Kiss Daniel and Mayorkun Net Worth
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Last updated on September 4th, 2023 at 03:57 am

Have you ever asked the question Kiss Daniel and Mayorkun net worth who is the richest? this post will explore who is the richest between Kizz and Mayorkun.


The purpose of my post is to provide you with the best possible answer to your question. If I can make you happy with my response, then I am truly satisfied.


What’s up guys I am Mone Nuel founder of Shoutmeceleb Entertainment. and today I am going to cover Mayorkun and Kiss Daniel’s net worth.


Here is a quick question for you!


Between Kiss Daniel and Mayorkun’s net worth who is more richer?


Leave your answer below with the comment box and I will tell you who the richest are below.


In today’s post, I shall cover every tiny detail you may not know about Kiss Daniel and Mayorkun’s net worth.


Let’s dive in now, shall we?


Mayorkun Biography and Net Worth


In this section of this post, I shall cover the biography of Mayorkun and his net worth.


So, in the next 10 minutes be sure not even blink a little…


Is that even possible?


Honestly, I don’t even know, all I care about right now is doing the best I can to deliver. to you the best content you will ever find around the web on Mayorkun net worth and biography.

Having said that, let’s continue!


A few days ago, I extensively discussed Mayorkun’s net worth, making comparisons to artists like Timaya, Rudeboy, Mr. P, and even Tekno. However, I unintentionally omitted including Kiss Daniel in the analysis.


All things being equal I thought I would do a stand-alone post comparing Kiss Daniel and Mayorkun’s net worth.


Mayorkun Brief History


Adewale Moyowa Emmanuel is one of the singers that makes DMW record Label one of the best in Africa.


No doubt about and since his debut for Davido Music Worldwide record label. Davido has been really fond of him.

Here is What Others Are Reading:



Mayorkun True ft kiss Daniel is a love song that will get you wishing you are in love.


This is assuming you are still single of course, I mean everyone is getting married these days.


Mayorkun is a 9ja musician, singer, songwriter of the genre Afrobeat and Afro-pop.


Davido, on the other hand, has been instrumental in pushing Mayorkun to this height.

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but let’s not dismiss Mayorkun’s talent too quickly either. because you and I know if not for his talent he does probably still be rotting away behind a desk.


I mean that respectfully though!


where is Mayorkun’s State of Origin?


Mayorkun hails from Osun State, one of the states in Naija’s that specializes in farming.


Growing up as a kid was next to normal for DMW 2016 signing.


Having a musician father and an actress mother, one could argue that the sky becomes your launching pad.


But you probably have questions like how old is Adewale Moyowa Emmanuel now?


Kids born in the 1990s are fortunate, do you want to know why?


Kizz Daniel Burn lyrics

Because most of them didn’t know what it was like to drink of the cup of struggles.


This is how best my friend KD put…


I feel like Jesus Christ died just for kids born in the 90s.


Guess what?


I don’t bother asking him why because if I do then I am ready for one hell of a lengthy convo.


Thankfully I already know him so I just help him skip the topic altogether.


It’s genius actually…


Adewale Moyowa Emmanuel is 26 years old now. for one I think the life of a celebrity is super fun.


But also don’t forget the media attention and all of those things. it can get messy at times.


Mayorkun was born in the year 1993 precisely May 25th.


Prior to fame, Mayorkun schooled at the University of Lagos where this guy got a degree in Accounting.


You are probably wondering how does an accountant end being a musician right?


If you ask me I will chalk it down to parents outrightly pushing their idea of a better life to their kids.


and sometimes this can end being a disaster considering the child may never be happy.

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I have this one friend who went through something of this sort…


His parents wanted him to become a medical doctor…


But all Kola could think of was becoming the next best footballer in Nigeria.


As kids then Kola and I obviously shared a passion for football.


I remember watching Atlanta 96 when the Super eagles dealt with Brazil. and Argentina something of a befitting blow to swoop home the cup.


I remember Kola and I screaming on top of our voices jubilating.


Now that I think of it, I am like damn being kids was fun. because I didn’t have anything to worry about you know.


I skipped to the end of the story to save you and me some time.

Because there’s still much I need to cover right now…


Kola graduated from Med school but hated the profession because he did not have a passion for it.


As for me well, I also couldn’t pursue a career in football because of finance.


All things being equal I miss football too bad I got better at something else.


and it’s writing which is why I have your attention to me for the past 5 minute’s or so.


Anyways remind me why I am telling you all this story again…


Yea, it’s because you were thinking how is it Mayorkun is an account and decided to ditch it for music.


I mean who wouldn’t right?


The money in music as from the early 90s into 2000s is simply crazy you would say.


The same thing can be said of soccer, like my friend Kola whose dream was to become a footballer. well, Mayorkun’s was to be a musician.


I imagine having a passion for a thing and just pursue it with everything you have.


Dreams could easily be actualized like that right?


Well right!


but that’s usually not the case and I am here also wondering why…


Here is my thought on that…


I think African parents still thinks you can only be successful if you go to school.


