How To Become a TikTok Influencer in Africa
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In this article, I will guide you on the journey to becoming a TikTok influencer in Africa. It is crucial that you carefully read each word to gain valuable insights and set yourself on the path to success.


Now, do you know that Tiktok is one of the fastest rising social media companies in the world right now? 


Well, it is, and the fact that it has more than 100 million users worldwide just shows how more popular it will get down the road. 


So the question becomes how does one become an influencer on Tiktok right? 


This post will walk you through the details of how to become popular on Tiktok as a beginner. 


there is a table of content on this page so you can use it to jump to any part of this post you wish to get to. 


  • What is TikTok 


  • How to create a TikTok profile 


  • Why should I become a TikTok influencer? 


  • How popular is TikTok in the world 


  • What are the most popular categories on TikTok 


  • How to grow your TikTok following


  • Frequently asked questions 


  • Tiktok influencer infographics


  • Conclusion 


Note: This is a beginner’s guide on how to become famous on Tiktok in Africa so follow and implement everything. 


I have also include statistics to help you make informed decisions should you want to become a popular TikTok celebrity and make money. 


With that said, come let’s get into the details of how you can become the next big influence on Tiktok. 


What Is Tiktok 


You and I can’t really dive right into Tiktok influencing without having some fundamental knowledge about the platform right? 


I bet you agree, so let’s cover that a bit because the more information you have the better ready you become for your next journey. 

What Is TikTok

Tiktok is a social media platform just like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube which uses the creator’s content to grow its audience. 

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So what is creators’ content? Simply put whatever you upload to Tiktok makes you a creator. 


So if you are going to succeed on this path that you have chosen then you need to be creative. 


This is the same strategy that platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram used to grow into millions of monthly visitors. 


Tiktok was created in China but it is known as Douyin in China. In other to reach the world, the company bought Musically which is a music platform. 


They rebranded it and named it TikTok which is now what you and I use to create content. 


Now here is what you need to know, Tiktok is strictly localized and what that means is that if you live in South Africa for instance, you can only see updates of things posted in South Africa. 


Tiktok started in 2016 and has grown to more than 200 million users monthly which is huge, to put it mildly. 


Now come let me show you how to create a Tiktok profile in just 5 steps. 


How To Create A Tiktok Profile 


Creating a Tiktok profile is very easy and you can do this in less than 8 steps. 


Personally, I love the different options you get to create a Tiktok profile. 


Here are some of the simple options you can use to create a beautiful profile. 


  • Facebook syncing 


  • Google syncing 


  • Email signup 


Google syncing and Facebook syncing are pretty simple to use. 


All you have to do is sync or use your already existing Facebook or Google profile to login to Tiktok. 


Since that’s all about FB and Google let’s cover registering a new profile. 


Step 1: Type Tiktok into Google or simply type into your browser. 


If you used Google search then click on the first result (see the screenshot below). 

Tiktok Login

Step 2: Click on Sign up on the TikTok homepage.


On the new page click on signup with a phone number or email.


A new page will display where you can feel in your details such as username and phone number (see the screenshot below). 

Tiktok registration page
Images detailing steps to filling a TikTok registration form.

After you fill in your phone number, click on the send code button as seen in the screenshot above. 


This will send an OTP to your phone… 


Step 3: Verify your phone number by inputting the code sent to the phone number you entered as you registered. 


Step 4: You are now on your profile and you can start using Tiktok. 


That was easy right? 


But wait there is more! 


Why Should I Become A Tiktok Influencer 


One of the reasons anyone wants to become an influencer is to make money. 


I don’t have to sugarcoat that right?


but beyond that here are some other reasons why you definitely want to become a Tiktok influencer. 


  • Tiktok is Less Saturated currently 


  • Big brands are switching to Tiktok as a marketing strategy 


  • Tik Tok Aids Creativity 


  • It provides you with fun opportunities 


  • You can use it to drive followers to other social media platforms 


  • Provides you with an income stream 


  • You can connect to more real people 


  • It’s for everyone (young & old) 


Now let’s cover the above bullet points to give you an idea of what I mean. 


Tiktok Is Less Saturated Currently 


Let’s be honest, Facebook, Instagram have become oversaturated you know. 


While you can still become an influencer on those platforms, it’s become more and more difficult. 


