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How much is Ludacris and Master P net worth? did you know that Master P and Ludacris net worth is estimated at $225 million, let’s find out more shall we?


Maybe you know this or maybe you don’t but either way, you landed here whether. from Google, Binge, or any of the Search Engines out there today.

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and that tells me one thing, it is that you want to know more about Master P net worth 2020


Or maybe you want to know more about Ludacris net worth 2020.


Either way, I am positive you are in the right place seeking the answers that you want to your question. 




I will tell you a story to challenge your mentality as a human being. 



This is pure because if you think of it Ludacris and Master P net worth put both stars on a pedestal which makes you see them as an idol. 


Now, the question is what if you too can become that wealthy if you would dedicate yourself to making the necessary sacrifice to achieve that? 

Forbes Ludacris net worth 2020

What would that mean for your life? 


but before I dive into it more while talking about Ludacris and Master P net worth, I want to tell you what you will benefit from today’s post. 


Here is everything you will get from today’s post… 



  • Ludacris brief bio 


  • How did his career start 


  • Album and songs 


  • what is his source of income 


  • How much is Ludacris net worth 2020


  • Master P brief bio 


  • How did his career start 


  • Album and songs 


  • What is his sources of income 


  • How much is Master P net worth 2020


  • Who is the richest between Ludacris and Master P


  • Conclusion 



That’s a long table of content if I have to be honest with you right? 


Well, this is why I want you to use the “Jump to Anywhere” links in the table of content to go anywhere you want on this post. 


One more thing before you and I dive deeper into the juice of this post and it is this:



Every figure you see on this post is subject to continuous fluctuations which can be due to a variety of factors. 



but what is most important for you to know is that when you land here, you will almost certainly get the updated version of Ludacris and Master P net worth. 



First I will start with the net worth of Ludacris and then transition into the net worth of Master P. 


Interesting right? 


before we dive in, click on the play button to enjoy this. amazing song by Ludacris as you enjoy this piece of content.

Now let’s dive in, shall we? 


Ludacris Brief Bio 


Remember at the start of this post I said I was going to challenge your thoughts right? 


Well, here we go! 


As a kid growing up, all I ever wanted is to be wealthy, live a peaceful life by the beach with my wife and kids. 


As a matter of fact, I dream of owning this house which will be built in such a way that. I could witness sunrise and sunset. 


Sunrise would be witnessed in my parlor while holding a cup of coffee and sunset in my room while lying on top of my bed. 

Net worth of Ludacris



Nature is beautiful and it’s given you and me everything we need to live the life that you and I want. 


but not without a caveat! 


So you may ask what is that caveat right? 


It is focused on your goals to create the reality that you want using the law of cause and effect. 


but wait that’s not all! 


Now imagine yourself living peacefully by the beach and being able to afford all that you want. 


Your wife owns her business! 


Your kids could afford the best education you did not have!


You are happy because you have the money to take them on a vacation. 


That is ultimate peace right there right? 


TRUE that’s peace! 

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but here is where it gets interesting. 


Do you know that you and I would rather not work on our goals but dream all day long? 


and that it’s only a very few of the world’s population that own true wealth? 


Why is that? 


Whether their wealth was ill-made or not, there is a theme I found to be common with all the successful people on earth. 


and that’s hard work, smart work, focus, and perseverance. 


That’s all you need to make your biggest dream come true. 


Now, why am I telling you all of this? 


Well, this one story got Ludacris and Master P net worth to what it is today. 


and you can follow the same path to success. 


Now let’s talk about Luda a little bit shall we? 



You and popularly know him worldwide by the stage name Ludacris right? 


but have you ever wondered what is his real name? 


Chances are you probably don’t know like I also did not. know until I started doing my research to put this post together for you. 

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So what is his real name? 


The real name of Ludacris is Christopher Brian Bridges. 

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but where was he born? 


Ludacris was born in Champaign Illinois in the year 1977 on the 11th of September. 


and I have to say he is one celebrity that’s had an amazing career since in the 90s.


Plus he fascinates with how he tries to. be simple while still being funny in his little way like you see in Fast and Furious. 


be that as it may, now who is he right? 



Well, Ludacris is a black American rapper, record producer, and actor. 


and his career has been packed with a fun ride so far… 


2pac can be seen as one of the big names in the hip hop genre and he deserves some credit. 


but credit should also be given to the ones alive who has made sure that Hip-Hop stayed strong over the years. 


and among such names who have made this happen in the last 2 decades include Diddy, Ludacris, Dre, Eminem amongst others. 




