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simba by Diamond Platnumz lyrics

Diamond Platnumz simba lyrics is the latest song from Tanzanian legend and you can download Diamond Platnumz simba mp3 here today. 


If you are looking for a super artist from Tanzania then look in the direction of Platnumz. 


His artistry differentiates him from the thousands of singers in Africa today. 


but before you and I get to it, come let’s discover what you will get from today’s post. 


  • You will be able to download simba mp3 by Diamond Platnumz 


  • I have made simba by Diamond Platnumz lyrics available here for you too 


  • If you love streaming then you can stream Diamond Platnumz simba audio mp3 here too


  • Finally, as a bonus, I will do a short review of this track below so make sure you stay to the end 


Now that you know what you are getting, come let us dive in properly, shall we? 


Diamond Platnumz Simba Mp3 Download Below 


When you talk about African music, you definitely would be counting the likes of Diamond as one of the best out there. 


but hey you don’t have to take my word for it, all you have to listen to Diamond Platnumz Kidogo ft Psquare

Diamond Platnumz simba lyrics

That is enough to tell you how special he and how his songs connect with fans in Africa. 


A couple of days ago I was looking at Diamond Platnumz’s net worth, I was surprised to see that he is richer than Tekno. 


My surprise may totally be crazy if you might considering he has more views on his video on YouTube. 

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but hey it is what it is…. 


So here is what I want you to do, click on the sky blue button below to download simba by Diamond Platnumz mp3. 

Download “Simba” Simba-by-Diamond-Platnumz.mp3 – Downloaded 305 times –

So what is NEXT? 


I have Diamond Platnumz simba lyrics next for you so stay with me will you? 


Complete Simba Lyrics Diamond Platnumz 


When it comes to catchy lyrics, you are probably looking at Diamond to top this list in Tanzania. 


His songs are the reason he is currently one of the richest musicians in Africa right now. 


but like I usually say you don’t have to believe a thing I say, all you have to do is click the above link to check out that article. 

simba by Diamond Platnumz lyrics

So did you hit the Play button above? 


Hope you listened to the song right? Now if you did not get the lyrics of Simba then you are in luck. 


I have taken the time out to write out Simba Diamond Platnumz lyrics for you. 


Here it is… 


Oooh waiteee…

Kumekucha jamaa

Nishafanya yake mnyama

Oooh kumekucha jamaa

Nishafanya ya


Aga waambie simba

Simba kiboko yao

Waambie wekundu wa msimbazi

Simba kiboko yao


Oooh taifa kubwa

Simba kiboko yao

Oooh this is simba

Simba kiboko yao


Ona Manara anacheza

Anashangilia ushindi umekuja

Moh anaruka ruka

Anashangilia ushindi umekuja


Yule dada anakata

Anashangilia ushindi umekuja

Wahuni wanaruka ruka

Anashangilia ushindi umekuja


Na tutamfunga yeyote atakaye kaa mbele

Si wanawashwa tutawakuna upele

Chenga na pasi ndio zetu kama mbele

Oooh magoli mashuti kama Pele


Wataweza wapi jamaa? Wakwende zao

Kushindana na mnyama, Wakwende zao

Oooh wataweza wapi jamaa?

Kushindana na msimanzi


Aga nasema simba

Simba kiboko yao

Waambie wekundu wa msimbazi

Simba kiboko yao


Haina mpinzani

Simba kiboko yao

Oooh mabingwa wa nchi

Simba kiboko yao


Ah wanachama wanacheza

Wanashangilia ushindi umekuja

Mashabiki wanaruka ruka

Wanashangilia ushindi umekuja


Oooh nguvu moja

Wanashangilia ushindi umekuja

Hadi wale wanaruka ruka

Wanashangilia ushindi umekuja


Oya mnyama anakula HAM!

Mnyama anang’ata HAM!

Oya mnyama anakula HAM!

Mnyama anang’ata HAM!


Anawatafuna HAM!

Anawameza HAM!

Anawatafuna HAM!

Anawameza HAM!

Eeh kidedea!

Eeh kidedea!

Eeh kidedea!

Eeh kidedea!


Napenda Simba mi shabiki wa damu

Napenda Simba mi shabiki wa damu

Mi mwenzenu shabiki wa damu

Napenda Simba mi shabiki wa damu


Nani baba wanangu nani baba? Simba!

Nani baba wanangu nani baba? Simba!

Nani bingwa wa nchi nani bingwa? Simba!

Nani bingwa wa nchi nani bingwa? Simba!


Kama unapenda Simba puliza Vuvuzela

Eeh kama unapenda Simba peperusha bendera

Ah kama unapenda Simba puliza Vuvuzela basi

Kama unaipenda Simba peperusha


Asa twende, peperusha bendera

Wanangu bendera

Nione bendera, waonyeshe bendera

Nyekundu bendera, nyeupe bendera


Ya simba bendera

Humo humo


Waitee, aah

Waambie hii ndo timu

Yenye mashabiki wengi East Africa

Na yenye makombe mengi East Africa and Central

Iliyofanya vizuri zaidi kwenye mashindano


Makubwa Africa kuliko club yeyote

Na ati ndo kufunga yeyote

Watoto wa Mfibwazi

Bado sijaskia, miluzi


Sijaskia milio

Wanangu miluzi nisikie milio

Wa kule miluzi wa huku milio

Nisikie miluzi wanangu milio


Eeh kidedea!

Eeh kidedea!

Eeh kidedea!

Eeh kidedea!


Who Produce and Wrote Diamond Platnumz Simba Lyrics 


Who wrote simba lyrics? Simba lyrics by Diamond Platnumz is written by Platnumz. 


Who produced simba mp3? Simba Diamond Platnumz mp3 was produced by #####. 


Now when I listen to Simba I do think about some of his hit songs like African beauty. 


Do mostly in Tanzania but it still resonates with me when I think about it that way. 


Having said that, I have brief details of this track below so make sure you check it out now. 


Song Title: Simba 


Artist: Diamond Platnumz 




Written By: Diamond Platnumz 


Released Date: 20th August 2020


Nationality: Tanzania 


Review of The Song 


Diamond has been a constant inspiration for Tanzanian all over the world. 


My surprise is how Nigerians flock to his video and songs. 


Initially, I thought a majority of his audience is Tanzania but hey you need to see Nigerians and Ghanaians doing their thing. 


Simba is a song about the national team in Tanzania and the lyrics were way way better than I would have hoped. 


The producer did more than an amazing job syncing that beat to produce such amazing sound. 


My only anger is that I missed the fact that there is no video for this song. 


It would have been amazing… 


Still, this song deserves a 4.8 star from the 5-star rating which is very good. 




I am still dancing to Diamond Platnumz simba lyrics and if you haven’t followed it then scroll back up. 


I am positive you will find more than you bargained for. 


If you have not downloaded this song then I seriously don’t know what are you waiting for right? 


Now it’s over to you! 


How would you rate Diamond Platnumz simba lyrics mp3? 


Leave me a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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