RMD and Jim Iyke net worth
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Today you will learn about Jim Iyke and RMD net worth, age, biography, kids. but first, find out who is the richest of the two Nollywood actors here now.

Jim Iyke and RMD net Worth
Jim Iyke

Warning: this post will take you 10 minutes to read so make sure you stick around to the end.


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Because at the end of this post I have something that will blow your mind. and that can also increase your net worth if you are bold enough to take action.


I created this post for you because I know you have many unanswered questions about Jim Iyke net worth.


Which is why I took the time to do my research and piece this content together.


But wait there is more!


I even took the liberty of going the extra mile to compare Jim’s worth with Richard Mofe Damijo net worth.


This way, these two are going head to head on everything from business to career, heck, even kids.


Here is a question for you!


Richard Mofe Damijo and Jim Iyke’s net worth who is the richest?


If you have the answer comment it below in the comment box provided. But if you have no clue, just stick with me on this one.


Jim Iyke and RMD Net Worth and Biography


I will talk about Jim Iyke’s net worth 2024 and biography first before I will transcend into RMD net worth and biography.


Real Name: James Ikechukwu  Esomugha


Popularity Name: Jim Iyke


Profession: Actor


Marital status: Married to Dana Kinduryte


Children: son Harvis Chidubem Iyke


Nationality: Nigeria


Source of income: Acting, Business, and endorsement


Net Worth: 30 million dollars


So here is the first question you probably might have buzzing in your pretty skull.



Who is Jim Iyke (James Ikechukwu Esomugha)


Jim Iyke is a popular Nollywood actor, singer, songwriter, philanthropist and businessman. He hails from Agwugwu in Anambra State, one of Nigeria’s major ethnic groups. He is known to have acted in several Nigerian movies such as The Last Flight to Abuja.


In 2018 the actor and musician revealed that Nollywood could no longer afford his service.


Thus automatically translating to less time in movie production studios and more time in business.


You are probably wondering what is the real name of Jim Iyke right?


The real name of Jim Iyke is James Ikechukwu Esomugha.


Iyke has featured in lots of Nollywood movies and earned himself titles like Nollywood Bad Boy.


In a good way, though, I mean the guy is cute, knows how to dress and can charm even my Grandma.


How old is Jim Iyke Nigeria actor


Jim Iyke is 43 years old now, born 1976 September in Libreville Gabon where his mother and father stayed. While Libreville may have been Iyke’s place of birth, he sure came back to Naija to pursue his career as an actor in Nollywood.


But first what tribe is Jim Iyke?


James Ikechukwu Okolue is an Igbo by tribe. The Igbo tribe is one of the three major tribes. in the country Nigeria of which the other Two are Hausa and Yoruba.


Thankfully, when you are asked what tribe is Jim Iyke from?


You could easily say he of Ogwugwu village in the State of Anambra which has it’s capital as Okah.


The Igbos makeup one of the major ethnic group in Nigeria and are specialist in trading.


You can read about the history if the Igbos on Wikipedia first page because those guys are current.


In the coming days, I treat his biography and net worth separately where I would expand more.


For now, I hope you enjoy this ample information you have in this blog post.


Did I tell you who is the actor’s father?


I believe no!


So let me touch on that briefly at least this way I know there will be little to cover when. next, I treat Jim Iyke as a complete topic of its own.


Who is Jim Iyke father


James is born to a Nigerian father who goes by the name Stephen Okolue. Stephen gave birth to 8 children and Jim who is currently a billionaire in Naira is ones of his children.


But now that he has given birth to him, has he (Jim) fathered a child yet?


I mean does Jim Iyke have a son?


The answer to that question is Yes James Ikechukwu has a son who goes by name Harvis Chidubem Iyke.


Jim Iyke’s Early life and Career


as someone Not only skilled in acting the 43 years old is a black belt holder in Taekwondo.

Jim Iyke Net Worth 2019

A form of a martial heart that involves defending yourself from trouble.


Check out this link to read more on Taekwondo but personally, I think it is damn exhausting.


I didn’t just say that I did because I manage to practice that side of martial art and it was crazy.


