Chico Bean and Karlous Miller net worth
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Karlous Miller and Chico Bean net worth who is richer? Chico bean and Karlous Miller net worth is estimated to be 7,500,000 US dollars ($7.5 million). 


Since this is the combined net worth of these two what is their individual net worth? 


Well, that’s what the rest part of this post is designed to help you answer. 


What is Karlous Bernard Miller’s net worth? 


What is Chico bean’s net worth? 


The rest part of this post will dive deeper into Karlous Miller net worth 2020


but it doesn’t stop there, I have also taken a step further to cover everything about Chico Bean net worth 2020. 


Chico Bean net worth 2020
Jamal Anthony

Now, before you and I continue, here is a bullet point on what you will further get from this post. 


  • How much is Chico Bean and Karlous Miller net worth 


  • Who is the richest between Karlous Miller and Chico Bean


  • What is Chico Bean and Karlous Bernard Miller source of income 


  • Karlous Bernard Miller andChico Bean biography 


  • Frequently asked questions about these two 


  • Conclusion 


How Much is Chico Bean and Karlous Miller Net Worth 


Money is how you and I buy and sell today all around the world right? 


It started in ancient times with the use of Gold aka God’s money according to Robert Kiyosaki. 


Personally I love how he called it God’s money because Gold has been here for more 5000 years


and it’s still very much in play today, heck I didn’t even think something like bitcoin would be invented. 

Chico Bean and Karlous Miller net worth
Chico Bean and Karlous Miller


Somehow you probably don’t know but both currency have been said to be inflation-proof. 


By the way, if you are like me then chances are you do not even have the slightest idea about money. 


So here is my recommendation, look up Robert Kiyosaki and Robert Breedlove on these topics. 


In other words, they are a solid source for information on anything cash or finance. 


With that out of the way, I have broken this part of the post into two. 


The first subheading to tell you every tiny fine detail I have on the net worth of Karlous Bernard Miller


Subsequently, the second subheading will touch every little known detail on the net worth of Chico Bean


  • How much is Karlous Bernard Miller net worth 2020


  • How much is Emmanuel Hudson net worth 2020 


Let’s take the first part of the subheading which is about Karlous Miller’s worth, shall we? 


How Much is Karlous Bernard Miller Net Worth 2020 


How much is Karlous Miller net worth 2020? Karlous Miller net worth 2020 Forbes is estimated to be worth the huge sum of 4,000,000 US dollars ($4 Million). A larger part of the net worth Karlous Miller has comes from his Wild n Out career. 


Karlous Miller Networth: $4 million 


Karlous Bernard Miller’s net worth increased tremendously due to his diverse sources of income. 

[table id=40 /]

but hey more on that later when you and I discuss his source of income. 


So for now, stay with me as we dive a little further into this topic centered on Chico Bean and Karlius Miller’s net worth. 

net worth of Karlous Miller

Firstly if you compare the net worth he has with some of the rap stars like NLE Choppa, you’d see he is way ahead. 


That kind of money comes from pretty damn hard work and hustle with a dedicated mind. 


Now let’s talk about Karlous Miller cars, shall we? 


Karlous Miller Cars and Houses 


I tell people that when you have money, it feels good because you know you can do everything. 


The whole idea behind making money is to have a good life, a healthy family, pay the bills, and more. 


Now if you want to take that a step further then you hook yourself up with some nice cars right? 


Well, nice houses too especially if you fancy luxurious houses like some of these here

The idea here is that money helps you get the basic necessity for a human being to live his or her life. 


Now here are some of Karlous Miller car collections you probably didn’t know about… 


  • 1993 Chevy Caprice 


  • Pontiac Firebird 


These two cars are just super beautiful if you ask me. 


I love cars because depending on the type of investor that you are it can be a form of asset. 


I mean if you get some of the rare generations of cars that are worth millions of dollars, you keep it as an asset. 


Karlous Miller 1993 Chevy Caprice is said to cost more than $36,000. 


Now the asking price could start anywhere from $5000 to $37,000. 


Imagine you have $4 million sitting in your bank account, would $37K look too much to splash around? 

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I bet not right? 


You guessed right… 


He also bought himself the Pontiac Firebird, an insane car by the way… 


According to Motortrends the asking price for this car starts from $102,000 to $190,000.


Again not too bad for someone with such a huge amount of millions as his bank account balance. 


Karlous Miller also owns a small house that is said to cost anywhere between $120,000 to $250,000.


This helps the comedian to rest his head after a rigorous day in the constant hustle and bustle of the world. 


Now quickly let’s look at Chico bean net worth as well some of his cars and houses. 


