo Brim biography 


  • How did Steelo Brim career start 


  • Steelo Brim personal life 


  • Frequently asked question 


  • Wrapping It up


Now that you know what this post will cover, come let’s dive into Steelo Brim net worth 2021 shall we? 


How Much is Steelo Net Worth 2022 


How much is Steelo Brim net worth? Steelo Brim’s net worth 2022 Forbes is currently estimated to be the sum of 3,000,000 dollars ($3 million). Much of his wealth comes from his and Rob Dyrdek show on MTV base titled Ridiculousness. 


The net worth of Steelo Brim have only improved since meeting Rob Dyrdek in 2009.

Ridiculousness Show Co Host Sterling Brim

You and I can argue about how is success came about right but then somewhere along the line the name Rob Dyrdek will show up. 

[table id=60 /]

So we could agree on one thing and that’s that both stars have unique chemistry working together. 


It is this chemistry and individual brilliance that has helped to inflate Steelo Brim worth in 2022. 

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Without further going round and round here is Steelo Brim net worth Forbes


Net Worth: $3 Million 


With that out of the way quickly let’s see how well Brim has spent portions of his wealth shall we? 


Steelo Brim House And Cars 


Celebrities have this sense of always wanting the best at least to show how hard they have worked for what they have earned. 


This could come in various forms whether it is spending on the best cars or the best houses. 


Sterling Brim is no exception you know, this is evident in his life and with all that amount of wealth, it’s okay to give yourself some nice treat. 


At least every once a while because life the old ones say is too short so you have got to make the best of it. 


Speaking of making the best of it, Sterling Steelo house in L.A I have to say is money well spent. 

Net Worth Of Sterling Brim

What is the point of having all that fortune and not spend some on being comfortable right? 

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Well, Steelo Brim’s new house was bought in the expensive part of Los Angeles precisely the San Fernando enclave. 


Plus did I forget to mention that it is the part of town that is filled with lots of celebrities? 

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Yeah, you got that right, it’s the star-studded side of town, and heck I would shell out that kind of money were I to be in his shoes. 


At least it’s been proven that the type of people you hang around will have a huge impact on your finances. 


Having said that I know you dying to know how much Steelo Brim’s house cost right? 


So what is the cost of Steelo Brim’s house? Sterling Brim’s house in Los Angeles cost a whopping sum of $4.2 million. The house has 5 bedrooms and 7 baths while also having a theatre room for relaxation with a beautiful pool outside. 


As you can see, in the photo below, it’s okay to say that Steelo got some really good taste. 


Having said that what about Steelo Brim cars? Well, as of writing this post I am yet to see any car that he owns. 


However, I have seen him on photos on a Ferrari a couple of times which has been rumored to belong to Rob Dyrdek. 


After all you have read above, it is safe to conclude that knowing Dyrdek really made a difference in his career. 


No doubt Sterling Steelo Brim net worth is what it is today due to one offer from Rob Dyrdek.


I have to say though that I am looking to see Forbes Steelo Brim net worth go up by some huge margin at the end of the year. 


But wait


Do not take my word for it because that’s my personal opinion. whether it is going to be so is anybody’s guess. 


Having said that let’s see how Sterling Brim’s net worth grew to what it is now. 


Sterling Brim Sources of Income 


If you are thinking about how to become a celebrity then I suggest you read this article here. 


It will go a long way to help prepare you for the world that is out there but I have to say it is not as easy as it looks. 


My suggestion is based on the fact that celebs live a good life as most of them do. 

Sterling Steelo Net Worth 2021

Plus if you are serious about creating wealth then becoming a celebrity is a sure way of having more than one source of income. 


So with that said let’s see the sources of income that increase Sterling Brim’s net worth from what it is previously shall we. 

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Sterling so far has more than one source of income and they are:


  • Co TV show host 


  • Movies 


  • Producer 


Steelo Brim As Co TV Show Host 


This is where most of his income has come from you know. 


Sterling not the popular Man City player you know but the American TV personality you know. 


He has earned most of his living from being one of the co-hosts of the MTV comedy series Ridiculousness. 


His skill and humor have earned him quite a lot since he began co-hosting the show alongside Rob Dyrdek and Chanel West Coast. 


Heck, I have to say Rob Dyrdek’s net worth has grown to what it is now, thanks to the success of Ridiculousness. 


Even Chanel’s West Coast’s net worth saw a massive rise once she was introduced into the show. 


It is rumored that Steelo Brim’s net worth in 2019 increased by all most $1.2 million dollars. 


Steelo Brim Made Money As An Actor 


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Brim has also earned money from being a movie actor you know. 


He has starred in movies such as Handball, made an appearance on Fantasy Factory, and did a voicing for Wild Grinders. 


This is how he has diversified his streams of income which is brilliant. 

I say it is brilliant because let’s face it, you can’t become a millionaire having just one source of income. 


Ask some of the richest men in the world, am positive they will tell you that their sources income is multiple. 


Heck when I wrote about Dhar Mann’s net worth a couple of days back, I noticed he also has more than one source of income. 


So what does still solidify? Well, it solidifies the fact that one needs multiple sources of wealth to stay a Millionaire. 


With that out of the way, come let’s look at his 3rd source of income, shall we? 


Steelo As A Executive Production 


Another source through which Sterling Brim has made money is through production. 


He has lasted on the set of Ridiculousness for over a decade, this is a long time to have to learn to produce. 


and yes he is currently the executive producer of the show due to his creative ability. 