You, on the other hand, may have a different opinion and that’s totally okay too.


Jim Iyke career started in early 2000 precisely 2001 but not before he graduated University.


But if I may ask!


What University Did Jim Iyke Attend


Jim Iyke attended the University of Jos in Plateau State which is also one of the 36 State in Nigeria. Iyke graduated with a degree in diploma while studying banking and finance. the 43 years old went back to school where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in philosophy.

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Personally, I think I really hate school but not education.


I see lots of 9ja teens gain admission and are super excited but I be like how I wish you see that’s not the answer.


If you give me the opportunity to relive my teen but keep this memory I already have. about the future, I would very much make a different choice altogether.


and Guess what?


Going to school won’t be the priority and am damn serious about what I just told you now.


You are probably wondering why right?


I will tell you why shortly…


You see as kids you and I were brainwashed to think that school is the only way to success.


But then why is that you come out of school and you even become more frustrated?


I have digressed a little…


Now let’s get back into Jim Iyke and Richard Mofe Damijo net worth.


Ikechukwu career really got off to a blistering start acting in more than 100 films.


Top 50 List Of Jim Iyke Movies on Nollywood


You and I can agree that to have starred in more than 100 movies goes to show Jim mastered his craft.


You would agree with that yes?


I mean the market is in search of talent that is exceptional in their craft one way or the other.


and you could say James is one of such raw refined talent Nollywood harvested while it lasts.



  • Between kings and Queens




  • And Then There Was You




  • When Love Comes Around




  • Last Flight To Abuja




  • Games Men Play




  • Between Kings and Queens




  • American Driver




  • Cultural Clash




  • A Star In Heaven




  • Seven and a Half Dates




  • Deadly Kiss




  • Who is the Man




  • Runaway Prince




  • Stalker




  • Life




  • Romantic Agony




  • Beyonce & Rihanna




  • Cruz 2




  • My Princess




  • Desperate Prince



Jim Iyke Relationships and Personal Life


The personal life of Jim Iyke is seen always in his character and exuberance and controversies.


Making him one of the finest in the industry and earning himself a comparison against Iconic RMD.


So who is Jim Iyke married to you may ask right?


Jim is married to Dana Kinduryte a couple of years back.


Dana Kinduryte is a Lithuania and has nothing to do as a public figure.


This is why Iyke describes Dana as the only person in the world that truly understand him.


The two got married and gave birth to their first son Chidubem.


But before that Former Naij.com now Legit.ng report that Jim Iyke had lots of affairs.


Among the number of women, he dated include Keturah Hamilton who is a  Jamaican.


The two dated for 6 years before going their separate ways. a breakup which Keturah describe as heartless by the Nigerian.


According to Keturah, she had no idea what happened between them.


Another famous figure Iyke dated is Ghanian actress Nadia Buhari.


The two had a fling but that didn’t last as both didn’t seem like a match.


Precisely legit.ng characterize the relationship as one that ended in controversies.


However, both parties handled the issue with a lot of maturities and are back together but as friends.


Does Jim Iyke have a son?


Yes the September born of birth sign Zodiac has a son whom he named stHarvis.



but what is the full name of Jim Iyke’s son?


The full name of Ikechukwus son is Harvis Chidubem Iyke Okolue.


In April 2015 couple of months back the singer took to his Instagram channel. to announce the birth of his son Chidubem.


On the account of such joyous moment, actresses like Genevieve Nnaji and Omotola Jalade. congratulated the Anambra State-born on being a proud father.


After the birth of his first son, Ikechukwu described the experience as one that made him a better man.


Heck to prove this, he even refused any help from family stating he wishes. to go through the experience without any help from his wife’s parents or his parents.


I believe this brings you and me to how much Is James Ikechukwu Okolue net worth.


How Much Is Jim Iyke Worth


Jim Iyke has a net worth of 30 million US dollars and he is one of the richest actors in Nigeria movie industry. this figure combines each of his assets, valuables, landed properties including his several networks of Businesses that he owns.


