Lil Romeo and Lil Bow Wow Net Worth 2020
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Did you know that Lil Romeo and Lil bow wow net worth is estimated as less than $7,312,678? let’s find out how much is Lil bow wow and Lil Romeo net worth.


but before you and I continue, I want you to know that in today’s post, you will find all you need to know about Lil Romeo net worth 2022


What is Lil Romeo net worth?


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What is Lil Bow Wow net worth?

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You will also find out everything you need to know about Lil bow wow net worth 2022




The right question you should ask me now is what will I benefit from reading today’s post? 


Assuming you did ask that question then here is a short answer for you. 

How Much is Lil Romeo Worth

You will get A LOT! 


As a matter of fact, here is all that you will know from today’s post on Lil Romeo and Lil Bow Wow net worth… 

  • How much is Lil Romeo net worth 2022


  • How much is Lil Bow Wow net worth 2022


  • Who is the Richest Between Lil Romeo and Lil Bow Wow


  • Lil Romeo brief bio 


  • How did his career start 


  • Albums and songs 


  • What is his sources of income 


  • Lil Bow Wow brief bio 


  • How did his career start 


  • Lil Bow Wow album and songs 


  • What are his source of income 


  • Conclusion 



All of the figures here are estimated figures gotten from thorough research. 


I cross-reference figures from more than 20 websites on Google before dropping these figures here. 


Mind you, these figures fluctuate year in year out due to several factors.. 


but I am positive that whenever you land here on, you will always get updated figures. 


Now that you know you will be getting A LOT from this post on Lil Romeo and Lil Bow Wow net worth, let’s dive deeper now, shall we? 


but before we start, click the play button to listen to this. 10 years old song put that on my hood by Bow Wow featuring Sean Kingston.



How Much is Lil Romeo Net Worth 2022


How much is Romeo net worth? Lil Romeo’s current net worth is 5 million US dollars ($5 Million). His net worth grew to this number thanks to music sales, endorsement deals, acting, modeling as well as his entrepreneurial journey. 


Like I said at the beginning of this post, this represents an estimate of Lil Romeo’s net worth dollars. 

and this figure can change year in and year out due to certain factors. 


With that said Lil Romeo is currently worth $5 Million. 


Lil Romeo networth: $5 Million


Now here are some details you may have missed. 


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Now that you and I are done with Lil Romeo, now let’s get to Lil bow wow. because this post is about Lil Romeo and Lil Bow Wow net worth right? 


How Much is Bow Wow Net Worth 2022 


How much is Bow Wow net worth? Lil Bow Wow’s current net worth is estimated to 1.5 million US dollars ($1.5 million). this is the net worth of Lil Bow Wow in 2020 with his income coming multiple sources such as music, acting, and Broadcasting. 

Lil Bow Wow networth:$1.5 million


Note: this figure is an estimated figure which can change on a yearly or quarterly basis. 


Having said, here is a couple of details you may have missed so enjoy the table below… 


[table id=12 /]


Now here comes the interesting part which will finalize the questions we both have been asking since the first paragraph of this blog post. 


and it is who is the richest between Lil Romeo and Lil Bow Wow


Who is the Richest Between Lil Bow Wow and Lil Romeo


Lil Romeo and Lil Bow Wow who is the richest? As of 2022, Lil Romeo has a net worth of $5 million and Lil Bow Wow has a net worth of $1.5 million. This makes Lil Romeo more wealthy than Lil Bow Wow when writing this blog post.


So when next anyone asks you what’s Lil Bow Wow’s net worth Forbes, just tell them $1.5 million. 


and when next anyone also asks you what’s Romeo net worth Forbes, tell him or her the guy is worth $5 million. 

Also do know that net worth is all of a person’s assets minus what the person owes in debt. 


This means the figures you see here are ones that are free from any debt of any sort. 


Lil Romeo Brief Bio 


One of the reasons I love talking about wealthy people is because one day I will be wealthy. 


and someone will also be talking about me whether it’s from writing my biography or my net worth. someone will talk about how I went from nothing to something. 

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So you see it is more of what you believe and ask of the universe is what the universe gives to you. 


At least in my opinion… 



Forbes Lil Romeo net worth


Take a minute and imagine living in a beautiful home somewhere in Los Angeles by the beach. 


You wake up every morning to that fresh air from the sea while sipping a cup of coffee. 


Now how did that make you feel? 


If you felt good then that’s exactly how I feel whenever I bask in such thoughts. 


I feel satisfied literally and this makes me want to put in the work so I can live such a life. 


but wait! 


