I am amazed by how Rudeboy focus lyrics played out but here is what you can do. below you can enjoy Rudeboy focus on YouTube. 

Cheque call me baby lyrics
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Last updated on May 22nd, 2023 at 11:02 am

I have my headphone on jamming, picking Cheque call me baby lyrics and you can also enjoy Cheque call me baby on YouTube.




Afrobeat is rising so high that at this rate there is no stopping it, you know. 


I mean Davido, Wizkid, Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage, Psquare, Dbanj, and 2face have paid the price for the younger generation. 


So YES Cheque is one of the younger generations and if you want to enjoy this song then stay with me. 


There is a lot for us to get into but before we do, here is what call me baby lyrics by Cheque will cover. 


  • You will be able to stream this song while you are here. 


  • Also, you will be able to download call me baby song by Cheque. 


  • Lastly, I have taken the time to write out call me baby by Cheque lyrics here for you. 


Assuming you see all that you will get from today’s post, come let’s dive into the details, shall we? 


Cheque Call Me Baby Song


I may be wrong but the new generation of musicians is something else. 


I mean let’s face it, it has been one hit song to the other and nothing is looking to stop. 

call me baby lyrics by Cheque

Fireboy dropped, Joeboy dropped an album, and now Cheque with this classic. 


It gives you an idea of what the future holds for every single one of these great talents. 


So here is what I want you to do… 


Click on the sky blue button below to stream call me baby by Cheque. 


[download id=”15508″]

But wait there is more


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I have arranged the lyrics in a way that you will skim through it easily so come let’s get right into it, shall we? 


Complete Call Me Baby Lyrics Cheque 


Cheque has been an amazing addition to the music industry thanks to Phyno. 


I mean his mentorship seems to be coming out pretty fine wouldn’t you say? 

Cheque Call Me Baby Mp3 Download

Well, yeah plus heck, he is one of the best in Nigeria so long you want to talk about music. 


I have been listening to Cheque history and this song just tells me that there is more where all that came from. 


With hopes that you took the time to stream this classic tell me what your favorite quotable lyrics is. 


I would love to hear your thoughts… 


With that out of the way, here is call me baby Cheque lyrics. 


Now let’s see who produced and wrote this song, shall we? 




You are so Lazy



Look in my eyes

Hmmm mmm mmmm

Can I call you baby?

I’m in the mood

Come on my cruise

Let me call you baby

I call the shots, you call the shots

Now you a boss, you the one

Amma make it rain on you

Ye ye ye ye


What’s popping

With no Hennessy, I speak my mind

Let me call you boo

You got my eyes babby

amma pull up on you


With some racks on me

Just tell me you gon hold me down and I go down on you

Let me in your head

Free tenancy

f**k em other guys

They no dey for you how I dey for you

Kissing on your neck with this ice so cold

Just hold me down then I go down on you

Come be my baby be my dawg

Come let me beat that ass that’s how I learned to drum

Wipe your tears o baby mehn don’t ever cry

If Superboy gat you then you good and you good for life


Amma make it rain on you

Ye ye ye ye


Can I call you baby?

I’m in the mood

Come on my cruise

Let me call you baby

I call the shots, you call the shots

Now you a boss, you the one

Amma make it rain on you

Ye ye ye ye


What’s popping

What’s it gon be

You wan love me

You wan chop me?

Anyone I’m in

Baby no go do me Johnny

You know what I mean

Anyone I’m in

Ye ye


Look in my eyes

Can I call you baby?

I’m in the mood

Let me call you baby

Amma make it rain on you

Ye ye ye ye


Who Produced & Wrote Cheque Call Me Baby Lyrics 


Who produced Cheque’s new song call me baby? This song was produced by hitmaker The Andyr & Lay Z


Who wrote this song? This track was written by Akanbi Bamidele Brett. 

Who Produced Cheque Call Me Baby

Here is the kicker


Good music always finds its way to the heart of the people and this is how it has been for generations. 


So here are some details that you should make this one stay in your head a bit. 


Song Title: call me baby 


Artist: Cheque 


Producer: The Andyr & Lay Z.


Written By: Akanbi Bamidele Brett


Release Date: 5th August 2021 


Nationality: Nigeria 


Finally, let’s get some review rolling, shall we? 


Reaction & Review Of The Song 


I am going crazy listening to this right now and I just wish you could see me. 


Cheque did his thing and I have to say I loved it. 


The production was beautiful, the lyrics stuck out, and very easy to follow. 


Overall this is a beauty and am giving it my 5 star rating. 


If you haven’t listened to this then I don’t understand what you are waiting for. 




Music is an art and seeing how the young generation has mastered this art so well is intriguing and satisfying as well. 


I have literally had this track on replay and you won’t believe how much I have danced to it. 


If this is your first time listening to Cheque then you also want to listen to other of his songs. 


You won’t be disappointed. 


It’s over to you now


How would you rate Cheque call me baby lyrics? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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