But to properly ascertain how much is Jim Iyke net worth, we would look into how much he is paid per movie.


and I will talk about some of the business that he built from scratch.


How Much Does Jim Iyke Charge Per Movie


James Ikechukwu charges between 1 million to 2 million Naira per movie. this figure, however, is one of his recent upgrades but prior to this, in the early 2000 Iyke charges between 300,000 to 400,000 thousand Naira.


You might be wondering why did he increase his charges per movie right?


Well, I am of the belief that get really good at what you do and you will be paid what you are worth.


As a matter of fact, it’s T Harv Eker that said a man will be paid his worth in direct proportion to the market place.


He is the author and New York Times best-seller with the book “The Secret of a Millionaire Mind.”


If you are serious about being Millionaire i suggest you read that book you will have your mind blown.


Jim is really good at his craft and it’s one of the reasons he has had a blistering career so far.


So is he worth what he charges per movie?


Honestly, it depends On the h produce and how much he thinks his budget for the movie is.

Jim Iyke Net Worth and Biography

In a nutshell, if an actor is overprized, producers look for underprized actors to do the job.


After all, business is about making a profit while spending less than what May have been budgeted.


Make sense yes?


Untamed Production, Untamed Records and Untamed Closet


Quite a name for a brand wouldn’t you agree?


Well, each and every name you see above contributes to the net worth of Jim Iyke.


Untamed Production is the production of any movies produced by the actor and singer.

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James Ikechukwu Okolue Untamed records are the Label under which he released his first album.


He titled the album who am I. the album received negative criticism from his fans with many advising the actor and to stick to acting.


While it may sound harsh I personally think such people are small-minded for the reason that. you can’t become a millionaire by owning just one source of Income.


Ask Bill Gate he would tell you that is the dumbest thing any man aspiring to be a millionaire would do.


As for Untamed Closet, well Jimmy’s clothing line up is worth about 500 thousand dollars in value.


You probably have seen the way this guy dresses right?


I don’t think I have seen anyone beat such class and charisma, not even Ramsey Nouah. but this is strictly one man’s opinion and yours might be totally different.


What is Jim Iyke Net Worth


Jim Iyke net worth in dollars is 30 million US dollars but what if I want to convert this to Jim Iyke net worth in Naira? The 43 years old is worth over 9 billion Naira.


Note: we arrived at these figures by calculating each of Jim Iyke worth be it cars, land, houses, business, and assets.


Then we subtracted everything from what he currently owes in the form of debt.


What is the highest-grossing movie of Jim Iyke


The highest-grossing movie of Jim Iyke is Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons. A movie which stars several A-list actors of the Nigeria movie industry.


the actors include the likes of Ayo Makun, Francis Duru, Jide Kosoko.


The movie was produced by Ayo Makun and directed by Toka Mcbaror


Quickly let’s look at Richard Mofe Damijo biography and net worth like you and I did Jim Iyke.


Richard Mofe Damijo Net Worth and Biography


Since this is a comparison between Jim Iyke and Richard Mofe Damijo Net Worth, I would love to see who comes out on top.


Real Name: Richard Mofe Damijo


Popular Name: RMD


Profession: Actor


Marital status: Married to Jumobi Adegbesan


Number of children: 5 kids, 3 boys, and 2 girls


Nationality: Nigerian


Source of Income: Acting, business, and endorsement.


Whoever comes out the top doesn’t for a fact change the general belief that both are Nollywood icons.


Who is Richard Mofe Damijo(RMD)


Richard Mofe Damijo is a Nigerian (also Naija or 9ja) actor and a politician. He is one of the many talents that hails from South-South of Naija precisely Warri.


RMD and Jim Iyke net worth

Just in case you do not know about Warri, here is a link to read more about Warri.


But Warri is a city in Delta State housing one of the biggest refinery in Nigeria. and it’s popular for its oil richness.


Warri is a home for some of the country’s most popular comedians like I Go Dye and AY.


Thankfully it also housed musicians like Omawunmi, Youngsix, Victor AD, Eriga and SolidStar.


