Lil Wayne House in South Florida Floating On Water?

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Lil Wayne house in South Florida gives the feel of what a home should be like. Floating on water is the 10,472 Square feet house with 110 feet water frontage to give you a nice feel of earth. It is not news that the popular iconic star likes to get the feel of nature whenever he can.
lil wayne house

Lil Wayne house in Allison Island South Florida

The front view of the house gives the sensational feeling of belonging. Needless to say that the interior of the house is everything a man can dream about comfort. In South Florida, the amazing atmosphere is one to rest and drop every worry.

How Much Do Lil Wayne House Costs( Floating House)

Lil Wayne house in South Florida costs approximately $17 Million. The structure erected by Architecture Choeff Levy Fischman is one of many of his project. Lil Wayne new house combines well with privacy and space. If you need some privacy then the 7 bedrooms and 10 bathroom house give just that to get away from it all.

Dining view of Lil Wayne new house

Lil Wayne house sits well in the middle of Biscayne Bay in the remote area off Miami Beach. Lil Wayne sold his Miami home in La Gorce Circle sometimes last year for around $9.9 Million.

Where is Lil Wayne House Located?

The 10,742 square feet house is located in the remote bridge-accessible Allison Island off Miami Beach. Lil Wayne who decided to sell his previous Miami home seeks comfort in a more remote Allison Island. Lil Wayne Miami home comes with 3 car garage, A mega kitchen(Auxilary kitchen) among others.
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It is a perfect place to spend Holidays and get away from work. The US superstar rapper has many awards to his name and the house in Allison Island is one of many houses he owns.


The Black American rapper owns houses almost everywhere in the US. Fame can get you known around the world and that can make privacy a bit of a problem. But you don’t have to worry about it all as all you have to do is buy a house in a remote Island and then have some privacy.
Do you think Lil Wayne house in South Florida where the need for walls is rare is better than his previous ones? Use the comment box to drop thoughts. Remember it is cool world and staying connected matters.
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