Lil Reese net worth 2020
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Lil Reese and King Von net worth who is the richest? King Von and Lil Reese net worth is currently estimated to be a combined $1,500,000. 


but since this post is about Lil Reese and King Von net worth, I will dive a little deeper. 


what is Lil Reese’s net worth?


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what is King Von’s net worth?


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I will show you King Von net worth 2020 as well as Lil Reese net worth 2020


but wait that’s not all! 


I will walk you through how Lil Reese and King Von’s career started as well as both their income source. 


but first let me outline what you need to expect from Lil Reese and King Von’s net worth. 


Here we go! 


  • How much is Lil Reese and King Von net worth 


  • Who is the richest between Lil Reese and King Von 


  • What is Lil Reese and King Von source of wealth 


  • Lil Reese and King Von brief bio 


  • How did Lil Reese and King Von career start 


  • Frequently asked questions about Lil Reese and King Von 


  • Conclusion 


Having said all of that, now, let’s dive in deeper to discover how much is Lil Reese worth


and once you and I are done with that, we can transition into how much is King Von worth

After all, this post is about Lil Reese worth as well as King Von worth right? 


How Much is Lil Reese and King Von Net Worth 


The world is changing really fast and with that changes comes a lot of millionaires and billionaires in the world today


You and I have the likes of Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates as some of the richest men in the world today right? 


but wait! 


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be listed as one of the richest people in history? 


Take a minute and let that sink in while I outline what you will get from this part of the post. 


You see in other to make it easy and skimmable for you, I have decided to break this into subheadings. 


The first part will detail the net worth of Lil Reese 2020.


Then I will kick off the second subheading with the net worth of King Von 2020


Once I am done with that I will walk you through who is the richest next. 


Come on hop on let me take you for a ride… 


and here are the bullet points. 


  • How much is Lil Reese net worth 2020 


  • How much is King Von net worth 2020


How Much is Lil Reese Net Worth 2020 


How much is Lil Reese net worth? Lil Reese net worth 2020 Forbes is currently estimated to be 1,000,000 US dollars ($1,000,000). A larger part of his income is made from some of his hit tracks but legal issues have seen him unable to pace up in the American music industry.


Lil Reese Networth: $500,000


Lil Reese has other sources of income that stack up to $1,000,000 and you and I will cover it much later. 

Lil Reese net worth 2020
Lil Reese

For now, I believe if you are worth this much you are probably grateful as a musician.


After all not everyone is going to make it into the list of richest musicians in the world.


but hey Lil Reese is still rich considering he hasn’t been that consistent due his legal issues. 


If I have 5 hundred thousand dollars I tell you what, I am going to get myself a nice looking house for penny under a dollar. 


After all in this part of the world owning a home could be a really lucrative business. 


When compared to some of the upcoming musicians like Lil Tecca, Reese is actually worth lesser. 


but hey who am I to judge I don’t even have a fraction of what this guy own yet. 


Having said that Forbes Lil Reese net worth could grow if he doesn’t get into trouble again honestly. 


Reese has some mad skills but he just can’t let things slide which is a terrible side. 


Now come let’s look at Forbes King Von’s net worth for the year 2020.


How Much is King Von Net Worth 2020 


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How much is King Von net worth? King Von net worth 2020 Forbes is currently estimated to be 400,000 US dollars ($500,000). Much part of his income has been made dropping singles and mixed tapes after listening to Durk’s advice to go all in to the game of music. 


King Von Networth: $500,000


While a lot of young artists are springing up, King Von looks to be among singers with a promising future. 


Plus for someone who is been in the industry in less than 36 months, you Could say Von is doing great. 

While I was a kid I would sit and listen to my mom’s advice to I and my siblings on choosing a profitable career. 


Then one day my kid brother said to my mom I would love to be a musician when I grow up. 


This took place in 1997 April 26th, you need to see my mama’s reaction when those words left my kid brother’s lips. 


