Joey B ft Sarkodie cold lyrics (Mp3 Download & Video)

Joey B ft Sarkodie Cold Lyrics

Joey B ft Sarkodie cold lyrics should keep you dancing to the tune as this year rolls out. Now, scroll down, and download Joey B cold mp3.


Ever wondered how we made it through this crazy year that brought the world to its knees?


Well, the simple answer is music and the will to live through an outrageous so-called pandemic.


So if music helped us make it through don’t we owe these artists that consistently served good songs some thanks?


Well, that’s for you to answer!


Now before we dive into Joey B cold lyrics, here is a list of the benefits you will get from today’s post.


  • You will be able to download cold song by Joey B


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  • Finally, you will also get the complete cold by Joey B lyrics here


With that said, now come let’s get into the details of cold lyrics by Joey B.


Joey B Cold ft Sarkodie Mp3 Download


Sarkodie’s career has been filled with lots and lots of achievement, something only a few Ghanaians can boost of.


I have come to love his use of Twi in his rapping because I believe this stands him out from the rest.


Okay, wait!

Click the play button to stream cold Joey B video now

I know your counter will be that he is not the only one that raps with his native dialect in Africa.


Agreed but you will agree with me when I say Sarkodie’s is just unique.


Joey B on the other hand has been having a good time too but not as better as Sarkodie.


But both artists are great afro hip-hop musicians which should be the take-home here.

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And with that said, here is what I want you to do, click on the sky blue button to download cold mp3 by Joey B.

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Knock Knock!


Guess what I have next for you?


Complete Lyrics Of Cold By Joey B


I listen to lyrical flows than I do beats this is because the beat might be rendered meaningless with bad lyrics.


Thankfully, SMCE has a checklist for rating songs here on Shoutmeceleb Entertainment, and the lyrics are right up there.

Joey B ft Sarkodie Cold mp3 download

When you have one of Ghana’s best and richest artist in a track, you know it will be fire all the way.


Now I won’t bore you but I want you to take the time to listen to this track really well, what you will find is two legends doing their thing like always.


Now, here is Joey B ft Sarkodie cold lyrics, do enjoy it.



Yeah streets y3 cold, streets y3 cold

Wah we go eat onl God knows

Obrefuo biaa w) dreams

Day be de state boys for blow

We all dey chase the cheese

And the peace that’s the roster

Roast (Shoot)

Anyway, no label I did it

When you hear crep say roof

That’s cos we’re in the ceiling

We no dey kiss no dealings

Mpaebo a no be healing

Gyae ntoatoa me wo gyimii

Niggas all stopping de feelings


Too many enemies gotta watch your back

Coz too many frenemies

If I leave this world I go to Mars

Mene me pn mene me boss

We go blend we go no buzz

For the ruler we de shoot for the stars

Shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot…

Joey B Cold Lyrics
Joey B


Already the beat go skrrrt

Nobody know obede commin kill it

S3 nyame b) nab3n sei prrr

Mo nyinaa go be in your fillin

Mesore na me phone no gye krrr

Who’s on the line, talk fast I’m chilling

Masore meda beach house

Na mewe me lobster dripping in ma all white linen

First of me mate be nyinaa

But I just relax and chop

Yese mete peace FM, sorry mantie

Na monitor me cash in stocks

S3 mede mo ka mpo a

Ny3 radio so police barracks and court

S3 moka masem na mo ante

Me nka a ny3s3 ebia mesuro

You don’t deserve the back and forth

I keep all the shit on you niggas

And you that we gone

Keep on dey live on Ohemaa

Come and get your freak on

C’mon obi nkyer3 me how many rappers

A obede pull down

And we don’t cheat on the game

We just keep the heat on

Omese manyini dodo me park

Buh mehw3 a menhu me sizes

S3 yete me voice a na boys ho po

Mey3 rap mu ISIS

Obede Bahia wanyini aduro Yi

How the fuck say you dey rap like this

Errrh I guess ebe mid life crisis



Who Produce And Wrote Joey B Cold Lyrics


Who wrote the lyrics? Cold Joey B lyrics was written by Michael Owusu Addo and Darryl Paa Kwesi Bannerman-Martin.


Who produced the mp3? Cold joey B mp3 was produced by DJ Krept.


Good songs are not hard to vibe to because you just could feel the air rising and your mood jingling.

Joey B ft Sarkodie Cold Lyrics
Joey B and Sarkodie

This is how Joey and Addo have recorded hit songs and heck Sarkodie is just one of the super richest African musicians in the continent.


Currently, the guy has more than 6 million USD sitting in his bank account you know.


Guess what!


Music is how he reeled in all those cash or should I say music paved the way for the singer.


Having said, here are some details about this track you missed.


Song Title: cold


Artists: Joey B and Sarkodie


Producer: DJ Krept


Written By: Michael Owusu Addo and Darryl Paa Kwesi Bannerman-Martin


Released Date: 23rd December 2020


Nationality: Ghana


Reaction To The Song


It’s hard not to love anything that Sarkodie is on, to be honest, and the same can be said about Joey B.


Now before I give any further reaction, here is the SMCE rating guide for songs here.


  • Excellent 5 stars


  • Very Good 4 stars


  • Good 3 stars


  • Fair 2 stars


  • Poor 1 star




This song is fire and every lyrical line delivered hits right home and it’s one hell of a way to end the year.


The production was sleek and Sark killed his lines reminding you and me why he is the best in Ghana.


Overall, this is an amazing song, and it deserves more than an Excellent 5-star rating.


Wrapping It Up


If you appreciate a good track wrapped around a neat beat, then you definitely need to download this track.


I was hooked from the first lines to Addo’s ending lines.


The chemistry between the two artists is just telling which I loved.


Now it’s over to you!


How would you rate Joey B ft Sarkodie cold lyrics?


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you.


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