How Old Is RMD( Richard Mofe Damijo)


RMD is 58 years old now, born July 6th, 1961 to an Urhobo father and mother. RMD grew up in Aladja community of Delta State precisely Warri City.


But what is the real name of RMD?


The real name of RMD is Richard Mofe Damijo. The acronym RMD is the shorter form of his real name.


what tribe is RMD


RMD hails from Delta State and he is an Urhobo by tribe, a State that is made of 3 major ethnic groups. Then major tribe in this part of Nigeria includes Urhobo, Ijaw, and Itsekiri.


If you love history then read about the history of the Urhobos here.


Just in case you are wondering what state is Actor RMD From?.


It will be wise for you to remember that the actor and entrepreneur is from Delta State.


Richard Mofe Damijo Early Life and Career



RMD began his career as a reporter with Concord Newspaper and Metro Magazine.



But being a man of bigger goals he quickly transitioned into an actor and a politician.




According to buzz Nigeria, RMD career began in the 80s where he appeared in a soap opera called ripples.




While his first appearance may have been in the 80s, the actor wasted no time. to become one of the greatest actors to have emerged from Africa.



Before RMD graduated from law school in 2004, the 58 years old best actor in a leading role. appeared in 31 films in a space of 2 years precisely 2003 to 2004.



It’s crazy because I feel that’s too much for anyone to handle.



Funny enough is during this time he is actually toggling between school and work.



If you ask me, that’s one hell of a man that knows how to maximize time.




RMD featured in lots of movies as a lead actor. and one of such movies is Diamond Ring.



I still could remember Liz Benson’s scary face when her ring was stolen.



That movie literally gave my little kid brother a nightmare which woke my mom up all the time.



Another movie which was a mega-blockbuster is Hostages. before his 2015 30 days in Atlanta.



A movie directed by Robert Peters and produced by Ayo Makun.



30 Days in Atlanta generated over 133 million Naira nationwide excluding outside Nigeria.



Top 50 List Of RMD movies On Nollywood



  • Out of Bound




  • Passions




  • Keeping Faith: Is That Love?




  • Hostages




  • Danger Signal




  • Standing Alone




  • Scores to Settle




  • Diamond Ring




  • Queen




  • The Wedding Party 2




  • The Richest Man




  • 30 Days in Atlanta




  • Emotional Pain




  • 10 days in sun city




  • Angels of Destiny




  • Bridge-Stone




  • Danger Signal




  • Little Angel




  • When God Says Yes




  • Engagement Night




  • I Want Your Wife




  • The Legend




  • Sisters’ Enemy




  • Indecent Girl


Which School Did RMD Attend



According to information gathered by Information Nigeria, RMD studied theatre art. in the University of Benin where he graduated with a certificate.


RMD Net Worth and Biography

In 1997 the father of 3 boys and two girls decided to further his education in UNILAG.



Only this time he had to put in to study Law, his studies to become a lawyer. came to finish by 2004 but during this time he toggles between acting and schooling.

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You are probably wondering how he was able to school and act at the same time right?



I would chuckle it to careful planning and time management.



Let me quote one the master of Hight Income Skills the person of Dan Lok.



Time management is self-management: in other words, you can be busy but not productive.




If it’s your dream to own a high-income dream I will suggest you check out Dan Lok.



Remember how I said Jim Iyke is good at his craft?



Well, Dan is far better because he is a millionaire that was once broke but found his way to success.



You should definitely look him up because I tell you, your life is about to change.




Who is RMD Wife and Kids(Personal Life)



As yo may have already known, RMD first wife is May Ellen Ezekiel.



Unfortunate for her, she died in 1996 during a fibroid operation.


She was a TV personality and a publisher before she died.



At least you can say she lives on through the two kids she and her husband had before passing.



Richard Mofe Damijo has since married Jumobi Adegbesan who is a former Journalist at AIT.



Although she ditched that life for her corporate sector and together, RMD and Jumobi Adegbesan are happy with their kids.



How many children does RMD have


Richard Mofe Damijo has 5 kids three boys and two girls. The proud father of 5 kids had two from his previous marriage to MEE(May Ellen Ezekiel) and another 3 with current wife Jumobi Adegbesan.