Why did I ask you to imagine all of that? 


Well, it is because the majority of celebs in the world live in such beautiful homes, some by the beach others in beautiful cities. 


and for today you and I would be looking at Lil Romeo for a bit since he is only one part of this post. 


So do you know Lil Romeo? 


Chances are you do or you do not… 


but either way, I will tell you. 


but first what is his real name? 


You know that celebs especially musicians are popularly known by their stage names right? 


In most cases that I have seen, even the families of these celebs address them by their stage names. 

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Ridiculous I know! 


but hey that’s what fame does except if you are like Yemi Alade who decided her real name would be her stage name.


If you fall into this category then good luck to you too… 


So what is his real name? 


Well, the real name of Percy Romeo Miller.


and Percy was born in the year 1989 precisely on the 19th of August in New Orleans


New Orleans is the supposed home of Klaus Mikaelson one of the original vampires from the series “The Originals”. 


Look, I am just playing with you Lolz… 


It’s not like vampires really do exist, but if they do then that’s a topic for another day. 


I know this post more centered on Lil Romeo net worth 2020 Forbes. but I want to also draw you closer to knowing him. 


Lil Romeo Net Worth 2020

because I believe not everyone has had the privilege to really meet Romeo in the real world. 


So who is Lil Romeo? 


Lil Romeo is an American rapper, singer, entrepreneur, and actor who has won several awards in the early 2000s.


Then he was known as Lil Romeo but that quickly changed to Romeo after he became an adult. 


Lil Romeo won several awards such as;


Billboard Music Awards

  • 2001, Rap Artist of the Year (Winner)
  • 2001, Music Videos: My Baby (Winner)
  • 2002, R&B/Hip-Hop: My Baby (Winner)


and with all that six-packs, Romeo is also into modeling. 


In the modern world of music credit for the popularity of rap music can be given to 2Pac Shakur. 


I mean he was a monster on the mic and his lyrics resonated with a lot of people. 



but for the likes of Romeo, credit should also be given to them for the.fact that they are the ones that carried the genre through with their little contributions. 


So how did it all start for Romeo? 


I will tell you shortly! 



How Did Lil Romeo Career Start 


Romeo networth is what it is today because of his career start. 


I told you he is an actor and a rapper right? 


It all started Lil Romeo was signed to his father’s record label No Limit Record Label.


Mind you this was at the age of 5 after he literally wrote rap lyrics for his dad Master P. 

Lil Romeo and Lil Bow Wow Net Worth 2020
Lil Romeo & Lil Bow Wow

but the big moment that shot Romeo above the roof came 7 years after. 


and this was in 2001 when he released his debut studio album “Lil Romeo”. 


The album housed his hit single “My Baby” and guess what? 


My Baby by Lil Romeo was a hot hit that quickly received love from fans worldwide. 


As a matter of fact, My Baby did so well that it became a Platinum record. 


Look, I know the name Platinum record may or may not sound strange to you but just in case it did, here is a link to this article for more understanding


It was certified as a platinum record by the Recording Industry Association of America also known as (RIAA). 


and this single alone debuted at number 6 on Billboard hot 200 according to Wikipedia. 

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As I write this blog post, this song has garnered more than 500K views on YouTube alone. 


and here is a screenshot of those views below… 


My Baby was the defining moment for Romeo and it was what began a career that’s being so successful. 



Now quickly let’s transition into his album and songs, shall we? 




Albums and Songs 


If you ask me how many albums does Lil Romeo have? 


Then I will tell you Romeo currently has more than 3 studio albums in his 2-decade career. 


Now let’s talk a little about some of his albums. I will list his albums below. 


The first album of Romeo is Lil Romeo and the album was released in the year 2001.


This album sold over 400,000 copies worldwide and was certified platinum. 

The second studio album was released in 2002 and it was titled “Game Time”. 


Game Time debuted at number 33 at the Billboard and sold more than 2,500,000 million copies. 

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His 3rd single Romeoland wasn’t as successful as the first two however it managed to sell over 70,000 copies in its first week. 


and here is some of these albums in bullet points below. 



  • 2001: Lil’ Romeo


  • 2002: Game Time


  • 2004: Romeoland


  • 2005: Young Ballers: The Hood 


  • Been Good to Us (with Rich Boyz)


  • 2006: Lottery


  • 2006: God’s Gift: Music from the Motion Picture


  • 2007: Hip Hop History (with Master P as Miller Boyz)


  • 2010: Spring Break (with College Boyys)


  • 2016 Fighting Monsters


  • 2019 Hidden Treasure


All of these albums helped increase the net worth of Lil Romeo. 


but for now, let’s see how Romeo makes his money right? 


