Naira Marley Idi Oremi Lyrics Opotoyi 2 (Mp3 Download & Video)

Idi Oremi Naira Marley lyrics

Naira Marley idi oremi lyrics is gonna get you laughing, now watch the video and download Naira Marley idi oremi mp3 here today.


Some say the next generation will be monsters when it comes to taking over from where this generation of musicians ends.


Well, you and I already seeing the likes of Naira Marley, Joeboy, Fireboy doing their thing already right?


Now before you and I get into this post proper, here is what today’s post will bring you.


  • You will be able to download idi oremi song by Naira Marley


  • I have embedded Naira Marley idi oremi audio here so you can stream it


  • You will be able to watch Naira Marley idi oremi video


  • Finally, you will be able to follow idi oremi lyrics by Naira Marley word for word


Assuming you now know what this post brings, come let’s dive into the details.


Naira Marley Idi Oremi Mp3 Download


Marley has been on fire since coming on the music scene 3 years ago and he is looking very unstoppable.


Hit tracks such as e dey go has become the national anthem in the country before Davido FEM came to take over.


Now you and I have the chance to rock to something else and that’s Naira Marley idi oremi opotoyi 2.

Naira Marley Idi Oremi mp3 download

Since coming on Naira Marley has been able to increase his wealth and if you want to find out how much he owns then read this article here now.


Nigeria is a hood of talent when we talk about music. The likes of Davido, Wizkid, and Burna Boy keep making us happy.


Now Starboy made no mistake when he said the next-gen would be doing greater (although I think it is by writing crappy lyrics)


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Just my opinion though!


Now click on the sky blue button to download idi oremi mp3 by Naira Marley.

Download “Idi Oremi” Naira-Marley-Idi-Oremi.mp3 – Downloaded 227 times –

So what is next?


Complete Idi Oremi Lyrics Naira Marley


Music is far greater than the sound you hear, while that makes for something good, the lyrics of a song helps it resonate.


I don’t know about you but even though some of the lyrics today are crap, I still relish memories of old.


Because then I could look to icons like Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson to give me something really good.


Click the play button to watch idi oremi Naira Marley video.

While that is not the case today, you and I have got to make do with what we have already you know.


So tell me what is your favorite line from idi oremi by Naira Marley lyrics?


Makes sure you leave me a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts too.


Now here is the lyrics of idi oremi so enjoy it….




Yo!, Yo Rexxie

on this one




Aiye le aiye akamara

Won fe so mi da kin shey da

Ani ope l’ope camera

Aba ma mo pe eyin na wa

Mo ni e ka e ma so be mo

Wipe Ore o kin je ishe ore

Ore ma je ishe ore

Ore n ma ta ishe ore

Je ka ma ri ra wa

Je ka ma gbo ra wa

Je ka ma sha ra wa

Je ka ma fo ra wa

Shey oko lo dun to yen

O ma ti pe mi pa

Ki la pe ra wa ni ore fun

Tin ba le mu yen pa


Idi oremi ni emi o fi si

Idi oremi opotoyi

Idi oremi o fe to yi

Idi ore mi opotoyi

O ro boya mo ti ku

O ro boya ma ti sun

O wa fe fun di mi

O wa fe wo idi mi



O fe ma taka mi

Sho le bani taka ni

Ti n ba ju banga mi

Igboro ma gbadun mi

O fe ma yi wo

O fe ma da wo ru

O da pe o tin d’oko nta

Set awon Okon’ta

O fe ma lamba mi

Shey mo jo Zlatan ni

O fe ma flatter mi

O fe ma da ogbon mu Fanta mi

Mo fun lo’yan kon shey Mother mi

O pe mi Zaddy kon shey daughter mi

Pa de mi ni Zanga mi

Ma gbagbe ganja mi

Tunde fashola ni brother mi

Won ni fi elomi shey mother mi

Mo ti mu oyan mummy mi

Mo ti ri oyan mummy mi

Mo ri pe e mo meme

Te ba mo meme e mo mememe

Te ba mo mememe e mo memememe

Te ba mo memememe e mo Memememememe


Idi Oremi Naira Marley lyrics


Idi oremi ni emi o fi si

Idi oremi opotoyi

Idi oremi o fe to yi

Idi ore mi opotoyi

Idi oremi ni emi o fi si jo

Idi oremi opotoyi

Idi oremi o fe to yi

Idi ore mi opotoyi



To ba sure fun e bo gbangban

Shebi o lo mo idi gbon dada

Oshe ore mi oni idi nla

Shey emi ati e le ma jo tungba

Shey idi e re abi o wo pampers

Mad! your ass they give me asthma

Ha Mo ni ko send number

Ha Why did you send Aza

Shey idi e re abi o da ogbon si

Je n fa na je n fi oko si

Mo shey 1 hour o ni o fe si

E ba ti shey tan o pe mi ni bestie

Ha what kind of bestie is that

Mo fun bestie pussy massage

Beeru Olorun, Taqwa la

E so oko fun Shaytan

Bi mo shey lo’rita

O da pe o tin je semovita

O da pe ori e fe ko j’iya

O da pe iwo omo yi tin ni liver




Idi oremi ni emi o fi si

Idi oremi opotoyi

Idi oremi o fe to yi

Idi ore mi opotoyi

Idi oremi ni emi o fi si jor

Idi oremi opotoyi

Idi oremi o fe to yi

Idi ore mi opotoyi


Who Produce and Wrote Naira Marley Idi Oremi Lyrics


Who wrote idi oremi lyrics? Idi oremi  Naira Marley lyrics were written by Azeez Fashola.


Who produced idi oremi mp3? Idi oremi Naira Marley mp3 was produced by Rexxie.


To be frank, Rexxie has gifted Marlians some really great beats which resulted to hit tracks.

Naira Marley Idi Oremi Lyrics

So there is that and credit should be given where it is deserved because producers work their asses out as well.


Now there is a popular debate on blogs about who is the street king now right?


Well back then it was Olamide the whole Nigeria know but is that about to change who knows maybe.


After all, his era is going to end right and someone will take the mantle and this might likely be Niara Marley.


Song Title: idi oremi


Artist: Naira Marley


Producer: Rexxie


Written by: Azeez Fashiola


Release Date: 1st October 2020


Nationality: Nigeria


Review of The Song


I have to say I was expecting something as banger as soapy by Naira Marley so I can’t say my expectations were met.


However, you and I know that Marlians will always stand by Naira Marley because they are loyal.


The lyrics of the song had zero meaning, as usual, it’s about women, women, and women.


This is harsh but whenever I get to this part, I just have to say it as it is


I like the fact that he pulls the crowd but lyrically he is not like Fireboy and Joeboy.


With that said, I love the beat and the video was really fun to watch.


My rating for this song is 4.6 stars.




Naira Marley and the likes of Rema are the next generations Wizkid is peaking about you know.


So while he still has more growing up to do if he wants to be highly rated in Nigeria, I think his carer is looking sharp.


Now it’s your turn!


How would you rate Naira Marley’s idi oremi lyrics?


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you.


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