Travel From Lagos to Ghana By Road (A Step by Step Guide)

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From Lagos to Ghana by Road

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Do you want to travel from Lagos to Ghana by road? This is a step by step newbie practical guide which will take you to ghana from Lagos by road.

 From Lagos to Ghana by Road

Traveling from one country to the other can be a really stressful process for anyone to go through. 


I mean you have to deal with passport, yellow card, currency exchanges and lots more. most especially if it’s your first time traveling from Nigeria to another country. 


but here is the good news, it doesn’t have to be that stressful if you are well informed with the processes involved. 


This is why 


This is why In today’s post you will learn how to travel from Lagos to Ghana by road as a first-timer step by step.


so if this is your first time traveling to Accra Ghana from Lagos Nigeria then pay close attention. 


because you will definitely need to read this post from beginning to the. end since it’s your first time traveling to ghana from Nigeria. 


Here is the knowledge you will gain from reading this blog post about a trip from Nigeria to Ghana by road… 


  • You will learn the step by step process how you can travel to ghana from Nigeria by road 


  • You will be informed of the various prices of transport companies going to Ghana 


  • You will know the necessary document requirements  to travel from Nigeria to Ghana by road 


Assuming you now know what to expect then, by all means, please hop on let me take you. on a step by step ride as I cover how you can travel from Lagos to Ghana by road. 


Attention: At the bottom of this post you will find all the. necessary answers to your questions on how to travel to ghana from Lagos by road or by flight. 



What Medium of Transport Can I Use When Traveling Ghana


As a first time Nigerian traveler to Ghana there are two most common ways to reach your destination. 


and this is! 


  • Traveling by road (public transport) 


  • Traveling by air (flight) 


  • Traveling on your own private car


I will be covering just one of these 3 ways of traveling from Lagos to Ghana. 


Traveling From Lagos Nigeria to Accra Ghana Using Public Transportation Services 


Under this session, you and will be looking at the requirements, transport companies, prices, distances and time of arrival. 


First thing is first as a first-timer making a trip to ghana from Lagos, I love to advise you. to make sure everything you need is ready a day before finally making your journey. 


Personally I have this uncanny habit of getting all my things ready two days to the day I would leave. 


It saves me a lot of time not having to deal with the tension of waking up and thinking of what to pack. 


This is the first stage and I know you may not value this tip but trust me it is a very important first step. 


Assuming the above step sinks in then let me get you the second step. 


When traveling from Lagos to Ghana by road I love to wake up very early in the morning. 


This is because almost all the transport vehicles plying ghana leaves very early in the morning precisely 6 AM or 6:12 AM. 


So you see, it’s important you wake up very early to be among the first people taking this journey. 


I know you are waiting for the juice of this ultimate guide. 


Don’t be in a hurry, just take your time to get every information right because that is very important. 


What Are The Requirements to Travel From Nigeria to Ghana by Bus 


If you are going to travel to Ghana from Nigeria then here is the two very important documents you need. 


  • Ecowas Passport 


  • Yellow card 


This is the part where you ask how can I get an Ecowas passport? 

What is the Fastest Way to Get From Nigeria to Ghana

From Naija to Ghana

Don’t worry I will show you how you can get an Ecowas passport in Nigeria. 


I believe you may also want to ask why do I need an Ecowas passport to travel to Ghana. 


Here is a simple answer! 


An Ecowas passport is the passport you need to travel from one African country to the other. 


Ecowas e-passport is used by 15 countries in West Africa and Ghana is one of the countries. 


So any citizen with this passport can travel to other African countries within the stated Ecowas without a visa. 


However, you must note that there is a difference between Ecowas passport and International passport. 


If you didn’t know the difference before now then perhaps you need to arm yourself with that knowledge here. 


In the case of Ghana you do not need a visa, what you need is an Ecowas passport which will act as your form of identification. 


how to get an Ecowas passport step by step… 


Step 1


Go to Nigeria Immigration portal here… 


Step 2


Once you are in the portal, scroll down then follow the screenshot below… 


  • Select the standard e-passport


  • or the official e-passport 


Then click on the START APPLICATION button. 


