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Fireboy DML peru lyrics

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It was early in the morning and the sun was not out yet when I heard a fine voice humming Fireboy DML peru lyrics


In the haze of the morning, I tried to find where the sound was coming from but then a car honking didn’t make easy it for me. 


Once I finally did I realize it was coming from a beauty who went for her morning jog like me. 


I will tell you everything about our story later down this post but for now, here is what you will get from today’s post. 


  • I have made it possible so you can download peru song by Fireboy DML in one click. 


  • Also, I decided to write out peru by Fireboy DML lyrics for you so you can sing along. 


  • Finally, if streaming is more of your preference then I have you covered as well. 


Having said that, come let’s dive into Fireboy peru lyrics, shall we? 




One more thing, stay with me to the end of this post because I have a very short sweet review of this song below (you don’t want to miss it). 

Fireboy DML Peru Mp3 Download Below 

One of the next generations of Afrobeat today is Fireboy. if you are to make a top 5 list which upcoming acts would make your list? 


I am dying to find out but I will go first in no particular order, I will go with Fireboy DML, Rema, Omah Lay, Joeboy, and Cheque. 

Fireboy peru lyrics

Fireboy has been has amazing since his debut in the industry with two beautiful projects. 


It was after those two projects I wrote about Fireboy DML vs Joeboy vs Rema vs Omah Lay’s net worth. You should definitely check it out. 


Now follow Fireboy DML peru lyrics below as you click on the sky blue button below to download peru Mp3 by Fireboy DML. 


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Wait, there is more below!


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Now come let’s get to the lyrics of peru and my story about that beautiful girl humming this song. 

Complete Peru Lyrics Fireboy DML 


After the car had passed I tried to catch up with her because I thought I could use the company since the morning is quiet and a bit cold. 


Hi, I said to her but she didn’t pay me the most little of attention because her headphone was strapped to her ears. 

Fireboy DML Peru Mp3 Download

I gently tapped and she looked at me, gave a faint smile, and continued with her jogging. 


I asked her who made the song she was humming while screaming so she could hear my voice through the headphone. 


She stopped, paused for a minute, and told me it was Fireboy and then I asked for the title which she told me. 


We talked about a couple of things while she and I sat at a storefront that reads Mama Kezzy Fashion in an effort to catch our breath. 


Long story short, she was fun, smiled a lot and I asked for her number so she and I could meet up over dinner and she kindly gave it. 


Now that you know about how I knew about this song, here are Peru Fireboy DML lyrics, so enjoy. 


Peru pera

Peru pera

Peru pera


Omoge no be so

Girl you wan capture my soul

Omoge no be so

Make we wan wombolobo


Peru para

Peru peru para

I’m loooo

Even Peru don dey para


Tuna tun josi

I mean Josi

Mo kurin fuwon Josi

I’m not playing with you

I’m not joking

My third album is loading

Mi okin fagbo

I’m duty but I’m on lowkey

Dem won do me

Dem won doo me


Oni won wa mi

Oni won wa mi

Am in San Francisco jamming

Oni won wa mi

Oni won wa mi

I just flew into Miami


Peru para

Peru peru para

I’m loooo

Even Peru don dey para


She say she like my tune

She say me I never see a girl like you (like you)

Shey you like my tattoo

Scare me I want to be inside you

She is my woman

Inside pool sweet like sugar

In my new van

Come to me I dey swin like tuner


Oni won wa mi

Oni won wa mi

Am in San Francisco jamming

Oni won wa mi

Oni won wa mi

I just flew into Miami


Peru para

Peru peru para

I’m loooo

Even Peru don dey para

Peru para

Peru peru para

I’m loooo

Even Peru don dey para

Who Produced & Wrote Fireboy DML Peru Lyrics 

Who produced Fireboy DML’s new song peru? The song was produced by one of the top 20 richest producers in Nigeria Shizzi. 


Shizzi is also responsible for Davido Dami Duro which became an instant hit when it dropped back in 2012. 

Who produced Fireboy DML’s new song peru

Fast forward to this year, he has come out with another banging production with Fireboy. 


but wait there is more


Who wrote the Fireboy DML peru song? It was written by Adedamola Adefolahan


Finally, here are some small details in an orderly fashion you may not have noticed. 


Song Title: Peru 


Artist: Fireboy DML 


Producer: Shizzi 


Written By: Adedamola Adefolahan


Release Date: 20th June 2021


Nationality: Nigeria 


Now come let’s dive into the short reaction and review I promised you at the beginning of this post. 

Reaction & Review Of This Song 

I have listened to lots of songs this year and I am very much still jamming to Fireboy DML airplane mode


It’s a beautiful song by the way and if you missed it then click on the above link to enjoy it for free. 


Having said that, I was thrilled by this song because it’s been a while he dropped anything. 


I also love the tempo and how Shizzi made the beat easy on the singer. 


It’s a beautiful piece and DML excels on love songs and this is just that one you need. 


I am giving this one my 4.9-star rating but that could change to 5 stars if I see a video. 



Writing a song is a tedious task but musicians always have to master it. 


Heck, some of the most popular musicians in Africa that I know all write their songs. 


Although they use songwriters too, you get the drift. 


It’s over to you now


So tell me how would you rate Fireboy DML peru lyrics? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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