It’s Happening: Our Generation Might Be Destroyed Because of This Foolishness

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Guys, it happening, and you all need to be aware of what is coming so that we can fight the madness.


Whatever they will introduce into our body would rewrite our DNA and yet it has never been tested on animals before. It’s madness to have not carried out any prior test on animals and yet consider that whatever they have produced is safe for the human body.


ou have to be aware of what is going on that there has been no real science that has disclosed the safety of whatever they want to put into our body for the past 30 years.



This is a war on our freedom and you need to be aware so that we can fight off the evil plans they have against our human rights. We will fall or bow down to tyranny and dictatorship.



You owe it to other people to wake them up to the lies and how a few rich people are threatening our very existence.



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