Naira Marley Tesumole Lyrics (Mp3 Download & Mp3)

Naira Marley Tesumole Lyrics

Naira Marley tesumole lyrics is just magical for the Marlians which is why I want you to download Naira Marley tesumole mp3 and video here. 

Naira Marley Tesumole Lyrics

One of the biggest upcoming artists for 2019 is Naira Marley. amongst other names such as Zlatan, Fireboy, Joeboy e.t.c.


Attention: scroll down then click on the blue button to download Tesumole song by Naira Marley. 


From the release of his popular song Am I a yahoo boy to Opotoi, Naira has been amazing. 


and today with another hit song tesumole, he prepares us for the best in 2020. 


so by the time you finish reading this blog post, you will be able to these four things. 


  • You will be able to follow Tesumole by Naira Marley lyrics word for word 


  • You will be able download tesumole by Naira Marley mp3 


  • I have Naira Marley tesumole video here for you to watch and if you choose practice the new dance moves 


  • You will be able to stream tesumole mp3 before downloading it to your device 


  • Finally, I have prepared a review of this song for you too


Who Wrote and Produce Naira Marley Tesumole Lyrics 


Tesumole Naira Marley lyrics was written by the king of the Marlians empire Naira Marley. and the production was handled by Rexxit. 


from successfully getting bail from EFCC to starting beef with Ruggedman, Naira Marley is now one of the hottest artists of 2020. 


from early 2019 down to late 2019, Marley has been one of the most consistent artists of the year. 


the sad thing though is you don’t get awarded on the basis of these performances that same year. 


Here is a complete detail of the track…


Song Title: Tesumole 


Artist: Naira Marley 


Producer: Rexxie


Release Date: December 17th, 2019 


Nationality: Nigerian 


Naira Marley Tesumole Mp3 Download 


The truth is for you to be among some of the top performers in 9ja music industry. you have to adopt the sounds Nigerians love. 


and trust this guy understands his fans so well that his tracks are specifically for his audience. 


Chalk it to talent but what I see is the business side of understanding what your customers needs


Who knew that a suspect arrested by EFCC would someday become one of the superstars. the country would ever come to know in 2019. 


This tells you that there is an opportunity for everyone to make it in life. all you have to do is solve one problem. 


Naira Marley tesumole lyrics and its sounds are just magnificent, his flexible and consistent. 


but heck who wants to bore you with that much details right? 


this is why I am skipping all of that and going for one of the 4 major reasons why you landed here. 


Here is Tesumole mp3 for you to download to your device and then hit the replay button. 


but first I have also embedded the media player here so you can play the song before downloading it. 


sounds good yes? 


Here it is and make sure you enjoy it on a good headphone. 

Download “Tesumole” Naira-Marley-Tesumole.mp3 – Downloaded 997 times –

Watch The Video Of Tesumole 


Video content is the new trend just as audio content has been consumed for many years now. 


You and I know that the beauty of the universe is the evolution of man into this ever problem-solving being. 


Frankly, I think according to Brian Tracy this universe did give the natural creative skills we need. 


and all that’s required is tap into that creativeness and solve a problem. 


Today video content is helping different people learn in different ways and forms. 


Naira Marley tesumole new dance is something you can learn from this video so, just click the play button now and watch it. 


Quickly here is Naira Marley tesumole mp4 for you!

Complete Tesumole Lyrics Naira Marley 


The lyrics of tesumole is particularly one that you will find intriguing especially if you are a Marlian fanboy. 


for me I am more of Davido, Psquare, Wizkid, 2baba guy. so, consider these lyrics my gift to you. 


Actually bringing it to you is no gift per se because I am not the owner. all I have done is acquaint you with the lyrics. 

