Cheque ft Olamide LOML Lyrics (New Review Reaction)

Cheque LOML lyrics
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Last updated on December 5th, 2022 at 08:22 am

Cheque ft Olamide LOML lyrics just prove an upcoming singer consistency and you can enjoy Cheque LOML on YouTube here now.


In addition, if you want to last long as an artist, it is very important to be consistent year in year out. 


In spite of being a new artist, Superboy has continued to wow the Nigerian music industry and we will get into that soon. 


but just before you and I get everything Cheque LOML lyrics will cover, here is a highlight for you to easily find what you want. 


Here we go as suggested above:


  • You will be able download LOML song by Cheque. 


  • Also, I brought on Olamide & Cheque fans to join me in reviewing this track (you will love it). 


  • Finally, you will be able to follow Cheque love of my life lyrics word for word while you are here. 


Assuming you understand all that you will be getting from this post, come let’s dive into the details. 


Cheque ft Olamide LOML Song


According to the old ones, they say music is life and for me, I believe that it has been here since the beginning of time.


Despite it being as old as man, I am still transfixed when I hear musicians do their thing on songs and for me, Olamide is one of such artists that transfixes me. 

Cheque love of my life lyrics

Superboy Cheque has been phenomenal since his debut in the Nigerian music industry. 


Even better are his recent releases which again show how hard he continues to work to make his sound heard across the country. 


However, I will skip the hype of this two stars and give you one of the things you are here for. 


Just below the media player, you will see a sky blue button, click on it to stream LOML by Cheque. 


[download id=”16265″]

Don’t go yet, get the fan’s review below now!


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Spoiler Alert: This review is coming from Cheque and Olamide fans who joined me to do this review so you should check it out by Clicking Next.

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