Chike Running To You Lyrics (Mp3 Download & Video)

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Chike ft Simi Running Lyrics

Chike ft Simi running to you lyrics should leave you falling in love and you can download Chike running mp3 here today. 


Did you know that as I was watching the Chike ft Simi running video, I was just smiling? 


Honestly, I was smiling because the combination was electric and unique. 


but before you and I get into Chile running to you lyrics, here is what this post will cover. 


  • You will be able to stream Chike running audio mp3 here


  • Also, I have made sure to embed running official video here so that you can watch it 


  • You will also be able to follow running to you by Chike lyrics word for word here 


  • Finally, I left you a blue button to just click and download running to your song by Chike 


This is everything you will get from today’s post so let’s get into running to you lyrics by Chike, shall we? 


Chike ft Simi Running Mp3 Download


Whenever I hear Simi sing, there is just something different about her voice in the industry. 


Don’t believe me? 


Then please take the time to listen to Simi ft Wurld trigger and convince me otherwise. 



Click on the play button to watch Chike running to you video!

Having said that, Chike on the other hand is just an upcoming artist with the firepower. 


His last album was rocking every major music streaming platform so wild you know. 


Now before you and I continue our little tale, here is what you should do. 

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Click on the sky blue below to Download running mp3 by Chike. 

Download “Running” Chike-Running-To-You.mp3 – Downloaded 11087 times – 3 MB

So now what? Well, now I bring you the best gold I promised at the beginning of this post. 


Complete Running To You Lyrics Chike 


I love good songs that hit the heart and get you emotional, for me that is what I treasure the most. 

Chike Running Lyrics

The reason is simple because you want to move people to connect with your songs. 


With that said so what is Chike running lyrics about? 

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The only annoying thing was that he had to die. 


So am here wondering why are only the guys dying in a love story huh? 


It’s rigged! hahahahahahhaha. 


Anyways let me know your favorite line from the lyrics of running by Chike. 


Now here are the complete Chike ft Simi lyrics… 




Anybody wey wan fight you

Make them come

They already know

I’ll be right beside you

Like the wall of Jericho

They don’t know

They don’t know

They don’t know what’s going on


Muna gi so

Muna gi so, muna gi so, my baby boo

I’ll be a soldier for you

I’m getting better in kung-fu

You should know I got you

And you don’t need to get me too

I’ll be right beside you

In anything that you do

If you ever need saving

I will be running to

Chike ft Running mp3 download



Running, running, running to you

I’ll be running to you

Running, running, running to you

Anywhere that you go to

Running, running, running to you

I’ll be running to you

Running, running, running to you

Anywhere that you go to




When I’m looking for trouble

It’s cause I know that I got you

Won ni mo be si everybody oh oh

And it’s because of your kung-fu

And anytimе that I’m out of control

You hold me down, you never nеver let go


Muna gi so

Muna gi so, muna gi so, my baby boo

See all the battles you’ve been fighting

And I’ll be right there with you

I may be small but I’m mighty

And I go run am for you

And anybody wey you sabi yeah

If no be you ko le da bi rara

And if I ever need saving I’ll be running to you




Running, running, running to you (I’ll be running)

I’ll be running to you

Running, running, running to you (I’ll be running)

Anywhere that you go to

Running, running, running to you

I’ll be running to you

Running, running, running to you

(Will you wait for me, you go dey for me)

Anywhere that you go to




You don’t need to worry, anything you want oh

Sunup to sundown, loving no go run down

Anytime you call me, baby I go answer you

Any other baga, baby make dem run away

And if you want me coming to you, I go come through

Or you better see me, baby don’t tease me

Tell me what you want baby say and na I’m I go do

Just me and you baby, and you baby




If they wanna be the Judas

If they wanna be the Pharaoh

Me I cannot lay low

Me I cannot do that


Who Produce And Wrote Chike ft Simi Running Lyrics 


Who wrote it? running to you Chike lyrics was written by Simisola and Chike-Ezekpeazu Osebuka. 


Who produced it? running to you Chike mp3 was produced by Deeyassobeatz. 

Chike ft Simi Running Lyrics

I can’t help but fall in love with this collaboration, it was spectacular indeed. 


and now, here are some titbit details you must have missed while skimming through this post. 


Song Title: Running 


Artists: Chike feat Simi 


Producer: Deeyassobeatz


Written By: Chike-Ezekpeazu Osebuka & Simisola


Released Date: 12th February 2021 


Nationality: Nigeria 


Reaction & Review Of This Song 


I was going through Shoutmeceleb Entertainment Twitter Handle just find comments about this song you know. 


Twitter NG was literally blowing up when this track dropped and that’s how it’s been since. 


The lyrics were good, no profanity, no naked woman. 


Running Chike video was clean like the light of day and it was just exceptional. 


Simi brought the Simi superpower to the game and she stood out immediately her verse was delivered. 


Overall, beautiful song and the producer did more than a beautiful job. 


and this is why I have to give this track a Very Good 4.9-star rating. 




I can’t imagine what this track would have been without Simi. 


Chike was exceptional and I have to say the Combination was flawless. 


Now it’s over to you! 


How would you rate Chike ft Simi running lyrics? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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