If you have a mainstream career and there is no award to your name, it makes you feel not accomplished. 


It is just the way it and I don’t know why! 


As for Ludacris, 3 Grammy Award is enough to tell you he is a king during his peak. 


but is that all? 


No of course, he also has MTV and critics choice award added to his archive. 


Pretty cool right? 


Well, you can say after studying music management at Georgia State University, it would be crazy not to get any award in your lifetime career. 


Now let’s see how this all started for him… 


How Did His Career Start 


A couple of days back I was having this little argument with my very good friend. 


and it was centered on Africa and the United States who have the best opportunity to succeed? 


Well, my friend opted to pick America over Africa and I stood for Africa. 

Ludacris Net Worth 2020
Ludacris cover for Fast 9

His points backed his claims to be quite honest because that’s what I love about him. 


He gives you facts and nothing but facts… 


As for myself, I opted to stick with Africa maybe because it was more of an emotional thing rather than facts. 




No denying it we are sometimes like that as humans. 


We sometimes let our belly do all the talking and by belly, I mean emotions rather than facts. 


In the end, he won the argument because his facts were undeniable. 


Here is what he concluded with:



I know I have given you facts brother, however, I want you to know that regardless of living in the US or in AFRICA. I believe success is a state of mind and anyone can achieve success with the right mindset. 


A powerful conclusion isn’t it? 


I bet it is! 


So how did the journey to success began for Ludacris? 


Ludacris started rapping at the early age of 9. 


This was when he moved from Illinois to Atlanta. 


Right there in Atlanta like every normal hustler, he was a DJ for the most part of it until he decided to drop his first album. 


This was in 1999 and the album was titled Incognegro.



Incognegro did well but still was poor… 


However, it’s individual singles did well if not better than expected. 


And this landed him a deal with Def Jam South (Def Jam Recordings). 


but the career break came when he released *back for the first time” which debuted at number 4 on Billboard HOT 200.


And singles like Southern Hospitality and Area Code flown around the world registering his name as a competition in Hip-Hop. 


As a matter of fact, what I particularly love is the grandeur of comedy and hip hop which has made him a fine talent in the industry in the 2000s.


and here is a screenshot of one of his hit song Move b*tch get out the way songs on YouTube with more than 12 million YT views. 


Speaking of songs and views let’s check out some of his albums, shall we? 



Album and Songs 


Ludacris net worth 2020 Forbes is made possible thanks to several albums that hit. 



and I know you are just about asking me how many albums does he have currently. 



I will get into that shortly so patience… 


Ludacris’s first studio album was released in 1999 after he was featured in Timbaland Rabbit Phat. 


The album was titled Incognegro, although it wasn’t a success but his second quickly put that out of the way. 


Ludacris’s second studio album is “Back for the first time” which was released in 2000.


Did you know that this album went as high as number 4 position on Billboard hot 200?



Well, it did thanks to hit singles like Southern Hospitality. 



What about his 3rd album? 



Well, it was titled Word of Mouf which was released in 2001. 



and by 2003, Ludacris released Chicken n Beef before releasing the Red Light District in 2004. 



and here is a bullet list of some of the list albums… 


Here we go! 


  • Incognegro 1999


  • Back for the first time 2000


  • Word of Mouf 2001


  • Chicken n beef 2003


  • The red light district 2004


All of these albums help boost Ludacris’s net worth in 2020. 


and now let’s check out his sources of income shall we? 



What is the Source of Income of Ludacris 



The sweet side of fame is that it can open lots of closed doors for you. 


and one of the doors that opened to Ludacris due to fame is acting. 


You have probably watched Fast and Furious right? 


Well, I have to say the two people that make me watch Fast and Furious is Ludacris and Tyrese Gibson. 

How much is Ludacris net worth

Yes, there is Rock and others but these are my major two actors. 

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If you haven’t watched the movie then you can start watching the first installment here. 



This means Ludacris makes his money from acting and this is just one of the several sources of income he has. 


Ludacris’s second source of income is endorsement deals. 



As a celebrity, it’s only fair if the company starts approaching you for endorsements. 


and with it comes a huge paycheck with which you can go on vacations and Ludacris got a lot of those. 



