LENN EP 2: Don Jazzy Battle MI On Twitter As Simi Clap Back At Troll

Don Jazzy Battles MI Over New Star
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Last updated on November 25th, 2022 at 01:13 pm

Welcome to the latest entertainment news in Nigeria episode 2 (LENN EP 2) your daily dose of the top headlines in the country today which is usually fun. 


I have headlines that you will love and I am positive if you stay with me for another 6 minutes you will get updated on your favorite celebs. 


It’s a beautiful day and am sure the week has been a little stressful for you with all the struggles of trying to make money. 


The truth is you are not alone, heck I am stressed out as well as I type on my iPhone 12 which is normal if you and I really want to succeed in life.


Tips: if you want to get out of stress then I find music to really help me relax, exercise works wonders as well (do this regularly and I am sure you will live). 


Now come let me lighten your mood with some insane highlights as we dive into the world of celebs. 


  • Rihanna Starstruck on meeting Tems 


  • Simi war with disrespectful online troll


  • New buzzing artist compared to Wizkid


  • Don Jazzy battles MI over new star


  • Adekunke Gold throw shades after huge success 


  • Wizkid Essence sells 1 million copies in the USA 


  • Tems rejected for sounding RnB pre-fame 


  • Wizkid, Omah Lay and Davido nominated for all Africa music award 


Now come let’s get into all the highlights one by one in this latest entertainment news in Nigeria episode 2. 


Rihanna Star Struck On Meeting Tems 


You probably don’t know the love and respect that comes along when an artist as huge as Rihanna is elated to meet an upcoming act like Tems. 


Well, I do, the first time I met Timaya back in the 2010s, I was star struck and I wasn’t even a celebrity. 

Rihanna Star Struck On Meeting Tems

I was just an ordinary guy with a degree in Oil and Gas engineering who loved to play soccer or at some point had the dream of becoming a footballer. 


So yeah it’s definitely huge for an artist like Rihanna to scream “Oh My God” considering she is currently one of the richest musicians in the world


Here is what happened… 


Tems is currently touring in the USA with her new album If Orange Was A Place out there for the world to enjoy. 


Heck, I even wrote about Tems avoid things here which was phenomenal. 


While the success of Essence did skyrocket her to fame, her vocals has made her stand out in the Nigerian music industry. 


So during one of Rihanna’s beauty shows via her Fenty brand, Tems decided to show up for the occasion. 


Rihanna spotted her walking towards her and quickly recognized her while also screaming “Oh My God”. 


What Others Are Viewing Now ⇓⇓⇓

Here is the video shared by Tems manager Muyiwa Awoniyi which he captioned a time to remember. 


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Muyiwa Awoniyi (@donawon)

Now tell me, how would you react if you were to meet Rihanna in person


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


Simi War With Disrespectful Troll Online 


Simi’s recent reply to an online troll really caught my attention. 


The life of a celebrity is just as complicated as the life of an ordinary man without any sort of fame. 

latest entertainment news in Nigeria episode 2

Oftentimes people think celebrities are nothing like us human beings and that’s where we miss it. 


Celebrities cry like you, get angry like you, feel depression like you (heck their depression is even 10X worse). 


They laugh, go broke, and bleed just like you and me running our everyday lives.


So why would anyone want to be salty towards the duduke crooner who has a 1-year-old baby and is trying to perform her motherly duties? 


Well, you may ask @99Snky who feels it’s okay to troll such a celeb with the success of a newer artist. 


@99Snky Said: you fell off, street listen to Ayra Star now. 


It didn’t take Simi long to slip into the comment section to reply to him. 


Here is what Simi Said: your papa wey no fall off where he dey rn? 


Here is a screenshot of the conversation…

Simi drags parent of troll

Was Simi too harsh or was the troll out of line? 


Be sure to leave a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts. 


New Buzzing Artist Compared To Wizkid 


You and I are no strangers to small artists being used in comparison with bigger acts after a few successes, right? 


Well, sometimes it’s crazy if you ask me because there are just some things that should not be compared. 

