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Korede Bello Hey Baybe Lyrics

Korede Bello hey baybe lyrics got me singing like the Michael Jackson. you can download Korede Bello hey baybe mp3 below. 


2020 has been favorable to so many artists in the Nigerian music industry despite the Plandemic. 


Among such names is Korede Bello he had been dropping hits back to back. 


but before you and I get deep down into Korede Bello hey baby lyrics, let’s see what you will get from today’s post. 

Hey Baybe Lyrics

  • You will be able to download hey baybe mp3 by Korede Bello 


  • I have written hey baybe by Korede Bello lyrics for you so you can follow through 


  • You can stream Korede Bello hey baybe audio too if you don’t wish to download it


  • Finally, I did my own little review on this track, you should check out below


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Korede Bello Hey Baybe Mp3 Download Below 


I love to listen to Nigerian musicians because I like how Afrobeat can be combined with other genres of songs. 


The combination over the years has given Afrobeat a unique eyeball that’s catching the world’s attention. 

Korede Bello Hey Baybe Lyrics

Korede Bello


I mean Davido broke into the international stage with Afrobeat, same for Wizkid. 


Korede Bello has been amazing providing us with hit songs like Mi Casa Sucasa


If you haven’t listened to that track then please do, it’s a wonderful track by all imagination. 


Did I forget to tell you that Korede Bello hey baby is a track off his Table for two EP


If I did then now you know. 


Here is what I want you to do, click on the sky blue button below to download hey baybe by Korede Bello mp3. 

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Complete Hey Baybe Lyrics Korede Bello 

I know that I just said I love Nigeria artists because of their songs but I also don’t like some too. 


This is mostly because these ones have so many crappy lyrics that are meaningless. 


but that’s what their fans want so I speak for myself and when I say crappy lyrics I know your brain is working to name some few. 


but Korede Bello far off this list which is good because half his lyrics are something you could resonate with. 


Korede Bello has been able to increase his net worth due to the fact his songs were loved by fans. 

I believe this is what still got him a deal with Mavin. 


Did you listen or stream the hey baybe mp3 above? 


How was the lyrics like? I bet it was cool and nice yeah? 


Well if that’s the case then enjoy The lyrics of hey baybe by Korede Bello below. 




Hey Baybe

All the Stars have found tonight

Baby you, you shine the brightest

Hey Baybe

You look so beautiful tonight

My lady you, you shine the brightest

And you shine so bright

The sun don dey jealousy

Jealousy, so bright the moon…




The moon fades awayyy

Pretty Pretty, that’s my baby

That’s my lady

Come and see my woman

Nwanyi mara’ma

Nwanyi mara’ma o

Pretty Pretty, that’s my lady, sexy sisi

Come and see my woman

Nwanyi mara’ma

Nwanyi mara’ma o




(My Baybe)

I wanna let you know

(My Baybe)

I no go let you go

(My Baybe)

My beautiful woman

Nwanyi mara’ma o




O mi temi o

I don see lot of girls, but na only you,

You smile the brightest (smiling e lele)

As e dy go, as e dey go

I go dey love you, love you, love you girl like a rose

And you smell the nicest (smell the nicest)

Oh Baybe you shine so bright

The sun don dey jealousy,

Jealousy so bad (The moon….)

The moon fades awayyy eh ehh

(So Beautiful)

Pretty pretty, pretty Baybe

That’s my lady, that’s my love

(come and see my woman)

Nwanyi mara’ma

(you are my Baybe)

Nwanyi mara’ma

Pretty pretty, pretty Baybe

That’s my lady, that’s my love

(come and see my woman)

Nwanyi mara’ma

(you are my Baybe)

Nwanyi mara’ma oh




My Baybe the best thing o

My Baybe the best thing gan gan

My Baybe interesting o

My Baybe interesting gan gan

I wanna invest in you

I wanna invest in gan gan

Cos my Baybe the best thing o

My Baybe, you the best thing gan gan



My Baybe

(Kele n Kele…)

My Baybe

My Baybe

My Baybe

Nwanyi mara’ma

My Baybe

My Baybe

My Baybe

My Baybe the best thing o o o o


Who Wrote and Produce Korede Bello Hey Baybe Lyrics


Who wrote hey baybe lyrics? Hey baybe Korede Bello lyrics was written by Mavin signee Korede. 


Now who produced hey baybe mp3? Well Hey baybe Korede Bello mp3 was produced by Johnny Drille. 


Look I have to give it to Johnny that was one hell of a bit which I kept jamming to. 


Since coming on the music scene, Korede bellow has been amazing honestly and his wealth shows this. 


When I wrote the article top 50 richest musicians in Nigeria, I was surprised to see make the list. 

Anyway, you could say Don Jazzy has really done a good job for almost all his artists. 


Now here are some details you may have missed from this post. 


Song Title: Hey Baybe 


Artist: Korede Bello 


Producer: Johnny Drille


Written By: Korede Bello 


Release Date: 24th July 2020


Nationality: Nigeria 

Review of The Track 


If you have listened to Korede Bello hey baybe lyrics then you may or may not agree with this review. 


but hey I understand that everyone has the ability to express themselves which is a good thing. 


With that said, when I first played this song on my iPhone I didn’t get the vibe. 


but then I hit the replay button over and over again and guess what? 


I felt every word he spat, the beat and the lyrics of hey baybe just stuck with me. 


The lyrics were dope and the beat got me doing some freestyle of my own honestly. 


Overall it was a good production, good lyrics from an amazing artist. 


I am giving this track a 4.8-star rating but heck feel free to tell me what you think about it in the comment section. 




Korede Bello has been consistent since his first debut in the Nigeria music industry. 


His lyrics are top-notch, you could feel every word that leaves his mouth which makes it interesting. 


Now if you haven’t downloaded the song then I don’t know what you are waiting for. 


Over to you now! 


How would you rate hey baybe by Korede lyrics mp3? 


Leave me a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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