His 3rd source of income is his recording studio and his music. 


and of these solidifies his income more than you know. 


and finally going to shows… 


Look for a celebrity like Ludacris you would have to pay anywhere from $500K to get his presence on your shows. 


Now imagine bagging 5 shows a year, that’s like $2 million. 


Okay, I know that you are waiting to hear what is Ludacris net worth in 2020, and don’t worry we are there now. 



How Much is Ludacris net worth 2020 


How much is Ludacris net worth? Ludacris current net worth is estimated to be around 25,000,000 US dollars ($25 million). He makes his money from his record label, music as well as acting in movies such as The Fast and Furious which were a major success in Hollywood. 

Luda net worth


Note that the figures on this post are an estimate because like it or not we are not in his bank account. 


However, every asset he has been all estimated and then subtracted from whatever debt he owes to arrive conclusively on Forbes Ludacris net worth in dollars. 



Ludacris networth: $25 Million


and here are some details in the table below which you will find informative. 

[table id=13 /]


Now that Ludacris net worth 2020 is out of the way, let’s look at Master P net worth before determine who is the richest between the two celebs. 



After all this post is about Ludacris and Master P net worth, right? 





Master P Brief Bio 


A couple of days back I published the article Lil Romeo and Lil Bow Wow net worth… 



If you didn’t see it then I suggest you check it out. 


I made reference to that because as you may have known long before now, Lil Romeo is son to Master P. 



and today it just happens I am covering this post on the father and Ludacris. 


I strongly believe that Master P is a huge icon for Romeo seeing how he constantly shower love on the father. 


Plus I like how the bible said it best. 

How much is Master P net worth


A wise man lives inheritance for his children… 


Now don’t get me wrong, Romeo has his own money already which is good right? 


but who do you think will be in charge of the empires Master P has created when he is gone? 


I believe the children would right? 



Well, let’s put that aside and talk about Master P briefly. 


You and I know him publicly as Master P. 


I mean that stage name has been on for like a decade or so now… 


but I am sure not everyone knows his real name so let’s find out, shall we? 


You and I have a way of forgetting the real names of celebs once they hit stardom. 


So what is his real name? 


Master P’s real name is Percy Robert Miller… 


and he was born in New Orleans in the year 1967 on the 29th of April. 


It’s been a long journey of hustle and bustles and the good thing is you and I are here discussing him. 


I like to think of his career one that’s built on blood and sweat. 


I mean going from one time NBA star to a rapper and a rapper, is all one big inspiration for anyone seeking to have a good life right? 


So who is he? 



Master P is an American rapper, Philanthropist, Actor, record producer, and a one time NBA superstar. 



You can say his time at the NBA didn’t make the kind of big impact but that’s got to go on his records. 



Master P studied business administration at Meritt College of Oakland University. 


and after the death of his brother decided to lead a better life as an Entrepreneur. 

Today his diverse source of income puts him as one of the richest musicians in the world today. 



Although he didn’t make my top 50 list of richest musicians in the world, a top 100 is easy for the cracking. 


P has starred in a couple of movies since he began a career in acting. 



and you would probably recognize some of these movies if you are a huge fan… 


Some of the films include including I Got the Hook-Up, Soccer Mom, Gone in 60 Seconds, Toxic, and Foolish.



Miller has also worked in television, starring in the sitcom Romeo! alongside his son Romeo Miller from 2003 to 2006.


Now let’s see how his career started shall we? 



How Did Master P Career Start 


Master P’s road to fame was bumpy like every other success story you find out there. 



Look I would be lying if I told you there is an easy road to success honestly. 


Take for instance I started this blog with the dream of getting to 2 million visitors monthly. 


Net worth of Master P

Now I know that’s a gigantic goal but hey I committed to seeing it through. and what that means is that I have to stay awake when others are sleeping. 


It takes time for any individual to go from nothing to something except you are one of the billionaires of the world. 



and heck even they started from somewhere right? 


Apple Laptop was once an ordinary vision but today it’s one of the best smartphone manufacturers in the world. 



You feel me right? 



Master P career began with the group TRU but that fame was nothing like when he started his solo career. 


P Miller released more than 3 albums before he found the one that elevated his name in the 1990s. 

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The big moment came when Master P released his Platinum single “Make them say uhh” 1997.



but prior to this, it was Ice Cream Man album that first shot the singer above the roof to fame. 


Lead single Mr. Ice Cream Man received lots of love from fans all over the US.


