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Humans 2.0

Humanity 2.0 is coming down the pipeline and the world needs heroes like you and me to share some of these stories so that we will not be wiped out by stupid, egocentric medical degree-less assholes like BOY BILLY.



Human 2.0 has been designed to hook you to nanotechnology, and a possible alteration of DNA. My concern is you are still thinking it is all a science fiction but if these things are patented then automatically someone owns your body.



Call it fear of revelation but I don’t like anything with lucifer in it. and guess what, one of the suppose technology that will accompany the genome altering vaccine is called a luciferase.



As if that’s not enough, I don’t trust someone who came out publicly to say that the world population could be reduced to 15% if a good job is done with vaccines.


As crazy as it sounds, all of these is coming down the pipeline and the only way to stop is for us to keep sharing the word so many people could see the evil plan these people have for the human race. Humanity 2.0 could sound like an upgrade to you, but don’t be fooled, if someone has a patent right to all of these techs, it means you are now a product.

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Transhumanism is a disturbing topic for me, and whatever advancement people think this will bring, I believe it is going to lead us down a part where we lose our freedom. Humanity 2.0 can see us also lose our basic human rights because we become more of a machine.



Technology is not bad they say but the motives behind these can be evil and guess what all the people and companies behind all of these are evil with ill motives.



I am not getting those damn vaccines into my body and remember when push comes to shove you and I will be on the same side fighting for dear LIFE. and I will fight for that freedom not to be one of humans 2.0.


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