Are We Test Subject For Corona?

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Korean Movie Predict Corona Virus in 2018

Last updated on March 30th, 2020 at 09:50 pm

You may be as spooked as I was when I learned that Corona Virus was emphatically analyzed in 2018 in My Secret Terrius Netflix movie.

Korean Movie Predict Corona Virus in 2018

Are you probably wondering what is my secret terrius right? 


Well, it is a Korean TV series which is on Netflix. 


I know you are wondering did korean movie my secret terrius predicted Coronavirus right?
Well, the answer is not clear and most parts of this post will focus more on what is happening inside my head.
For one, it has my secret terrius has a seen that spoke about the coronavirus, but nothing concrete to ascertain if it did.
but first, when was my secret terrius filmed?
The television series, which released in 2018, tells the story of a secret service agent who attempts to unravel the mystery behind a neighbor’s death.
The show was filmed in South Korea and Poland, with some scenes being shot in Warsaw.
Some of the locations the movie was filmed are Warsaw Chopin Airport, Krzywe Kolo, Warsaw, Wonhyo Bridge, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, KT&G Seoul Office, Namsan Tower, Savoy City DMC, Lazienki Park.


You know Netflix too right? 


If you don’t, I will tell you! 


Netflix is a movie streaming website that collects movies from every part of the world and add to their platform for the world to stream whilst on a subscription. 


Having said that, I was chatting with my buddy a couple of days back when he showed me this shocking movie scene that spoke about the Corona Virus in 2018. 


At first, I didn’t want to believe it because I thought it is one of those videos that have been edited. 


In a bid to convince me he started screenshotting some of the scenes and the subtitles. 


He then screenshot the date the movie came on Netflix so it does clear my doubt. 


I was still a little bit skeptical because I can’t believe how that information was readily accurate in 2018 despite it being just a movie. 


I was spooked and immediately stuffs started running in my head like…. 


Does China have a hand in this? 


Were they testing a biological weapon using you and I as a test subject? 


If this is true, what do they aim to achieve by putting the world in jeopardy? 


You know I am a human being and anything that threatens my life gets me worried. 


Here is my secret terrius coronavirus scene my friend sent me…


So I decided to dig deeper if there could be any conspiracy theories on the Internet. 


I found nothing, of course, other than social media posts from people who are thinking exactly what I am thinking. 


In the movie, one thing really spooked me and it was how the details were gotten right! 


one of the characters asked a female character, are you going anywhere tomorrow? 


Female character: Nope do you have plans? 


Male Character: No but please don’t go anywhere tomorrow… stay with Yu ra. 


The next scene saw the female character from the previous scene handed an envelope. 


and in it was a test result for the Corona Virus, the doctor said this particular Corona Virus targets the respiratory system. 


but SARS and MERS only had a 20% mortality rate. 


Female Character: Could this be weaponized? 


Doctor: This is a mutant Corona Virus, they all have the same characteristics. 


but this Corona Virus has been genetically engineered to kill people at a 90% mortality rate. 


Doctor: It takes two to fourteen days on incubation. 


Now that was the line that got me spooked because it is just so accurate with what you and I see today. 


Covid-19 sure takes 2 to 14 days on incubation and a film in 2018 just said exactly the same thing. 


Funny enough, 2 years after My Secret Terrius you and I are experiencing a Corona Virus outbreak which takes 2 to 14 days on incubation which is killing people rapidly.


Now could this be a coincidence? 


The truth is I really don’t know, but if anything I am more curious than ever with this movie. 


These are trying times for you and me, the world, as well as businesses all over the world. 


but one question remained in my head and it is are we being used as a test subject for biological weaponry? 

Here is the video 2 of my secret terrius corona scene my friend sent me!


Why does the movie reveal such big secrets and two years after the world is experiencing exactly this? 


Could it be that this was leaked 2 years ago and the movie writers learned about it? 


I have all this question in my head and I thought I will write about it here. 


Recall that the first doctor that predicted this virus was killed by the virus and the government almost indicted him for spreading fake news. 


What if, the government already knew what was going on? 


and decided to make the public believe that there is no such thing. 


Now I know this is just a movie but in all my life, I no longer look at things that happen as just ordinary. 


What if this has all been carefully planned by some countries in a bid for power? 


Who would stand to gain if the US economy is crippled? 


Who will stand to gain if the economy of China is crumbled? 


Who, who, who and who has been what is going on in my head. 


Some of these countries have been hit the hardest, is it all just a plan to make it look like they are victims? 


What if all these have been carefully planned and you and I are the ones suffering. 




I will update this article once I find more details but for now, you can read this article on how Corona Virus could effect sub, Saharan Africa, due to Normalcy Syndrome.


but for now, here are some safety tips that you help keep you safe from this coronavirus outbreak… 


  • Watch your hands frequently whenever you come in contact with people, friends or family 


  • While different countries is on lockdown try as much as possible to stay up to date with news from trusted channels 


  • Do not touch your eyes with your hands 


  • Do not touch your mouth with your hands 


  • Do not touch your nose with your hands 


  • Practice social distances what this means is you can speak to friends and family but do it from a distance of about 7 to 8 feet 


Now, this article is based on what I was thinking and I decided to share it with you. 


The fact that there is no factual evidence that supports my thoughts, you are welcome to read this as just another article for fun. 


but then again be sure to ask yourself a couple of questions like did this just happen? 


As you give more thoughts to the questions above, be sure to leave me a comment with your thoughts… 


Thanks for reading and please share on Facebook if you love this article. 



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