AV Big Thug Boys Lyrics (New Review Reaction)

AV big thug boys lyrics
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Last updated on December 5th, 2022 at 08:12 pm

Reaction & Review Of The Song 


I am thrilled by the beat of this song which was produced by Kulboy. 


Kulboy was simply amazing and the fact that he doesn’t have the biggest name in the industry just shows how anyone can make it with a bit of consistency. 


The lyrics of big thug boys were awesome and I had to hit the replay button over and over again. 


AV was magical with the vocals which showcase his talent and zeal to thrive in an ever-competitive industry. 


This is a beauty and it’s definitely getting my 5-star rating. 




If good music is what you enjoy then this one is definitely made with you in mind. 


It has that feel-good vibe that incorporates a new kind of Afrobeat sound into what we already have out there. 


This is my first post about him so if you really like him then please follow him on Instagram to help boost his following. 


Artists deserve our support because they have been putting the Africa name on the map. 


It’s over to you


How would you rate AV big thug boys lyrics? 


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