Step 3


Fill the application; then check the I Accept Full Responsibility For The Information Provided In This Form. 


Then check the box and click the print button so you can print your copy of the filled form. 


Step 4


Click on the submit application button, here you can view the applicant details page. 


Once done viewing, click on the proceed to the online payment button. 


This will take you to the option where you can either select to pay in Naira or in dollars. 


but I suggest you select to pay in Naira if you are applying here in Nigeria. 


but if you are in the US or UK, you may select pay with dollars. 


Note: You will be charged N10,000 at least to my knowledge as of when this post went live. 


This price may fluctuate so make sure you have a maximum of N16,000 in your bank account. 


Hopefully, you got the simple process, now, here is where you and I move on to the documents required. 


 Standard Nigeria Passport Document Requirements 


Now here are the documents you will need below if you want to apply for a Standard Nigeria Passport. 


  • Guarantor’s form duly signed by a commissioner of oaths


  • Photocopy of the data page of guarantor’s passport and either a photocopy of your national identity card or driver’s License


  • Father’s Letter of consent for minors under 16yrs (Mother’s letter of consent if father is deceased)


  • Marriage Certificate where applicable


  • Husband’s consent letter (for married women) or letter of introduction for employee of a government or corporate organization


  • A sworn court affidavit and police report if your passport was lost


  • Birth Certificate or evidence of age declaration


  • Letter of identification from Local Government of origin or residence


  • 1 passport photograph


  • Acknowledgment slip and receipt of payment


After all of this process you probably should ask me this question; how long does it take to get an Ecowas passport? 


Well, I will be honest with you, it takes about 48 hours (2 days) to process everything. 


but because of the Nigerian system of doing things, this process can take up to a month. 


So I will advise you get all your things ready before the day of travel. 


Now let’s move on to how you can a Yellow Card. 


How To Get a Yellow Card in Nigeria 


Since this is your first time traveling I am sure you also don’t know to get a yellow card. 


but don’t worry I created this ultimate travel guide from Lagos to Ghana so that I can answer all the burning questions you have. 


Listen, as a Nigerian that I am, I can’t promise you that there. is any easy process to getting anything you want in this country. 


Except you want to indulge in bribing and corruption. 


and I think Nigeria has more corruption as it is already that you would also want to join the list. 


Having said that, here is a step by step work through to getting your yellow card. 


Here is where I tell you what a yellow card is…


A yellow card is an international certificate of vaccination. 


The World Health Organisation (WHO) requires that you take a yellow fever vaccine before leaving your country for another. 


Now you can read more about this here if you have the time. 


but generally, this is why you need to take it… 


Depending on where you live in Nigeria, yellow fever vaccination locations will be different. 


All you have to do is follow the process same way in your state. 


Step 1


Make a photocopy of the data page of your international passport. 


At most this should cost you a meager 10 Naira to do. 


Step 2


Log on to then click on register at the top right corner. 


Fill your details in the provided box and then click on “Pay Now”


This will redirect you to the Remitta platform to make payment. 


Step 3


Once on Remitta platform, you will be required to make a payment of 2000 Naira. 


Attention: make sure you copy out your Remitta Retrieval Reference Number (RRR). 


If you don’t know what that is, RRR is a 12 digit number you can use to make the payment on the Remitta platform. 

Nigeria to Ghana by road

Copy the RRR number because in most cases your receipt is not generated instantaneously. 


So copy this number out or make a screenshot of it with your device. before making any payment. 


The reason why I asked you to copy the number is because. this is what you will use to search the Remitta platform to know if your payment was confirmed. 


Assuming everything went right and your payment was successful and you now have a receipt, now here is what to do next. 


Step 4


Make a photocopy of RRR number or better still just write it on your international passport. 


Step 4


Go to the vaccination center early because there are lots of people applying for this… 


My recommended time would be to go at the early hours of 6 AM so that you can be ahead of the queue. 


Step 5


You will be given your yellow fever injection once they have confirmed your documents. 


After taking the injection, you will be asked to wait outside for your yellow fever card. 


Now this will take quite some time so you will need to be patient. 


