Mayorkun ft Gyakie Desire Lyrics (Fresh New Video)

Complete Desire Lyrics Mayorkun
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Last updated on December 4th, 2022 at 05:38 pm

Mayorkun ft Gyakie desire lyrics is becoming one of my favorite songs from this album and you can enjoy Mayorkun desire on YouTube here now. 


Gyakie is having a fine career run and she has been amazing for lack of a better word. 


Her talent is commendable and Mayorkun’s delivery is always beautiful so take out your iPhone and stream this beauty. 


but before you and I dive into Mayorkun desire lyrics here is what this post will cover. 


  • You will be able to stream & download desire song by Mayorkun. 


  • Also, I wrote a short review of this song below so make sure you catch up with it. 


  • Finally, you will be able to stream desire by Mayorkun lyrics. 


Quickly, come let’s dive into all the details, shall we? 


Reaction & Mayorkun Desire Review 


First, this track was produced by #### and it was written by Jackeline Acheampong and Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel. 


By the way, a big shout out for such a beautiful beat that was delivered, it is wonderful. 

Reaction & Mayorkun Desire Review

The first 15 minutes of this album got me reeled in and it’s one of my faves from this project but then there are so many favorites already. 


Everything about this song worked so well and Gyakie’s verse is the lock on this song. She is very good and I am positive the future is going to be lit for her. 


This track also passed another of my criteria for picking a hit song and that’s 10X replay value which was delivered on this. 


My final reaction is “Masterpiece” and I am definitely giving it my Masterpiece rating on the SMCE rating list. 

Mayorkun ft Gyakie desire lyrics

Finally, here are some details you may have missed. 


Song Title: Desire 


Artists: Mayorkun feat Gyakie 




Written By: Jackeline Acheampong and Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel


Album: Back In Office 


Release Date: 29th October 2021


Nationality: Nigeria & Ghana 


Mayorkun ft Gyakie Desire Song


Back In Office has some beautiful songs and I tell you, you don’t want to miss out on streaming it on Apple Music. 


Look, I will give you the heads up and that’s that you should start with Mayorkun ft Joeboy no strings attached

Mayorkun ft Gyakie Desire Mp3 Download

Once you are done with that then you can definitely check out Let Me Know as well as Back In Office


Gyakie’s voice on this track is everything for me so once you are done with that then you can end with this because this track in my opinion is soothing for a closer. 


Okay, I know there are so many songs out there to make choice from but you have to listen to this song. 


So click on the sky blue button below to enjoy desire by Mayorkun. 


[download id=”17220″]

Wait there is more! 


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I promised you desire by Mayorkun ft Gyakie lyrics so let’s go straight to that, shall we? 


Complete Desire Lyrics Mayorkun 


Why I can’t say the absolute chemistry is there I can say that this is a joyful song connecting Ghana & Naija. 


Desire lyrics by Mayorkun talks about the craving for the opposite sex and waiting for the right one to come through in a sea of women and men. 

Mayorkun desire lyrics

It’s short, sweet, and every lyric to the point so quickly here are Mayorkun ft Gyakie lyrics, do enjoy it. 




Of Lagos 

Na na na na na na heh ha

Gyakie ahn ahn yay 




you don’t really have my time 

Do I even cross your mind 

I don’t even understand 

I don’t even know your plans 

Would you meet me at the bar outside 

Lots of things are going on 

But I no want make you dey leave my side (Nne biko don’t leave my side) 




It’s all its all I have been wishing for 

It’s all have been rooting for 

It’s all I’ve been 

It’s all have been wishing for 


It’s all I’ve been searching for 

It’s all have been 

It’s all have been (I no dey want make you dey leave my side) 

It’s all have been 




Baby oh you fine 

You dey my mind o

I can’t define o 

I never wan stop 

But you wanna calm me 

I beg you big boss 

Gege Gege of lay lay 

Gbedu wey dey burst brain ooo 

Girl nu y3 pain ooo

Runnerman runnerman

Nana na eya

Mayorkun Jackie Chan 

You coulda never 




It’s all I’ve been waiting 

It’s all I’ve been wishing for (Nne biko don’t leave my side) 


It’s all I’ve been searching for 

It’s all have been 

It’s all have been (I no dey want make you dey leave my side) 

It’s all have been 


Wrapping It Up 


I have listened to a couple of collaborations between Naija and Ghana musically and I can tell that they have that chemistry. 


but then when it was The Mayor of Lagos on Gyakie, I was certain it would be better than every other collaboration between the two nations.


So I want to hear your thoughts as well because I have given mine in form of a review… 


So over to you now… 


How would you rate Mayorkun ft Gyakie desire lyrics? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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