Jon Snow In Rehab: What Game of Thrones Did

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Jon Snow in Rehab

Jon snow in rehab is not surprising because as an actor who played one character for so long, it can be very addicting. Just a few days back, Variety report Kit Harington checking himself into rehab.

Jon Snow in Rehab

Well, if you don’t know who Kit Harington is, he is the Game of Thrones Jon Snow.


But if you still cannot remember perhaps let me use the phrase “Winter is Here”. Does that ring a bell?


I guess it did right!


What’s up guys today, I will be speaking more on Jon Snow and Game of Thrones.


Why is Jon Snow in Rehab?


Jon Snow is in rehab because he is stressed out, exhausted and consuming a lot of alcohol even before the finale for the game of thrones aired.


but if I know anything it will be that when you are close to people for a long time. you develop this unwavering love and loyalty to them.


Jon snow real name is Kit Harington and he is an American who played the lead role in the just concluded HBO series Game of Thrones.


The end of GOT isn’t what fans anticipated after so many character development. but it is safe to say Winter is over without fear of it killing everyone.


However, I can not say the same thing for Jon Snow as the present situation is distressing for him. Jon snow in rehab means Game of Thrones did quite a number on him and here is why.


Having played a role for so many years fighting insane battles, loving, doing right by people.


I mean it is tough to say goodbye to all those amazing friends you have been on set with for so long.

Could this be why he is depressed?


Discussions like “but he isn’t the only one that has played a character for so long”

Jon Snow real name is Kit Harington

Yes, I do not argue with you on that because even Tom Welling did it with Smallville.


But then Clark Kent is no Kit Harrington I would say. plus the fact that both their character development is far from similar goes to say it all.


How Will Rehab Help Jon Snow?


The truth is since Jon Snow is in rehab, this will help him heal from depression and alcohol. that he is consuming more of even before the finale aired.

Check this Out:

NDTV report that it’s been crazy for the 32 years old playing such character with all that burden.


Though in one interview with US daily Kit said, playing Jon Snow is the best thing to happen to him.


This may be true considering the benefit that came with it. I mean he is a star that everyone has been watching for 8 long years.


I can’t even begin to imagine what that was like for Harington. The love and chant from fans and everyone alike, it must be magical you would say.


But with such fame came a price. and Jon has been reported to have checked himself in for therapy.


He is undergoing psychological coaching and behavioral therapy in Connecticut.


It was Page Six that dropped this claim stating that his rehab is due to. the fact that he scheduled himself for this therapeutic session.


He has to work on his personal behavioral issues and for me, therapy seems like the answer out for Jon.


Game of Thrones Finale


HBO series Game of Thrones has concluded on May 19th to which it broke a YouTube record. for HBO most viewed series under 24 hours.


I mean the series saw a 19.3 million view in just 24 hours. breaking all of its previous record holders.


But what fans won’t stop talking about is the distaste the end of GOT left in our mouth.


His fate, in my opinion, is a particular one that is not deserving. I mean fighting for what is right all these years and the writers reduced his character to nothing.


I personally was grieved he had to end the show the same way he started.


The few questions I asked myself was what did Jon do to deserve such fate?


Why where the producers and writers this cruel to the actor?


But the more I thought about it, the deeper I got lost in my thought. When the petition was signed, I said within me, I don’t know what this is going to change.

Jon snow rehabilitation

But heck I dived in to sign it too because I never wanted such end for Jon Snow.


In the finale, he was banished to Nights Watch after killing Daenerys mother of all dragon.


What I did not understand was why he would be dealt with such fate even up to not taking a wife or giving birth.


Up till today, I am still frustrated but I thought I would bring you a story about him to see if I do feel good a bit.




Jon Snow in rehab proves that spending much time acquainted with so many lovely characters. could mean that you grow very attached to them.


But his fate was sealed the moment his character took a downward spin thanks to the producers.


All I want now is that you wish Jon Snow a quicker recovery.


Over to you guys!


what do you think will happen to him now?


Leave a comment below and let’s chat about this more.


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Thanks for reading and I love you


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