This is why I said you need to beat the queue so you can get the first attention. 


Step 6


Congratulations you have yourself a yellow card after 2 to 3 hours of waiting. 


My suggestion is that you can waste time playing games on your mobile or do what this. generation spend most of their time doing online which is to Facebook and WhatsApp. 


Now that you have your documents, I will walk you through each. of the transport companies that ply Ghana from Nigeria. 


This is where you ask me about public transport companies offering services which take you to Ghana right? 


Here it is! 


What Public Transportation Services Can I Take When Going From Lagos to Ghana by Road


If you are like me, the first question I always ask is what is the cheapest way to get to ghana from Lagos?


I usually ask myself this question because I don’t want to waste a lot of money. 

Image Credit: Buzznigeria


I mean saving a few extra bucks would a wise decision especially if it’s your first time. 


Here is a list of transport services from Lagos Nigeria to Ghana… 


  • Guo transportation service 


  • Efex transportation service 


  • ABC transportation service 


  • Cross Country Transportation service 


  • Chisco transportation service



Now let’s touch each of the above bullet points so you can hear my. thoughts on each of the transportation services I have listed above. 


The first service company on the list is:


Guo Transportation Service 


I wouldn’t tell you which is the best transportation service to take from Lagos to Ghana because this is not a review. 


Rather, I will tell you what I think about each of these companies base on my personal experiences with them. 


Then after you can make the decision of which will best serve your purpose. 


In my experience with Guo transport, I particular use this service whenever am going to Ghana. 


I have traveled through this company like thrice and so far I don’t think I have any reason not to say that they are very charismatic. 


If you want to take a trip to Ghana from Lagos then I would recommend this guys. 


but they are a bit expensive when compared to some of the other companies below. 


but in general, the comfort you get is just worth the price you are paying okay? 


I believe here is where you ask me how you are going to get your travel ticket should you decide on using Guo transport services. 


and I have the answer for you below! 


but first, Guo transport offers you the opportunity to chop for your ticket online as well as paying directly. 


For me, I usually prefer the option of booking online because I hate the stress of having to go to their terminal and queue for tickets. 


So if you decide that booking online is better for you then here is Guo official booking website


Also if you have any difficulty or you need to make an inquiry then. please reach them via this lines and email address below. 


WhatsApp Numbers


  • ( +234) 814-498-8273


  • (+234) 908-671-2710


You can email Guo service via the email below. 




I save myself the time by booking online but for you, you may prefer the option of paying directly so here is where you can do just that. 


Here is the Adrees below… 


Guo Direct Booking Address: Alafia terminal, 36, Opere Street, Wema Bank Bus Stop, Coker, Lagos


So what is the cost of Guo transport ticket from Lagos to Ghana? 


I thought you wouldn’t ask! 


It cost between N19,000 to N26,000 to get a ticket from these guys but this price may fluctuate depending on when you are traveling. 


Take for instance tickets are very cost during the festive period. 


Lest I forget, Guo only has one (1) bus that plies ghana road and it leaves the park at exactly 6:00 AM. 


Keep up with time, will you? 


Efex Transportation Service 


Okay, to be honest, I think these guys are starting to gain momentum in the transportation business. 


Plus their prices just beats my imagination honestly. 


Although I know this is a competitive advantage for them but hey compared to some of 100 pounds gorilla in the I think these guys are cheap. 

I have only had a one time experience with these guys though and just like Guo, I got a good treatment. 


Plus when I booked online, I had a little complication but with the help of their customer care, my issues were resolved swiftly. 


I love how Efex offers options for paying online and offline. 


I think this gives you the opportunity to toggle between options you are okay with. 


Should you decide that you want to book a ticket to Ghana online then here is the official website for Efex transport. 


If you have any complications while trying to book for your ticket to travel from Lagos to Ghana then please use these contact details I am leaving you with. 


Here is Efex contacts… 


Telephone Number: + 2349078587207


Here is their email address below… 


Email Adress:


And if paying on the ground is the right option for you to take then please go to the address below to get your tickets. 


