Adele easy on me lyrics (New Mp3 Download, Video & Review)

easy on me by Adele lyrics

Last updated on October 31st, 2021 at 12:33 pm

Adele easy on me lyrics is that song that will give you the chills and you can download Adele easy on me Mp3 through here today. 


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It’s been a tough time for the UK star and I am glad she is back with another hit song. 


So if you have missed Adele and her sounds then this will definitely make up for the times you have been kept waiting. 


Okay, so before you and I dive into easy on me lyrics by Adele, here is what this post will cover. 


  • You will be able to stream and download easy on me song by Adele. 


  • Also you will find my unbiased review of this song below while also bringing you fan reaction. 


  • Lastly, you will be able to follow the lyrics word for word. 


Assuming you have caught on then please come let’s dive into easy on me by Adele lyrics, shall we? 


Reaction & Review Of Easy On Me Song 


The first thing is first, a big shout out to Greg Kurstin for producing this hit song. The video director was amazing as well so shout out to you guys. 


Adele has been through some tough times with her divorce and everything and despite that, I think she made magic. 

Adele Easy On Me Mp3 Download


The first 15 seconds when this song started was spiritual for me and it reinforced my stans on why she is one of the best female singers out there. 


It was sorrowful with hope as the climax and for me that really got me humming the lines which again is a pass mark. 


I literally played this more than 20X already so it passed my 10X replay as well. 

Reaction & Review Of Easy On Me Song

Overall, this was epic and the Adele easy on me video has to be one of the best videos for the year. 


The transition from black and white to the color I believe signifies a new beginning while retaining all the memories she has from the past. 


It is definitely getting my Masterpiece rating on the Shoutmeceleb rating list. 


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Finally, here is how fans are reacting to this on social media. 


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