New Controversy: Mayorkun Gets Dragged For Picking Wizkid Over Davido

Mayorkun top 5 albums 2021
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Last updated on October 23rd, 2022 at 12:33 pm

Mayorkun top 5 albums 2021 set the singer and Davido up for drags on social media as fans of the two Nigerian giant lock horns. 


It’s crazy I know but as humans, I trust everyone can be entitled to their opinion especially knowing that The Mayor of Lagos is no longer signed to DMW. 


Well, come let’s get into the details so you and I can find out why the most loved Davido artist is being dragged. 


The Nigeria music industry has been a competitive space since the era of Wizkid, Davido, Olamide, and Burnaboy. 


This means if you f**k with one then it is assumed you keep your loyalty to that camp. 


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So what happened well Mayorkun’s album of the year list is what happened? 


Mayorkun Snapchat Space 


Mayorkun has always been vocal about his support for Davido since that was what brought him to the spotlight back in 2016.


I mean in Davido The Best featuring Mayorkun, The Mayor said he learned from the best. 


In his words, the best is Davido, at least when that song was released off Davido’s A Better Time album

Mayorkun top 5 albums

So the question is what changed? Well, loyalty can change over time since the singer is no longer signed to DMW. 


Mayorkun dropped his album last year and Holy Father featuring Victony is by far the best of the project. 


I mean it reached number one on Apple Music NG but the taste could vary from one individual to the other so you are FREE to pick your favorite from the project. 


So what happened on Mayorkun’s Snapchat space? 


Well, Mayorkun picked his top album in 2021 and he excluded ABT which was Davido’s 2020 album. 


This sent out a signal to both the 30BG fan base and Wizkid FC and you and I know that these two fan bases look for everything to go at each other.


Here is a list of Mayorkun’s best 2021 albums…

  • Mayorkun back in office


  • Buju sorry I’m late


  • Wizkid made in Lagos


  • Dave we are all in this together


  • Kanye West Donda


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Quickly, come let’s see how fans went crazy because of this newly released list, shall we?


Fans Reaction To Mayorkun Picking MIL Over ABT 


During the Snapchat space, Mayorkun, who is currently one of the richest next-generation artists deliberately picked MIL over ABT. 


This has sparked controversy once again in the 30BG and Wizkid FC camp and it’s not looking to go away soon. 

Mayorkun albums of the year list

According to 30BG, Mayorkun is biting the hands that have brought him fame and putting food on his table. 


So I have curated some of the reactions from 30 BG as well as Wizkid FC to show what they have been on about with the latest development.


Enjoy the show, will you?


Anthony Not Joshua Said: So Davido FC are now attacking Mayorkun for picking Wizkid’s Made In Lagos and not adding ABT to his Best Albums of 2021.


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“Mayorkun’s album was not on anybody’s top 10 last year, he needs to do better or rest”

LIL DURK said: Mayorkun is an Fc, nothing can change that. 

He is a grown-up man and he has the right to do whatever pleases him.

Mystique Said: I expected this from mayorkun a long time ,people are just realizing dude is an ingrate. Yoruba and sellout na 5&6..  It is just like Terri leaving Starboy records and rating burna or davido album over wizkid. Somethings are not just right.

Dami Said: nobody is canceling Mayorkun. because he choose MiL doesn’t mean he fucc with Wizkid. he still learnt from the best, Davido. i’m speaking for all 30BG.

Mah Gee Mayorkun have always Stan big wiz even when he was in 30BG Davido can’t deny the fact that MIL was a better album to ABT na make am Dey pack singles come out to backup ABT still yet nothing comot.




Mayorkun top 5 albums for 2021 may have not included Davido’s ABT but does that mean he is not loyal? 


Well, during Davido’s show on the 24th December 2021, Mayorkun pulled a surprise stage performance for Davido. 


The reaction from both stars shows how the two have been Oga and Boy for a long time and it’s obvious that The Mayor of Lagos would always be Davido’s dawg. 


but hey that’s my opinion so it is over to you now! 


Do you think Mayorkun’s top 5 albums for 2021 should have included Davido because he was made famous by OBO? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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