Kelvin Hart Sex Tape (When Your Friend Betrays You)

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Kelvin Hart Sex Tape

Kelvin Hart sex tape leak my change how you want to treat a friend. and is enough to beg question like is friendship overrated?

Kelvin Hart Sex Tape

Hopefully, for the latter part of this post, I will express my own opinion on that shortly.


While it’s not totally strange for celebrities to be dragged into complicated issues. about their personal life, it is strange if the ones you call friends are your trouble.


Recall back in 2018 when Kelvin was almost roasted for a comment he made 9 years back right?


Time has gone by quickly so, I don’t expect you to remember that. but the link at the bottom of this post should jog your memory.


Same 2018, Kelvin Hart was involved in a sex tape scandal. but nothing was found except the Revelation of a friend’s betrayal.


 Jonathan Jacobs however thinks hasn’t done anything wrong in trying to sell a newsworthy story.


Here is what went down:


In 2018 when Kelvin Hart sex tape scandal leaked, Jonathan was contacted by a Hollywood reporter.


No names were disclosed by the negotiations had gone South. because the involved reporter wanted to pay Jacobs 10,000 US dollars for the tape.


But Jonathan needed more than the amount he was willing to pay.


Long story short the deal had gone sideways because both parties couldn’t reach an agreement.


Jonathan called Kelvin to blackmail him for what appears to be a mysterious truth without fact.


You and both know that in the court of law if you have your facts right then you win.


My advice, never go into a courtroom not having your facts right. because in the eyes of the law if you can’t prove anything then nothing holds water.


An investigation was carried out only to Hart’s shocking dismay, his homie is the culprit.


But wait there’s more…


Here is a quick question for you!


What will you do if your best is the mysterious caller caught blackmailing you?


Leave your comment below as you and I continue down this session.


Although Jonathan had claim he didn’t do anything wrong, Capital Xtra had reported. that the two friends had kissed friendship goodbye.


Now back to the earlier question I asked which spun around Kelvin Hart sex tape:


Is friendship overrated?


Here is my opinion in a few words so I do hope it isn’t bizarre…


Lolz even if it is for you, am sure it’s just my own opinion.


Personally, I think Friendship isn’t overrated because life is a collection of moments.


Friends make that life go around so whether good or bad friends, I filter the bad memories easily.


But you might be curious as to how easy that gets right especially if you ask me to define easy.


Don’t get me wrong, nothing is easy, it takes a lot of discipline, boldness, and courage. to forgive other people’s wrongdoings.


However, if you don’t, you deprive yourself of feeling true happiness.


But how is that so?


Perhaps let me illustrate with an example If that would help me connect more with you.


Have you noticed that when are angry at someone, you don’t feel Joy?


Well even if you do feel a flicker of The feeling of Joy, why is it that when you see the person. it’s all sad mode activated couple with the emotion of anger?


Here is a short answer for you…


You are letting him or her control you by staying angry at the person.


One of the best practice in spirituality is the practice of letting go of all of your worries and pain.


Try that and you become truly free from letting a human take the front seat of deciding your happiness.


Friendship is never overrated because like everything else forgiveness is key to infinite happiness.


Over to you guys!


What do think is friendship overrated?


Comment below your view on this and do not forget. please share on Facebook and Twitter with the share button on your screen.


Thanks for reading and cheers to you!


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