Must Read: Psquare Under Fire As Music Fans Drag British Vogue On Social Media

Psquare Is Back
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Last updated on October 23rd, 2022 at 12:37 pm

  • Buju fires shade at Burna Boy after O2 performance 


  • Psquare on the way to claim number one spot in Africa with Sierra Leone performance 


  • Nigerians drag British Vogue for calling Davido & Burna Boy upcoming stars 


  • Uche Maduagwu fires shot at Psquare after reconciliation 


It’s another latest entertainment news in Nigeria episode 8 and today, Psquare made the headlines as Buju threw shade at Burna Boy. 


Look, I will be honest with you, the Nigerian music industry of today now thrives on the beef between stars. 


And it’s looking like this is how it is going to go for the next few years. 


So if you are a musician then hop on the trend but keep it strictly on the music. 


Having said that, come let’s dive into the talking points of today’s LENN EP 8, shall we? 


Buju Fires Shade At Burna Boy After O2 Performance 


No doubt Buju is one of the hottest upcoming stars in the country of Nigeria right now and it’s by no stretch of the imagination an exaggeration. 


I mean truly in 2021, Buju made more than 3 hit songs which all reached the top 10 of Nigeria Apple Music’s top 100…

Buju fires shade at Burna Boy after O2 performance

Here are some of the songs if you haven’t really been listening to Buju’s sound. 




You need to check out each of the above songs and you will be thrilled at how amazingly talented the singer is. 


And that talent got him enlisted for Wizkid’s O2 arena tour and he killed that performance. 


After Buju’s O2 stage performance, the singer took to Twitter to make this post below. 


I was at the O2 and I had people singing my songs back to me!! Shit I’m from Babcock and not a lot of people believe in me and some hate me for whatever reason but I DID THAT! GRACE DID THAT @wizkidayo DID THAT FOR ME!!

And here is a screenshot of that post with fans reacting, claiming he fired shots at Burnaboy. 


Reaction One:

Reaction Two:

Recall that Buju was previously under Spaceship Record which is owned by Burnaboy. 


After having a breakthrough year, Buju goes solo without a label to focus on his career. 


but word on the street according to Pulse during an interview with the singer, he said he was never signed to Spaceship Records. 


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This brings us into the second headline of the day Psquare who has been turning the internet upside down since Psquare reconciliation. 


Psquare On The Way To Claim Number one spot in Africa With Sierra Leone Performance


The whole of Africa prayed, your prayers were answered and the most popular duo in the history of Africa is back. 


So does this mean that prayers work? Well, I will leave you to find an answer for that, and once you do drop a comment below for me. 


Having said that, Psquare is one of the best musicians in Africa by the margin but that changed


Everything changed after they decided to break that bond that kept fans chanting Psquare on every live performance they had. 


I witness girls fainting in some of those live performances and I can tell you that I have only seen such acts with Michael Jackson. 


Long story short, after four years of dispute, going back and forth, the singers decided to kiss and make up. 


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And now the current greats in Nigeria and Africa at large should be scared because we know who the number ones are before the breakup. 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts if you think that Psquare can reclaim its number one spot. 


Here is a video posted on their IG showing you clearly that they are coming for their crown. 


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Mr P (@peterpsquare)

However, this isn’t the industry they once left and it’s now more competitive than ever but this is Psquare we are talking about. 


After the Psquare reunion, the first performance they had,  took place in Sierra Leone amidst lots of controversies. 


Despite all that controversy and poor stage setting by organizers, the duo gave their all once again and the experience was mind-blowing. 


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Here is a video for you to feed your eyes so you can draw your conclusions on whether they can take back their lost crown. 

Nigerians drag British Vogue For Calling Davido & Burna Boy Upcoming Stars 


Nigeria on the internet can take on any country in the world when it comes to drag. 


No joke, they can even drag the president of the United States and he would step down from office. 

British Vogue

This time around, Nigeria Netizens took the fight to British Vogue, a UK-based fashion brand. 


Davido, Wizkid, and Burna Boy are one of the biggest stars in Nigeria and Africa to be more precise. 


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Some will even say that these three are the biggest currently but with Psquare back that might change who knows. 


But let’s stay on topic, shall we? 


British Vogue received dragging because the fashion brand tried to belittle Davido and Burna Boy while trying to put Wizkid on a pedestal. 


This robbed off Nigerians as a NO-NO especially for fans of Burna Boy and Davido. 


Here is exactly what British Vogue said to receive such backlash from fans of the singers. 


London has become a second home for Wizkid and ‘a generation of fresh young Nigerian talents’ like Burna Boy, Davido and Rema.


And here is a screenshot showing how fans reacted to what the fashion brand said. 


Reaction Three:


Reaction Three:

Although you and I can say that is probably a misinterpretation but you know the white man looks for a way to put words together in ways that don’t look insulting but are actually insulting and Nigerians weren’t having it. 


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Speaking of not having it, Uche Maduagwu is backfiring shots again and this time it’s directed to Psquare. 


Uche Maduagwu Fires Shot At Psquare After Reconciliation


Maduagwu is renowned for being a controversial celebrity who has no regard for social status. 


He defies the odds to go against anyone who he deems has a hidden agenda, so to speak, for lack of a better word. 


His previous bout with Jim Iyke, one of the richest actors in Nigeria has been making the rounds on the internet. 


And once that was looking to die down, again, he found a way to get himself right back in the spotlight. 


This time around, Psquare, the newly reconciled duo, is at the receiving end of his usual social media rants. 


According to him, Psquare only came back together because it seems they are becoming broke. 


Here is what he posted on social media and here is how fans reacted to that claim. 




There is everything you need to know on this latest entertainment news in Nigeria episode 8. 


Buju took on Burna Boy as Psquare shut down Sierra Leone while Uche Maduagwu fires shot at Psquare. 


It’s over to you now! 


How would you rate our latest entertainment news in Nigeria episode 8


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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