Fireboy Dml Scatter Lyrics (Mp3 Download & Video)

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Fireboy Dml Scatter Lyrics

Fireboy dml scatter lyrics is driving me insane already but just wait and download Fireboy dml scatter mp3 and watch the video here now. 

Fireboy Dml Scatter Lyrics

Fireboy Dml


The feature stars after Davido, Wizkid, Tiwa amongst others are piling up already. 


I mean Africa to the world according to Wizkid is taking a positive look and trend already. 


Attention: Scroll down and click on the blue button to download scatter by fireboy dml mp3 


and today Fireboy dml laughter, tears and goosebumps album dropped. 


Like I expected it was nothing short of spectacular. 


guess what? 


I have decided to bring the lyrics of scatter here so you can listen and enjoy it. 


Scatter is one of the tracks from the album… 


but wait there is more! 


I have also made sure that in today’s post you will be able to… 


  • Stream Fireboy dml scatter audio 


  • Watch fireboy dml scatter video here 


  • Get fireboy dml scatter mp3 download to whatever device you are using 


  • Follow scatter by fireboy dml lyrics here too 


  • Get my candid review of scatter mp3 


Now that I have all of these outlined for you let’s get down to the details now shall we? 


Jealous is obviously the song that announced fireboy to Nigeria but what’s even better is his song What If I Say. 


You probably haven’t listened to that song so do your best to download fireboy what if I say here now


but not before you finish following the lyrics of scatter here because that’s something you definitely don’t want to miss. 


Who Wrote and produce Produce Fireboy Dml Scatter Lyrics 


Scatter lyrics fireboy dml was written by the upcoming singer and songwriter fireboy. 


The song was then produced by our very own master producer Pheelz. 


Pheelz has just been phenomenal this year honestly plus it do be a shame if he is not getting any Awards soon. 


Here are the key information of this track… 


Song Title: Scatter 


Artist: Fireboy Dml 


Album: LTG


Producer: Pheelz 


Released Date: November 29th 2019 


Nationality: Nigerian 


When I listened to some of the tracks from this album I have to say this guy is super good and well-coordinated. 


It’s all kudos to YBNL record label who spotted talent in Fireboy especially Olamide. 


Quickly let’s get your ass to the mp3 of scatter below. 


I don’t want to keep you waiting since it’s still very fresh. 


The freshness is one of the reasons you are here so let’s satisfy that before any other thing you know. 


Mp3 Fireboy Dml scatter Download 


If you have been following Shoutmeceleb Entertainment for quite some time. now, then you know I am a big fan of good lyrics plus beat. 


This is because a piece of good music nourishes the soul and quench your thirst so you thirst no more. 


The interesting thing is I have that good track to keep you gyrating like you have won a lottery ticket. 


Scatter fireboy dml lyrics will not only get you popping, it’s also going to drain your energy. most especially for anyone that’s a dance freak. 


Brace yourself for the action is about to strike… 




Here is scatter song by fireboy for your downloading. 

Download “Scatter” Fireboy-Dml-Scatter-2.mp3 – Downloaded 8 times – 3 MB


Also, Enjoy These!

Watch The Video Of Scatter Here 


You and I are almost halfway into all of this. with video consumption being on the steady rise, I will be damned not to bring you fireboy dml scatter video mp4. 


The concept for the video particularly threw me off and I was like Clarence Peters is making good dough. 


but you don’t have to believe anything I say right? after all seeing is believing. 


I don’t have to sweet talk you like hell for any reason whatsoever… 


Just watch the mesmerizing video below now! 

Complete Lyrics of Scatter By Fireboy 


A quality song has quality lyrics to back it up otherwise it’s nowhere near quality right? 


but you can argue that in a world where vulgar music is winning, it becomes difficult to do quality lyrics. 


This is one of the reasons I love fireboy, his lyrics are down to earth quality beyond anything I have seen. 


I had to play Fireboy dml Need You, it’s a track of his new album LTG. if you have not listened to it you can click here to download it. 


I am sure I have it somewhere in this site. 


If you listen to that song, you will understand why I say this guy is a lyrical gods much like Rudeboy. 


Here is the lyrics for you. 



Rii Rii

Tell me are you ready oh..

Rii Rii dimakulayan

Party scatter, Party scatter, Party scatter

Party scatter, Party scatter, Party scatter…




As they start am

People yapa

They start to dancia

But as I enter

Omo the party scatter

Party scatter,

The party scatter, the party scatter



Tell me are you ready oh?

Are you ready oh

Sho ready la ti jo

Listen to the Do, Re, Mi, To, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do

Fa, So, La, Ti, Do

Energy oh

Eh ehn

Tell me are you ready oh, oh, oh…

Do re mi to fa so la ti do, do, do…

Rii Rii dimakulayan



No dey do me shakara

No dey do me yanga

I get money yapa

Emi emi superstar

Ti n ba gbori wole won a mo

Omo ti mo gbe l’ana

O ri mi o kigbe, fayayaya



As they start am

People yapa

They start to dancia

But as I enter

Omo the party scatter

Party scatter,

The party scatter, the party scatter



Tell me are you ready oh?

Are you ready oh

Sho ready la ti jo

Listen to the Do, Re, Mi, To, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do

Fa, So, La, Ti, Do

Energy oh

Eh ehn

Tell me are you ready oh, oh, oh…

Do re mi to fa so la ti do, do, do…


Review of the Song 


It’s time to review this song but please you have to know that my review. is based on much I like or hate a song and it’s okay if you are not cool with it. 


By now I am positive you already know that one man’s meat is another man’s poison right? 


Having said all of these, here is my rating guide I personally use… 


  • Excellent – 5 stars 


  • Very good – 4 stars 


  • Good – 3 stars 


  • Fair – 2 stars 


  • Poor – 1 stars 


When I listened to this track, it wasn’t just nice honestly. 


It’s an all-round vibe I got from shaking my legs to my hands and nodding my head. 


The beat-synced well, the video was captivating, the audio was well cooler than cool. 


Overall it was a beautiful song and I am giving it 4.8 stars because I can’t just help how good it is. 


My final rating is… 


  • Very good 4.8 stars 




Scatter lyrics fireboy dml  did give me the goosebumps and I surprise the name of the album has goosebumps in it. 


The generation is fast rock climbing but with the likes of Lyta, Fireboy, Joeboy, Naira Marley, Zlatan on the road. I think you and I will be seeing good quality songs. 


Yea sure they won’t displace Davido, Wizkid or the Psquares soon but there is a light I can see in their eyes. 


and it sparks and shine like the sun itself ushering us into a new era of quality music. 


It’s your turn now! 


How would you rate Fireboy dml scatter lyrics? 


Leave a comment below and let’s hear your thoughts… 


Please share this post on Facebook because this way you will be helping me reach more people. 


Thanks for reading and cheers to you!  







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