Medikal ft Criss Waddle X Joey B La Hustle Lyrics (Mp3 Download & Video)

Medikal La Hustle Lyrics

Medikal la hustle lyrics is giving me the chills right now, you can watch the video and download Medikal la hustle mp3 here today. 


Since AMG’s debut in the Ghana music industry he has been fantastic you would agree, right? 


but before you and I get into Medikal ft Criss Waddle & Joey B la hustle lyrics, here is what you will get from this post. 


  • You will be able to download la hustle song by Medikal ft Joey B


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  • Have you seen the video? I bet not, well you can also watch Medikal la hustle video here 


  • Finally, you will be able to follow la hustle by Medikal lyrics word for word 


You now know what you will get from this post, so come let’s get right into it, shall we? 


Medikal La Hustle Mp3 Download 


Okay, I have to say that AMG is pretty underrated in the Ghana music industry. 


I mean hit tracks like nonsense is still one of my favorite tracks, to be honest with you. 

Click the play button to watch la hustle Medikal video now.

but after listening to this track just maybe I will have to change my mind as quickly as possible. 


His growth has been stunning and minds giggling if there is any word like that. 


A couple of months back I wrote about his net worth while comparing it to Kwesi Arthur. 


What I didn’t realize was how he has developed since then and have a bank account that supports his growth. 


Now here is what I want you to do, click on the sky blue button below to download Medikal la hustle ft Joey B mp3

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So what is next? 


I have Medikal la hustle next lyrics for you… 


Complete Medikal ft Joey B La Hustle Lyrics 


I have been listening to music and since I was like 7, my mentor would always be Micheal Jackson. 


but after growing to an adult, I began to shift my attention to other genres of songs you. 


One of the genre I started loving is Afro hip hop, this is the class of genre where Medikal falls under. 

Medikal ft Joey B La Hustle Lyrics

Chances are if you read to this part it means that you want to see the lyrics of La hustle my Medikal


So I have the lyrics below for you but I need you to tell me what is your favorite part after listening to it. 


Here is Medikal ft Criss Waddle & Joey B la hustle lyrics. 




If eno bi ai ai ai ai Chil

I don’t like this beat




A me ntawↄ ne ma gbweshi

You dey sleep on the boy teshi

Them try shoot me

Na ԑnso anka me odeshi

Wan mo no no

Mia me dↄkuno mia me wono

Ↄbi ne me gyime a me nfriԑ ↄbia

Joe me a mԑ Bono

Bԑrma yԑ gyi na mu akyԑ ooh (Pawo)

No be today, no be today

I dey look for money like ebi hide and seek we dey play

Sweet like chicken fillet

Promoter nu fa ne sika no mugu go pay

Tuition acomfirme baba a gyi pay

Yԑ dodgei traffic we no dey delay

We no dey carry last

Yԑ bԑ wi a gyisԑ me wisa P.K


Nasan emojis nkoa

I no dey talk plenty

If you hear say me then ma niggas dey fight

Maybe we dey play M.K

Wonna eyes dey everywhere like ebi winter

Joe hustler for chop Kenkey

Bↄ me di ma me




La hustle ooh

Nyԑsa la wu

Nyԑsa la wu

Won ta wↄ shika

Jԑ naabu

Jԑ naabu

Mmh mmh mmh

Wo gyime nu

Wo gyime nu

Mmh mmh mmh


La hustle ooh

Nyԑsa la wu

Nyԑsa la wu

Won ta wↄ shika

Jԑ naabu

Jԑ naabu

Mmh mmh mmh

Wo gyime nu

Wo gyime nu

Mmh mmh mmh

Medikal La Hustle Lyrics



Wo gyime nu (Wo gyime nu)