She was like “Look son this should be the last time you come to me with such professions”.


Now, I look at her and I am like you see the profession you hated back then, it is one of the most lucrative ways to make money these days. 


She shrugs it off by saying that I don’t want any of my kids to go into such a line of hustle. 


Whenever I remember this I just laugh because it is easy to be salty towards some careers. 


Anyways I am tipping King Von net worth Forbes to grow with more than a $100,000 in 2021.


Now that you know King Von and Lil Reese net worth, come on let’s see who is the richest, shall we? 


Who is The Richest Between Lil Reese and King Von 


Money is made from being a smart hustler, the truth is when you do it right, you can end up becoming a billionaire. 


In Africa, you have the likes of Aliko Dangote as one of the richest men in Africa right? 


While in the world there is Jeff Bezos, now these guys didn’t have it easy. 


They walked and hustle for what they have today and with all that fortune, it could become easy to be jealous. 

King Von net worth 2020
King Von

I go through the profile of celebs every day and I find lots of trolls hating on the rich musicians. 


and I am like if only you could spend all that negative energy hustling I bet you won’t be broke. 


Having said, Lil Reese and King Von who is richer? I will answer your question shortly. 


King Von and Lil Reese who is richer? King Von net worth in 2020 is $500,000 while Lil Reese net worth 2020 is currently $1,000,000. 


The above figures show that Lil Reese is currently richer than King Von as of 2020.


So by what margin does King Von trail Lil Reese? King Von trails Lil Reese by a massive $500,000. 


However, since this is not a race to the top, both artists can seemingly enjoy a comfortable life with their wealth. 


What is Lil Reese and King Von Source of Wealth 


Let me tell you a very brief story about two friends. 


There were two friends who have been best friends from childhood. 


They ate together, slept on the same bed, did practically everything together. 


Then one became a successful businessman and the other worked in an oil and gas company. 


Whenever they sat down, the one that’s into business would suggest business opportunities for his best friend. 

net worth of Lil Reese 2020
Lil Reese hail from Chicago USA

He would say I believe you should have multiple sources of income because you don’t know what the future holds. 


His friend felt the one that’s into business is jealous of him and would say all sorts of salty words to him. 


but he took it all with a grain of salt then one day the one working in an oil company lost his job. 


He went to his friend who is a businessman and said I am truly sorry for having treated you badly. 


Now I understand all that you have been trying to tell me. 


So why the story? 


Well, I told you that short story to show you that it is important to diversify your sources of income. 


So for the next few minutes let’s see how these two are making their money. 


  • What is the source of Lil Reese wealth 


  • What is the source of King Von wealth 


What is The Source of Lil Reese Wealth 


Do you know that artist naturally have a diverse source of income? 


I mean take the likes of Usher, for example, his career as a musician made room for other careers. 


What all this did is help boost his income source which gave birth to several other sources of income. 

How much is Lil Reese net worth

He is a performer, an actor, a singer, songwriter. 


Now let’s see Lil Reese’s first source of cash, shall we? 


Here is a list of Taylor’s income sources… 


  • Music 


  • Shows 


  • Social media 


  • YouTube 


Lil Reese first source money comes from his songs and mixtapes. 


So far he has more than 7 mixtapes that have all been well received in the industry. 


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Due to his legal issues, he has been unable to fully record an album. 


Taylor’s second source of income comes through his YouTube channel


As a musician, it is becoming important to have a social following and Reese has amassed more than 100K subscribers on YouTube. 


Now if you watch his videos, there are ads that pop up probably every 2 minutes. 


If you see this ad then YouTube pays him on a Per thousand mile impression. 


Lil Reese’s 3rd source of income comes from invitation to perform on shows. 


Now while signed to Def Jam, Lil Reese makes between $2000 to $3000 to perform on shows. 


Lil Reese also has a good following on Instagram which can be a source of income for him too. 


He could take on sponsored posts like Cristiano Ronaldo who makes a lot from his sponsored posts. 