How Much is Chico Bean Net Worth 2020 


How much is Chico bean net worth 2020? Chico bean net worth 2020 Forbes has been estimated to be 3,500,000 US dollars ($3.5 million). and a larger part of that income also comes from Wild N Out founded by Nick Cannon. 


Chico Bean Networth: $3.5 Million 


Much like Karlous, Chico bean also has other sources of income and we will get into that next. 

[table id=41 /]

As a comedian and a rapper, you could say this guy makes a lot of money right? 


and yes music is one of the several ways Forbes Chico bean net worth has grown this much. 

How much is Chico Bean worth

Yeah if you compare how much he is worth with the likes of Ludacris, he makes relatively low annual income. 


but hey it’s not who is the richest, I believe it’s about how you choose to invest what you have. 


In a nutshell, if you want to make more money then you have to invest what you have. 


Often times comedians, musicians, movie stars mistake liabilities for assets. 


Now an asset is anything that brings you money and a liability is anything that takes away money from you. 


It’s a simple yet profound principle in the financial industry. 


If you understand this then you start seeing things differently from other people. 


Having said that, let’s talk a little bit about the cost of Chico Bean car collections, shall we? 


Chico Bean Cars and Houses 


I admire celebrities because of the multitude of opportunities that they have got. 


You see one of the easiest ways you can make it today is to become famous. 


Once you become famous half of the job is done, the next thing is to become creative. 


Your creativity will then be used to further make you popular and make you more money. 

With more money, you could get yourself the nicest house and cars you dream of. 


As the saying goes, your imagination is the only limitation. 


Now here are some of Chico Bean cars that he owned from his hard-earned cash. 


  • Mercedes Benz SLS AMG 


  • Chevrolet Tahoe 


Both cars are monstrous especially if you do a little Google search on the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG. 


I mean that ride is any body’s dream car… 


For example, you get asked would take Mercedes Benz over a Chevrolet Tahoe? 


You just don’t even need to ask because your answer will be “are you stupid hell yeah I will take it any day”. 


One, your decision is fueled by two things, one you know Benz is a bigger brand in the automobile industry. 


and two you know it costs way more than a Chevrolet Tahoe right? 


Chico Bean Mercedes Benz SLS AMG costs between $121,000 to $621,000. 


This makes the car one of his most pricy possessions currently in terms of automobiles. 


His Chevrolet Tahoe cost anywhere from $40,000  to as high as $60,000.


Speaking about Chico Bean house, his house according to some source is said to be worth more than $300,000.


Now that’s the price you can buy for if it is listed for sale on any property website in the world. 


You and I now know more about Karlous Miller and Chico Bean net worth 2020 right? 


Let’s spell who is the richest out hold and find out their sources of income too. 


Who is The Richest Between Chico Bean and Karlous Miller 


Chico Bean and Karlous Miller who is the richer? Chico Bean net worth in 2020 is estimated to $3.5 million subsequently Karlous Miller’s net worth is estimated to $4 million. 


The figures above clearly show you who is the richest between these comedic actors. 

Karlous Miller worth

Chico Bean currently trails Karlous Miller with a massive $500,000. 


Now, this is the second half of 2020 which looks very much like the year history will be made. 


Although the world’s economy looks to be in Jeopardy, I believe there is something good to come out of all of these. 


So whether Chico will become richer than Karlous in 2021, we will see how it all goes. 


If there is anything certain for now, it will be that Chico Bean net worth Forbes will be looking to climb higher considering his current deal in Wild N Out. 


The same thing can be said about Karlous Miller net worth so far since both comedians work for the same company ViaCom. 


What is Karlous Miller and Chico Bean Source of Income 


I have to say this very bluntly if you are in 2020. and you still can’t spread your source of income over different channels then something is wrong with you. 


This is because having just one source of making money is a recipe for disaster. 


but hey I am not a financial literate, so you can take my words with a grain of salt. if you are looking to create wealth. 

How much is Karlous Miller Worth

Have you ever wondered how the rich make more money and keep their portfolio growing? 


Well, it is because they constantly think of ways they can diversify their income source. 

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Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world for just this one single principle of diversification. 


Putting all your eggs into one basket is dangerous so to speak. 


Assuming you and me still on the same page then it might interest you to know this;


I have divided this part of the post into two subheadings. 


The first will touch on the source of income of Karlous Miller. and the second to hammer home Chico Bean source of income. 


  • What is Chico Bean source of income 


  • What is Karlous Miller source of income 


What is Chico Bean Source of Income 


I really can’t lay too much emphasis on this but you have to understand that it’s important to have more than one income source. 