Naira Marley Tesumolee mp3 download

Here is lyrics for your merriment! 








shebi omo jesu ni won

Gbese ko tesu mole

Gbese nа


shebi omo jesu ni won

Gbese ko tesu mole

Gbese nа


Gbese ko tesu mole

Shebi omo jesu ni wo

Gbese nа, gbese ko tesu mole

Tesu mole,gbese ko tesu mole (chinedu tesumole)

Gbese nа, gbese ko tesu mole (аmаkа tesu mole)

Tesumole, wа shа le tesu mole (chigozie tesumole)

Gbese nа, iwo shа tesumole


Verse 1


Shomó dа cõstа

Omo plаy biti okochа

Abi osun, shebi iyа ni kpe omo gbo fа

Mаlo fа ooo

It’s not for children mаlo fа

Olo fа

Awа wа oo

Awon ni ko mаlo wа

Tobа wа, аwа nor shа lo mа bа

Ojo to ro ni ibаdаn lo kа kpаtа

Igbа to jo ro lаleno obo kpаtа

Abi iwo no cаn sing

Set аwon Beyonce

Omo ton so

Why аre u аcting like u cаn’t see

See thаt bаkаsi

Mаke а mаn wаnt to crаsh

After show is the аfter pаrty

44-4, аwа 40, 19_1, аwon 18

Mаrliаn mа lа wа, won fe yo j ninu jesu fun wа.

Mo fine, there is nothing wrong

Money is getting long

My hаir is getting long

Kini аbe mi gon is getting long




Shebi omo jesú ni wo

Gbese ko tésu mole

Gbese nа

Gbese ko tesu mole

Shebi omo jesu ni wo

Gbese nа, gbese ko tesu mole

Tesu mole,gbese ko tesu mole(chinedu tesumole)

Gbese nа, gbese ko tesu mole(аmаkа tesu mole)

Tesumole, wа shа le tesu mole(chigozie tesumole)

Gbese nа, iwo shа tesumole




Ke be, ke ku

Ke demo, ke kpаnyа

Eyin no oni felo

Tebа fe wа gon eni pelo

Ede se fun

Ese kа fun

Eyin, ti o bа wole ke lo ko fun

(Tesu mole,gbese ko tesu mole(chinedu tesumole)

Gbese nа, gbese ko tesu mole(аmаkа tesu mole)

Tesumole, wа shа le tesu mole(chigozie tesumole)

Review of Tesumole 


Naira Marley tesumole audio is captivating, the beat could cause you to start shaking your body unknowingly to you. 


I mean that’s how addictive it is and I love anything that can make me shake my body. 


Having said that, one of the reasons Shoutmeceleb Entertainment thrives is because of you. 


Without you reading my every blog post, biographies, lyrics and more there would be no me. 


SMC exists solely to serve you the best content in the world you know. 


This brings me to my review of tesumole so let’s begin, shall we? 


First thing is first, here is our rating guide for reviewing all the songs on SMC. 


  • Excellent – 5 stars 


  • Very Good – 4 stars 


  • Good – 3 stars 


  • Fair – 2 stars 


  • Poor – 1 star 


I don’t know about you but if you ask me songs like this deserves some good ratings right? 


but wait not before I have listened to the beats. 


Quickly let me play this song again and then give you my final thoughts. 


30 minutes past after listening to this song!


On playing this song repeatedly on my beats by Dre headphones, I have to give it to this guy. the beat is just amazingly good. 


The lyrics were great but so is the mp3… 


If you are watching the video now, then perhaps you are smiling right about now. 


because those dance moves are just one of a kind if you ask me. 


Overall this song deserves a 4.6-star rating which means I think it’s a good SONG. although it lacks that meaning content I still love the dance moves and the fact that I shaked my body for every time I hit the play button. 




Naira Marley tesumole lyrics have all the attributes of a good song right from lyrics. to audio and to the video. 


This is the reason you need to hit that play button and start vibing you know. 


It’s your turn now! 


How would you rate Tesumole by Naira Marley? 


Use the comment box to drop your thoughts and I will follow up. 


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