The net worth Lil Reese has amassed of over the years has been made possible through all the sources of income listed above. 


What is King Von Source of Wealth 


First I have to say I don’t know what it is with black musicians with legal issues. 


It’s becoming really hard to find a young black American musician without a legal issue. 


Now, this doesn’t mean that they all got one but the majority do and it ain’t funny at all. 

net worth of King Von 2020
Von in his car

I was on Wiki doing research for this blog post and as I type King Von into Google, I was stamped with his legal issues on the Wiki page. 


I seriously think the black community needs to be a lot better because there is just too much violence. 


With that said here are some of King Von sources of money. 


  • Songs and Mixtapes 


  • Instagram following 


  • Shows 


  • Youtube 


Von’s first source of cash comes from his singles and album. 


In 2018 King Von release the single Crazy Story which got positive eyeballs. 


The song was streamed over 20 million times on music streaming platforms such as Apple and SoundCloud. 


His second source of cash could just as easily be Instagram. 


With over 1.2 million followers on Instagram, Von could earn money from sponsored posts. 


His 3rd source of income comes from shows, he currently earns between $1000 to $2000 to perform on shows. 


And finally, his last source of income is YouTube and other music streaming platforms. 


When he releases a song depending on the number of views, YouTube and other platforms pay him. 


All these sources have helped to increase the net worth King Von has since he debuted in the industry. 


Now that you and I know much about King Von and Lil Reese’s net worth, come on let’s take a look at their brief bio, shall we? 


Lil Reese and King Von Biography 


As a celebrity, it is very important that the world hears from you. 


The more the world knows about you in your career, the more the chances of reaching a wider audience. 


More audience means more fame, and more fame means more money to be made. 


So for the major part of this section, I will be more focused on a short biography of these two youngsters. 


After all, I can’t talk about Lil Reese and King Von net worth and not slip in their biography. 


Having said that, the first subheading will talk a little about Lil Reese’s biography. 


and the second subheading will discuss King Von biography so come on let’s see what we can find. 


  • Lil Reese biography 


  • King Von biography 


Lil Reese Biography 


What is your biography? I mean if someone talks about you today, what could be listed as your humble beginning? 


If you have a clue then by all means leave me a comment below with your thoughts. 


I have always appreciated the opportunity to connect with other people in the world. 


A lot of people don’t remember the real name of the artist. 

Too many a time I have seen people who only know the stage name of an artist and not his real name. 


So what is the real name of Lil Reese? The real name of Lil Reese is Tavares Taylor


and he was born in Chicago United States of America in the year 1993 January 3rd. 


Reese is a troubled young adult who has been incarcerated on several occasions due to street life. 


So who is Lil Reese? Tavares Taylor popularly known by his stage name Lil Reese is an American rapper and songwriter who is signed to Def Jam. 


Lil Reese has released several mixed tapes from 2013 down to 2020. 


and he is beginning to see some light in the American music industry. 


In November 2019, Lil Reese was shot at point-blank range with a short riffle. 


He was rushed to the hospital and after a couple of months, he made full recovering. 


He posted his recovery on Instagram with lots of his followers wishing him well. 


King Von Biography 


I could say King Von signing to Lil Durk OTF family could become the best thing that’s happened to the singer in a long time. 


I mean he is constantly dropping good tracks these days and he is looking like he is going worldwide. 

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but just before I blow and hype him let’s look at his brief biography shall we? 

King Von and Lil Reese net worth

What is the real name of King Von? The real name of King Von is Dayvon Bennett. 


Dayvon Bennett was born in the Chicago United States of America in the year 1994 on August 9th. 


Much like Lil Reese, King Von has had some troubled past. 


You can chalk it down to growing up in the black community. 


At the early age of 16 King Von was jailed and after coming out of jail he was signed to Lil Durk record label OTF. 


So who is King Von? King Von is an American rapper and songwriter who rose to fame after his feature on one of Lil Durk’s single. 