So if you are serious about making or diversifying your source of income then read this article


When you have multiple income sources you are financially proof. 

Karlous Miller and Chico Bean net worth

but if you don’t then it could be a problem, nobody knows when the economy will crash like it did in 2008. 


I had to learn all of these hard so this is why my advice is usually to have more than one source of making money. 


With that out of the way, let’s see where Chico Bean money comes from shall we? 


  • Stand up comedy 


  • Movies 


  • Music 


  • Endorsement 


Chico Bean major source of income comes from his comedy shows. 


He was recruited by Nick Cannon to join the Wild N Out which is a company he founded. 


Basically, Wild N Out a comedy show where different comedians take a short at each other in a humorous way. 


and Chico has been part of this family for a very long time receiving an annual revenue of more than $75,000. 


His second source of income comes from movies, so far Chico Bean has been known for his role in movies such as Uncommon Sense with Charlamagne Actor.


It was said that Chico Bean makes between $10,000 to $200,000 to get casted on any movie in the USA. 


He also makes money from music, naturally, Chico Bean is a comedic rapper. 


This is what has helped him a great deal in the Wild N Out shows so far. 


His production skills have also helped in more ways than can be said. 


One of the pecks that come with being a celebrity is how you are constantly in talks with big brands. 


In other words, these brands will pay you to endorse their product or services. 


For example, Messi has an endorsement deal with Adidas right? 


This means Adidas pays him for this endorsement, the same scenario with Chico Bean endorsement deals. 


All of these sources of income have helped to increase the net worth of Chico Bean 2020. 


What is Karlous Miller Source of Income 


I have to say Karlous Miller and Chico Bean’s net worth is what it is today because of Wild n Out. 


And both have strategically won the heart of fans all over the world watching Wild N Out. 


They are funny, happy, and know how to make anyone on earth ugly laugh. 


It’s a good thing because the world has too much chaos right now, that a little laughter could mean a lot. 

With that said here are some of the ways Karlous Miller makes his money. 


  • Shows 


  • Movies 


  • Music 


  • Comedy 


Karlous Miller’s first source of income is his ability to make you really laugh hard. 


You can say he and Chico bean are two gifted individuals that the Wild N Out shows is gifted to have. 


I love how he takes the audience and makes them his own while connecting with them on a one of a kind frequency. 


His second source of income comes from shows… 


This means whenever he gets booked to make an audience laugh, he makes money. 


Karlous Miller charges between $15,000 to $30,000 to make an audience laugh. 


I mean if you multiple this by a year, that’s a very lucrative source of income-you will say right? 


You damn right it is… 


His third source of money comes from his rapping career (music). 


Karlous have released several rap songs with his kid brother Philip Miller. 


and this is also one of his major sources of making money much like Chico. 


All of these sources have helped to improve the net worth of Karlous Miller 2020.


So now that we know more about Chico Bean and Karlous Miller net worth let’s look at their biography. 


Karlous Miller and Chico Bean Biography 


Whenever I am in a conversation I ask the simple question what is your story? 


This helps open people up to talk about their life’s journey in a fashioned manner. 


You learn about their past, present as well as what they have planned for the future. 

Now here is how I define the word biography; biography is a person’s life story told by either the person or by someone else. 


Now here is a definition I pulled from the Wikipedia page. A biography, or simply bio, is a detailed description of a person’s life. It involves more than just the basic facts like education, work, relationships, and death; it portrays a person’s experience of these life events.


Now with that out of the way, I have divided this section into two parts. 


The first to talk about Karlous Miller’s biography and his career. 


The second subheading to detail Chico Bean biography. 


Now I understand you may be thinking while do I need to talk about their bios right? 


the truth is I can’t discuss Karlous Miller and Chico net worth and not talk about their biography. 


So here we go… 


  • Karlous Miller biography 


  • Chico Bean biography 


Karlous Miller Biography 


What is the name of Karlous of Wild N Out? His full name is Karlous Bernard Miller. 

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Karlous Bernard was born in Oxford Mississipi in the year 1983 April 2nd. 


Bernard was born into a blended family and use to have a career a Firefighter before his fame. 


Miller’s dream to earn millionaires help to fuel his decision to move from Oxford to Atlanta. 

Karlous Miller net worth 2020
Karlous Miller

During the Nick Cannon saga, he tweeted about how he would miss Wild N Out after it’s cancellation. 


You can read about how what led to Nick Cannon being fired from the show here. 


Something which in Nicks opinion he termed as being wrongly fired. 