Here is the address you can go to buy tickets directly… 


Efex transport ticket address: Murtala Muhammed Way, Yaba, Lagos.


I told you these guys offer cheap travel ticket prices right? 


but what I didn’t tell you at the beginning is the actual prices so here is the price below. 


Ticket Cost: N15,000 to N18,000… 


Now this price may change during festive periods due to the law of demand and supply. 


Also, Efex has two buses going from Lagos to Ghana by road and the first bus leaves the station by 6:00 AM. 


Again keep up with time…


ABC Transportation Service 


Personally I have not used ABC Transport services when planning a trip to Accra Ghana from Nigeria. 


but I have heard quite a lot of good things about these guys from some of my friends that use it. 


One of such good things I have heard, is feeding of passengers with the popular Jollof rice. 


If you don’t know what is Jollof rice then, by all means, please read this article to give you a heads up. 


According to my friend ABC transportation service drivers are experts and professionals. 

In the sense that they are have experience having driven longer than 5 years. 


Also, my kid brother Akin said the first time he used ABC, he was thrilled by the comfort he got for his money. 


Here is how he put it: Upon boarding the boss I noticed that there were restrooms and television to keep me entertained. 


I was like what the hell, and I have been paying 19K to 25K while using Guo transport”


According to him, that’s how he started using ABC. 


but personally, I don’t have any experience with them but his story has been corroborated by many others. 


So I think that automatically gives it a pass mark on this list. 


Guess what they also offer direct and online payment options. 


If you want to pay online then please visit ABC Transport official website here


and in case of any complication, you may contact them with the below contacts. 


Here it is! 


  • Tel: 080340409964, 018793076,  08053001000, 08142552436


  • Email:


If you choose to pay directly then here is their main address you can go to… 


mind you am not getting any commission doing all of this. 


I decided to write this article because I don’t want anyone to suffer the same poor and bad experience I had during my first trip from Lagos to Ghana by road. 


Main Terminal Address: Plot 79, Oba Kayode Akinyemi Way, Amuwo Odofin, FESTAC, Lagos. 


Another thing I love about ABC is the fact that like Efex transport they have about 2 to 3 buses going to Ghana daily. 


The first bus usually leaves around 6:15 AM every morning and it will be wise to keep to time. 


Cross Country Transportation Service 


Cross Country is becoming a very popular choice for travelers who are looking to go from Naija to other countries. 


My experience with cross country is also on the good side and the comfort I got is well worth my money. 


If you are looking to travel from Lagos to Ghana then cross country would be my 2nd recommendation. 

The transport service also offer you the opportunity to buy your tickets online and offline. 


Here is cross country official website where you can book for your tickets. 


and if you have any difficulty whatsoever then here is their contact details. 


Telephone Number :


  • 08067024485


  • 07060418477


and here is their email address… 


Email address:




If you are going to book a ticket directly then here is the address where you can go to buy your ticket. 


Main Terminal Address: Murtala Muhammed Way, Yaba, Lagos


Cross Country has 3 buses plying the capital of Ghana daily and. depending on your convenience you can make the preference of time you are okay with. 


The first bus leaves by 6:00 AM but if I were you I will pick the first bus because it’s a 10hrs plus journey.


Chisco Transportation Service 


If you are looking for the cheapest cost of transportation to Accra Ghana from Lagos Nigeria then Chisco is your best option. 


Now it’s price is just unbelievable but the truth is I have not used them even once. 


Don’t get me wrong they are a great company but my personal preference won’t allow me to use these guys. 


You will be able to book online and offline…


Go Chisco official website here to book online… 


and if in the process you have issues which I don’t believe you will have. 


but you never can tell so I love to take all the necessary precautions since you are a first-timer. 


Contact them with the below numbers… 


For direct payment on the ground you can use the below address to buy your ticket. 

Note: These guys only have one bus plying this road daily so you may want to book early. 


Also, the bus leaves the terminal by 6:00 Am every day. 


and you can get yourself a Lagos to Ghana ticket at the affordable price of N14,000 to N16,000. 


Now that you have 5 lists of transportation companies to choose from. I would love to know which you would use first. 


and for easy price differentiation, I have made a table for you showing the price difference among these companies.