In 2019 the singer moved to Atlanta and posted a photo of a house and car he bought for his mother. 


Von career is just beginning to kick-off and as the years go by, you and I would see what life is like with the OTF family. 


Having said all of these, now let’s take a look at how Lil Reese and King Von rose to fame shall we? 


How Did Lil Reese and King Von Career Start 


The number one thing I love to do as a human being is to write down each of my challenges. 


This way its documented so that when the time is right I could tell stories of what the journey to success was like for me. 


If you are like me then chances are you would have a lot of stories to tell. 


As I write I only have $100 dollars as my bank account balance honestly. 


I am not kidding you! 


but I am hopeful that one day as I continue to write and grow the audience of SMCE, the result will speak for itself. 


Having said I have further broken this part of the post into two subheadings. 


The first will share a brief light on how Lil Reese’s career started. 


and the second well you already know… 


  • How did Lil Reese career start 


  • How did King Von career start 


How Did Lil Reese Career Start 


If you are a musician then I can’t emphasize enough the importance of releasing hits back to back. 


This is very crucial for an artist’s success in a competitive musical environment. 


Some would say there is no competition in the music industry but how true is that? 

Lil Reese and King Von net worth

I think such a person never could be more wrong because the American music industry is very competitive. 


There are a lot of big names who are still very famous today, so how would you displace them? 


It’s by being your best! 


So when did the big moment happen for Lil Reese? 


Well, Lil Reese shot to fame after he was featured on Chief Keef single I Don’t Like. 


I don’t Like quickly garnered some positive eyeballs reaching lots of hip hop lovers in the US. 


This was the beginning of Lil Reese’s career. 


Fame? he got signed to Def Jam where he released several mixtapes. 


His most recent project is Title Don’t Like 2 which was released in 2020. 


In November 2012 he made a remix of his song Us featuring Rick Ross and Drake. 


Most of the mixtapes and recent projects are what have helped in boosting Lil Reese net worth in 2020 to 500 grand. 


How Did King Von Career Start 


King Von’s career didn’t begin until he was released from jail. 


After his release from jail, the singer took to rapping and collaborated with Lil Durk. 


In 2018 he got signed to Lil Durk Only The Family Label which has the acronym (OTF). 


Under OTF he released the single Crazy Story 2.0 which gained a massive stream. 

The big moment happened when be released the video for Crazy Story which quickly garnered more than 20 million views. 


He also released a remix of Crazy Story 3.0 which seems to be the last of the series. 


On September 19, 2019, Von released his 15 track debut album, “Grandson, Vol. 1” featuring Lil Durk on a pair of tracks, the album debuted at 75 on the Billboard 200 and 27 at the Hip Hop/R&B Songs Airplay chart. 


Check out a screenshot of the number of views Crazy Story has gotten on YouTube. 


Frequently Asked Question About Lil Reese and King Von 


In this section of this post, I will answer some of the burning questions you have about these two. 


Note: I will answer every question on Lil Reese before moving to questions on King Von. 


Here we go… 


Did Lil Reese Survive


Did Lil Reese survive? Lil Reese survived a shoot out in Chicago after an unknown man reportedly shot him in the neck with a short rifle. He was rushed to the hospital and a couple of months he made full recovery. He took to Instagram to post a photo of his recovery.


Who is Lil Reese Signed To


Who is Lil Reese signed to? Reese is currently signed to Def Jam record under which he has released several mixtapes and studio albums. 


Is King Von and Lil Durk Related


Is king Von and Lil Durk related? King Von by blood is not related to Lil Durk however, Von is signed to OTF which was formed by Lil Durk.




I have tried to make this on King Von and Lil Reese net worth as concise as possible. 


and I have answered any burning question you may have about Lil Reese net worth 2020. 


I also took the time to answer questions on King Von net worth 2020 and also show you who is the richest between the two artists. 


Now it’s your turn! 


How would you predict the increase in Lil Reese and King Von’s net worth in 2021? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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