Light Balance Kids Golden Buzzer(America Got Talent)

Light Balance Kids Golden Buzzer

Last updated on October 1st, 2021 at 11:40 am

The Light Balance Kids golden buzzer literally left me crying and I thought to myself. you need to see this because that’s where the magic happens.


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Light Balance Kids Golden Buzzer

Light Balance Kids are a light-up dance group act from Season 14 of America’s Got Talent.


Light Balance Kids was founded by Mykyta Sukhenko. who also manages Season 12 finalists and The Champions contestants Light Balance.


I have always loved AGT because of the talents and works that goes into it. at least in my opinion, it gives people hope and changes their views about the world.


I was looking for something really unique to add to this blog today. but not just for the sake of adding it.


I looked for it because i am all about creating a balance in how human being lives.


Often times i see people get really worked up trying to make a living. that they actually forget to understand the one simple fact that life is a balance.



Light Balance Kids Semi-Final video performance


There is absolutely nothing wrong with working but in so doing never ever. compromise on the simple things that make life really worth living.


This actually my first post in this category and I sincerely hope it brings you happiness.


You may have noticed that life is a collection of moments. how nice things are going to be is dependent on your ability to work for it.


however, there is a very thin line between happiness and depression. and trust you do not want to go the way of depression because it sucks.


A few days back I was talking to my friend about how I see life.


I told him that in a world where there is so much chaos and hate all I could see is a reason to have hope.


He looked at me and said boy o boy you have a wake up because of the world. is filled with evil people who only want to prey on the innocent.

Light Balance Kids Video youtube

Imagine how to broke I felt for him because he has lost hope that there is good in the world.


When I looked at these kids all I could see is how America Got Talent gives hope to people.


Yes, you can say it’s a business but if you and I can set up something to make people happy. don’t you think you would be touching lives too?


A wise man once said that “the true measure of a man is not on how happy he is. but on how happy others can be because of him”


Friends when you add value to peoples life, you are lifted beyond what you can imagine.


When I watched the light balance kids golden buzzer video, it made me realize that. life is worth more than just soaking yourself in your daily work.


When you do this, you miss out on those things that make life really meaningful.


and before you know it, you start having problems in every aspect of your life. not because there isn’t money but because you can’t find that simple balance.


It’s people that make life worth it and I hope if you watch AGT especially. some of those golden buzzers, you do realize that life is about living the moments.


See the joy on their faces of those kids and live to remember that you can. put a smile on someone’s face and they do be grateful that you did.


Here is The Video!



over to you guys!


What do you think about the light Balance kid Golden Buzzer?


Do you think the performance was lit or not?


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Thanks for reading and Cheers to you!

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