This is because as these companies grow in popularity they tend to be more of money-making than concerned with users. 

TikTok 65

In a nutshell, Facebook, and Instagram tends to force you to spend money on ads to reach more people. 

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In the very beginning, it wasn’t like this because they were trying to grow. 


Tiktok on the other hand is less saturated with people and there is less marketing conducted on the platform. 


Just like Facebook, they are trying to grow now, but chances are once they have grown, they will also make it difficult to get followers and reach. 


So it is good advice for you to jump on the bandwagon early and gain a massive following.


Big Brands Are Switching To Tiktok As A Marketing Strategy 


Since Tiktok is relatively new, their reach is just way off the roof, you know. 


Plus it’s popular for its engaging content. this is why big brands are now adding TikTok marketing as a strategy. 


So what does this mean? 


Well, you can say it means more opportunity for you to work with these brands since TikTok is less saturated. 


All you have to do is get the following and big brands will come knocking begging to give you their money. 


Tiktok Aids Creativity 


Another reason why you definitely should consider becoming a popular figure on Tiktok is the fact that it helps one to be creative. 


I have to say I have never seen any App like Tiktok since the dawn of social media. 


It gets crazy! 


There is almost a filter for everything and it’s just beautiful. 


I was watching a popular Nigeria musician and producer sometime in 2020 and he had this video where all his clothes were changing. 


I was like how is he doing this? So I did a little Googling during which I found Tiktok filters. 


Provides You With Fun Opportunities 


Look, Facebook is becoming outdated, to be honest, now I see it as a sales platform. 


Now that’s not a bad thing you know since companies need to make money and pay their staff. 


Tiktok on the other hand is less salesy because it’s the new kid on the block. 


You can have fun with it using different filters to create beautiful content for your audience. 


Plus the fact that it is interactive means you can even choose to be a viewer and not a content creator. 


You Can Use To Drive Followers To Other Social Media Platforms 


Okay, this is pretty self-explanatory, right? 


but if not, I will break it down below so you can have a clue what I mean. 


Take for example you got into Instagram and Facebook late when it was already difficult to build a following. 


Enter Tiktok! 


You can use it to build your other social media following by directing your followers to your other social media platforms. 


Easy pizzy right? 


Since Tiktok videos get shared around the web, you can use them to drive followers to your YT channel, Facebook fan page, and even website if you have one. 


Provides You With An Income Stream 


Tiktok has the potential of making you a really good amount of money on the side. 


So making money with it should be another reason you have to consider becoming an influencer on Tiktok. 


For example, if you have grown your followers to like 1 million, you can make anywhere from $10K to $30K in revenue. 


Mind you, this will strictly depend on the engagement of your followers. 


So you definitely want to create engaging content that will cause your followers to engage with you. 


You Can Connect To More Real People 


Now, this is a personal opinion but Tiktok features people with a less perfect lifestyle. 


This is as opposed to Facebook and Instagram which feature more fake lives. 


You can connect with people sharing what their everyday life is like and not faking it. 


People like to connect with real human beings and not pseudo celebs. 


Finally, I believe Tiktok is for everyone so you definitely should explore it. 


When I wrote the article about how to become a popular musician in Nigeria, I forgot to add Tiktok to the platforms you should join. 


So maybe when I do an update, I will be sure to add it to the list of social channels you should join. 


How Popular Is Tiktok In The World 


How popular is TikTok right now? Tiktok has grown in popularity within such a short time to become the 7th most popular website in the world. It has between 200 million to 500 million users monthly around the world. 


While I was taking statistics for this post, I noticed how fast Tiktok have grown over the years. 


Here is the shocker! 


It grew in popularity faster than Instagram according to Statista. 


So below here is a chart showing you the most popular sites as of 2021.

Most Popular Sites in The World Chart
The top 8 popular sites in the world currently.

As you can see on the above chart, Facebook is the popular social media site in the world with more than 2.7 billion users. 


Youtube followed next with more than 2.2 billion monthly users. 


Now take your eyes down to the and right there you see TikTok on the 7th place. 


This is just crazy, right? 


A site that’s barely 6 years old have gained so much popularity around the world. 


If anything it shows you that this will only continue to grow and it’s why you should get on it pretty fast. 


