Olakira Hot Night Lyrics (New Review Reaction)

hot night lyrics by Olakira
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Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:36 pm

Olakira hot night lyrics got me going woaa woaaa wah and you can enjoy Olakira hot night on YouTube here without any stress whatsoever.


4Play EP is doing some serious numbers and it is one beautiful album that I love. 


So if you are serious about enjoying this crazy body of work, then stay with me because you will love what I have for you. 


but wait


Before you and I get into the details of hot night lyrics by Olakira, here is what you will get from today’s post. 


  • Also, you will be able to stream hot night audio Mp3 


  • Finally, I have hot night by Olakira lyrics for you so hang in there 


Now that you know what you will be getting from this post, come let’s dive into the details. 


Olakira Hot Night Song


You can’t take it away from Olarika, he has what it takes to succeed in the Nigerian music industry. 


He has the sound, and with the magic of Maserati, the future is bright. 


I only hope that Olakira will take that newfound flame and build on it to become one of the superstars in the country. 


I enjoyed this track and I really think you will love it because it is juicy. 


The truth is I don’t want to enjoy this beauty alone, which is why I am giving you the opportunity to also enjoy it. 


Now here is what I want you to do… 

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Click on the sky blue button below to stream hot night by Olakira. 

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So what else do I have for you? 


If you said lyrics then you are right. 


Complete Hot Night Lyrics Olakira


I am still vibing to call on me by Olakira, but at this point, I was hoping I would have a favorite from this EP. 


But boy o boy, I was wrong because the more I listened, the more hooked I became to every track on this body of work. 

Olakira Hot Night Mp3 Download

Although I don’t want you to take my word for it you need to taste my claim for yourself. 


All you have to do is stream the whole album here or from any other music streaming platform. 

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So did you stream this track above? 


If your answer to that question is YES then tell me what your favorite quotable lyrics are. 


Finally, here are the lyrics of hot night by Olakira. 



These other girl don’t slay like you

Shawty you’re the baddest

Nothing I won’t do

To keep you right beside me

Come a little closer

Let me make you happy

I got what you need girl

Have been watching you all night long

Flirting all night long

I wanna get you all alone

To touch you all night long yeah


Lale oni ishe ma yato baby

Ragabomi baby

O tutu nmu mi baby

Lale oni ishe ma yato baby

Ragabomi baby

O tutu nmu mi baby


Girl I just wanna spend one hot night

With you girl, with you girl

And I just wanna spend one hot night

With you girl, with you girl


Tonight baby am in the mood

Don’t need no attitude

I jusy wanna hold you, hold you Hold you, hold you

different ways to love you (love you)

A little gin and tequila

We go be together like bread and butter

This kind feeling gat me singing

Your body gat me feeling jeka lokoro

This your beauty e choke o

Girl you too carry load o

Tule funmi go gboko gboko


Lale oni ishe ma yato baby

Ragabomi baby

O tutu nmu mi baby

Lale oni ishe ma yato baby

Ragabomi baby

O tutu nmu mi baby


Girl I just wanna spend one hot night

With you girl, with you girl

And I just wanna spend one hot night

With you girl, with you girl


Who Produced & Wrote Olakira Hot Night Lyrics 


Who produced this track? hot night Olakira Mp3 was produced by Simba Tagz & Mr Kamera. 


Who wrote this track? this track is written by none other than Ade Ebenezer

hot night lyrics by Olakira

I am thrilled at his songwriting prowess because he is good, right? 


Olakira’s hooks are just mad, and it’s looking like, he has been doing music all his life. 


Hopefully, there is more where this comes from because it takes consistency to stay relevant in the Nigerian music industry. 


Before I round up this subheading here are some minor details you may have missed. 


Song Title: hot night 


Artist: Olakira 


Producer: Simba Tagz & Mr Kamera


Written By: Ade Ebenezer


Album: 4Play 


Release Date: 14th May 2021 


Nationality: Nigeria 


Reaction & Review Of The Song 


It’s hard not to fall in love with the sound with which Olakira came into the industry. 


His sounds produce that dance effect that makes you want to turn up and have fun. 


The lyrics were dope, the production was sleek and I have to give a massive shout out to $$$$. 


I am giving this track a 4.9-star rating because it got me really hooked. 




This year has been an amazing year so far for artists in the country. 


There have been different bodies of work to select from, and you can’t help but get lost while doing just that. 


So far, it resounds what we all already know that the industry is becoming more and more competitive. 


So if Olakira is going to survive out there then consistency would play a huge part in his career. 


Having said that, it’s over to you now! 


How would you rate Olakira hot night lyrics? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts, and I will follow up with you. 


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