CompaniesPrice RangesOption of PaymentTime of Departure
Guo TransportN19,000 - 26,000Online/Direct6:00 AM
Efex TransportN15,000 - N18,000Online/Direct6:00 AM
ABC TransportN19,000 - N25,000Online/Direct6:00 AM
Cross Country TransportN18,000 - N25,000Online/Direct6:00 AM
Chisco TransportN14,000 - N18,000Online/Direct6:00 AM


The most important thing you should take away from the above table is that the transport fare from Lagos to Ghana’s price won’t exceed N30,000. 


I am telling you this just in case you begin to wonder how much is Lagos to Ghana by road… 



Okay, I know you have a lot of questions yet unanswered but don’t worry I will take care of that too. 


Assuming you have made a deliberate choice of what transport you prefer, now here is what to do next. 



but first, how many hours from Lagos to Ghana by road? 



Lagos to Ghana by road is a 10hrs journey so my advice is don’t carry heavy things along. 



Here is what I mean! 




How to Pack When Travelling From Lagos to Ghana By Road 


For the best part of this post, I will be giving you tips on what to pack when traveling from Lagos to Ghana by road. 


Here we go! 

What is the distance between Lagos and Ghana

Image Credit: Buzzghaana

Tip #1


Buy lots of food but they should all be lightweight food. 


Examples of lightweight can include snacks of various types. 


It’s a 10 hours journey and sitting for long makes me really hungry all the time. 


Also do know that some of the transport companies like ABC Transport give Jollof rice on the journey to Ghana. 


Tip #2


Hold all the money you would need to make this journey. 



One doesn’t always know what to expect on such a journey especially as it’s your first time. 


You can carry dollars and Naira but for the Naira you would have to do some currency changing when you arrive. 



They take dollars for a transaction but you can’t use the Naira in Ghana except you change it to cedis. 


Tip #3


On this journey I strongly recommend a carry on bag. 


This bag can be use to pack some lightweight things such as… 


  • Power Bank for phone charging


  • Documents such as a passport 


  • Snacks etc 


Tip #4


Your boss or suitcase should be small to house just a few things. 


This is because you can’t predict this journey and you may arrive late. 


Now you don’t want to start carrying a very heavy bag that will impede your movements. 


Ghana is home to lots of fashion trends, besides no one harasses you for the way you dress. 


Okay, those are some of the most essential things you should pack. 



but wait I have more tips for you and please pay close attention because this Lagos to Ghana travel guide should help you with all the knowledge as a first-time traveler. 



Everything You Need to Know When Travelling From Lagos to Ghana 


When traveling to and fro from Lagos to Accra it’s essential to know that…



Fact #1


Since this is your first time on this journey, the name your passport is called is “Virgin Passport”. 



Virgin Passport is a passport that has never been stamped by immigration officers. 


As a result of these, you will be charged an additional  3000 Naira as you go from Lagos to Benin border, Benin to Togo border, and finally Togo to Ghana border. 



Fact #2


If you are looking to visit Ghana from Nigeria then be sure to cross 3 borders. 


These borders are… 


  • Lagos to Benin border 


  • Benin to Togo border 


  • Togo to Ghana border 


Fact #3


At the beginning of this post, I showed how to get an Ecowas passport and a yellow card right? 


Well if you don’t want to go through all that rigorous process, this means you will have to pay some amount of money. 


For a yellow fever card, you will need to pay an additional two thousand Naira (2000)


and for the Ecowas passport, you may be required to pay between N6,000  to N10,000.


before I answer some of the questions you may have, I have one final advice for you. 


the cost of traveling from Lagos to ghana by road won’t be meaningful if you lose your documents. 



So, don’t give your documents to any stranger in any of the borders. 


This is because they can make away with it and what they stand to gain I don’t know. 



Also you must travel very light and don’t pack too many valuables.



All Question You Have About My Lagos to Ghana Travel Guide 


This session covers all the questions you may have about how to travel from Lagos to Ghana by road. 


I will even add some bonus tips on how you can travel by air.