What Are The Most Popular Category On TikTok 


Well, this post is not titled how to become a Tiktok influencer in Africa just to give you advice. 


I included different stats to show you what you need to really do to become popular on Tiktok in Nigeria and the rest part of Africa. 


So what are the most popular categories on Tiktok? 


Well, I have created a chart for you below to show you what categories you can start creating content on to help you grow your Tiktok followers. 

Most popular categories on Tiktok
These are some of the most popular categories on TikTok.

From the above graph, you can see that Entertainment content gets more engagements. 


This is not strange considering they bought musically which used to be a music platform. 


Another very popular category on Tiktok that gets very good engagement is dance. 


So when next you asked questions like what is the most engaging content on Tiktok, just know it is Entertainment followed by a dance. 


So if you create unique content on the above categories, your engagement will go off the roof. 


How To Grow Your Tiktok Following 


In this part of the post, I will show you everything you need to do to become an influencer on Tiktok. 


but before you and I get into all that, it is important you know that Tiktok demographics favor Centennials and Gen Z. 


This means it is mostly used by people within the age group of 13 to 24 years of age.


Now, this is not to discourage but to give you an idea of what could work while you are trying to create content. 


45 to 50% of the users on Tiktok are females but if you create interesting content people will come. 


So right about now I know you wondering how do I become a famous TikToker in Africa? 

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Here is everything you need to do in an orderly fashion. 


  • Pick a niche that gets engagement 


  • Create content that is engaging 


  • Promote your content 


  • Encourage people to follow you


  •  Use a hashtag to make your content easy to discover 


  • Double down on trending contents 


  • Post on specific hours of the day 


  • Spy on what others are doing in your space 


  • Join celebrity giveaway Challenge 


  • Discuss with your followers by going live 


Now let’s put some life on those bullet points to give you an understanding.


Step 1: Pick A Niche That Gets Engagement 


Remember I shared a graph with you above which shows the categories that has the most engagement on Tiktok right? 


Now, the first thing I want you to do is head over to the graph and pick a niche that has been proven to bring engagement. 


I will be realistic with you, if you truly want to learn how to become a TikTok influencer in Africa then followers is not just enough. 


Picking a niche (also topic) that has been proven to work will save you the time of going into a niche that has no engagement. 


Since belong to the Art & Entertainment industry, I will be using entertainment for most of the examples. 


Don’t let the word Niche scare you, it’s just a beautiful way of saying topic. 


Entertainment for example is a niche that can further be divided into sub-niches. 


For example, in Entertainment, we have music, movies, comedy, etc. All these are called sub-niches or sub-topic. 


You can read about how to pick a niche here if you want to dive into it more. 


Spoiler alert! 


Everything you will read up in that article will center on what I just told you a niche is. 


The only difference is that the writer broke the different niches such as red ocean and blue ocean niches. 


So you have followed the first step on how to become a TikToker and influencer so what is NEXT? 


Step 2: Create Content That Is Engaging 


Assuming you have followed my first step on how to become a famous Tiktoker, what you need to do create engaging content. 




Creating engaging content could mean that you choose to start your own diary and give people a peek into what your daily life is like. 


Since you are in the entertainment space, you can create content that helps your audience solve a problem. 


For example, after a lengthy day, a person can decide he just wants to laugh right? 


If he or she knows that your Tiktok handle helps him solve that challenge he or she will keep coming back to you. 


Your content should leave clue which could help them to air their opinion. 


This way you create engagements that will blow your mind. 


Another example is a producer who shows people that want to learn music production how to produce music. 


You make a short video thriller and then you use your link to direct them to your YouTube channel. 


Step 3: Promote Your Content 


My third step on how to become an influencer on Tiktok is by promoting your content.


All the steps are neatly weaved together to help you become a Tiktok micro influencer. 


Here is the kicker


Nobody will notice you if you do not promote your content, you know. 


You can have the best content in the world but if you can’t make it reach more people, nobody will see it. 


This is where you can take advantage of Instagram and Facebook and heck even YouTube. 


The first thing you should do after creating beautiful content is getting your friends and family to share it. 


The idea behind this is simple, your friends have Facebook and Instagram profiles, ask them to share them on these platforms. 


Once they do, you can get some views and if your content is interesting it can even go viral. 