If that’s the case then why are there lots of frustrated graduates in my country?


Our African parents need to realize that it’s no longer a certificate but skills that are now being required.


Don’t get me wrong the Cert still matters but not as much as the skill set needed to survive in society.


Just my opinion especially because the certificate can be bought these days. making it no longer credible.


Mayorkun’s professional life as an accountant ended when he decided to follow his dreams.


What is the name of Mayorkun’s father and mother?


Mayorkun parents go by the respective names of Mr. Sunday Adewale and Mrs. Toyin Adewale.


Both are Yorubas by tribe and Mayorkun’s father hails from Osun State.


Do you know that the 26 years old is the oldest of 3 children, 2 boys are and a girl.


Here is the name of Mayorkun’s brother


  • Abayomi Adewale


Here is the name of Mayorkun’s sister



I have previously covered Mayorkun net worth and biography as an individual topic. but hey no reason not to summarize everything here right?


How many Albums Does Mayorkun Have


Mayorkun currently has one album which is titled the Mayor of Lagos. 


The album contained songs like Bobo featuring DMW record label boss Davido.


Mama, of course, was another hit song but in 2019 it was Mayorkun True ft kiss Daniel. that garnered the love needed to stand as a solo artist.


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This isn’t the case though because 30 billion gangs is loyal to David.


Frankly speaking, he deserves all the loyalty he is got…


This guy literally sponsored Lytas Monalisa’s remix video in Dakar Senegal.


Mayorkun is also the proud owner of a house Lekki and recently bought a Merced Benz.


Accordingly to sources, the car was priced around 15 million to 20 million Naira.


How Much is the Net Worth of Mayorkun


When my friend asked me how much is the net worth Mayorkun, I was like Emmanuel aka Mayorkun is worth 300,000 US dollars. including cars, houses, and every landed property he may have.

Mayorkun and Kiss Daniel Net Worth

He was like so you now own his bank account that you can tell the exact figures.


I was surprised he’s even asking because at least I thought he is supposed to know the formula for it.


So I told him that I know this because of a simple formula which you are supposed to know. considering you did financial management in school.


I then gave him the simple formula total asset minus debt (net worth-debt).


He then is like this thing is very easy na…


I just laughed at him because that’s how he and I lived for years now.



Here is the net worth of Mayorkun in Naira:


  • 108,000,000 million Naira


Quickly let’s look at the summary of kiss Daniel’s net worth in 2022. before doing a head-to-head Comparison.


Kiss Daniel Biography and Net Worth


Kiss Daniel is a Naija singer and songwriter, you can say the style of Kizz Daniel songs. favors both Afro-pop and Afrobeat.


These two genres of music in Naija top others like dancehall and Afrofusion.


Burna Boy happens to be the King of Afrofusion in 9ja, you have just got to give it to him.


I mean what he brings to the Naija music industry is top-notch crazy if you ask me.


You may read more about the Genre Afropop here at least this way you can learn its rudiments.


I can tell you about Kiss Daniel 2019 net worth if you have no clue what is real name is right?


what is the real name of Kiss Daniel?


Daniel is known popularly in the country as Kiss Daniel. although he has changed this name after a brief court issue with Emperor Geezy.


If you have no clue what caused the court case then you are behind.


But don’t I will bring you up to speed quickly so you can follow the best part of this post.


Emperor Geezy charged Kiss Daniel to court on the bridge of contract terms.


This is after Kizz Daniel decided that his time with G-WORLDWIDE is up. and he looks to move on.


It’s in my opinion that Emperor Geezy founder of G-WORLDWIDE didn’t want Daniel to leave.


I mean he’s the face of the label you know. but you can’t stop a man if his mind is made up.


Long story short; Kizz Daniel won the case and he founded Flyboy Inc.

So back to your question what is the real name of kiss Daniel?


Here is a sweet short paragraph for you:


Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe is the real name of Kiss Daniel. but after the court case between him and Emperor Geezy, he decided to change his stage name.


Guess what he is now called?


Kizz Daniel!


He simply changed the double SS to double ZZ.


You are probably wondering!


where is Kiss Daniel’s state of origin right?


Here is your answer and mind you, I won’t cover this in-depth because I already have one post. that covers the topic in and out, so consider this a summary.


But hey if you have the time then, by all means, check out my post on Kiss Daniel net worth and biography.


I specifically crafted the about 5000 words in that post all thoroughly researched.


This is because I hate serving you half-baked content, plus I have a reputation to protect too.


Where Did Kizz Daniel School


Schools are very great, right? well, maybe not for me because I practically grew up hating it.


You may ask me why and I have a simple answer for you…


Here it is:


School is only good for one thing and that’s to enslave your mind to work all your life for the rich.


That’s a very bold statement but I wish you would believe and take me on this bold claim I made.


Anyways, Kizz Daniel attended Abeokuta Montosori Grammar school in Ogun State.


Then afterward the singer proceeds to FUNAAB to study the science of water.