What Is The Distance From Lagos to Ghana by Road


What is The Distance From Lagos to Ghana by Road? The distance when traveling from Lagos to Ghana by bus is 10 hrs 35 minutes which is approximately 464.3 kilometers. 



but if you also want to know how far is it from Lagos to Ghana then the simple answer is 524 kilometers. 



What is the Time of Departure and Arrival From Lagos to Ghana by Road 


Lagos to Ghana bus time? Buses going to Ghana depart the Lagos station at 6:00 AM and arrive at Accra at 4:35 Pm. 


There is usually a transfer once the bus gets to Accra and from transfer to the destination takes a total of 10 hours 35 minutes. 



Can I Travel From Lagos to Ghana Without a Passport


Can I travel from Lagos to Ghana without a passport? No, you can’t, to move from one country to another, you need a form of identification. 


I will suggest you get an ecowas passport and a yellow card if you want to journey to Ghana from Eko. 


What is the Cost to Travel From Lagos to Ghana



What is the cost to travel from Lagos to Ghana? It will cost you between N16,000 to N26,000 to travel to Ghana from Naija. 



However, this price fluctuates so I will advise you to hold up to N30,000 just in case. 


Can I Drive From Nigeria to Ghana 


can I drive from Nigeria to Ghana? It is possible to drive to Ghana if you live in Lagos. the distance between Lagos and Ghana is 464.3 kilometers. 


It will take you a total of 7 hours 3 minutes to reach Ghana. 


How Can I Travel From Lagos to Ghana With No Car


How can I travel from Lagos to Ghana without a car? If you want to travel to Ghana without a car then my suggestion is that you take a public transport. 


It will cost you approximately N16,000 to N26,000. 


You can take ABC Transport, Chisco transport, Guo transport or Cross Country Transport. 


What is the Difference in Time Between Lagos and Ghana


What is the time difference between Lagos and Ghana? Lagos is 1 hour ahead in time and Ghana is 1 hour behind in time to Lagos. 


During the time of writing this post, it’s exactly 3:44 Pm which means Ghana is 2:44 Pm now. 



Is There a Direct Bus Between Lagos and Ghana


Is there a direct bus between Lagos and Ghana? I have traveled to Ghana more than once and no time have I been taken to my destination directly so the answer to your question is No. 


Any transport you take will drop you at Gate assuming you used state transport. 


Between arriving and the transfer taking you to Accra, your total journey time should be 10 hours 35 minutes. 


Where Can I Board The Lagos to Ghana Bus


Where do I board Lagos to Ghana bus from? you can board a bus going to Ghana at Lagos Station. The service is operated by intercity STC Coaches. 


Which Companies Operate The Services Between Nigeria and Ghana


what companies run the services between Lagos Nigeria and Ghana? If you are traveling by air then you can fly using Arik, African World Airlines, Air Senegal, Meridiana, and Air Peace. 


If you are traveling by land then you can use ABC transport, Chisco, Guo, Cross Country, and Efex. 


How Fast Can I Get From Lagos to Ghana


What is the fastest way to get from Lagos to Ghana? The fastest way you can get to Ghana from Lagos is by flying and it will take you just 1 hour 20 minutes. 


You can use Arik airline, Air Senegal, Meridiana for your travel and the ticket price starts from $100 to $500.





What Way is The Cheapest to Get From Lagos to Ghana 


What is the cheapest way to get from Lagos to Ghana? The cheapest way you can get from Lagos to Ghana to use intercity STC coaches services, at least I know that they run the bus services going to Ghana. It will only cost you N16,000 to N26,000.




I have done my best to give you a step by step guide which is a guarantee to take you from Lagos to Ghana by road. 


Now if you miss any of the steps, be sure to come and follow it accordingly. 


Now I would love to hear from you! 


What is the best way you personally love to travel to Ghana? 


Leave a comment below and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


Thanks for reading and please share this post on Facebook to help other first time travelers. 


You can also follow us here on Facebook for more awesome guides like this… 




Do you want to travel from Lagos to Ghana by road? well, this newbie ultimate travel guide will help you travel to ghana from Lagos by road.
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