Viral content could be your stepping stone to gaining a huge following but again the content needs to be engaging. 


Another thing you can do is leverage paid promotion on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. 


This will give your content the most views for your money and once people see how many views it gets, they will be intrigued and would want to start watching it. 


Step 4: Encourage People To Follow You 


You have followed my 1st, 2nd and 3rd steps on how to grow your Tiktok following right? 




Because this will have both a direct and indirect impact on your growth. 


So what else? 


You want to encourage people to follow you on your videos. 


You might think that people will just follow you if they like your content. 


but you will be surprised at how a simple “Please Follow Me To Get More Videos Like This” will convert those viewers to followers. 


Do this on every video you put out there as it will help you grow your Tiktok following thereby helping you on your quest to become a Tiktok influencer in Africa. 


Step 5: Use Hashtags To Make Your Content Easy To Discover 


This is a step I have often seen tiktokers ignored but what they usually don’t know is that this one simple thing could mean thousand people get to discover their content easily. 


So why would anyone want to miss out on such a simple opportunity to get more eyeballs?


Maybe you have an answer so make sure to drop it with the comment box below. 


Now here is what you need to do… 


While you are about to publish your post, you should include relevant Hashtags in your content. 


This helps it get more visibility and reach an audience that is similar to yours. 


Simple yes? 


Okay, let’s continue… 


Step 6: Double Down On Trending Contents 


To get that following needed to become a popular Tiktok influencer in your niche, you need to follow trends. 


On Tiktok, there is something called Trending, Twitter has this too 


What you want to do is check daily trends on Tiktok, usually, you want to watch 5 to 10 videos to see what is trending. 


Once you get this stats then quickly try to become creative and create content that targets this same trend. 


Now use the relevant hashtag which you found while looking at the trending table then include it on your content. 


If you are very creative, you can even cover 3 of the trends you found for that day. 


Step 7: Post On Specific Hours Of The Day 


Look, all the categories on Tiktok have hours when their post perform better. 


This is where you need to investigative while creating your content. 


Here is what you should…


You need to create content for each day of the week and then start releasing it on a specific time of the day. 


What this does is give you an idea of what part of the day user tends to engage with your content more. 

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When you have this data then you can start posting on those hours. 


NOTE: To be successful with this approach, you will have to post three times a day. 


You can try twice a day but I do not think this will provide you with the complete data you need. 


Step 8: Spy On What Others Are Doing In Your Space 


Another easy step on how to become a TikTok influencer is to spy on what people in the same space as you are doing. 


If they are making lip-syncing videos in the music field then it’s time to work on that. 


This will make sure you do not go out of content ideas quickly as there are more people you can spy on and then copy some of the things they are doing by improving it. 


This strategy works for any aspect of social media influencing including if you want to grow your Instagram or Twitter following 


Your consistency in following trends and walking your audience through different aspects of your topic will make you come out as an authority in that space. 


Join Celebrity Giveaway Challenge 


If you are serious about how to become a popular tik tok influencer then start joining celebrity challenges.


This will cause a surge in your following quicker than you can blink your eyes. 


So what you want to do is follow celebrities on your space. 


Take for example, Davido does challenge a lot to promote his songs on Twitter and Instagram. 


Once you spot such a challenging opportunity, read the guidelines on how to participate, then go out and be creative. 


Create something engaging and beautiful that can wow just about anybody. 


Finally, upload with the guidelines that were stated in the challenge. 


Olamide for example posts all the challenges on his account for Pawon when he released that song. 


Each of the videos got more than 50K views and from this number, a lot of people will click on your handle and check your content out. 


If they like what they see then they will follow you too. 


Simple I guess yeah? 


Step 10: Discuss With Your Followers By Going Live 


The reach when you go live on Tiktok is just beyond crazy. 


Now here is what you want to do… 


Remember I told you that having followers is not enough right? 




This is because you don’t want to become an influencer who does not get engagements. 


If brands will partner with you, it would be because you are getting lots of engagements. 


So now you are wondering how do I get more TikTok engagements correct? 


You really need to go live on TikTok to get more engagements. 


This is because TikTok as a social media platform is filled with people who are looking to see something they can relate to. 


Imagine you doing a Q & A section on your TikTok live where your followers get to ask you anything. 