What are the Sources of Romeo’s Income 


Romeo has multiple streams of income and for this section, you and I will cover some of that. 


Personally, I have to say, I am a huge fan of having more than one source of income. 


Because my experience with just one source of income isn’t pretty at all. 

Net worth of Lil Romeo

It was way more frustrating than I would have ever imagined. 


With that said, Percy’s number one source of income is his music. 


Royalties, album sales, songs, you name, this contributed largely to his net worth over the years. 


Lil Romeo’s second source of income is acting, he has acted in quite a number of movies. 



but the most popular I believe you should remember if you were born in the 80s is Honey. 


Honey came out in the year 2003. Other movies include Max Keebles Big Move. 


Actually, this was his first movie which came out in 2001.


Romeo’s third source of income comes from modeling and his Entrepreneurial journey. 



So here is a bullet point of his sources of income… 


  • Music 


  • Modeling 


  • Entrepreneur 


  • Acting 



Now here is where you ask me what is Lil Romeo’s net worth… 


Lil Bow Wow Brief Bio 


One of the reasons I decided to make this post on Lil Bow Wow and Lil Romeo net worth is because I have this reader of this blog who has constantly asked for this post. 


I am serious he has been asking for like 2 months in a role that I felt like he was spamming me. 


So hopefully by the time I hit the publish button, he would see a notification and then read all he needs to know about this Lil Romeo and Lil Bow Wow net worth. 


Just in case you see this, know that you are a pain in my ass seriously. 




Okay, look sometimes you and I get so serious with life that. we forget even a little smiling can heal a broken heart. 

Lil Bow Wow Net Worth 2020 forbes

Plus I smile a lot which is why you always see LOLZ in my blog post. 


So if you are having a bad day today then smile because troubles come and go. and what matters is you are still standing when it’s gone. 


Now cheers! 


Now that I have gotten you to lighten up a bit, let’s continue from where I stopped. 


I believe it’s Lil bow brief bio right? 



Quick question for you, who is Lil Bow Wow? 


In other to answer that let’s first determine what his real name even is. 


I get this a lot back in the day when all I ever dreamt of was becoming a Footballer. 


I was called Pele then because I usually wore this tight skinny trunk whenever I played soccer. 


So my teammates nicknamed me Pele saying that I looked like Pele back in the 60s. 


Pele then replaced my real name and I couldn’t do anything about it. 


One day my mother called me “Pele” and I was like Ma, so you sef don join dem? 


She laughed and said she simply wanted to know what it sounded like. 


and my reply was Ma you sounded terrible… 


We both laughed and then I left the house. 


Look my footballing career didn’t go as I had planned but the experience was amazing. 


As a matter of fact, I told myself that since I could not play ball, one of my kids will play soccer. 


The only exception to this is that he choose a path that’s totally different. 


This brief football story is applicable to superstars. especially musicians when they have found fame. 


Lil Bow Wow is popularly known by this stage name, right? 


So what is his real name you may ask… 


Well, the real name of Bow Wow is Shad Gregory Moss.


and he was born in the year 1987 precisely on the 9th of March in Columbus Ohio.


So who is he? 


Bow Wow is an American rapper, Television personality, actor, and broadcaster. 


Gregory has had an amazing career with several awards to his credit. 


One such award is his 2001 BET, Viewer’s Choice “Bow Wow (That’s My Name)” (Won).


and here is a list of some awards he has won in his 2-decade career. 


  • Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2001, Favorite Male Singer (Won)


  • Billboard Music Awards 2001, Rap Single of the Year “Bow Wow (That’s My Name)” (Won)


Speaking of career, how did he start since you and I already know that of Lil Romeo started. 


How Did Lil Bow Wow Career Start 


As you may have heard before now, part credit can be given to Snoop Dogg for noticing Bow Wow’s rap talent. 


However, this talent has been grooming since he was like 3 years of age. 

Bow Wow Net Worth 2020

At 3 Gregory already had a thing for hip hop and as such followed this part. 


but it was after being named Lil Bow Wow by Snoop Dogg now Snoop Lion that Jermaine Dupri shaped Bow Wow’s career. 

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and for Bow Wow Dupri became a revered idol who helped took him to the spotlight quickly. 


However, this didn’t happen until 2000 when his first album was released. 


The album featured debut single “bounce with me” and Bow Wow That’s my name featuring Snoop Dogg. 


That’s my name quickly topped charts and breaking the record for double platinum by RIAA. 


