Joeboy Somewhere Between Beauty And Magic Album 2023

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Last updated on December 26th, 2022 at 09:13 am

Joeboy somewhere between beauty and magic album is giving me goosebumps and you stream Joeboy SBBM album here.


Do you know that every track on this album is a hit track, I mean I have fun listening to it all day.


Having said that, Joeboy has simply been unstoppable since coming to the music scene.


Today, no doubt is one of the fastest-rising upcoming artists from Naija and you have got to give it to him for taking the industry by storm.


One of my go-to songs is beginning, the first track that really introduced him into the industry.


Now for the best part of this post, I will walk you slowly through every track on this list.


I will show you who produced, wrote, mixed, and mastered the Joeboy SBBM album.

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but first, take the time to stream every single track from this Joeboy somewhere between beauty and magic below.

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The album features producers such as Tempoe, Beats By KO, Semzi, E Kelly, Mex Flairz, and more.


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Count Me Out


Joeboy count me out is the intro of SBBM album tracklist and it centers on good vibes and celebration.


According to the singer, you cannot count him off because he drops smash hits.


and it looks like that’s just it’s going to stay for a very long time.

Joeboy SBBM album tracklist

This track was produced by Beats By KO and it was mixed and mastered by Oxygen music.


I even took the time to write out the Joeboy count me out lyrics here for you so check it out too.




I had fun listening to this track to be honest especially because it spoke directly to the ladies who keep hiding their feelings.


The singer was giving a little bit of advice for you to come out straight with your feelings.


This way the whole love circle is less stressful for both parties involved.


Joeboy focus should help you chill while you enjoy every other track on this album.


It was produced by MOG and mixed and mastered by Oxygen Beats.


you can also check out Joeboy’s focus lyrics here if you have some time to spare.




If you want something to express how you feel then you really want to check out this track.


In this song, the singer expresses his confusion about the girl he was having feelings for.


He could not understand these emotions and how he was been treated and as such, he is at the door asking for it to be opened.

Joeboy somewhere between beauty and magic album

Door was produced by Tempoe and I am starting to fall in love with his productions.


With that said, in another post I wrote Joeboy door lyrics so also check that out.


Number One


Joeboy number one mp3 is jamming on my headphone right now.


I love everything he did with the SBBM album and number one will drive you insane.


In number one, Joeboy expresses his love for his number one who he loves.


He is loyal to her because she is his princess and the number one woman in his life.


It was also produced by Beats By KO who did a magnificent job with this album.


I wrote about the lyrics somewhere here on SMCE so you definitely should check it out too.




Joeboy SBBM album list is fire and I literally had fun listening to every single track here.


Now if you have not listened to the songs from this album then I seriously don’t know what you are waiting for.


Go enjoy the Joeboy SBBM album tracklist and then come back to let me know your thoughts.


It’s over to you now!


How would you rate Joeboy somewhere between the beauty and magic album?


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will catch up with you.


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