You will get lots of questions that you can’t even begin to answer right? 


That’s the kind of engagement that will drive brands to partner with you. 


Still, on how to become a TikTok influencer in Nigeria, let’s transition into some questions you may have. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


I believe I have shown you how to become a TikToker right by giving you some popular stats and how you can grow your following to become a star on TikTok. 


Now let’s answer some questions that you may have assuming you now know what you wanted. 


How Many Tiktok Followers Do I Need To Make Money (Make Money On Tiktok)


During my research I discover that to make money on TikTok, you need between 20,000 followers to 1,000,000 followers to make a decent amount of money on TikTok. On average, a TikTok influencer with 20,000 engaged followers make between $100 to $300 on sponsored posts a day. 


I also discovered that a Tiktok influencer with 250,000 followers makes between $1000 to $4000 on sponsored posts per post. 


When I looked at 2.7 million Tiktok followers, the amount made was between $20,000 to $30,000 just to appear on a Live Event. 


While this is just an estimation, you can use the Tiktok calculator to get a rough estimate of how much 20K, 250K, and 2.7 million followers could make. 


How Can You Earn Money On Tiktok


How can I earn money on TikTok? There are several different ways to make money on TikTok. The most popular ones are through TikTok coin, affiliate marketing (also promoting other people’s products), and merchandise (also selling your own product).


Tiktok Coin 


TikTok does not just have many features that you can use, it also provides you as an influencer with multiple income streams. 


One of these is through the TikTok coin, so what is the TikTok coin? 


It’s a coin with which your followers can Tip you on TikTok if they like your content. 


You can read more about the different types of TikTok coins here


Affiliate Marketing 


Another way to make money with TikTok is through affiliate marketing by promoting other people’s products. 


Here what you should do… 


Sign up with different affiliate programs here in Africa and then promote it to your audience. 


If they buy anything through your affiliate link, you will get a commission. 


My advice is that you find high commission affiliates to promote their products. 


You can also read more on what affiliate marketing is right here. 




Finally, the last way I have seen people make money on TikTok is through merchandise. 


What this means is that you are selling your own product to your audience. 


While affiliate marketing is selling other people’s products, merchandise is selling your own product. 


Take for example you are a producer, you can create a course on how to become a producer and sell it to your followers. 


Why Is Tiktok App So Popular 


Why is TikTok so popular around the world? Tiktok App is popular because it has a lot of features that are fun to use and play with. These features are called filters and people like to try out the latest trends (new trends) especially if it appeals to them. 


What Is Better Tiktok Or YouTube 


What is better Tiktok or YouTube? There is a huge difference in both social media. Tiktok takes just short videos while YouTube takes longer videos and can be optimized for SEO. If short videos are what you want to create then go with Tiktok and if long videos are what you plan to create then go with YouTube. 


Although no one said you can’t use the two platforms as a strategy on how to become a TikTok influencer. 


How Much Do TikTok Influencers Make 


How much do Tiktok Influencers make? Tiktok Influencers make anywhere between $100 to $30,000 with 20,000 to 1 million followers (depending on the number of followers such influencers have) and on how engaged the followers are whenever they make a post.


Tiktok Influencer infographics


I have created how to become a TikTok influencer infographic here for you so follow it diligently. 


Each step tells you what you can do to become a popular TikToker in Africa. 




There you have it, everything you needed to know on how to become a big TikTok influencer. 


The steps are pretty simple and I can almost guarantee that if you follow each one, you will soon be working with brands all around Africa. 


Quick Recap 


  • Tiktok has more than 45% females


  • Entertainment contents get more engagements 


  • Tiktok is currently doing more than 500 million visits worldwide


  •  Tiktok is the 7th most popular social media in the world currently 


  • Create engaging contents to build a following 


  • Stay consistent in your content production 
  • Share Your Knowledge freely.


  • Build Your Strategy And Process First.


  • Find Your Unique Voice.


  • Be Consistent In Your Posting.


  • Be Authentic And Build Trust.


  • Be Vulnerable, But Smart.


  • Don’t Take Shortcuts.


  • Share your contents to other social media platforms


It’s over to you! 


What tactics from this post will you first use on your goal of becoming a famous Influencer on TikTok? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


If you love this post then please hit the share button and follow us here on Instagram.


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