This was the moment that changed everything for Bow and how he found fame at such a tender age. 



As if this newly found fame wasn’t enough, Bow Wow became the lead actor in the movie “Like Mike”. 


Again Like Mike did really well that I remember my kid brother wouldn’t go a day without watching the film. 


Up to date if you ask him what was your favorite movie as a kid? 


He doesn’t hesitate with screaming over the roof with the answer “Like Mike”. 


Well, I have to be honest with you too, I really loved the movie too. 


After Like Mike, another movie of Bow Wow I liked is when he played a supporting role at Fast and Furious in 2006. 


Great movie and if you haven’t seen it then you must be missing a lot already. 


Yeah, it’s old but it’s still one of the best movies out there today. 


You know over the years Bow Wow My Baby has done more than 7 million views on YouTube despite it being 20 years old. 



and here is a screenshot of the views this song has garnered over the years on YT. 

Now speaking of songs, can I take you on a journey on Lil Bow Wow’s album and songs? 


I believe your answer is YES so come on let’s dive into it. 


Remember each of these albums ultimately helped increase Lil Bow Wow’s networth. so you and I have to talk about it.



Album and Songs 


Lil Bow Wow’s prime was in the 2000s honestly, I like to call him the Snoop Dogg of that era. 


Even the likes of Chris Brown got nothing on him back then. 


Yeah, you could say Chris Brown is a way more bigger artist now. 


but back then it was Bow Wow and he has been grinding way long before the likes of Justin Bieber came on. 


I still think Bieber is cool though… 


Anyways, I believe you are dying to ask me how many albums Gregory now has right? 


Don’t worry I will talk about a couple of his albums and then list it down for you. 


Here we go! 


Lil Bow’s first studio album is titled Beware of Dogs. 


It was released in 2000 and it contained hit tracks like That’s My Name. 


That’s My Name was certified double platinum after selling over 2 million copies worldwide. 


As of 2009, this said album has sold over 3 million copies according to Bow Wow. 


Well, this leads you and me to his 2nd studio album, right? 





Lil Bow Wow’s second studio album was released in 2001 and it was tilted Doggy Bag. 


You better don’t ask me what’s with the Dogs in his album title… 


but I can chalk it to Snoop Dogg even though I know that’s not the case. 




I just have to say that because Snoop eventually named him Lil Bow Wow. 


Okay, that’s a total joke… 


Anyways Lil Bow’s 3rd studio album was titled Unleash. 

This is the last album under which he used the name Lil because he was now becoming a grown man. so Lil had to go because it’s bad for getting the ladies. 


Okay now here is a couple of Bow Wow albums… 


Here we go! 



  • Beware of Dog (2000)


  • Doggy Bag (2001)


  • Unleashed (2003)


  • Wanted (2005)


  • The Price of Fame (2006)


  • Face Off (with Omarion) (2007)


  • New Jack City II (2009)



Now all of these albums helped improved Bow Wow net worth 2022 in the form of royalties and others. 


I believe right about now you should be asking me what is bow wow net worth right? 


I don’t know so you tell me! 




I didn’t title this post Lil Romeo and Lil Bow Wow net worth and not cover everything right? 


because that will be breaking the initial promise I made at the beginning of this post. 


and I can’t have you calling me that at all… 


but first, let’s look at his sources of income.



What are the Sources of Lil Bow Wow Income 


Bow Wow like Lil Romeo has a diverse source of income. 


In other words, he has multiple sources of income that feeds his bank account months in and months out. 


and his first source of income is music, as a singer you get royalties from your songs, albums e.t.c.


Bow’s second source of income is his shows… 



As a celebrity, you get invited to perform on invents, and shows and this guy charges between $10,000 to $40,000 just to come to shows. 


Bow Wow has also made money from endorsement deals over the years which runs into a couple of thousands of dollars. 


Finally, Bow Wow makes money from acting as well as broadcasting. 

All of these multiple sources help skyrocket Forbes Lil Bow Wow net worth in 2022. 





Prior to this post, I wouldn’t have guessed that Bow Wow net worth 2020 Forbes is less than that of Lil Romeo. 


but that’s the beauty of research and seeking more knowledge about a particular subject or person. 


So there you have everything you needed to know on Lil Romeo and Lil Bow Wow net worth. 


I hope it was a fun read? 


Now it’s your turn? 


Who is your favorite of these two celebrities? 


Use the comment box to drop your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 



If you like this post then please hit the share button and follow us here on Facebook


Thanks for reading and cheers to you.


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