In the late 1990s, Master P signed to NBA contract which led him to Play Charlotte Hornets and Toronto Raptors respectively. 



and today you can say he is the proud owner of a basketball club called Global Mixed Gender Basketball with the acronym (GMGB). 


If you are like me that loves taking a trip down memory lane then you would enjoy Master P make them say uhh video. 



It’s 2020 and it still feels like yesterday right? 



This song currently has more than 500K views on YouTube. 


and speaking of songs, let’s check out some of his albums right? 


I am all in baby… 


Album and Songs 


It’s good when once in a while you take a trip down memory lane to see what the good old days were like. 


Heck, sometimes when I look back at childhood and some of the crazy moments I just smile. 


That is what life is about, a collection of moments that etch in memory forever. 


Now that’s priceless compared to anything you can ever imagine. 



Master P very first studio album titled Get Away Clean was released in 1991 and he followed it with his second studio album Mama’s Bad Boy. 



In 1992 he decided to team with his music group to release a group collaborated album titled Who is da Killer. 



The album was widely embraced with open hands and this led to his 3rd studio album. 



Master P released his 3rd studio album The Ghetto Tryin to Kill Me on the 18th of March 1993. 


and in 1994 he dropped the album 99 ways to die. 



However, it was his 5th album that took his music career to the next level and establishes him as a hip hop gods in the music industry. 


All of these albums helped shot Master P networth continuously over the roof. 


and here are these albums on bullet points for you… 



  • Get away clean 1991


  • Ice cream man 1997


  • 99 ways to die 1994 


  • Mama’s bad boy 1992



The only thing I really feared about music in those days was the strong violence between hip hop artists. 



That shit wasn’t cool at all, but hey it was evolution and am glad there is beginning to be sanity in the way things are run these days. 


What is Master P Source of Income 


Master P has evolved over the years into what he is today. 


I mean starting from rap into basketball, then business or entrepreneurship is just amazing, right? 


So how did he amass his wealth over the year since the 90s? 


Here we go! 


Master P currently has 15 albums to his name and all of these albums are potential money. 


That’s just one source of income mind you… 


Master P’s second source of income is his entrepreneurial journey and this includes his record label signing artists or producing songs. 


His 3rd source of income is acting, Master P starred in several movies which are additional sources of income. 



His fourth source of income comes from shows and I know you are probably thinking at 50 he shouldn’t be getting shows. 




Now that’s ridiculous because even Madonna still get shows and she is like how old again? 



Well, you get the drift right… 


All Forbes Master P net worth is what it is today thanks to all these sources of income. 


Now I believe this is the right time to ask me what is Master P net worth then right? 


Oh, I will tell you in the next subheadings… 

How Much is Master P Net Worth 


How much is Master P’s net worth? Master P current net worth is estimated at 200,000,000 million US dollars ($200 million). He makes his money from his career, his music career as well as setting up several businesses in his entrepreneurial journey. 



However, I want you to know that the figures you see above can increase and can drop due to several underlying factors. 


but for now, this is how much Master P is worth. 



Master P networth: $100,000,000



Now if you need more tiny details then find them on this table below… 


[table id=14 /]

For now, let’s move on shall we? 


Who is the Richest Between Master P and Ludacris 


Often times I get asked these questions, who is the richest between master P and Ludacris… 



Sometimes even questions on Beyonce come up right? 


and I try to answer as legit as possible…



So, Ludacris and Master P net worth who is richer? 


According to the net worth, we arrived here at Shoutmeceleb Entertainment, Master P is the richest between the two celebrities. While Master P has a net worth of $100 million, Ludacris is worth $25 million. 

Matser P net worth 2020

Note that the figures I and my team arrived at are ones gotten after any debt of any kind has been paid off. 


After all net worth is all of a person’s asset minus the debts they owe. 



So when next someone asks you how much is Ludacris net worth 2020 Forbes, just tell them it’s $25 Million. 



and when they are you ask how much is Master P net worth 2020 Forbes, just tell them it is $200 million. 




The richest people in the world do not have two heads right? 


If they could become billionaires and millionaires then so could you too. 


Now there you have it all about Ludacris and Master P net worth in 2020. 


Now it’s over to you! 



What is the one lesson you were able to take away from this post on Master P and Ludacris net worth? 


Use the comment box to drop your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


If you love this post then please hit the share button and follow us here on Facebook. 


Thanks for reading and cheers to you…

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