AV Confession Lyrics (New Mp3 Download & Review)

AV Confession Lyrics

AV confession lyrics are out now, here on Shoutmeceleb Entertainment and you will be able to download AV confession Mp3 here now. 


but just before you and I talk about everything this post will cover I will be honest with you AV is going really hard. 


This has been the case since his hit song which was released almost 3 months ago made it to the charts. 


So before you and I dive into confession lyrics by AV here is what I will cover in this post. 


  • You will be able to stream and download confession song by AV. 


  • I have also taken the time to write my unbias review of this song here. 


  • Lastly, I decided to write out confession by AV lyrics for you so you can follow it word for word. 


Assuming you get a hang of everything I said this post will cover, come let’s dive into the details, shall we? 


Reaction and Review Of Confession 


First thing is first I want to say a big shout out to Tempoe for producing another monster hit track. 


A good producer knows how to put all the ingredients together in other to make a joyful hit song. 

confession lyrics by AV

Having said that, here are some of the criteria I personally use in classifying a hit song and they are: 


  • Must capture the listener within 15 seconds 


  •  Must make you want to take an action (e.g dance) 


  •  The beat must get me moving my head unintentionally 


  •  A popular part of the lyrics must be recitable when the chorus comes on. 


  •   It must have a replay value of 10X


The first 15 seconds of this song hooked me in no cap. 


I was nodding endlessly because it’s vibee but if there is anything this song is not, it is not Big Thug Boys


but AV definitely found that balance between decent and a hit track. 


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It also has that replay value but after 8 times playing it, I was already bored and needed another song. 


Overall, this is decent but it’s nothing compared to his first hit song. 

Reaction and Review Of Confession

So my final verdict is that this is a very good song but lacked some of the ingredients that made Big Thug Boys a hit. 


And here is how it scores on the Shoutmeceleb rating chart.


  • 0 – 1.9 flopped 


  • 2.0 – 3.0 almost failed 


  •  4.0 – 5.9 average 


  • 6.0 – 7.9 very good


  • 8.0 – 10 Masterpiece


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