Korona Virus Facts Explained: 7 Lies Mainstream Media is Telling You

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Korona Virus Facts

Korona virus facts explained by doctors who unlike the big government and health officials seeks the truth and not the ultimate control of the world.


Look after watching this video on Korona virus facts explained, here is what I want you to do, share it with the world because believe it or not. these billionaires in the world are looking to gain total control of you and me.

Korona Virus Facts

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What this will do is destroy every single atom of your fundamental human rights.


Without such fundamental human rights, you become a slave to be controlled and used as how these billionaires see fit.


You do not want someone to control your life right?


Now think of it this way, when God created man, He gave man the power of choice right? if all-powerful God despite all his power gave man the power of choice which means “God saying I trust you to think for yourself” Now ask yourself why would anyone decide that he wants to control your life by all means necessary?


Why would anyone want that kind of power for himself (billionaires in this case)?

Imagine what man will do to you if you give him all of that power over your life.


You and I both know the heart of man is wicked right, I mean like really wicked, what will happen to you and me if you let EVIL MEN control you?


Ask yourself this question honestly and once you do then make sure you share this video so that it can reach other people and raise their awareness of the evil that is being planned for you and me.


Together we can win this battle but it starts from you having the guts to stand for the rights you and I have as human beings and it starts from you really watching koronavirus facts explained.


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