Heck, Rob saw what most people did not see in Steelo hence the offer to make him a Co-host on his show. 


A decision that has ultimately increased Steelo Brim’s net worth 2022 in dollars


Now let’s take a look at Steelo Brim’s Biography, shall we? 


Sterling Steelo Brim Biography 


Fame has a way of making people forget your real name you know. 


You are mostly remembered by your stage name when you have one. 


Steelo is popularly known by his stage name which by the way is “STEELO”. 

Steelo Brim Net Worth 2021

At least in all intent and purposes, this is the name he has made for himself thanks to his sense of humor. 


So who is he? Well, Steelo Brim is an American television personality, actor, and producer popular known worldwide for a show he Co-hosts named Ridiculousness. 


So what is Steelo Brim’s real name since you probably know him Steelo huh? 


Steelo Brim is born Sterling Brim in Chicago on the 5th June 1988 to Mr. Frank and Mrs. Tracy Brim. 


Steelo Brim’s parents Frank and Tracy raised their kids in Chicago while being a pastor and fire department chief. 


So what is Steelo Brim’s education like? 


Steelo Brim Education 


Brim in his high school days enjoyed being around other school students in high school. 


He attended the Whitney M Young High School where he graduated and decided to further his education. 


Speaking of furthering his education, Brim’s quest for more knowledge saw him attend Morgan State University, Baltimore. 


While at the university, he started a baseball team which helped to make him popular around the school. 


but after graduation, he needed to pursue his career so what was that like huh? 


Come let’s find out, shall we? 


How Did Steelo Brim’s Career Start 


At the early age of 19, he decided to try out his talent in music after he moved to Los Angeles. 


The story according to sources online was that this decision did not take him far (he was not successful). 

What Is Steelo Brim Net Worth
Steelo Sterling Brim

While still trying to figure out his net move, Sterling decided to earn some money to keep spirit and soul together. 


He decided to work as a radio broadcaster, he made people laugh while owning his talent and skill. 


However, his fame didn’t come until meeting with Rob Dyrdek who changed his life. 


Rob saw Steelo and both just clicked. 


For an actor and TV personality to just like you is rare but you and I know that he saw something in Brim. 

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During his visit to the studio, one day Dyrdek had a conversation with Sterling about Co-hosting to which he offered him a chance to Co-host fantasy factory. 


A couple of weeks after, Dyrdek called back to ask if he has considered his offer. 


Just like that both started working on fantasy factory, Steelo appeared on the show until it was wrapped up in 2015. 


In 2011, Rob seeing Steelo’s creativity decided to make him another offer to co-host MTV Ridiculousness show


So far the show has run for more than 10 seasons and during this time, he has also made significant upward movement. 


He was previously a consulting producer but during the 11th season of the show, he became the executive producer of the show. 


He also got a pay rise as he earned about $140,000 per episode of the show. 


So yeah, that is the brief story surrounding his rise to fame while bringing on his A-game every time he is on the show. 


but what is his personal life like right? 


Well, that is exactly what I will talk about next so hold on tight will you? 


Steelo Brim Girlfriend And Personal Life 


Well, when he is not busy making viewers ugly laugh, he would be in a $4.2 million house savoring a good morning sun. 


but I know you probably have questions like is Steelo Brim married? The simple answer is NO he is not yet married. 


I mean he is got to have a girlfriend though right? 


Steelo Brim’s girlfriend is Conna Walker she is a British citizen and a famous fashion designer and the founder of House of CB. 


The pair began dating in 2015 four years after he became a co-host of Ridiculousness. 


Although Sterling has been very secretive with his private life and speaks rather less about it, it is worthy to note that Steelo and Conna Walker are currently engaged. 


The engagement happened in 2017, which is 2 years after Conna and Steelo’s relationship began. 


There have been questions like if both are still together and the answer is YES both still going strong. 


Although talks of marriage have not ravaged the air chances are both might end up together. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


This part of this post will answer questions you have about Brim so come let’s get right into it, shall we? 

Who Is Steelo Brim Wife

Who is Steelo Brim’s wife? Steelo Brim is currently engaged to his long-time fiancee Conna Walker. She is a British fashion designer and the founder of the House of CB, which is women’s fashion figure-hugging clothing. House of CB is mainly a party fashion brand and you can find her at Houseofcb.com.

How Much Money Does Steelo Brim Make Per Episode

How much money does Steelo Brim make per episode? Steel Brim currently makes the sum of $140,000 per episode at the MTV show Ridiculousness which he became part of in 2011. It was Rob Dyrdek who offered him a co-host spot at the now successful show which has run for more than 10 seasons.

Are Steelo Brim and Chanel Friends?

Chanel and Steelo Brim are very good friends even after her decision to exit Ridiculousness which has ran for 23 seasons to focus on her musical career. She revealed this during her interview with Touch.

Wrapping It Up 


Sterling Brim’s net worth continues to grow thanks to his ability and comedic skill of making people laugh. 


Plus I have to say you need to be watching that show if you haven’t watched it before. 


Heck, do I have to spell it out in black and white that laughing is good for your health? 


At least according to science, it says that your brain functions better when you are happy. 




I am no doctor or a psychologist but I read that somewhere plus I have a lot of doctor friends (professionals), not quacks lolz. 


It’s over to you


How would you predict Steelo Brim net worth by the end of the year, will it reduce or will it increase? 


Make sure you leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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