Mmh mmh mmh


Dem be week o like 7 days

Fck everybidt wanna act two face

Nom patrol you can’t be faster than car

Woni swag swag swag, wonnya felaa


Last bo wey e talk bad about me

Ah try call am they say the number 

You have dialed can never be reached

Medikal dey but am still sick sick sick

You dey watch meni time boy tick tick tick

Sԑ mԑgye wo girl a gye ne body thick thick thick


Fri hↄ kↄ nfa ohia nka nkwasԑm

La hustle nnyԑ saa wobԑ da kom

Dem promise you, wo chairman da fↄm

Yoy get chairman, ↄwↄ kraman

ↄgye wo bloc a ghostii saman

Snapchat yԑdi wↄhↄ aaaah


Champagne a wↄtotↄ aaah

Wani bԑ te fake Gucci wa tↄ aah

Chairman apↄsↄ

Tua ho boys eberԑ

Kweku e time kↄ oo


Kↄ na kↄpԑ sika na mo de kasa ksa

Mo ani bԑte na me Benz e ba oo

Yagye sika oo, yԑnnso yԑ time aso oo




La hustle oo, Nyԑsa la wu (Nyԑsa la wu)

Won ta wↄ shika

Jԑ naabu (Jԑ naabu) 

Mmh mmh mmh

Wo gyime nu (Wo gyime nu)

Mmh mmh mmh


La hustle oo, Nyԑsa la wu (Nyԑsa la wu)

Won ta wↄ shika

Jԑ naabu (Jԑ naabu) 

Mmh mmh mmh

Wo gyime nu (Wo gyime nu)

Mmh mmh mmh




Mmhmm Me pԑ

Bad energy me pԑ

Ɛtu no nso a me mpԑ

Bisa OJ anaa Crest

About a hundred G for you concept

Nkↄmↄdԑ pii ne mo concert

Wo girl afuu pii ne ne corset

ↄpԑ cardi-B anya ne Offset


Hustle na fa me da da da

Me wↄfa brԑ me pillow ne mpa

Wiase dia sԑ asum

Wo di me ka me gyi no Kwaku adum

Azigiza wↄdi asa wↄ broom

Me Kyi ne girl me nsa bԑ wura ne num num


Me gyi

Wo girl nu me pi

Yԑ kↄ ooh me wie

Yԑ ԑdwuma na wa nkↄ twe ponkↄ siin


Wo hia direction me ti me verandah num this way

Any means any how which ways

Kwi biaso for be rich way




La hustle ooh

Nyԑsa la wu

Wo gyime nu

Nysa la wu

Mmh mmh mmh

La hustle ooh

Nyԑsa la wu


La hustle oo, Nyԑsa la wu (Nyԑsa la wu)

Won ta wↄ shika

Jԑ naabu (Jԑ naabu) 

Mmh mmh mmh

Wo gyime nu (Wo gyime nu)

Mmh mmh mmh


La hustle oo, Nyԑsa la wu (Nyԑsa la wu)

Won ta wↄ shika

Jԑ naabu (Jԑ naabu) 

Mmh mmh mmh

Wo gyime nu (Wo gyime nu)

Mmh mmh mmh


Who Produce and Wrote Medikal La Hustle Lyrics 


Ghana doesn’t have that much of musicians, heck I realized this when I wrote about the top 50 richest Ghanaian artists today


It still a great a list but with this few numbers of musicians, you could say Accra is affecting the world of music. 

Medikal ft Criss Waddle La Hustle mp3

So who wrote la hustle lyrics? la hustle Medikal lyrics wS written by Joey B, Medikal, and Chris Waddle. 


Who produced la hustle mp3? la hustle Medikal mp3 was produced by DJ Krep and Amon. 


I have always admired artists that are unique in their delivery and AMG is one of those artists. 


You can count on him to deliver hits when he is on the mic. 


Here are some major details I may have skipped. 


Song Title: La Hustle 


Artists: Medikal, Joey B, and Chris Waddle 


Producer: DJ Krep and Amon


Written By: Joey B, Medikal and Chris Waddle 


Release Date: 25th September 2020 


Nationality: Ghana 


The Reaction of The Song


Right on my laptop writing this song, I have to say this is a hit song you know. 


I can’t demonstrate how I am shaking my head to this song but it’s a crazy one. 


The beat was fire and a big kudos to the producer for delivering such an insane beat. 


Medikal la hustle remix ft Criss Waddle and Joey B song is a monster track. 


I have to give this song a 5-star rating otherwise you will be angry. 




Music as you and I know it will be here for a long time. 


Even when our generation is gone, the ones that come after will keep it fire blazing. 


Now did you listen to this track? 


Tell me what is your favorite line from the lyrics and tell me how you would rate Medikal la hustle lyrics? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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