LENN EP 7: New Tweet Reveals Wizkid Snubbing Davido In Favour Of Flavour

Wizkid Snubs Davido Wish Flavour Happy Birthday Celebration
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Last updated on November 7th, 2022 at 03:30 pm

It’s the latest entertainment news in Nigeria episode 7 and today Wizkid, Davido, Daddy Freeze, and Buju take the front wheel. 


Ever wondered what it would be like if Africa can see Davido together in a song with Wizkid? 


Well, I am sure the anticipation builds underneath your chest but would we ever see that happen? 


The truth is I have no idea but I am a very optimistic person so that could happen but before we dive into LENN ep 7 here are the highlights. 


  • Wizkid snubs Davido wish Flavour happy birthday 


  • Daddy Freeze takes the fight to pastors in Nigeria 


  • Buju and Iwobi have quality time


These are some of the talking points for the latest entertainment news in Nigeria episode 7 today.


So come let’s dive right in but first be sure to follow me here on Instagram (warning I play a lot). 


Let’s dive in now, shall we? 


Wizkid Snubs Davido Wish Flavour Happy Birthday Celebration 


The rivalry between Wizkid and Davido is not looking to die down any time soon or so it seems. 


Now that’s a very bold claim but I can’t stick my head out for that because Psquare recently reunited. 

latest entertainment news in Nigeria episode 7

And for me, if that could happen then there is still hope for Davido and Wizkid who have been in a very polarized relationship.


Davido and Wizkid are some of the quality musicians in Africa and also some of the top richest on the continent


If you wish to check that out then I suggest you click on the link above to read those articles. 


Wizkid recently snubbed Davido during his birthday to wish Flavour a happy birthday and this has caused fans to talk. 


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Remember that just last week, Davido celebrated his birthday, and with that, he shut down the internet while doing so. 


During the pre-birthday celebration, he asked friends and family for 1 million Naira each. 


Surprisingly, Davido received more than 199 million Naira donations from friends and family which kept fans talking. 


David called Wizkid Baba Zion in an Insta Story saying he is waiting for Starboy’s 1 million Naira but Wizkid chose to ignore the friendly call and fans of the singer said Wizkid does not show fake love. 


Well, that could be reasonable considering the toxic relationship between Wizkid FC and 30BG.


but then yesterday Wizkid decided to comment on a legendary Flavour throwback photo uploaded to Instagram wishing him a happy birthday. 


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The fans of the singer hailed him but as usual, the action was met with disdain from the opposing fans, and here are some of the reactions. 

Reaction 1:

Reaction 2:

Reaction 3:

Speaking of reactions, Daddy Freeze is taking the battle to pastors in Nigeria so let’s jump right into that. 


Daddy Freeze Takes The Battle To Pastors In Nigeria 


One of the most controversial celebrities in Nigeria in persons of Daddy Freeze and Naira Marley. 


Sorry Marlians, but I wish that wasn’t true so hopefully you can forgive my outright calling it for what it is. 

Daddy Freeze Takes The Battle To Pastors In Nigeria

In a Twitter post on Daddy Freeze’s verified profile, he took out time to lash out at pastors. 


The social media influencer thinks that pastors ought to do better since in his perspective they are making more money. 


His point of view stems from Davido’s recent philanthropic gestures on social media where the singer donated the sum of 250 million Naira to orphanages


According to Daddy Freeze pastors in the country only know how to buy private jets and siphon funds from members. 


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These funds according to him are used to build schools that same church members cannot attend.


In his words here is how he structured that post. 


“They gave Davido money for Rolls Royce, he gave it to the needy. While pastors receive money through offerings meant for the needy and used it to buy Rolls Royce.

“Yet Davido is worldly and your pastors are spiritual.”


And here is how fans are reacting to it on Twitter. 

Reaction 4:

Reaction 5:

Reaction 6:

Buju and Iwobi Have A Good Time 


Buju To Your Ears is currently one of the biggest upcoming artists in the country today after several of his hit collaborations. 


One such collaboration includes Blaqbonez ft Amaarae and Buju Bling which have over 4 million views on YouTube. 

LENN ep 7

Heck, here is a video of that song for reference purposes, watch it and I bet you will love it. 

Once the buzz-over bling died down,  the singer scored another hit with Ladipoe on the song titled Feeling


The video also garnered over 2 million views on YouTube giving the singer back-to-back hit songs. 


With all that hit, Buju certainly had a very beautiful year but his solo project hasn’t really met that expectation but hopefully, people will catch on. 


Iwobi recently shared a photo with the singer on his Instagram which fans of the footballer are reacting to. 


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Here is a photo of the two having a good time while the Super Eagles of Nigeria hosted Cape Verde during a World Cup Qualifier match in Lagos. 




First I want to say thank you for staying for another amazing episode of Shout Me Celeb’s latest entertainment news. 


Without you guys, all this is not possible and I am super grateful for the support. 


It’s over to you guys now


Was it okay for Wizkid to snub Davido and wish Flavour a happy birthday? 


Was Daddy Freeze right about his view on pastors? 


And finally, how would you rate this latest entertainment news in Nigeria episode 7? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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