Niniola Maradona Lyrics (Mp3 Download & Video)

Maradona by Niniola Lyrics

Niniola Maradona lyrics is the right song if either one of you is cheating but wait till you download Niniola Maradona mp3 to find out the feel. 

Maradona by Niniola Lyrics
Afro-house queen Niniola


Okay, I kid you not but damn Niniola has been good you know. 


She’s been killing none stop with every single that hits the front page of SMCE. 


Having said that what will you get from today’s post? 


Well, the short answer is you will get a lot of goodies literally. 


Here we go! 


  • While you are here, you will be able to watch Niniola Maradona video 


  • You will be able to follow the Maradona by Niniola lyrics 


  • Do you love to stream songs? I have you covered with Niniola maradona audio too 


  • and finally, if it’s download you want, well I gat you baby because while you are here you should be able to download maradona by Niniola mp3


  • as a bonus, I have the review of this song here for you so hang in there 


Attention: scroll down click on the blue button to download maradona song by Niniola. 


Now that this post is filled with all the things you want, it’s time to dive into the meat of the details. 


Let’s dive deep now shall we? 


Who Wrote and Produce Niniola Maradona Lyrics 


I bet you are thinking who wrote maradona Niniola lyrics right? 


and here is your answer!


The lyrics of maradona is written by Naija very own Afro-house queen Niniola. 


and who is the brain behind this production? 


In a short sentence, his name is Sarz.


Did you know that since Niniola has been awesome since her debut in the Naija music industry? 


I mean from songs like Ibadi to date she has been staying true to her strengths right? 

Niniola Maradona mp3 download

Anyways, I know you may not have listened to her latest 2020 song titled Fantasy… 


You really need to check that song out because it’s everything entertaining. 


I will leave you a link here so that you can download and listen to that song… 


Then come back and thank me! 


Okay maybe don’t thank me! 




Niniola songs and shows have also helped increase her net worth, although she didn’t make the SMCE list of richest musicians in 2020.


Hopefully, that gets to change in the future…. 


Anyways here is a complete detail of Maradona mp3.


Song Title: Maradona 


Artist: Niniola 


Producer: Sarz


Written by: Niniola Apata 


Released Date: 2017 


Nationality: Nigeria 


Niniola Maradona Mp3 Download 


I have always been a huge fan of listening to quality lyrics because it helps my mood a great deal. 


For example, this morning when I woke up, the first thing I did after some prayers I listen to Dolly Parton To Daddy. 


That song still gives me the chills despite being 17 years old this year. 


because of this, I tend to use lyrics to rate songs here on SMCE. 


These days there are a lot of musicians in Nigeria with crappy meaningless lyrics. 


although you and I still dance to it… 

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No wonder Niniola said we consume any type of music in Nigeria. 


There is always an audience for any type of song in this country and as such one can’t complain. 


I had to play Niniola maradona mp3 longer than I normally do because I love the song. 


but I think what really attracted me is how she carries herself and the uniqueness you could feel in her voice. 


but hey! 


Don’t need to say much, click on the button below to download maradona mp3 by Niniola. 

Download “Maradona” Niniola-Maradona.mp3 – Downloaded 132 times –

NEXT: is the video of Maradona and you really need to see the Visuals… 


Watch The Video of Niniola Maradona Mp4


I can’t lay too much of an emphasis on this but hey video is becoming the next big thing. 


If you ain’t leveraging it, that’s like throwing away money of course especially if you are a business owner. 


Plus I have to say I love the way Nigerian musicians continue to explore this trend. 


Niniola maradona video is great and you don’t need to leave with watching it here. 


Here is the video! 


My o My! 


Quality is everything when it comes to videos and I hope you are enjoying every bit of it correct? 

NEXT: is the Niniola maradona lyrics 


Complete Maradona Lyrics by Niniola 


I told you earlier I have quality lyrics right? well, I wasn’t kidding about that… 


A good song could help shift your emotions from negative to positive. 


and because I travel and work out a lot I use music in my everyday life to connect to the world around me. 


but here is my question to you did you listen to every word she spat on the video? 


Did you understand them? 


If you did not then do worry, I have the complete lyrics below. 


This way you don’t miss anything and you could literally sing along. 


Just listen to the beauty of every line as her voice drown you in a craft that flies in a forever orbital. 


Here is the lyrics! 





Nini dey o yea


Verse 1


Shey footballer ni e, to n gba balli kiri?

Shey telescope ni e, to n wo omo kiri?

To’ju re ba fo o, don’t blame it on Nini

To ba wa di l’ale, you come to me weeping



Ooo ni ki n la’tan, o ni maa la’tan

Ooo ni ki n d’oju mi, o lo maa la pa

Ooo ni ki n la’tan, o ni maa la’tan

Ooo ni ki n d’oju mi, o lo maa kan pa



O Maradona

O Maradona, Maradona mi

O Maradona

O Maradona, Maradona mi



Verse 2

Don’t be wicked, die for you

If I die for you all is in vain

Wicked, die for you

If I die for you all is in vain

Ki ni mo shey fun e?

Will I satisfy you?

All my friends you have de be

Will I satisfy you?

Niniola Maradona Lyrics

Ooo ni ki n la’tan, o ni maa la’tan

Ooo ni ki n d’oju mi, o lo maa la pa

Ooo ni ki n la’tan, o ni maa la’tan

Ooo ni ki n d’oju mi, o lo maa kan pa



(O Maradona) O Maradona

Oh Maradona, Maradona mi (don’t you know that)

O Maradona

Oh Maradona, Maradona mi



O Maradona

Oh Maradona, don’t Maradona me

Oh Maradona, don’t Maradona me

Maradona, don’t you know that



Review of the Song 


I have a feeling this song is going to have a positive and negative review what do you think? 


This brings you and me to the SMCE rating guide for songs on here. 


Here we go! 


  • Excellent 5 stars 


  • Very Good 4 stars 


  • Good 3 stars 


  • Fair 2 stars 


  • Poor 1 star 


Now that this is out of the way! 


let’s get into my own thoughts on this promotional for her This is Me 2017 album. 


I have to say the track was way beyond what I had expected and hoped for honestly. 


I love how she particularly flows with the beat finding her most confident self as she dances. 


The lyrics on top of that was top notch and the audio just more than super.


As for the video, I only have a love for it and I can’t complain. 


Plus I don’t think you should miss this video… 


Overall it is a really good song and I am giving it a 4.8-star rating… 


Okay, I know you may have a different opinion and that’s totally okay. 


After all the essence of a truly free world is your ability to air your views. 


Wrapping it Up 


Personally I feel Afro-house looks good on Nini baby. 


She finds her confidence in that, although she can try other genres and probably might be surprised at how good she is. 


Overall I love her confidence because it matches her tone and everything so totally makes sense to me. 


You know when you are confident in what you do, it reflects your inner beauty and that is what life should be about. 


Now it’s up to you! 


How would you rate Niniola Maradona lyrics? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


Please share this post on Facebook because this way you will help me reach more people. 


Also follow us here on Facebook, YouTube here and Twitter here. 


Thanks for reading and cheers! 



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Niniola Maradona Lyrics (Mp3 Download & Video)
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Niniola Maradona Lyrics (Mp3 Download & Video)
Niniola Maradona lyrics is the right song if either one of you is cheating but wait till you download Niniola Maradona mp3 to find out the feel. 
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