So who is Karlous Bernard Miller? Karlous Bernard Miller is an American musician from Mississipi who has a career in rap, comedy, and acting. His fame could be attributed to his character role in MTV base series Wild N Out founded by Nick Cannon. 


Karlous cites the likes of Steve Harvey and Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy as people that influenced his career as a stand-up comedian. 


if by chance you know any of those names then you well aware they are some of the biggest in the comedy industry. 


With that said, let’s look at how his career started and the road to fame. 


So how did his career start? 


How Did Karlous Miller Career Start 


As a firefighter who wanted more for his life, Bernard Miller decided to pack up and move to Atlanta. 


So how do you transition from being a firefighter to being a stand-up comedian? 


Well in my head the only limitation anyone could have is let the little voice in their head stop them. 


Miller’s first TV appearance was in Partners in crime the new generation. 


He however played other roles in TV series such as Yo Momma, Off The Chain, Comic view, and more. 


but the moment that shot him to fame was his time on TV show Wild N Out in which is bond between himself and Chico Bean is off the roof. 


Karlous passion for rap has also helped him open doors to him working with the big names in the American music industry. 


This includes the likes of T.I, Gucci Mane, Jermaine Dupri. 


In 2015, The 85 South Show Podcast, in which the group literally spoke about things from all works of life. 


The Podcast became very popular that people tune in every now and then to listen to the show. 


All of these moment combine to make him a famous comedian today. 


Chico Bean Biography 


What is the name of Chico Bean? His real name is Anthony Jamal Bean. 


but he became famously known by the nickname Chico Bean because of his uncle who named him Chico. 


So when was Chico Bean born? 

Where is Chico Bean from? 


Anthony Jamal Bean was born in Washington DC in the year 1987 February 20th. 


So who is Chico Bean? Chico Bean is an American stand-up comedian who rose to fame after he was discovered by Nick Cannon. 


Bean is also an actor and a rapper.


The one thing I love about Chico Bean is his humor on the stage when he is performing. 


You can tell there is so much talent in him that there couldn’t be any room big enough to hold down these potentials. 


So how did his career began? 


You and I will get into that shortly just stay with me… 


How Did Chico Bean Career Start 


Much like every famous person in the world with a story, Chico’s career didn’t start until his 20s.


At the very beginning, Chico’s dream was to become a comedian. 


but even a comedian needs someone to propel his career right and that is where Nick comes into the picture. 


Chico Bean was performing in Greensboro North Carolina one faithful day. 


There comes, Nick Cannon who is already famous for movies like Love Don’t Cost a Thing. 


You could add Drummer boy the movies for which he became famous, although I loved the former more. 


Nick saw the potentials in Bean hence he recruited him as part of the Wild N Out cast. 


Chico alongside Karlous made their way with their humor into the hearts of fans.  


This humor is what has helped to grow Karlous and Chico Bean’s net worth today. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


This part of the post will answer some of the questions you have always asked on Google. 


Let’s start by answering questions you have on Chico Bean. 


What is Chico Bean Real name


What is Chico Bean real name? Chico Bean’s real name is Anthony Jamal Bean.


What is Chico Bean real name


What is Chico Bean real name? Chico Bean is famous for being a comedic actor who is known for his role in Wild N Out.


Is Chico Bean related to Karlous Miller


Is Chico Bean related to Karlous Miller? Chico was born in Washington DC while Karlous Miller is a native of Mississippi.


Does Chico Bean have a kid


Does Chico Bean have a kid? Chico Bean currently has a 10 years old daughter who was born in the year 2010.


What fraternity is Chico Bean in


What fraternity is Chico Bean in? Chico Bean belongs to the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.


What is Karlous Miller worth


What is Karlous Miller worth? Karlous Miller’s net worth is estimated to be 4,000,000 US dollars ($4 million). He makes money from music, comedy, endorsement, and shows.


Do Karlous Miller have kids


Do Karlous Miller have kids? Karlous Miller has 12 years old son currently. He has been involved in one relationship in the past.


Does Karlous Miller have a girlfriend


Does Karlous Miller have a girlfriend? Karlous Miller does not have any girlfriend currently and he has not been previously engaged in the past. However, he has been in one relationship before now.




In the world of comedy, sure there are the likes of Eddie Murphy, Steve Harvey, right? 


but hey there is also two guys called Chico Bean and Karlous Miller who would crack you up once they assume the stage. 


So when next you are wondering how much is Chico Bean worth, know he is worth $3.5 million. 


and if also you are wondering how much is Karlous Miller worth, know he is worth $4 million. 


With that said how would predict the rise of Karlous Miller and Chico Bean net worth in 2021? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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