Ladipoe Law of Attraction Lyrics (New Review & Reaction)

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Last updated on December 4th, 2022 at 05:33 pm

Ladipoe law of attraction lyrics is fire and while you are here, you will also be directed to where you can download law of attraction on YouTube. 


Law of attraction by Ladipoe lyrics explore the theme of love, foreplay, and the deep know-how of relationships. 


but before you and I get into the details, here is a complete detail of what this post will cover. 


  • You will be able to get my review of this song from the Province EP. 


  • Also, you will be able to follow the lyrics word for word while you are here. 


  • Finally, you will be able to stream and download law of attraction song by Ladipoe. 


Having said that, come let’s dive right into the complete details of this song, shall we? 


Who Produced & Wrote Ladipoe Law Of Attraction Lyrics?


This track was produced by Spellz and the law of attraction lyrics by Ladipoe was written by Ladipo Eso. 


Ladipoe has changed the way Hip Hop is being perceived in the country with his sway of gentle rap. 

Who Produced & Wrote Ladipoe Law Of Attraction Lyrics

This was evident in songs like Ladipoe ft Buju feeling which did crazy numbers on YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify. 


It’s hard not to fall in love with Poe’s sounds because it rebrands what you and I know as hip hop. 


Song Title: Law Of Attraction 


Artist: Ladipoe 


Producer: Spellz 


Album: Province 


Written By: Ladipo Eso


Release Date: 3rd November 2021 


Nationality: Nigeria 


Ladipoe Law Of Attraction Song


I know you probably stream your songs on Apple Music and Spotify which is not bad. 


However, I am a huge fan of Boom player because of how easy it is for me as a publisher to embed songs on my site. 

Ladipoe law of attraction lyrics

Heck, when I wrote about Ladipoe ft Fireboy running, I used Boom player to embed the song here. 


This way you can easily stream it without heading over to the Boomplay website. 


But if you want to download law of attraction by Ladipoe Mp3 that is a different scenario altogether. 


So here is what you can do click on the link below to stream and enjoy this track into your device. 


[download id=”17372″]

But wait, there is more! 


Review & Complete Law Of Attraction Lyrics Ladipoe 


Ladipoe has been amazing with every song that he has released so far. 


I mean I have listened to Ladipoe ft Joeboy Yoruba Samurai and it was a beauty. 

Even Simi assisted know you were super cool as well. 


The production was sleek and Ladipoe established his stronghold on hip hop once again. 


Finally, here is the law of attraction Ladipoe lyrics.




It’s like every night is

Hot girl summer and you cannot wait

To show your inner Megan or maybe Jhene

She said

I like it when you go perform baby

I’m your private only fan login to my page


I’m a rapper but I really might consider

Life as an accountant expose your hidden figure

But I don’t make legs divide with algebra

It’s the way I kiss your thighs and you shiver

Will you make me swim tonight for my dinner

For you I’ll dive into the Nile River

When you




Tap in

Tap in

Define love with your actions

It’s not hard to imagine

There’s no law to attraction


I’ve been

I’ve been

Been lost in your passion

It’s not hard to imagine

There’s no law to attraction




I think I know what girls like

A gentleman who no dey fear price

But a bad boy in his spare time

Know you like it when I use my fingers as your hair tie

Pull it back

Yeah I


Don’t need fingers I just whisper your name

And you’ve got goosebumps

On every single place that you shaved

You’re good at keeping secrets, but it’s ironic

That the lingerie you’re wearing isn’t doing the same


Girl you burn a boy like Steff Lon Don

I can tell you feel the heat ’cause your shirt’s undone

An assassin in the sheets get triggered when I squeeze

Gently on that bum bum




Tap in

Tap in

Define love with your actions

It’s not hard to imagine

There no law to attraction


I’ve been

I’ve been

I’ve been lost in your passion

It’s not hard to imagine

There’s no law to attraction




We can take it slow now

Started as friends but we’ve left that zone now

You send me a text I dey fear to scroll down

But you make me scroll down


You can take it slow down

Give me your heart and your soul now

Nothing left on you but my cologne now

Wait till I put this microphone down




So we talked about who wrote this song and who produced it. 


We also talk about the lyrics of law of attraction and finally how you can stream and download it. 


So it’s over to you now! 


How would you rate Ladipoe law of attraction lyrics? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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