The eldest son of RMD is Oghenekome Mofe Damijo.


How Much is RMD Worth


RMD net worth in 2019 is 20 million US dollars. this is a total of his assets, landed properties, cars, businesses and the houses he owns minus everything that he owes as debts.



So when next you get asked questions like how much is RMD net worth?


Here is your answer:



RMD has a net worth of 20 million US dollars including all of his assets, businesses, cars, valuables such as gold, diamond, silver and precious stone minus everything he owes in debt.



How much does RMD charges per Movie


Richard Mofe Damijo charges between 2 million to 3 million Naira per movie.


RMD Wife and Kids

According to sources close to the veteran actor, Shoutmeceleb Entertainment confirms the actor charges no lesser than the above figure.



Honestly, I was tipping him for nothing less than 5 million because he is a high profile actor.



But seeing that the father of 5 kids charges a reasonably fair amount speaks of his integrity.



Richard Mofe Damijo Endorsement Deals



As an actor, Rmd net worth in dollars runs into a couple of million. but you probably have questions like what is the Rmd major sources of income?



Well, that will be Acting to answer your question mildly. but Richard also makes money from several Endorsement deals with big brands in the country.



Here is the list of RMD endorsement deals:


  • RMD is a brand ambassador to Telecommunication giant Globacom
  • Currently has an endorsement deal with beer brand Heineken


According to the culture trip, all of this endorsement deals runs into several millions of Naira. And this also establishes the actor as one of the richest actors in Nigeria.


Richard Mofe Damijo Awards


Here are the list of awards RMD has added to his gallery of awards all through the years he is active.


  • 12th Africa Movie Academy Awards- LifeTime Achievement Award
  • 2012 Best of Nollywood Awards- Special Recognition award


Here is a screenshot from Wikipedia detailing RMD award and nominations


Richard Mofe Damijo Awards

Photo Credit: Wikipedia


What is RMD Net Worth


RMD net worth in dollars is 20 million dollars but what if I want to convert this to RMD net worth in Naira? The 58 years old is worth over 4 billion Naira. we arrived at these figures by calculating each of Richard Mofe worth be it land, houses, business, and assets.


Note: we subtracted everything from what he currently owes in the form of debt.


What is the highest-grossing movie of RMD


The highest-grossing movie of RMD is Merry Men: The Yoruba demons. A movie which stars several A-list actors of the Nigeria movie industry.


NigeriaSome of the actors includes the likes of Ramsey Nouah aka Nollywood loverboy.


The movie was produced by Ayo Makun and directed by Toka Mcbaror


Merry Men raked in a well of cash to become the highest-grossing movie in Nigeria. making over 400 million locally according to Comscore.


This figure excludes other countries in the world who may have Aired the movie in Cinemas.


This post About Jim Iyke and RMD net worth has been exhausting wouldn’t you agree?


Good thing it’s almost coming to its conclusion.


Here is the part you have been waiting for right?


Who is the richest between Jim Iyke and RMD


Jim Iyke and RMD net worth go head to head in every aspect but James eIkechukwu Esomugha is the richest of the two actors. While RMD has a net worth of 20 Million US dollars, Jim Iyke is worth 30 million dollars.


Let’s go into the vs mode now, shall we?


Jim Iyke net worth vs RMD net worth who is richer?


Here is your answer in bullet points…



  • James Ikechukwu Esomugha is worth 30 million dollars




  • Richard Mofe Damijo is worth 20 million dollars





While this post is about Jim Iyke and RMD net worth, I featured their biography to keep you glued.


Reasons being that every human loves a little storytime to take our minds off work or busyness.


If you have questions, I believe I have tried to answer all of the lingering questions from age, bio, worth and more.


Acting is a nice profession but in Nigeria, you have to be talented to showcase your worth.


So, if ever you are considering becoming an actor then focus on your dreams. pick a mentor then give it your best shot because am positive you are good enough.


Over to you guys!


Who is your favorite actor between Jim Iyke and RMD?


Leave a comment below telling me why you prefer one over the other.


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