Kim and Kourtney Kardashian California fire backlash

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Kim and Kourtney Kadashian California Fire Backlash

Last updated on May 7th, 2020 at 03:13 pm

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian California fire backlash take a different turn. after fans take to social media to express their disgust.

Kim and Kourtney Kadashian California Fire Backlash

Kim and Kourtney come under fire after 2018 California fire disaster. but this is not the first time this two have been at gunpoint.


recall some days earlier right when Kim K posted pictures of her daughter online during. the celebration of her mom’s 85th birthday?


Kim parenting was questioned because she allowed North her daughter. to wear a nose ring which some thought was inappropriate for a child her age.


but that wouldn’t be the first time she has come under such heavy criticism. back in 2018, Kim had defended the backlash from fans which saw the criticism of her daughter for wearing a nose ring.


Today Shoutmeceleb is reporting another backlash but this time its directed. to Kim and Kourtney for making a bizarre statement about 2018 California fire.


In the latest season of the Kardashians Kourtney,  Jonathan Cheban, and Kim were discussing. about the wildfire that killed about 85 persons with two yet unaccounted for in 2019.


The fire destroyed about 18,000 structures and accounted. for about $12 billion dollars in insurance as at 2019.


While the sisters were talking about the fire outbreak in the Northern part of the state. Kim said this fire brought us together, a statement which many of the TV followers found to be foolish.


Here is a statement from several fans:


“There were literally people camping in Walmart parking lots starving in the aftermath. of these fires and Kourtney like let’s just move to Italy!”


Here What another of the fans said:


“Yeah, and all their valuables and sentimental items are stored in safe deposit closets anyway. People here commenting how carefree they are. Lol.”


“It is actually very sad, to know that there are people with no homes and she can move somewhere she wants.”


All this fuzz came to be due to a question Kourtney’s daughter asked about the fire outbreak.


Here is the question!


Mom, what will happen if our homes were caught up in flames during this wildfire?


Kourtney’s insensitive answer according to Capitalxtra…

Kourtney and Kim California Fire Backlash

it goes like this!


“We can go anywhere. Let’s go to Italy. We can move to Italy. I was like, we can eat focaccia for the rest of our lives.”


The above comment led to Kim and Kourtney Kardashian California fire backlash from the viewers of the TV show.


In the history California wildfires the 2018 version is recorded to be the deadliest in history.


Also, Wikipedia wrote that the cost of fire suppression was $1.6 billion in cost.


over to you guys!


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