Naira Marley Koleyewon Lyrics (New Mp3 Download & Video)

Naira Marley Koleyewon Lyrics

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Naira Marley koleyewon lyrics keep giving me the chills you know, best thing is you can download koleyewon mp3 and watch the video here.


SMCE Propellerads

It’s easy to nominate Marley as the new face of Street Up but then you will run into competition from YBNL boss.


Anyway, it’s a beautiful day to remember so before we talk about everything this post hold, here is a bullet point of what it brings.


  • You will be able to download koleyewon song by Naira Marley


  • Do you love videos? You will be able to watch koleyewon video here too and stream the audio


  • Finally, you will also be able to follow koleyewon lyrics by Naira Marley


So did all that sink in?


I bet it did, and if that’s the case then come let’s dive into koleyewon by Naira Marley lyrics, shall we?


Naira Marley Koleyewon Mp3 Download


I love listening to songs from musicians all over the world you know because I happen to love music.


At some point, I did not think I would give him much attention but boy was I wrong?

Click the play button to watch koleyewon Naira Marley video here now!

He is currently the hottest upcoming artist besides Omah Lay, Joeboy, and Fireboy DML this year.


At least this is a personal opinion so you are welcome to have yours right?


Well, since am still grooving to this track, here is what I want you to do for me:

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Click on the sky blue button below to download this song now, will you?

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Now what is next?

Follow The Lyrics Of The Song


Marlians must all be happy with the release of this track as I am positive this will hit home leading into the Xmas season.


But before that happens, I want you to know I was listening to Idi oremi by Marley a couple of days back and I just happen to be nodding my head.

Koleyewon Naira Marley lyrics

Did I forget to tell you that I was on public transport, the driver asks me if I am feeling the track to which I nodded.


Then he said I need you to listen to his latest which is what I write about now, and as soon as he pressed on the next button I was already in love with the lyrics.

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I liked it because it shines some light on the EndSarsProtest which so many other singers have talked about.


Now here are Naira Marley koleyewon lyrics, hopefully, you enjoy it too as I did.


Verse 1

To ba fo o ti fuck up

To ba fuck up o ti shaiye

Ki lo kan aiye

O je oju aye o tun fe jaiye

To ba fuck up pelu street

Shori street won ma fuck e up

Awon girls lo ma set e up

Awon boys lo ma fuck e up

To ba wa won ma wa e

To ba be won ma be e

To ba gba won ma gba e

To ba ja won ma ja e

Fuck, fuck that shit

Fvck that shit

Fvck that shit me i like that shit

How many boys don die for the street?

How many boys don blow for the street?




Ko to ye won

(Ko to ye won)



Ko to ye won

(Ko to ye won)

Naira Marley Koleyewon Lyrics

Verse 2

Omode da ogbon kikun

Agba da ogbon si sun

How you no go know?

Aiye mo orun mo

O ma shock e

Ni odun yi o ma shope

Ba n bet e o pada wa bebe

Taleleyi kileleyi

(Ee e)

Taleleyi e e kileleyi

(Ge ge)

Taleleyi kileleyi

(Ee e)

Taleleyi e e kileleyi

(Ge ge)

Taleleyi kileleyi

(Ee e)

Taleleyi e e kileleyi

(Ge ge)

Taleleyi kileleyi, Eeh koron’be

Taleleyi kileleyi

(Ee e)

Taleleyi e e kileleyi

(Ge ge)

Taleleyi kileleyi

(Ee e)

Taleleyi e e kileleyi

(Ge ge)

Taleleyi kileleyi

(Ee e)

Taleleyi e e kileleyi

(Ge ge)

Taleleyi kileleyi, Eeh koron’be

Verse 3

Werey d’owo mo

Omoase mo ro pe l’efo

Though shall not fo

To ba fo you’re gonna fall

Sho le kirun ni asalamo

Won ti po to a le sa fun won

To ba wa a le she dun won

To ba wa a ma she fun wo




Ko to ye won

(Ko to ye won)



Ko to ye won

(Ko to ye won)

Verse 4

A kin shey mo gbo mo wa

Eyin le fi iwe pe wa

A de won ni eran ti tan

Won so pe omi obe lo ku

Won je s’ori bi ti ede

Eni kan gbe oti wole

Won jeun yo, a moti yo

Shebi gbogbo wa ti yo

Baba re ko le be

Iya re ko le be

Egbon re ko le be

Iwo nikan lo le be

O lon fi iku shere

Bo ya lo ma de le

Ta ba ti wa yin wa le

A tun ma le yin de le

Awon omo Kpk

Awon omo ko por ke

Awon omo ko gbo bebe

Ma lo je ki won la ka e mo be

To ba n sukun ma ri ran

Shebi iwo na ma bimo

O she pe fun omo lomo

Eni to de ba la mo

Ti e gan bo lo na

Set awon bo lona

Won ni ko koronbe yen na

Ko ma lo fa ra mu ina

Ti ori e ba gba ina

A ma la igi mo e lori

Shebi o so pe o ni werey

E gba ma l’oko werey




Who Wrote and Produce This Song


Who wrote it? Koleyewon Naira Marley lyrics was written by Azeez Adeshina Fashola the head of Marlians music.


Who produced this track? Koleyewon Naira Marley mp3 was produced by Nipkeys.

Naira Marley Koleyewon mp3 download

So far Afeez has had a couple of hit songs with the biggest being as e dey go which became the country’s anthem.


Also, he is rising up slowly just as his wealth keeps climbing up the ladder.


I wrote this article comparing his and Zlatan’s net worth, you really need to see that article, am positive you will love it.


With that out of the way, here are some details you need to see.


Song Title: Koleyewon


Artist: Naira Marley


Producer: Nipkeys


Written By: Azeez Adeshina Fashola


Released Date: 10th December 2020


Nationality: Nigeria


Review Of Koleyewon Mp3 By Naira Marley


One of the core things I love about shoutmeceleb Entertainment is how the site effortlessly brings you audio, lyrics, and video in one place.


I believe this makes surfing the internet really easy for anyone out there who loves to stream songs.


Having said that, here is the SMCE rating guide.


  • Excellent 5 stars


  • Very Good 4 stars


  • Good 3 stars


  • Fair 2 stars


  • Poor 1 star


I obviously need to give this track a Very Good 4.8-star rating because it had some really crazy message.


The lyrics of koleyewon seem to look good and calling upon Nigerians to open their eyes and know that the power is with the people.


Nipkeys also did a great job with the production so you have got to hand it to him.




Music is an art and when I see artists like this lifting the awareness and consciousness of the younger generation I just love them.


So if you have not listened to koleyewon mp3 by Naira Marley then please do.


It’s over to you!


How will you rate Naira Marley koleyewon lyrics?


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you.


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