New Buzzing Artist Compared To Wizkid

In the headline is break-through artist Ckay who got a feature on Davido A Better Album with Lala


According to Billboard, A year after the launch of the Billboard Global Excl. U.S. and Billboard Global 200 charts, we may have found the most global hit yet. Nigeria’s CKay debuts on both lists at Nos. 21 and 30, respectively, with “Love Nwantiti (Ah Ah Ah).”


Okay, yeah Love Nwantiti is the song that shot the singer above the roof with Tiktok as the major reason why it blew up. 


The song has sold over 1200 copies worldwide while garnering more than 27 million views. 


Love Nwantiti also made the top 20 of Global Spotify charts which is huge by all standards. 


Heck, it even made it to #1 on Global Shazam charts, feet the singer celebrated with the tweet below. 


So is it worth the comparison to Wizkid? well, fans think it does after so many took to social media platforms to make such a comparison. 


So here is a quick question for you, has Ckay earned the right to be compared to Wizkid? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


Don Jazzy Battles MI Over New Star 


Okay, so it’s not like it’s an actual battle, I only wrote that headline because I knew it will pick your interest. 


So now that I have kissed and tell, what are Don Jazzy and MI battling over? 

Well, it’s a young sensational hawker who went viral on social media about a day back. 


Salle is a Nigerian 17 years old that went viral on social media when she was recorded singing. 


MI seeing her talent decide to take to social media to try to sign the singer and develop her talent into a national star. 


Here is what MI wrote: So much how music can change the world. Salle come on board let’s sign on the dotted lines and change the world together”. 


Seeing this Don Jazzy took to the comment section to reply to MI. 


Here is what Don Jazzy Said: Oshee uncle choc, Abeg leave her for me. She will rock the same stage with Rema and Ayra Starr. 


Who would you want to sign Salle Don Jazzy or MI? leave a comment below as well. 


Adekunle Gold Throw Shades After Huge Success 


Social media is a place for controversy upon controversy and Adekunle Gold is no stranger to it. 


Remember earlier I wrote about Adekunle Gold ft Davido high which is currently doing some serious crazy numbers. 

Adekunle Gold Throw Shades After Huge Success

but after its release, some of Wizkid FC which is the name of Starboy aka Big Wiz fan base took to Twitter to trash the song because Davido was on it. 


Well, that was no surprise considering the fact that Wizkid FC has a strong rivalry with Davido’s fan base 30BG. 


After trash-talking this song, the song went on to do some insane numbers on YouTube currently trending at #2 just behind Kizz Daniel’s Lie. 


Adekunke Gold and Davido High also debut on Billboard Global Thriller Chart at #7 alongside Ed Sheeran hit song shivers


It was this success that has made Adekunle Gold take to Twitter to throw shade at the same people that trashed the song. 


Here is a screenshot of the Tweet below… 


Now tell me was Adekunle Gold high a trash song or not? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


Wizkid Essence Sells 1 Million Copies In The USA


This has been an amazing year for Wizkid with the success of Made In Lagos and Essence doing some mad numbers


Look, I will be honest with you, Wizkid Davido, Tiwa Savage, and Burnaboy all played a role in making Afrobeat global. 

entertainment news in Nigeria episode 2

Fela started the race by setting up a genre that future generations will reap from so I think that makes him the father of Afrobeat.


In light of the recent success, Essence becomes the first Nigerian song to do platinum in the USA. 


This means the song has sold 1 million copies in the USA alone and that is worthy of celebration as it further solidifies Afrobeat as a global genre. 


I have to also say a huge shout-out to Wizkid for achieving such success in the industry. 


Heck, the Shoutmeceleb Entertainment Official Twitter handle made this post congratulating the singer.


Wrapping It Up 


Well, if you have come this far then I want to say thank you for spending a couple of minutes with me. 


I honestly can’t do what I do without all the support that you guys have shown me by just reading this article. 


I am truly honored and grateful for the love that you give. 


Hopefully, you and I will spend more moments like this together while chatting in the comment section as buddies. 


It’s over to you now


How would you rate my latest entertainment news in Nigeria episode 2? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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