The right word for it I believe is Agrometeorology…


You are probably wondering right about now how is it that a water scientist became a musician?


Wish I could give you a simple answer but what I can tell you is that always follow your heart.


I would love to cover topics on his parents but I will skip that because like I said. I have covered it already in a different blog post.


There is a link above just follow and add anything you may miss here.


Let’s talk about his music a little shall we?


Kiss Daniel Album and Humble Beginning


I remember when I graduated from school I just didn’t want to work for someone.

because I already knew working for someone can enslave your mind.


Honestly, so did you know what I did instead, I started learning how to design a site.


In case you are wondering I created this site personally…


Here is the bitter truth!


What you do not know is bigger than you and I learned this when I was scouring the internet. on how to make money online.


I have always had that dream of making the world a much better place. and hopefully, I know it will become a reality soon.


Okay back to working for someone!


Kizz Daniel met his friend who introduced him to Emperor Geezy. and that became the career break he needed.


Before creating Flyboy Inc, Daniel performed and released hit singles like Woju.


by the way that song is the real deal, I still love it despite its almost 4 years old now.


Woju gained lots of streaming and the next thing we knew, there was a remix featuring Davido and Tiwa.


The remix was also a hit…


Kizz Daniel also dropped Laye as a birthday gift to celebrate himself and his established fan base. 


Then came his New Era album under G-WORLDWIDE and No Bad Songz under Flyboy Inc.


Mind you Kiss’s first album under Flyboy  Inc is No Bad Songz.


I will quickly take you to How much he is worth now right?


How Much is the Net Worth of Kizz Daniel


Whenever you get asked how much is the net worth of Kizz Daniel? tell him or her Kiss Daniel  is worth 1.34 million dollars. this includes every one of his assets like cars, houses, landed properties, and more.


and the way you arrive at an accurate figure is using the net worth calculation formula.


Here it is:


Net Worth Minus Debts (net worth – debts)


Let’s see some of the things like houses and cars he owns!


Kizz Daniel House and Cars


In just 4 years in the Naija music industry, this guy has acquired a sizable amount of property for himself.


Kizz Daniel is a proud owner of two good-looking houses in Lagos.

The cost of owning a home in Lekki or Banana Island is no beans o that’s how my friend Opene puts it.


and the truth is owning an apartment anywhere in the world isn’t easy.


If you own one then congrats because that’s a huge step forward, I mean how long can you be paying rent ba?


You should own your own home…


as a matter of fact, that should be a priority zero.


Kizz Daniel two homes reportedly cost 60 million Naira collectively.


Did you know he is also the proud owner of a Mercedes Benz that cost 16 million Naira?

But wait that’s not all!


He is also a proud owner of a Bentley that cost 20 million Naira.


These are good money honestly if you ask me…


Here is a list of Kizz Daniel Cars


  • Mercedes Benz CLO priced at 16 million Naira


  • Bentley priced at 20 Million Naira


Here is the ultimate question we have been waiting for right?


Mayorkun and Kizz Daniel Net Worth Who is The Richest


Mayorkun net worth 2022 predictably might rise which will lead to a possible 2020 increase. while this will happen considering how well structure his record label is, the entire Success might be dependent on a number of hit albums.


As for Kizz Daniel net worth 2022, I also think 2023 looks prospective for the singer.


Mainly because he owns his own record label which means no extra cost or expenses.


While it most certainly looks like 2022 will be a big year for both artists, I will be tipping Kizz to come out the top-dog on a h2h comparison.


2023 is still several months away so let’s talk 2022…


Kizz Daniel and Mayorkun’s net worth are surprising because from this post both almost. go head to head on assets and belongings.


but you can say one is bigger than the other slightly hence he coming out the top dog of 2019.


As for the ability of the two to sing fluently, I think both have unique features that make them the same in their style of songs.


Kiss Daniel and Mayorkun who is richer? According to 2019 stats, Mayorkun’s net worth is lesser than Kizz Daniel’s net worth. Kizz Daniel has a net worth of 1.34 million US dollars while Mayorkun is worth 300,000 us dollars.


This difference in net worth stands at an all-time high of 1 million dollars. including all asserts combined after the subtraction of their debts.


Here is Kiss Daniel and Mayorkun net worth in dollars…


  • Mayorkun is currently worth 300,000 US dollars


  • Kizz Daniel is currently worth 1.34 million US dollars


Difference between Mayorkun and Kizz Daniel net worth:


$1.34 million – $300,000 


Kizz Daniel is, therefore, $1.040 million US dollars richer than Mayorkun.




In the music industry, there will always be a comparison between two stars.


This is why I did this comparison in as a healthy way as possible.


Also, this is simply a stat of 2022, Mayorkun’s net worth 2023 may be different, and also Kiss Daniel’s net worth 2022 may be different.


Over to you!


How would compare Kiss Daniel and Mayorkun net worth these two assuming you are the one writing this article?


Leave a comment below. because I want to hear your thoughts.


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Thanks for reading and cheers to you!


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